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Explore Gulf Mexico Pine Sound with top-notch p. sailing instructors 50 Resort. 137 3 DEPARTMENTS 14 18 8 GREETINGS 10 AT YOUR SERVICE CHEF PROFILE OUTDOORS Dockside Delights From Opryland Islands 54 56 INVESTMENT Time-Share, Condo, Home 62 CUISINE The Doc Is In 66 EPICURIOUS 80 CALENDAR Where Go What Do A Guide Dining 38 SHOPPING 44 BEAUTY Shopping Paradise Balanced Beauty 84 EVENTS Teeing Up Good Cause 46 WEDDINGS Wedding Remember HELM Smooth Sailing 86 GUEST INFORMATION Tips Advice Your Stay EXPLORER Small-Fry Fun 94 MAPS SANIBEL CAPTIVA 4 5 REGIONAL MANAGING DIRECTOR Bob Walter GENERAL MANAGER Shawn Farrell MARKETING Daniel Smock 5400 Plantation Road Captiva, Florida 33924 239-472-5111 SOUTH SEAS ISLAND RESORT Linda Logan 937 East Drive Sanibel, 33957 239-472-3181 INN 863 239-472-2220 SONG SEA 541 239-472-1400 SEASIDE Anthonia Smith 3287 West 239-472-1700 SUNSET BEACH Leilani Sivsov 949 Sand Castle 239-472-3355 DUNES GOLF TENNIS CLUB PUBLISHER Daniela E. 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Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those 6 12513 1142 PM 7 Pictured left right Regional Managing Director, Resort Inns General Manager, Dunes Golf Tennis Club Sunset Beach Inn Inn, Song Sea, Seaside I VACATION FOR AGES spend lot talking our employees, people who all work together create guest experience Sanibel. more we talk, keep hearing recurring theme as they describe folks vacation here. We meet families large small have made island paradise their getaway choice many consecutive years. But also rich history multiple generations continuing family traditions an escape Captiva. Grandparents stay us kids, it kids-- cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings. And before know it, ages creating lifelong memories realize that ultimate starts culture customer service, every team member level understands is number-one priority. Many businesses speak this, but really successful ones engraved. When guests leave resort, should feel was truly different person came contact genuinely cared about ensuring uniquely special. Our staff will tell favorite job meeting such wonderful families, just once again when return. On islands, 2013 good year, expect see very promising year going forward 2014. People traveling again, helped improving economic conditions, happy welcome them back Youll notice weve added amenities improvements since last stay, Fords Rum Bar Grille opening August 2013, entrance Chadwicks Square. Yet another culinary family, delight perfect addition ever-increasing dining venues. little corner continues inspire from over world. placed third Coastal Livings second-annual list Americas Happiest Towns, fans Weather Channels Facebook page logged vote shelling beach. So comes no surprise guests, whether month private resort home check into one waterside suites weekend, find so easy continue making tradition spending here, generation time. Thank selecting spot ages. If can do anything help make pleasurable, ask. PHOTO BRIAN STROMLUND 9 PHOTOGRAPHY GARTH FRANCIS Get some members experiences PASSION PEOPLE W each individual room. Its her duties provide best imagine. only thing think what my comfortable, dont go wanting anything, says devoted employee. sure everything need vacation, then am happy. Duhaney fulfilled work, benefit caring, dedicated efforts. hether theyre working shores tip out area waterways, quite naturally enjoy call home. DIANA DUHANEY comforting Jamaican lilt Diana Duhaneys voice welcoming aspects book stays. housekeeping supervisor has been quaint inn five years looks returning visitors she works guests--thats says. question, matter need, love being able help. spends day reviewing needs requests incoming arrivals fulfilled. She inns houseman facilitate preparation TRESANN HALL ask Tresann Hall title Sanibels sense slight hesitation answer. Well, innkeeper official title, offers bubbly Hall. means bit around Her fondness instantly apparent goes depth typical workday. likens ringmaster juggle elements necessary Travis Gayle running smoothly must aspect operations gets overlooked. Inspecting accommodations, lugging few bags linens laundry facility, even helping clean rooms take garbage--these Halls day-to-day duties. wouldnt other way. takes obvious personal pride receive possible above pitching where its needed most. started hospitality career four ago front desk worked several properties owned same parent company. sees distinct advantage. notes. literally us, accommodations special memorable. By knowing much resorts operate, select place stay. TRAVIS GAYLE instant Gayle, immediately he loves his job. number complimentary accolades shows feeling mutual. For two years, served pool Originally Jamaica, exhibits infectious positive attitude unrelenting helpfulness him among whom glowing letters praise how treats families. goal stays awesome, Gayle. like achieve goal, cannot sleep night. property owners sent bosses, noting things always addresses name upon himself tackle tasks requested. They often mention cant wait next visit. rightfully proud reviews hes received. But, true demeanor, 11 considers does everyone seeing here something remember, Anyone assure mission accomplished. STEVE PASQUALE Steve Pasquale Ghassan Allouche had long impressive uniformed police officer detective New York State Police. finds top cop isnt previous positions. town Im Hudson River Valley upstate York, Were self-sufficient self-reliant employees safe property. As director security loss prevention, oversees fourteen manage safety twenty-four hours day, 365 days year. handle injuries medical emergencies staff, He care hurricane emergency-management plans An employee eleven found awesome officers family--retired cops, firefighters, military, team. hopes get arrives drive tranquil feel, Pasquale. My that, whatever be. GHASSAN ALLOUCHE SUNNY WATERSPORTS guy whos world doing loves--like parasail boats Maui restaurants Dubai--Ghassan glad ended up kind freak land water, likeable native Lebanon. than guests. Sunny Watersports, renting watercraft, guiding WaveRunner tours Cabbage Key North driving powerful boat gives riders awe-inspiring birds-eye perspective Southwest Florida. outfitter hook kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, gear, bicycles. Sometimes Ill nervous Jet Ski close nature, watch faces idle past group big turtles are. met wife now beautiful young children. fun, show water. CAPTAIN BOB RANDO CRUISES LADY CHADWICK Lady Chadwick pretty darned office. Captain Rando, proudly pilots grand, sixty-foot watercraft main marina three Operated Cruises, boat, which hold 148 decks, embarks 12 lunch cruise, dolphin-watching sunset cruise It full bar, serve bountiful buffet dinner galley, climate-controlled cabin well canopied open-air upper decks. either Useppa lunch, dolphins, wrap captain decades. great waterfront Passengers Fort Myers Beach, Naples, Cape Coral along host international travelers join board Chadwick. people, Rando. Rando HEATHER DEGELE KAY CASPERSON LIFESTYLE SPA BOUTIQUE term Heather Degele tosses casually. To regional manager Kay Casperson Lifestyle Spa Boutique, located Square near Resort, beauty life. fortunate learned inside out, personable cosmetologist. knowledge philosophy living life mean learning Degeles enters spa pampered prepared wherever might next, thats event evening out. hosts hundred weddings spas ensure pre-wedding met, providing couples massages manicures, pedicures, hair styling. hometown Billings, Montana, mother relocated closer ten old. grew went school life, Being ride bike everywhere, worries crime traffic, live. Madden freelance writer frequent contributor Medias publications. 13 THEINNSOFSANIBEL.COM GINA BIRCH FROM OPRYLAND TO Chef Seth Kondor charge kitchens S eth barbecue country music fresh fish steel drums took role executive chef Last May, packed Gaylord Nashville, Tennessee, headed south--geographically speaking, least. Taking cooking reins task. food Harbourside Grill, restaurant Pointe, poolside grill Bar, service beach Scoops Slices, quick-service pizza ice-cream place. Hes selections offered convenience stores. chef, opportunity dishes describes updated menu having Southern, flair. One items feature called Homegrown. specials rotate highlight local produce, fish, ingredients, within seventy-five-mile radius Seas. dish turn heads Whole Yellowtail Snapper. weighs pound half dredged rice flour, sprinkled cumin, lightly fried. This signature offering includes kaffir lime house-made soy ginger vinaigrette. upright, Kondor. wild presentation. Another chefs seafood entres Moroccan Grouper. pan-seared given wet spice rub honey, cayenne, cinnamon, cilantro. Put Meyer lemon couscous watercress figs, feast flavors. Spices trend now, Kondor, especially Asia Middle East. likes using citrus food, because At Snapper dramatic presentation--and meal. Executive Eastern spices planning menus various spots 15 1155 tropical cuisine acid opens up. Kondors vinegar Harbourside. instance, steamed mussels aromatic broth both white wine white-wine vinegar. Vinegar ketchup, brightens little. Theres already herb garden outside Harbourside, wants dig dirt expand include tomatoes peppers. club Vacationing offer unique, dinners lessons members. Perhaps share secret smoked dip sixteen ingredients steak sauce, HB16. While leading options trendy still approachable. him, simple methods let itself. cook vocational high Shelton, Connecticut, fourteen. did grow household most cans. remember first ate green bean, recalls. completely blown away couldnt believe was. Now thirty-six, resident shifted focus raw seafood, fruits. Although views beachfront office, coworkers. come diverse cultures, relates food. Birch longtime radio TV personality Media Grill Grouper, pan-seared, spice-rubbed piece figs. 16 17 DOCKSIDE DELIGHTS Take tie shipshape marinas t centerpieces would magnificent facilities. certainly case idyllically situated nestled between shimmering fishfilled backwaters Sound. pleasure boaters, fishermen, sightseers kinds aquatic activities suit needs. marina, Pointe section known Yacht Harbour Marina, boasts 2,400 feet dockside berths accommodate 120 length. type center-console Visitors own sign lessons, Marina. yachts, harbormaster Charles Martz, 2006. Folks stop Sarasota Naples Keys use amenities, grab refuel. super convenient, quickly easily. electric hookups, cable television, freshwater connectivity, showers facilities, ethanol-free gasoline diesel fuel, services designed success. Captains VHF Channel 830 a.m. 430 p.m. preorder delivered dock, visit Martz. Bayside boat-launch ramp sightseeing charters available open public assistance provided advanced thirty feet. rent explore waters arrangements expedition experienced based facility. Anglers theyll trip, including professionally licensed guide, poles, tackle, license passenger older. Ice live bait Ships Store through harbormasters larger Marina boating action happens. Well maybe Myers, gas beer ice, yachts sports figures celebrities board, knows loose lips sink ships, wont variety --Charles Rental waterways neighboring islands. 19 Martz boaters supplies information fun divulge names famous floated Harbour. began deckhand after relocating Pittsburgh. holds captains fulfillment retail management. job, Switzerland overnight harbor down Coast. need. Martzs hear channel, precision finely 20 board. tuned machine. provides up-to-the-minute reports weather, tells biting them, hooks freshwater, fuel provisions Store. affable thinks enviable jobs view office 360-degree Sound, Myersbased majored broadcasting communications minored American British literature University never thought Id myself marina. imagine anywhere else. 21 Randy Eastvold o skinny theres nothing whats where. there on-site, professional Just youll matched angling expert wholl desire. These livings best--going challenging yet rewarding species simple--catching fish. excitement catches --Captain RANDY EASTVOLD claim too. position earning skipper taking catch newly married couple celebrate wedding Cayo Costa Park. world, Eastvold. paid types excursions Some anglers fished Lee County. Others count expertise hottest holes shallow miles Mexico. Still others want scenic sights, learn huge wildlife, cheeseburger Restaurant, accessible boat. Missouri, summer 1992. Like others, fell decided used boat-rental operation piloted parasailing days, aboard twenty-three-foot, center-console, full- half-day trip. salty skipper. 23 Tom Walsh TOM WALSH Long Island, parents move 1985 looked back. twenty-eight guide dibs charters. initially, applied captains, Walsh. five, spot. living. skill levels half- full-day trip alters course depending theyd catch. Ive taken shark, tarpon, snook, redfish, reds, notes gregarious captain. there, old stilt houses almost catch-and-release rarely someone bring home, unless trophy Walshs custom, twenty-five-foot, features tunnel drive, draft allows 24 navigate. vessel ten-foot beam, width, unusual size. That room better watching kid north thirty-inch snook mangrove bush face, Thats fun. 25 Tim Hickey TIM HICKEY Ask enjoys face lights Who angler asks. 1989 full-time 1993. Before fishing, shelling, trips drove plus shells Hickey. hardly ever same, do. passengers dinners, majority Hickeys involve 26 fishing. During hot months, tarpon tempting exciting target. Or snook. Hell pilot go, disappointed. cool 27 Ozzie Fischer OZZIE FISCHER irony name, circumstances brought current gig lost Fischer. born raised dad, Fischer, 1972. grounds, evolved today, accomplished native. spent concession unit resort. About percent business repeat customers referrals. Once discover friends. With three-hundred-horsepower Yamaha engine twenty-four-foot Thread Fin, custom manufactured doesnt biting. challenge morning slay empty afternoon. passion, it. 28 138 shortage either. Back August, caught tape catching massive, four-hundred-pound sawfish NBC Sports Bass Billfish, scheduled air February Hooking rare exotic film done before, happen. loved biting, that. 29 Life-Changing Lessons O n weekday afternoons class session, Dr. Bruce Neill flipping turkey burgers dogs School. Energetic, impassioned, and, puts nutty professor, skip beat hungry campers eagerly responding questions unique wife, Evelyn, founded 2005. kids background foster attending pro bono basis youngsters visiting resort-style organization remains same. save ocean, time, Bruce. give ocean. put PhD conservation biology classroom specific, themed students, Evelyn adds creative, hands-on component program. wonder discovery ocean itself binds rather giving read learn, idea establish sea brewing Neills minds while, didnt fruition until rediscovered Both visited hadnt push comfort zone. if theyve before. --Dr. Neill, cofounder marine environment creative ways Evelyn. ALL PHOTOS DANIELA JAEGER 31 Students while dissecting shark instructor Brendan Schaffer. 2000, moved Oregon regular island. After pros cons, feed ambitions school. 2005, structure Lagoon east end Montessori lease suffering damages Hurricane Charley. Since then, expanded second location cozy atmosphere recognized individual. Typical sizes range intimacy do, jackets drop no-wake-zone buoys. enough schools programming seem working. Weekly camps fill registration 32 February, classes throughout attention. adult program developed allow education. Each session week camp specific theme. settings possible. amazing amount shell fall beach, staggering. age less proves motivator Neills. style teaching, aims instill attendees later School, 239-472-8585 Linstrom Myers. producer television media WGCU Public Floridas NPR PBS affiliate. BRR-62 TH E N EW G R ATI F LUXU RY H V D. latest thing, luxury modern edge. Boca Raton Club, Waldorf Astoria Resorts, beckon innovative indulgences fit contemporary lifestyle. Hang Surf unwind nightly hours, limitless activities, championship golf, award-winning spa, chic more. come. reservations, please 888.495.BOCA 33 Hilton Worldwide BRR-6265 2014GenerationsMagAd.indd 1 111213 329 Men Women DUDE MCMILL AN ILLUSTRATIONS DAVE DROTLEFF ometimes, men women longer real fits skin. Life casual islands suits, neckties, or, heck, socks days. Maybe characters--or yourself. Heres tongue-in-cheek array interesting sandbars. Coots fifty. Old originally relaxation, warm climate, partake laid-back lifestyle, somehow getting everyones nerves. Wed guys hanging giant pia colada lifes problems qualify membership ranks alleged C.A.V.E. organization, otherwise Citizens against Virtually Everything. wish could credit acronym, Cedar newspaper, Avoiding easy, however. Frequent karaoke night humor bookstore guarantee Coot direction. REALTOR complete him. His blond possibly radical. zero body fat sometimes tattooed pierced strange places. worried future. bet flowered swimsuit Dude grossly misunderstood Coots. Dudes physique bodies recover though, ironically, abuse wave. Age, however, prerequisite, older, wrinkly laissez-faire status younger compadres. salute smile. were wed set Free Parking zones storm. Surfs Realtor cellular phone permanently attached head. card announces number, mobile-phone e-mail address. wardrobe shorts, nylon--theyll belt loops. probably drives car for. Realtor, man lives dreams incredibly Gulf-front sensational view, state-of-the-art kitchen, master suite, separate quarters. OLD COOT determined state mind. There RECREATIONAL SPECIALIST HARD WORKER proof, suspect laidback money old-fashioned way--they inherited Recreational Specialist speaks leisure. You pair pants, invited particularly fancy bash. usually ruggedly handsome tan, calf muscles, repertoire jokes, plenty charm gals. married, lifestyle lady win over, priority enjoying And, saying, bartenders servers name. four-door coming toward clean, rainy season. How tag declaring loyalty firm pays handsomely ducks row. recognize grocery store numerous newspaper ads plentiful coverage. volunteer, coach, fund-raiser, club-joiner, directors. name--and smart, Why mainland, selling sixty homes fifty-two weeks pay bills, deal fifty points civic duty, thanks. fact, hardware hit fixing. Commuter frequently golfer beach-goer. least simply retirement did. envy flyer miles, tickets, thank you, happily rooted nest. sorry hope hard earns comfortable retirement. traffic lane heading Happy Lane honor COMMUTER Specialist. frequent, painfully aware is. clock ticking. somewhere else Islander. locals concede although constant comings goings. Commuters squeeze finally short reprieve life-of-the-party fellow visible support. easily comfortably settled nearest breakfast spot, links, party never, work. may, it--it nasty w word--but actually witness partaking phenomenon. Work distasteful subject. evil, earn particular field tennis court, instance. vague lucrative deals making. Now, youre thinking. Does imply worker No, not. implies working, stains under arms shirt. Hard Worker sweats. dirty clothes hours. guy. bartender, landscaper, captain, small-business owner, delivery man, handyman. pickle fella. mess ethic, why suggests Monday morning, seen bar well-deserved cold night, start early run shower sunrise. gym path speed. dance floor tucked kids. play works, commitment dream afloat, means. Without Worker, lose heart. 35 WHO LUNCHES NATIVE attained riches calling raise causes, light midday meal ladies passionate thing. Lunches fun-loving, charitable, well-dressed, adept wearing three-inch heels sinking sand. fund-raising vital community, charity. Shes fashionable, hip, downtown sophistication heartfelt joie de vivre. Native weathered strong, newcomers her. nature runabout fine, spots. MOM far, mysterious Native. combination rugged individualism self-reliance, la Janet Reno. forego air-conditioning, shuns growth development, laugh warnings. clothes, shoes. scourge Mom. everywhere--under rug, washing machine, bathtub, bed potato chips, seal two-liter soda bottle. minivan Mojave Desert. avoiding rid uncanny attraction anyone eighteen. Mom humor. all, places children sandbox appreciate fragile, sports. are, passing interest sport choice. Jockettes. Jockette tanned skin muscle tone, smartly appropriate sporty attire. Jockettes choose solitary sports, biking, swimming, speed-walking. bragging grande dame Jockettes, brag, circumstance. sportster bikes swims casually rollerblades mixed-doubles tournament, which, course, wins. REAL-ESTATE PROFESSIONAL JOCKETTE filled moderately interested wide Any examination begin Real-Estate Professional. agents brokers mortgage rental specialists, real-estate abound, approximately per square inch paradise. Professional immediately, 36 golf course. cell hand. Friendly, talented, amazingly sociable, crowd Rolls-Royce dealer showroom sheiks--and nicer closing gifts. SHELLER sportswoman Sheller, slow-motion exerciser perfected Stoop junonia paces. dawn flashlights, net bags, Anne Morrow Lindberghlike wondrous creatures. Kings crowns, conchs, whelks decorate Shellers becomes involved creates recipes cleaning, bleaching, preserving treasures. engrossed begins crafting glue, pipe cleaners, ingenuity. mice bunnies inevitably relatives refrigerator Milwaukee. Be grateful handmade whatchamacallits three-hour backache hunting goodies you. 37 ATALI MARURI RETAIL THERAPY, STYLE experiencing shopping offer. search designer apparel pieces, bound must-have merchandise. boutiques choose, head tan. SquareSouth Village Outfitters Logo Shop Walk There, selection logo accessories. Store, pick essentials, spirits, sandwiches. looking advantage courses Course Shop, carries collections brands Nike. stroll trolley fabulous shops. stylish figure-flattering suit, Aqua Beachwear, collection swimwear designers DKNY, Lauren Ralph Lauren, Trina Turk, Kenneth Cole. shoes Footloose largest fashionable functional footwear island, well-known Reef, Teva, Crocs, Keen, Sperry Top-Sider, Naot. wear women, accessories, swimwear, sunglasses Life, Regatta, H2O Apparel. Tune imaginative side artists Art Gallery . Items display purchase watercolor seascape paintings, jewelry, pottery, handpainted clothing. Following afternoon therapy, Boutique blissful relaxation. Experience rejuvenating treatments services, massage facial, lines skin-care Pursuit mens womens clothing below opposite page. 39 products, cosmetics, locale bridal parties, bachelorette events. Situated across Bubble Room, Albert Meadow Antiques diamond gemstone rings circa-1920s art glass, colorful ceramics, antique bronzes. shop seasonally December April 10. Cruise Periwinkle Way Tarpon Bay centers, mile other. distinctive stores antiques decor. look, CJs. Voted Best Womens Clothing sophisticated Place County Visitor Convention Bureau named destination. 41,240-square-foot center twenty-five shops, fountains, childrens area, butterfly garden, surrounded vibrant greenery. Enjoy relaxing walk T-shirts gifts friends Tiki Jims. apparel, shops featuring trends Miss Me, Tommy Bahama, Boho Chic, Salt Margaritaville, Quicksilver, Closet , Peach Republic, Simply, Butterfly Fresh Produce. Style Magnolia furniture pieces handbags. Dont forget Beachwear original Chicos store, national retailer. meaningful gift someone, Congress Jewelers diamonds, gems, inspired beaches locally ornaments, blown-glass sculptures, Suncatchers Dream right. sea-life jewelry. Classic Collections showcases authentic gems. lets Fridays Child assortment toys babies Toys Ahoy toys, educational games, books. Olde Shoppes Paws stocks pet supplies, gourmet treats. Dream, must-see, extensive artistic candles, wind chimes, suncatchers. Amys Something Special, JB Designs, Sanibellas eccentric trinkets. locals, pet-friendly popular Frame specializes coastal photography, Shops Stop Knot Relax browse line cashmere sweaters fair-trade goods 40 41 Places sit amidst greenery, fountains locations thousands swimsuits left. Edge Unique Boutique. refreshing treat, Tropical Wines try free sample selections, doublegold-medal-winner Limen. Tahitian Gardens everyone. Here areas Spanish-coin artifact jewelry Chest Fine Jewelry. shoes, Wear, Synergy, C. Turtles, Shiny Objects, Sole, Adventures Paradise. Brown Bag, twentyfive add Pandoras Wilford carry tropical-themed decor hit. Needful Things novelty Maruri social marketing copywriter retailer Media. 42 DRESS CODE 101 Wondering Leave stilettos follow helpful tips Adopt effortless Light dresses, tunics, sandals, sun hats, shirts, shorts bag. purse behind opt oversized tote essentials towel sunscreen. must, 43 JANE BRICKLEY BALANCED Whats matters L ifestyle believes outside. Inside Out embraces balance inner outer beauty. Achieving maintains, emotional, physical, spiritual, environmental, fulfillment. launching series expansions flagship Because balanced inside--both mentally physically-- launched nutritional supplements. item formulated high-quality essential nutrients beneficial extracts accompanied affirmation reminds users lead balanced, maintain wellness bodies. Along items, Caspersons consultants coaching consultations guided philosophy. enhance nourishing introducing eyes, lips, shades skin-smoothing finishing powders eye shadows, primers foundations, luxurious liners mascaras, gorgeous lip colors glosses. inspirational activewear nutrient-rich cosmetics gorgeous, natural glow. consultant Coral, Clients products salon favorites boutique. COURTESY boutique, in-depth skin, nails, application following service. Guests value savings product purchases asking weekly sales. Buena Vista Palace Hotel Orlando. location--a concept store--opens Promenade Springs. reservation location, 239-579-1470 dial extension 3805 Visit products. styling 45 BETH LUBERECKI Years Mary Kyle Howards WEDDING REMEMBER M ary Howard seemed destined vacationing months visit, shared Kyle, whose hers, vision future wedding. told fifteen wanted Crown Lawn, recalls Mary. sixteen-year-old immediate reaction statement. pointed said, me marry, Kyle. kept myself. remained dating late twenties. proposed, remembered Marys adolescent suggested process began, knew stuffy affair. event, Weve gone events tended formal. party. relax vacation. Choices relaxed vibe. brightly colored leis. outfitted flip-flops, flower girls instead flowers. drum guitar soundtrack ceremony--Over Rainbow processional Under Little Mermaid recessional. Instead sit-down dinner, opted stations. foods menu--an Asian noodle Tex-Mex Other stations traditional fare beef, potatoes, beans touch, spinach grapefruit salad Vietnamese-style salt-encrusted grouper. labeled clever Spice Everything Nice, Wok Way, Wheres Beef photos relaxed, beachy vibe leis atmosphere. THIS OPPOSITE PAGE MARY KYLE HOWARD wasnt standard meal, Rhonda Decherd, catering conferences, got mingled tried father event-planning industries. gained handy occasion hoped involved. dad mastermind rooms, laughs Knowing well, travel too far actual wedding, stayed past. included Lands End sections despite insider knowledge, furthest stereotypical demanding bride. Instead, followed Decherds lead. Rhondas shed Orlando-based intentionally laid-back, stress-free approach planning. tend wrapped consumed detail, details. right, wound practicing preached. envisioned reception stars Lawn. planned tent weather sessions. 13, date approached, cooperating. Decherd backup plan rain. remain calm brides manager, end, done, again. --Mary magic clear beautiful. stroke luck, gods smiling couple. ceremony Though cooperate, clouds parted said Cove. 47 Cove, sky, started, cleared sunset. broke nice moment, Decherd. Those moments continued 140 lawn. Everyone danced sounds Danny Morgan Band, nod ties area. perform girl, Throughout process, conversations neat infuse 150 important well. Naples-based Kakes Karen created small, two-tier cake Additional desserts legendary Room restaurant. slice Even so, overboard. events, telling order cakes, Red Velvet Orange Crunch cakes. slices. enjoyed cake. dessert enthusiastic thumbs-up. more, change anything. alley. celebration, formal event. excited couple, them. prove catalyst creation everyone, girl Venice, Floridabased editor Learn wore flip-flops attire fitting location. 48 49 MEL ANIE PAGAN SMOOTH SAILING combined picturesque vacationers hen Robin Ladik signed Offshore Schools five-day Sail wondered programs textbooks arrived doorstep, material skeptical. solo sail, Ladiks washed navigated themselves crystal-blue waves. doubtful pros. Much surprise, sail confidence, incredible Steve. recommend anyone. According Steve, training sessions, afternoon, Unlike courses, forgiving activity. pressure youve basics forget, riding bike. --Doris Colgate, CEO president confident helm sailboat. Offshores packs alternating lectures, textbook material, hour apply unsupervised. combine Doris Half things. seminars designated classrooms on-thewater Colgate 26, four-foot-six-inch draft. country. rest soothing friendly matches leisurely rides Having chance bond teamwork priceless alumni. seasons ago, Robert Stingers daughter leaving college harsher winter climate Virginia. Remembering hed Jersey, Stinger spring break. mornings, immerse adventure, cruising instructor, times definitions. minds, relived activity dinner. acquisition experience, Stinger. prescription father-daughter getaway. similar teens deal, seven seventeen. eleven-year-old youngest class, Ken King, participated OFFSHORE SCHOOL instruction prepare sails. 51 Caroline above, Thomas Eng King fiance Maria Cordova bottom experience. --Past student family. vacations together. visual, auditory, kinesthetic grasping group. appealing retired singles yearning seafaring reality. 52 fulfilling bucket lists, Colgate. lifetime, opportunities endless. Past regularly journey bareboat chartering individuals anchorage anchorage, assignment blog coordinator Shelli checked lists thanks beginner-level eternally ability belongings dreamed of, Eng. marveled dolphins chasing held breath shined. own, offshoresailing.comlocationsflorida-sailingvacationcaptiva.aspx 888-454-7015. 53 SMALL-FRY FUN entertained hy return prime draw, lodging wealth assets doors. kid-friendly appeal age, toddlers teens. Family. Nature. Comfort. motto. mind Smock, Pool Complex northern two-and-a-half-mile-long Two pools zero-entry ideal starting H2Whoa park. enclosed Speed Slide sixteen-foot gentle twists turns Serpentine Slide. complex conveniently spots, Skullys Family Interactive Center. entertainment hub small-fry arcade, space arts crafts programs, Mateys Discovery Center, books, games toddlers. chill little, Brigette Bennett, mom Englewood, Florida, cars possible, ones. child. headquarters ScoutAbout Fifteen Points scattered teaches grown-ups setting animals striped mullet, ospreys, manatees. collecting color-coded bands corresponding station, photo Wall Fame. older finding bands, Bennett. us. refuel, Slices. decidedly retro vibe, black-and-white checkered shiny red chairs booths. ice cream, fudge sundae satisfy sweet tooth, wall bulk candy fulfill craving. structured Swimtastic Swim sessions nonprofits education cover topics ranging bivalves barnacles. promote conservation, beyond. Kids below, Slices treat photo. intellectual exploration. Further watery exploration abound west east. advice another, Smock. on-site Watersports WaveRunners, paddle boards, equipment, pontoon power Boat Rentals. well-respected fundamentals via familyfriendly options. captaining wildlife watching, excursions, waterways. beaches, full-service Beach. latter, playground, volleyball nets, beach-gear rentals, drinks, communal bin donated borrowed playing runs length property, stops gear pull-behind trailers tandem attachments. exercise independence, too, carts. Most say worth splurge, bad cart. fun-filled exactly leads much, place--its memories. WHAT ABOUT GROWN-UPS arent enjoyable Adults staying links nine-hole, pamper scheduling treatment backhand clinics Pavel Blackwood Academy Grille, eateries Adult heed sights Cruises outfitters. --B.L. 55 MARGE LENNON TIME-SHARE, CONDO, OR HOME B Properties weigh purchasing ownership managed entire renovation. excellent finish. estate focused niche market buyers, emotional purchase, Cowart. passion company Mariner Group, 1972 1988. Today listings decide timeshare, condo, residence. gates ostonians Andy Wang recently spring. flexibility dog, Fern, three-bedroom condominium overlooking section. Wangs mind, relied guidance Ann Cowart, sales associate boutique firm, buying Wang. Not locate seller, educated beginning time-shares 5,000 week, Marty Stokes, Properties. spectrum, condominiums spacious footage priced 2-million range. affluent customer, multimillion-dollar, estatesized, residential homes, applicable programs. Realtors versed imaginable option Initially, buyers precisely want. careful questioning, determine Listening specialize time-share ownership. getting-to-know-you procedure, learns usage future, budget, income motivation. consider size changes anticipated, product, investment properties, income, 1031 tax-deferred exchanges, Real villas BOTTOM LEFT HILTON GRAND VACATIONS 57 relating Yolanda Valenti, owner thoroughly understand Agents kayaking, bird-watching, continues. eager hobby dictate residence suited own. sharing expertise, develop relationship customers. bought Joni Stokes highly caring approach, Nick Brookes, United Kingdom visits Vicki. Their 58 secure apartment stunning satisfactory transactions. proof satisfaction clients product. commit ownership, 10,000 buyer, Virginia Dundore, specialist firm. Later prefer heavier doses become move-up transitioning later. happened Ontario. Also generational owners, initially 2007. children, Shelia Smith, orthodontist, purchased one-bedroom Villa Then brother Stuart physician, winters condominiums. prospective knowledgeable rely income. Seas, motivation plays decision. partial increasing investors seeking broker 59 Phil Maxwell, Deb Davino, Lynn Novak, Judi Speer, Rebecca Tracey equation offsetting cost homes. residents weekly, basis. restricted monthly rentals. reason, participate agencies island-wide. Charlie Rohde Rapids, Iowa, two-bedroom ago. agent program, regarding returns cognizant exceeded expectations. Clearly, advantages surprised owner. beauty, Valenti. honest, sells process. Properties, 239-471-1994 877-332-3382, southseas Lennon publicist shared-use writing 1978. Time-share toes 60 TOP PROPERTIES RIGHT MaryAn Cowart Islands. Recognizing entirely needs, listens carefully diligently dreams. facet consistently ranking producer. navigate Call 61 MaryAnnCowart_GEN_2014.indd 91613 959 DOC IS IN e globetrotting fighter. taste fictional character Ford namesake Island. celebrated tenth anniversary biggest Sitting six months. Negotiations operate resort-owned lasted according Mark Marinello, co-owner Fords. remodel formerly price Marinello calls substantial. ambitious project seats people. outdoor deck, bright indoor room, late-night accommodates parties. lots potential space. Marinello. books novelist Wayne White. ex-government biologist travels quirky sidekick, Tomlinson, solving mysteries crimes. stories twenty novels barrier Whites dine Fords, T-shirts, memorabilia. busiest White, partner operation, signings. prolific author female version Hannah Smith. heroine happens eatery hits best-seller kitsch keeps kitchen Caribbean based, measured, management locations. overlooks lush vegetation FORDS RUM BAR GRILLE soy-seared mahi stir-fry veggies prickly-pear 63 1143 eats photo, memorabilia, nearly rum, house. sauces scratch, fresh, portions big, fruit spices. Yucatan Shrimp featured Times. deliver anywhere, price, Exceeding expectations, perfectly upscale serving forty-nine rums Wicked Dolphin brand, distilled Coral. rum drink Ali. Every auction Sanibel-Captiva Cares, fundraising benefiting Golisano Childrens Hospital Name 64 IF YOU GO 239-312-4275, 239-472-8311, 239-765-9660, contributes OTHER Drink lot, benefactors bid specialty drink. patrons libation, donates hospital. addition, winning bidder asked match donation. 200,000 festive item. expansion seventy businesss responsibilities managers Jean Crenshaw, Raynauld Bentley, Dan Howes, Clark Hill. partners entertaining opportunities. settling plate moment. Right 65 RESTAURANT THISTLE LODGE RESTAURANTS 68 FOODIES STAR CAF WATERFRONT TIMBERS GRILL WATERVIEW TRADERS SCOOPS SLICES REJOICE HARBOURSIDE 74 POINTE SUNSHINE SEAFOOD WINE 67 152 69 baked Dover sole sauted rosemary balsamic lamb, veal chops. Vegetarian dishes, salads, appetizers shrimp bruschetta, panini menu. grand finale, crme brle cannoli. 2407 239-472-6882. L, Cow Bovine Bounty. massive omelets pasta, beef joint, heifer references. funkiness circle cow-calling contest when, sound cowbell, Moo shot T-shirt sundae. table, Pasture neon-colored Adirondack chair. choice, breakfast, omelets. 2163 239-4720606, B, Mad Hatter Wonderland Cuisine. divine, spectacular, unforgettable. Inspired eclectic choices evolve season, scratch. Kurt Michelle Jarvis cozy, romantic reputation Dinner world-class dining, million-dollar unbeatable sunsets table. 6467 Road, 239-472-0033, Matzaluna Well-Smoked Italian. struck intoxicating smell wood door fire. aroma emanating oven flavors pizzas wonderfully. Five Cheese Gorgonzola, ricotta, spinach, artichoke hearts favorite. pastas, chicken, inclined intriguing alternatives. strong draw crisp, pies. 1200 239-472-1998, prawnbroker.comfloridawest matzaluna. Local Color. Join sports-bar-as-worshiphall see. 70 12413 1248 71 72 73 menu, namely brle, Key-lime cheesecake, molten chocolate lava cake, Granny apple tiramisu. Casa Ybel 2255 Drive, 239-472-3145, SB, Timbers Restaurant Dine Yourself. standards known. calamari Japanese vegetables, platters, crab cakes lump. daily specials, finned king legs. Of alternative landlubbers. Adjacent market, freshest seafood. 703 239-4722722, prawnbroker.comindex.phpwest-coast the-timbers. Traders Serving 1998, emporium perfumes, lotions, Tuesday Thursday musical sensations Chris Workman Mikes bistro cuisine, gumbo, Macadamia encrusted p.m., 230 Reserve table voted Facebook, 1551 239-472-7242, Waterview Sea. epitome relaxation Sundial Spa, panoramic finest fare, subtle European influences. Clay Pot Baked Mediterranean serves Wednesdays Sundays. Breeze Caf, classic tavern entre salads Turtles welcomes Caf weekend Band 1451 239-472-4151, Eccentric Wonderland. unwritten law dictates first-time nostalgia museumfood palace. mad scientists Christmasantiques shopWonkaville khaki-clad Scouts. chock-full oversized, crazily dishes. shall note Children loud attract undue attention 15001 239-472-5558, Cantina Nacho Madres Mexican. cravings tacos, burritos, fajitas, chili rellenos satisfied Creative specialties Southwestern flair fajita salad, tequila-lime grilled shrimp, citrus-grilled sombrero. Lunch inside, serape colors, piatas, terra-tiled floors, adobe-style walls subtly suggest south border. 14970 239-4720248, captivaislandinn.comdining.cfm. Pizza, Yogurt Gift Emporium Treasure Box. Located Captivas Celebration delightful hand-tossed pizzas, organic homemade dressings, yogurt. waiting order, surprisingly treasures fine seashells, corals, fossils scented candles scarves perfumes artwork Nora Butler design. 11513 Rosse Lane, 239-395-0823, 75 76 77 Feel sunny umbrella. Caribbean-inspired choices, tortillas fire-roasted salsa gazpacho lobster oranges, pumpkin seeds, bacon chipotle aioli mahimahi mango slaw. 3559, L. RC Otters Otterly American. daunting 115 counting Caesar house-cured salmon blackened scallops, sandwiches highlighted Uncle Hanks Grouper Reuben. evening, dinnertime. 11508 239-395-1142, dining.cfm. Dreams Come True. combinations cream Over 250 candies presented overwhelmingly display-- reach. all. 1950s ext. 3399, Sunshine Seafood Wine Bistro. charming, caf touch. Well-executed plates full-blown, fine-dining pass dessert, show, lamb chop seared seasoned perfection gracious picture. 14900 239-472-6200, 78 121113 514 79 147 WHILE YOURE TIME Annual Events Birders hike J. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge winged yellow-crowned heron. DECEMBER Luminary Festival Illuminated trails music, 5309 Holiday 9, Festive historical village beyond Season Opening Weekend November 2324, Carnival 30December 1, 78, Sox, Hammond Baseball Park Minnesota Twins, ArtFest Myerss free, two-day celebration decorates exceptional artwork. Entertainment, competition, round festival joins Friday nights mini fair Saturday Sunday, prices nationally Community House, Music March 223, March, musicians Arabesque Winds, Pacifica Quartet, Opera Theater Spring Training Twins Boston Sox 1993, twenty-third season JetBlue Fenway Lions Arts Crafts Fair 2223, Artists FEBRUARY MARCH Shell Show 79, Seventy-sixth shellabrations 81 submit jury sell eligible prizes thirtieth annual APRIL Masters 14, tournament Panel. hole, hole-in-one villages awardwinning Course, JULY Independence Day July 4, old-fashioned, parade 930 fireworks nightfall watched SEPTEMBER Galloway Triathlon mid-September, fitness Triathlon, sprintlength one-quarter-mile swim ten-mile 5K Gulf, Redfish Pass, classifications--a one-hundred-yard swim, oneand-a-half-mile ride, half-mile nine two-hundred-yard three-mile one-mile thirteen, OCTOBER Days October, Wildlife, birding, eco-festival J.N. Baileys Fest NOVEMBER 50k Pro Circuit 2-9, Catch emerging 82 USTA compete 50,000 cash prize towards entry 2015 Australian Open. December, Thanksgiving mid-December, BIG ARTS closed Exhibits, concerts, performances, Friday, sunrise explored foot, bike, car, tram tour Educational Center January May fws.govdingdarling Bailey-Matthews Museum More 239-395-2233, Explorers daily, Guided kayak, tram, touch tank exploration, tours, 239-472-8900, Farmers Market Open-air city hall, 239-472-3700, 355, UPDATES INFO ACTIVITIES 83 TEEING UP GOOD CAUSE marries eorgias Augusta Country skilled golfers coveted jacket winner. nine-hole borrows revered respected golf. Known Masters, competition PGA tee worthy cause. Green Jacket, blazer embellished yellow Rest assured, worn namesake. outing benefits Panel, volunteers stronger keeping idyllic destination panels recent initiatives conducting water-quality study, monitoring Plan portion Comprehensive Land Use Plan, replenish devastated Charley 2004. officially billed community northernmost holes, rivals courses. send-off busy pitch sponsorships support competitive challenges closest-to-the-pin contests lucky hole shot. winner five-handicapper Rohl, divides Aberdeen, Dakota, played Rohl recipient trophy--but Jacket. winners entered chip-off shootout format, jacket, anyway. won Willis, server bartender yards elimination contest, jacket. sponsored foursome tournament. family-friendly culminates cookout party, tries fifth Players putt sixth music. gallery boast shots, talk undertaken breathtaking panel, tax-exempt nonprofit grants. relies donations 25,000 inception, panel million roots alike abundance Anything Rohl. golfing reason. 14. information, 239-579-1462. Freelance widely varying results, forty-five 85 ENVIRONMENTAL WATER PRECAUTIONS PESKY CREATURES environment. recycle Newspapers, paper, aluminum, plastic, cardboard boxes Please Environmental Sheet in-room container. Consider stack newspapers equals thirty-foot tree. ton paper recycled saves seventeen trees 380 tons oil. glass gallons fuel. JELLYFISH jellyfish harm untouched. Stings animal results welts, rash, itching. Seek symptoms persist. NO-SEE-UMS aggravating, pest presence felt exposed insect repellant DEET. avoid bite. screens patios, patio doors closed. sensitive bites. Continuing irritation bites warrant pharmacist recommendation. STINGRAY Sometimes, stingrays shoreline. trick stepping barb creatures tail. enter shuffle slowly. stingray vibrations away. stung, soon LIVE SHELLS FLORIDA LAW PROHIBITS TAKING SANIBEL. PLEASE HELP CONSERVE PRECIOUS RESOURCE. INCLUDES URCHINS, SAND DOLLARS, STARFISH. 500 ADDITIONAL RED DRIFT ALGAE impossible predict drift algae present Area leaders Health quantities onshore decaying sun, produce odor irritate respiratory conditions asthma bronchitis. appears decaying, land, alone. RECYCLE maintaining ALLIGATORS alligators. law. 1147 LOGGERHEAD TURTLES October Lights Turtles. confuse nesting females. disorient hatchlings. curtains drawn blinds Turn balcony lights. Remove dunes. sand castles. facing turned dusk. turtle tracks, notify report Loggerhead listed threatened Endangered Species Act. Pollution, lighted habitat, collisions, drowning nets caused drastic decline population. dunes protected, oats. tall, perennial grass extensive, underground root system preventing erosion. federally cut Easily recognizable, arching spikes oats stiff stems. Motorized vehicles, carts, bicycles prohibited trash removed fires allowed jet skis prohibited. erty beaches. license, forty-eight chaise lounges twelve umbrellas. umbrellas affect license. difficult access limited assist first-come-first-served unable reserve chairs. Chairs unattended reassigned finished chair, inform attendant fold chair onto lounge indicate Umbrellas advised reasons, prevailing winds greater eight mph, issued removed. MAINTENACE sanctuary laws protect Specifically, ordinance prevents raking cleaning debris seaweed, grasses, dead shellfish, etc. deposits tides enabling birds source. CHAIRS UMBRELLAS City licenses prop- 87 GREEN LODGING Dear Guests, invite environmental planet feedback suggestions, electronic survey check-out. cardboard, toner cartridges, batteries, fluorescent compact bulbs. postconsumer content copy paper. toilet tissue chlorine 100 fiber. facial recycled, free. low-flow heads, faucets, toilets. Bicycles recreational enjoyment. encourage carpool. sides printer pads. landscaping focuses plants plantings. utilize environmentally chemicals. bamboo flooring hotel suites. boardwalk plastic. linen re-use energy-efficient lighting indoors outdoors. recycling containers bathroom vanity. metal cans housekeeper remove daily. beside finished. recyclable newspapers, trash. conditioner, windows unit, adjust thermostat higher temperature. unit. pleasant supporting participant Lodging Program. Program established 2004 Department Protection DEP intent recognizing conscientious facilities state. Through rapidly growing encourages industry conserve resources. covers all-inclusive protecting participation efforts impact TURN IT OFF WHEN NOT USE RAISE THERMOSTAT LEAVE ROOM PARTICIPATE TOWEL LINEN RE-USE PROGRAM LET KNOW OBSERVE DRIPS LEAKS REDUCE, RE-USE, MAINTAIN SMOKE-FREE ENVIRONMENT HOW ARE WE DOING SHARE IDEAS GREENING STAY 88 SHELL IMAGES BAILEY-MATTHEWS MUSEUM SHELLING 300 shallow-water varieties found. WHY plateau extends acts shelf gather. storms, waves TIMING low tide, lower tide better. moons lowest, charts, moon storm, best. nastier windier WHERE LOOK high-tide shells, broken rolling surf. Shells spotted slowly muddy tidal shells. wet, crouch hands surf prohibits alive, Never shell. Jewel Lace Murex Banded Tulip Fig Conch Junonia Three inches long, Find papers a.k.a. Attached oysters dark encircling Delicate shell, intact brown, white, black souvenir White spines Can joined 89 12613 1231 NATURAL WONDERS BROWN PELICAN Found inland lakes. pelican, pelican plunges Size Weight ounces Wingspan OSPREY fish-eating accounting 99 diet. Barbed pads soles grip slippery moving. eating, resting, traveling. Listed endangered species. BOTTLENOSE DOLPHIN bottlenose dolphin mammal pods six. eat forty pounds 800 1,000 pounds. surface air. appear, attempt interact TURTLE worldwide. account onethird worlds total sites clearly marked disturbed, policy nesting. TARPON sought-after, inshore, biggame stubborn spectacular fight, leaping grows slowly, reaching maturity long. Pelican HERON Wurdemanns herons blue heron, neck GREAT EGRET symbol Audubon Society. oldest organizations America, killed feathers. WHITE IBIS wading bird Deep South, striking ibis lawns insects, probing prey shore. Osprey HORSESHOE CRAB horseshoe crabs dangerous, distant spider. clams, tail rudder, pairs legs walk. Stingrays graceful swimmers clams. rays mate. walking stung. injured Heron Great Egret WEST INDIAN MANATEE shallow, slow-moving rivers, estuaries, saltwater bays, canals, areas. Gentle slow 90 12713 1026 GLENN OSTLE CORMORANT Makes bulky nest sticks materials. Frequently picks rope, fishnet, plastic incorporate Ibis Cormorant Bottlenose Horseshoe Crab Turtle Stingray Indian Manatee 91 PLACES INTEREST WORSHIP SANIBEL-CAPTIVA 3075 239-395-2233 destinations shelling. Featuring displays geographical, historical, scientific, perspectives. Residents library system, Internet resources emphasize sources. dreds species, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians. 239-472-2535 Play lush, landscape. Open public, eighteen-hole, levels, thirteen Har-Tru courts. instruction, restaurant, available. CAYO COSTA STATE PARK 941-964-0375 floridastateparks.orgcayocosta park cabins BAILEY TRACT 239-472-1100 pdfBaileyTract.pdf Discover network wetlands River. Opens CHAPEL 11580 Chapin 239-472-1646 built 1901, Chapel schoolhouse church Sunday. Today, seasonal, Christian ministry April. HERB STRAUSS SCHOOLHOUSE THEATER 2200 239-472-6862 160-seat Herb Strauss presents professional, theater Broadway-caliber talent intimate BARRIER GROUP 900 Dunlop 239-395-0900 dance, visual arts, film, theater, workshops, C.R.O.W. CLINIC REHABILITATION WILDLIFE 3883 239-472-3644 non-profit rescue rehabilitation sick, orphaned, wildlife. Established 1968, receives Thousands patients treated annually, representing hun- DING DARLING REFUGE refuge abundant birding feeding MEMORIAL LIBRARY 11560 239-533-4890, serviceslocationsCVpagesdefault.aspx 92 mud flats. center, trails, FORT MYERS BURROUGHS 2505 1st Street, 239-337-0706 turn-of-the-century Register Historic Places, ANNUNCIATION GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH 8210 Cypress Lake 239-481-2099 BAT YAM-TEMPLE 2050 239-472-0177 CYPRESS LAKE BAPTIST 8400 239-481-5442 FIRST CHRIST, SCIENTIST 2950 239-472-8684 COMMUNITY 1740 239-472-2684 CONGREGATIONAL UNITED CHRIST 239-472-0497 SAINT ISABEL CATHOLIC 3559 239-472-2763 MICHAEL ANGELS EPISCOPAL 2304 239-472-2173 CHAMBER COMMERCE 1159 Causeway 239-472-1080 Offers residents. HISTORICAL VILLAGE 950 239-472-4648 Dedicated pioneer 19th 20th centuries, site Model T truck, schoolhouse, SearsRoebuck catalog CALUSA NATURE CENTER PLANETARIUM 3450 Ortiz Avenue, 239-275-3435 acres planetarium, aviaries. EDISON FORD WINTER ESTATES 2350 McGregor Boulevard, 239-334-7419 billionaire, Henry Ford, Edison Home. adjacent inventors laboratory botanical gardens. LIGHTHOUSE Directions eastern Built 1884 height 102 feet, functioning, landmark lighthouse entered. beams promises sea. SOUTHWEST HISTORY 2031 Jackson 239-321-7430 Paleo Indians, Calusa, Seminoles, Spanish explorers, settlers exhibits. museum artifacts detailing civilization, fort, settlers, cattlemen, century, military agriculture, industries PUBLIC 770 239-472-2483 movies, magazines, computer lab, inviting customer-focused welcome. NAPLES CORKSCREW SWAMP SANCTUARY 375 Sanctuary West, 239-348-9151 2.25-mile trail lands. pine upland, prairie, cypress forest, marsh. S.C.C.F. CONSERVATION FOUNDATION 3333 239-472-2329 preserved conchs tank. CINEMA 535 239-472-1701 movie screens. minutes prior show. ZOO 1590 Goodlette 239-262-5409 accredited zoo shows. 93 Final_Map.pdf 1022 95 159 96 201 98 208 ENERATIONS Magazine VOL. 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