GEN19_SSIR.indd 1 12919 952 PM Features The top 3 unforgettable things to do at South Seas Island Resort LASTING MEMORIES 13 MAKE 16 THE INNS OF SANIBEL Eclectic, fun, a little romantic, these four Inns have everything you need be blissfully happy for days departments 6 G R E TIN GS 8 I N V ST M T Own home the thrill of sea and sky-- wise investing 11 Let pros help find your island 26 32 Book perfect pampering Spa Tween Waters 35 Escape some serious RR places B EAUTY S PA 36 HO PPIN 46 EX PLO Hot fashions cool finds 18 O L F Tennis is enjoyed by all ages skill levels Gulf breezes lush fairways up game 20 Sport membership discounts Dunes Golf Club 22 CR U SE Journey into sound experience Southwest Floridas natural beauty 30 28 Sunny Adventures 48 Tarpon Bay Explorers 50 A bicycle-friendly 51 Stand-up paddleboarding 52 Sanibel Historical Museum Village 53 Thriller 54 CUIS IN 24 SA NG Doc Fords Rum Bar Grille serves Caribbean-inspired food drink Take class with one Americas sailing schools 57 EPICUR IO US guide dining on Captiva FO KI DS Come out whats waiting discovered 70 EVEN TS 27 TE CH LO GY Plan day navigate resort app Top events not miss 72 KIDS ACTIVITIES 74 UEST MATIO 80 MAPS AN IB EL D CAPTIVA Interactive adventures introduce youngsters another side CA RA DY Creating photographs videos that capture milestone moments CCA SI NS SP CI Tips advice stay place tie knot 2 GENERATIONS MAGAZINE 2019 13119 538 SOUTHSEAS.COM REGIONAL MANAGING DIRECTOR Bob Walter GENERAL MANAGER Shawn Farrell SALES MARKETING Verdell Ekberg 5400 Plantation Road Captiva, Florida 33924 239-472-5111 Bill Wellman 863 East Drive Sanibel, 33957 239-472-2220 SOUTH SEAS ISLAND RESORT 937 239-472-3181 INN SONG SEA 541 239-472-1400 SEASIDE 3287 West 239-472-1700 SUNSET BEACH Brian Kautz 949 Sand Castle 239-472-3355 From left right DUNES GOLF TENNIS CLUB General Manager, Inn, Sunset Beach Song Sea Seaside Inn Regional Managing Director, GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela J. Jaeger CREATIVE Stromlund EDITOR PROOFREADER Patricia Letakis CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Emilie Alfino, Klaudia Balogh, Leah Biery, Gina Birch, Jan Holly, Kelly Madden, Letakis, Beth Oliver, Tom Sharbaugh PHOTOGRAPHERS Nick Adams, William R. Cox, Justin Friede, Friedrich N. TOTI MEDIA, INC. P.O. Box 1227 239-472-0205 Jaeger, FounderChairman Guy Tober, President Vice PresidentC.O.O. Stromlund, CONTACT totimedia.comcontactus PUBLISHERS Times Islands RSW LIVING Bonita Estero GULF MAIN Cape Coral Living Copyright Media, Inc. All rights reserved. No part this publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors are necessarily those m C 4 SOU-11 o u t h e s Properties Welcome Life OWN PIECE DI TO DAY source finest homes sale as well properties in exclusive destinations Fort Myers. This region presents an incredible quality life centered fantastic climate, beautiful surroundings pristine waters Mexico. Our team dedicated real estate professionals specialize providing clients unprecedented level personal attention. For more information, please visit us or call 1-877-332-3382 MARTY STOKES 239.560.5958 800.994.7357 ERNIE TRESSLER 239.472.5111, Ext. 3467 703.627.0569 239.472.8566 JONI 239.560.5959 800.571.4936 MARY ANN COWART 239-851-6447 888-700-9422 VIRGINA DUNDORE 239-472-7629 239-940-2919 239-472-8566 5 SOU-11677-Q Generations-RealEstateinRoomMagazineAgents.indd 112117 AM GREETINGS Bring Your Dreams Paradise notice how we continually polish our exterior spaces. Lusciously maintained landscaping brings properties, nighttime lighting now winds throughout Sea. We added cozy fire table enhance sipping evening cocktail enjoying light bite poolside Time . Dantes Restaurant continues earn high marks from guests full breakfast menu dinner focused creative dishes inspired coal-fired oven. And whether yearn tool around bicycles, take waves paddleboard, relax poolside, ready serve you. Shopping favorite activities islands. Just corner Periwinkle Way, easy access so many wonderful shops restaurants like ones found Place, where can most stylish new wear fine jewelry collectibles spa services. across bridge, Outlets offers best values than 40 brands. It my hope visiting vacation, quick getaway social event outstanding develop lasting memories during Island. On behalf entire team, who every guest idyllic experience, thank staying us. To mini-vacation paradise when return home, Facebook page see what to. look forward seeing again soon. unny skies, sparkling seas, silky sand stunning shells just allure Sanibel. Situated along Mexico, resorts--Sanibel Sea, Inn-- celebrate paradise. spacious accommodations aweinspiring views provide ideal hideaway. Next door, charming romantic getaway. With its gracious, nostalgic style, honors vintage cottage character 1960s Florida. features tropical acres swaying palms miles shell-laden shoreline, mention spectacular sunset views. Guests any Social Membership partner property, Club. benefit gives complimentary use courts driving range reduced greens fees club rentals, opportunity lifestyle scheduled seasonal parties, comedy nights, trivia live entertainment dancing. Nestled within wildlife preserve has been sanctioned Audubon Society, 18-hole championship golf course was masterfully designed 10-time PGA Tour winner world-renowned designer, Mark McCumber. newly redesigned clubhouse, bright airy spaces connect nature, eat. As proud associates they create vacations lifetime guests, loyal consider friends, also integral experience. love challenge integrating awe-inspiring setting gracious guests. Those familiar resorts 535 BOTTOM PHOTO BY DANIELA JAEGER 7 INVESTMENT JAN HOLLY Making Reality sky--and anibel Marty Stokess blood. His grandparents Jake Pearl Stokes, were early homesteaders. first sheriff officer. Martys father raised Owing his dads military career, spent much childhood far islands, but always beckoned him home. Driving causeway still me thrill, Stokes said. birds, sky, breeze, salt air. living here. lsland unbeatable. longtime agent Properties, works closely wife, broker Joni loves sharing clients. subtropical wonderland, co-exist inhabitants 330-acre protected sanctuary. Sightings manatees, dolphins, egrets, pelicans osprey routine, panoramic Pine Sound, Intracoastal Waterway Mexico breathtaking. 18-year history makes uniquely qualified their dream vacation homes. knowledge niche market exhaustive, state-of-the-art technology, which pinpoint property accurately gauge future trends, ever fingertips. During economic downturn 2008 2009, experienced, decline, sideways movement, Because retiring baby boomers starting invest now, prices moving up. sees no dramatic price increases near term, wont likely go down. Now really good time buy, he said, adding, before start spike. calls lists superb investments, because pay themselves--and then some. He refers rental leasing opportunities offered Resorts Owner Services Program. Participants Rental Leasing Plans significant income, enclave, located tip pristine, island. Demand short-term, rentals high, both season. programs terms stipulate owners cede control properties. Customarily, entitled residency weeks season nine off Such limits maximize revenues owner resort. responsible maintaining interiors. Revenues shared between according set percentage. Lease guarantees revenue allowance resort, making budgeting easy, maintains repairs interior leased units, excluding HVAC system water heater. Both come Resort, value worth 5,000. benefit, amenities cant matched. Many visitors fall wind buying 536 9 includes golf, tennis, adult pools, great theme park-sized waterslide, H2Whoa slides long chute jet-propels kids pool. They it Members-only include Harborside Grill, Pointe Scoops Slices. ID ticket door other amenities, location, either residences south North End, members hop trolley. There drive. trolley runs minutes, even drop gate. Outside gate restaurants, including resortaffiliated Starbucks, plus Captivas historic Mucky Duck, Sunshine Caf Cantina Captiva. Along Andy Rosse Lane, main street, boutiques, art galleries, water-sport equipment stores outdoor entertainment. teem activity, Theres something fun do. Prospective buyers choice locations. Seabreeze Bayside Villas open Sounds panorama. Villas, Homes adjacent beaches. Marina heart marina seat provides view harbor. Lands sought-after neighborhoods, residents Sound north beaches south. courtyard, or, course, tennis courts, said smile. exception Estate Homes, association, cover insurance roof, sewer, trash pickup, landscaping, pool elevator maintenance, accounting management. vary neighborhood neighborhood, associations eliminate ownerships headaches, Prices substantially. In current market, one-bedroom could considered entry-level condos priced 350,000400,000 range, while two-bedroom available mid-400,000 Villas--available one-, two-, three-bedroom models--are low 500,000 900,000 range. Supply demand factors popular revenueproducing boomers, nearing retirement, selections here remarked. selling million nearly million, depending proximity Gulf. typically over End offering two- currently sell mid-900,000 2.6 rarely under million. takes pleasure success meeting needs Since 2016, sold 65 estate, greatly appreciate confidence loyalty clients, become friends well. Looking purchasing stop Stokes. promise honesty, in-depth service, turn dreams luxurious, reality--and mission Holly extensively about islands regular contributor Media. Real options villas condominiums, private 10 TOP PHOTOS COURTESY HILTON GRAND VACATIONS oyal Shell lead pack business two agencies equally delighted share prospective special beauties living. companies advantage technological assist digital marketing offers. global coverage. PROPERTIES ROYAL SHELL REAL ESTATE Customer service Michael Pollys calling card. Royal embraces mission, put first, Polly measure satisfaction Under leadership, company grown employees, opened 1997, 160-plus member today, 15 offices Florida, Ocala Carolina. No. brokerage Lee County trust us--repeatedly, time, That super feeling. assisting people want own Weve helped purchase multimillion-dollar beachfront compounds, families who, after years, make permanent children anywhere Thats nature business, inspires day. Prominent realtor steeped childhood, lived, on, family purchased 1900s. My back built, days, routinely harvested coconuts Key limes, wild boar deer plentiful, wistfully. dad, Marty, Sr., named Rabbit path, mother, Edith, her association J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, initiated program protect loggerhead turtles. She patrol turtles turtle nests--and exists, proudly. attended school--sporadically. dad military, moved lot. Returning permanently 1969, watched dramatically changed, especially incorporated, 1974, police department went deputy force. play host wide variety options. pointed particular canal-front Gulf- bay-front homes, such communities Dunes, Gumbo Limbo, Beachview. These neighborhoods growing grandkids, homeowners easily bicycle cart. Differentiating sister coastal easy. seascape tells tale. choppy waves, dolphins play, diving lunch--island matched, wife Joni, licensed broker, work team. differences personalities give edge. gentle wise, affectionately. Together kinds walk life. THEINNSOFSANIBEL.COM 2119 121 Jonis hands, transactions run smoothly frictionfree. verbal agreements documentation. out, cautioned supply-and-demand situation coming wide, discrete categories estate. result huge numbers retirement headed way. Buy interest rates reasonable. spiking, Islanders get pick Causeway Park luminous bay Lighthouse site Sanibels Beacon, built 1884. Turner Beach, crash continuously breakwater, Blind Pass front door. Gulfside City picnick- Bicycling mode transportation 25-mile-long shared-use path cyclists. ing, Bowmans spots shellers. accessed foot path. cyclists Estate,, picnicking, 12 202 PATRICIA LETAKIS Y ou tempted spend lolling sunbathing beach, thats OK. But there ways enjoy Resort. So why mix Start casting line fishing adventure. Add romance itinerary. allow plenty recreation endless. Finding lies beneath shadows legendary You hire professional guide. Excellent weather, shallow coast, impressive abundance fish--more types waters--make nearby destinations. teeming redfish, grouper, Spanish mackerel, mangrove snapper species. Its surprise areas mecca anglers. REEL BIG ONE Venture offshore search plentiful Silver King--the exciting-to-hook tarpon. If youre fight, try around. keep simple Grab bucket rod, toss beach T-dock watchful heron. At fish, surf cast, shore cast property. Whether looking trophy, dinner, old catch release, memorable water, way it. nothing feeling being island, Seas, Private means candlelight open-air cabana surrounded flickering torches lull choose three Dinner Two packages aptly Breeze, Paradise. Each four-course fresh seafood. Sports enthusiasts charters romantics wrap TURN UP ROMANCE 537 Among offerings shrimp ceviche, Cedar boat scallops, local black grouper lobster bisque, Angus beef tenderloin Waygu rib-eye. reconnect pop very question. Engagements, anniversaries occasion watching sun toes events. Another option Smore Love package. Imagine spot complete firepit. Pop bottle champagne, toast pair bubbly gourmet chocolate bars handcrafted marshmallows over-thetop version smore. Some sandy stretch linger until dark. reserve package, 239-472-5111, ext. 1483. Although getting air games endless, score big FIND YOUR RECREATIONAL GROOVE How yoga breathe, follow inner flow tranquil Instructors Ambu Yoga studio hold sessions sand, paddleboards. Youll classes teaching styles. Golfers 9-hole, par-27 executive close youll feel ocean breeze. Blessed abundant wildlife, Chip Powell enhanced short playing round sport, head Blackwood Academy Here learn skills, improve overall fun. youve never played chance game. academy athletes abilities. Pedaling option. Comfy cruisers cushy seats northern Chadwicks Square coffee cold Starbucks Pointe. if pedal power thing, cart load When comes choosing activity plethora choices adrenaline-pumping watercraft rides, sightseeing romps classes. 14 wildly outing. sorts water-sports hitting available. powerful WaveRunner zoom Gulf, doing circles speed. Parasailing birds-eye lift-off. different kind excitement kayaking paddleboarding. slower, quieter often paddlers sightings, deeper roseate spoonbills foraging coast. Herons, egrets long-legged waterfowl regulars spot. sometimes seagulls flock together brown fly V-shape soar blue sky editor HARBOURSIDE BAR GRILLE Overlooking marina, casual restaurant boasts nautical theme. delightful breakfast, sunrise, dine inside deck. buffet served daily, order biscuits gravy stack pancakes. seafood Cajun snapper, steaks, pasta more. POINTE Servicing area, tiki bar Find chair balcony overlooking sip signature cocktail. fish tacos, Asian kale salads, cheeseburgers, sandwiches VILLAGE Latitudes Food Shack Attitudes staff will only umbrella steps shore, bring bites salads wraps beer, wine island-style drinks. Firepits transform village end celebration music. DOC FORDS RUM Sure theres rum--served neat, infused mojito--to Caribbean flavors. Yucatan lime panko-crusted traditional Cuban among favorites. ambience sports soul. CROOKED SNOOK TIKI thatched roof framed slender palm trees deep watery backdrop describe quintessential kitchen Captain Als tacos sandwiches. Where Eat f name hotel indication store check in, disappoint. Their names alone magical Inn. Boutique-like Island, inns offer slightly experiences, thing common truly service. Overseeing operations Manager Wellman, man background hospitality industry, clearly proactive enhancing talks polished lusciously says, further settings, updates, made regularly. invested heavily desired eye appeal expect accommodations, notes. grounds, updating maintenance gorgeous garden areas, walkways beach--we ensure small detail goes unattended, seem substantial fare Romantic melodious, couples honeymooners prefer intimate accommodations. guestrooms--all kitchenettes--are decorated terra-cotta tiles, Indiesinspired furnishings plantation shutters private, enchanted retreat. receive upon arrival, morning, continental terrace. heated swimming hot tub, avail themselves Club, rates. Centered L-shaped feathery palms, largest 93 rooms, suites condos. pool, paths through scrub 600 feet strewn thousands seashells. chairs, umbrellas towels await loll sands taking glistening However same vista room exercise lounging on-site away. year, 2019, brand-new reception center late January, five-month renovation, welcomed style them mood amazing moment arrive. dining, highly acclaimed beverage experiences. cocktails, Old seaside charm hideaway, nestled Lighthouse. character, cottages kitchens. shuffleboard court, heyday. Extra touches basket fruit, breads, juice provided morning stay-- and, waking sand. Set foliage 350 white gazing ends, pools two-story buildings, reminiscent mid-century modern architecture, guestrooms suites. welcomes pets limited number pet-dedicated rooms. Considered kayaks paddleboards, grills beachside barbecues. family-owned group resorts, know importance exactly for, explains. dont everyones destination, rather cater original, authentic unlike other. 17 Game lthough sport watch, better balmy atmosphere players levels--social competitive, beginner professionalare welcome picked racket, lessons arranged. seven coupled environment hone skills--or simply seeking game, top-notch instructors. Clinics prepare mentally physically first-timers rated players. Customized training detailed instruction focus students individual strengths development. concierge paired appropriate player. resurfaced windscreens court furniture, pro shop stringing encourage created family, league camp Seas. total says. test short-game skills. apparel gear, Course Shop browse latest collections Columbia, Greg Norman designer Items logo shirts, caps selection shorts, sweaters sweater vests. balls gloves full-service shop. information Joys doubt advantages. warm sunny climate occasional egret fairway action, enticing. enjoyable. Designer scenic courses sure golfers hole, challenges 19 KELLY MADDEN Work Swing extended hard beat leisurely tennis. pick. partake plan included reservation duration stay. should calendar outings discounts. happen. paradise, notes Blackwood, co-founder Academy. match level, didnt racket balls, entitles apparel, purchases. Dunes. GOLFERS PLAYERS Year Opened 1973 Designed McCumber Fairways Bermuda Greens TifEagle Holes Par Amenities Practice green, clubs, carts Memberships memberships Full Sports, Corporate. Access desk scheduling time. Academy, instructional clinics, camps skill, 5,600 yards, holes laid distinct styles--the bit links layout, backside amidst preserve. shortened tract Society however well-maintained bunkers, breathtaking native foliage. Players Lessons Nolan Henke, threetime winner, sharpen Henke nice course. got ... challenging, Best GulfShore Magazine ites premier club. Society. Call tee Present ad sleeve balls. Contact Dana tour DSwanson eInnsof Rd. FL DA H P RO RT 21 CRUISE EXPLORE Water Cruises W excursions day, Junghans goal passengers exciting allow. vessel fleet Lady Chadwick. comfortable, slow-speed boat, fully stocked, snacks. recommend Bloody Mary, special, secret recipe--definitely try. Chadwick intimately bound history. 1923, Clarence bought 400 turning land fruit plantation. grew mostly limes coconuts, second endeavor hotel, 1920s. evolved Rosamund, namesake. 33 years operation. sizable Chadwick, 148 people, consists Coast Guard-certified craft handful smaller vessels charters. additional 49 passengers. Weather challenge, flow. stalls happen rarely. State, all. general manager since enterprise established 1986. confesses taken customers. faces having up-close-and-personal encounter virtually frolic gets old. After job, wonder me. hether departing McCarthys Yacht Harbour, voyagers treat--an unhurried journey firsthand ever-changing sky. Brad passionate seagoing fortunate lie road, beyond, What beyond fabulous touch unique Pick dolphin-watch adventure trips, shelling cruises, jaunts. destination trips accessible boat--Useppa Cayo Costa, Cabbage Boca Grande. cheeseburger one, remarked Useppas Collier options, Baron Dining Room Courtyard Room. Isaak Walton Cool Calm Watering Hole lighter fare--cocktails aperitifs. Sound. Serenade cruise vision Leading Dolphin Cruise Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation expert volunteer, running commentary waterways, wildlife. educational entertaining, eco-tourism finest. Trips almost hour. Between run, average, Vessels operated shown formation CRUISES Hopping Shelling Watching Sailing Charters aptiva AS 1986 Anibel AptivA rAdition inCe Costa State Daily naturalist board picturesque retreat Useppa quaint Grande sailing, music Santiva viSit uS offiCe SeAS YACht hArbour CAptivA villAge MCCArthYS ArinA comfortable well-appointed hopping, catered receptions, gatherings cruises. on-line 23 239-472-5300 BETH OLIVER AT HELM Learn Sail Offshore Schools Fast Track Cruising participants couch captains week. Doris Steve Colgate RIGHT JUSTIN FRIEDE OTHER ON THIS AND OPPOSITE PAGE OFFSHORE SAILING SCHOOL ave dreamt learning sail, face, gently lapping sailboat place. School, celebrating 55th anniversary year 2019. School started New York, 1965. relocated Myers, 1975 going strong instructors taught 150,000 adults race charter own. Founder, Colgate, wanted possible. recognized major industry tourism award imaginable. One cherished legacies creating concept flotilla decades ago. Colgates personally hosted 100 exotic ports Tonga, Spain, Greece like. record six trip leaders St. Lucia, Windward Islands, Spain Croatia, Insiders Guide BVI honor Sailings anniversary, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. addition, hosts Womens Weeks, women enrolled Live Aboard companys female racing Sailors participating Belize flotilla, several trips. Below Performance Race Week surrounding experienced sailors wish skills join likeminded regattas Myers package whereby 7-17 free paid five-day Corporate building leadership development activities. culminates supporting sponsor role 22nd Hobie World Championships held November 1-16, partners Pink Westin Coral, Hampton Suites downtown Petersburg, headquarters Scrub BVI, Moorings base worlds Tortola. founded 1964 Olympian, Cup sailor Hall Fame inductee, Colgate. Association Foundation. school boating Powerboat certification--from beginning racing, advanced cruising, passage making--at locations 150 ,0 0 GR DU NC iva Capt FOR MORE INFO week had. aboard motivated buy sooner later. Thanks boats curriculum. Aaron Maynard, Myrtle SC 888-385-6857 239-454-1700 Basic Certification Passage Racing Programs Flotilla Vacations BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS Tortola FLORIDA Petersburg 25 LEAH BIERY Ocean Offers Endless Surprises BOOK FIELD TRIP, 239-472-8585 PROGRAMS Topics change seasonally, website details. per child halfday session meet Camp Skullywags DISCOVER SHELLING hundreds species discovered. Join basic bivalve gastropod biology, wash beaches, few coveted shells. person field trip. mucking mud, snorkeling stars, world-class birdwatching opportunities, store. marine conservation nonprofits educators exploration, leave lifelong appreciation underwater world. flagship campus year-round 13, each based creature habitat. Led knowledgeable, enthusiastic teachers, might wade shells, observe manatees habitat, surfing lesson waves. world, lucky endless amount discover, educator Shannon Stainken. Every surprises, regularly Discover Guided Birdwatching walks family-oriented introduction worldclass birding tips exploring Additionally, customizable arranged groups. visitor meaningful, connection sea, teach continue about, explore Biery director communications School. GUIDED BIRDWATCHING walking discover birds discuss bird biology behaviors, identify encounter. extension 3550 schedule registration information. TECHNOLOGY App Power instantly fingertips-- shall say smartphone tablet--theres app. Download Store Google Play free. Besides vibrant photos trees, mindset, one. Want Activity Calendar. Out times Trolley Tracker up-to-the-minute pickup daily a.m. p.m. Cant decide eat list menus. 10-day forecast. Other tabs Fitness Wellness, Watersports, Recreation Family, Accommodations Shopping. Media junkie, happening Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Pinterest tab. app, thing. handy phone facilities. Touch extensive pops up, Guest Duty. Consider guidebook, conveniently quickly tablet. mobile info navigating KLAUDIA BALOGH CAMERA READY Adams Photography ith behind camera lens, knows angles, precise true essence wedding event. photographers earned reputation professionalism quality. think, difference photographers, photographer circumstances, adverse situations. key photography original thinking, finding angles portray couple familys personality. enjoys most. creativity photography, Seeing wedding-- photos--is rewarding part. Adamss career began London. 1993. While working ships, met Lori, vacationing Delaware, Ohio. England, married Photography. 1998, expanded videography. behind-the-scenes work--editing, framing Balogh relive images NICK ADAMS PHOTOGRAPHY post-wedding production-- photo shoots. Everything happens inhouse, Adam Over able functioning workshop mother-of-the-bride, Susie Phelps had daughter Kellys sent sneak peek jaw dropped Downright say, couldnt agree you, knew chosen correctly. fit bill. last, booth preferred vendor reached 239-395-7671, 29 SPECIAL OCCASIONS various settings ceremony water. 2019- talent seamlessly days. invited 300, design reception, elegant dancing rehearsal brunch. opt alfresco replete charm. trusted vendors custom cake bakers fancy florists myriad musicians. Lighting audiovisual hired mood, catering select Wedding Bells heres wedding. glamorous, stunningly blessed Mother Nature. wanting formal black-tie Kings Crown Lawn. Mexicos venues prettiest begin together, says Rhonda Dechard, conference planning wedding, specialists coordinators menu. part, worry arranging details knowledge, support guidance need, once-in-a-lifetime Before indulge excursions, saltwater fishing, sports, bicycling boating, shelling, waterfront course--nine arrangements services trolleys. love, build forever memories. WHATS AVAILABLE Indoor venue feature 31,000 square flexible function space, Ballroom 5,000-square-foot Pavilion. Ceremony Point large Lawn setting, Pavilion Deck Outdoor Crown, expansive garden-like lawn Luau, area brunch Pavilion, manicured featuring sunsets. Banquet ranging eclectic, fresh, prime meats prepared suit tastes. On-site Kay Casperson Spa, bicycles shopping. Types lodging villas, condominiums Gulf-front location. 800-524-7601 Brides elegance MIDDLE LEFT COLUMN AMBU YOGA Only Once Yali Zawadys father, meditation practitioner. wasnt United States she became ancient discipline. realized shifted, recalls. saw how, practice, handle stronger. Zawady today owns Yoga, entrance levels--both indoors grounds classes, stand-up paddleboard yoga. enough space accommodate students, mats recycled materials. 239-314-9642 31 BEAUTY Rejuvenating Body Soul focuses relaxation holistic restorative treatments, exceptional quietly Serenity Pool salon owneroperator Georgie Pailes spa-goers 2008. client, Pailes. everyone best, products approach worked Pailes, ago esthetician massage therapist. Relaxation well-being cherish happen, subtle dcor. Playing Natures hues tones, fossil-imprinted lobby floor, bamboo ceilings flowers welcoming vibe. Locals, repeat newcomers treated ordinary, treatments spas revitalizing men, juniors. everyone, comments aimed allowing rejuvenate mind, body massages, performed Pailess trained technicians. Traditional relaxation, tissue, stone, specialty Thai house extra friend suite exclusively couples. facials, covered skin types. deep-cleansing European Facial, Brightening Vitamin Anti-Aging Delicate Facial sensitive suffering rosacea acne. explains essential. peel relaxing neck massage. Something spa. Equally salon. salons wall display, holds 200 bottles nail shade color spectrum, clientele, vacationers locals years. SPA TWEEN WATERS particularly bridal parties weddings. hairstylists makeup artists long-lasting shellac. shellac manicures, notes, CND-certified, ensuring application whole weddings five artists, points out. Keeping scene important Airbrush makeup, silicon-based foundation naturally, lasts longer, go-to product. hair, equipped cut highlights updos. travel, bringing events, talents location brides months leading contagious, fulfilling male clientele well, 34 luxury freestanding missed 2009 spa, took off. success. Were family. comfortable. Make Day think impossible happily point direction unwinding reconnecting yourself, mindset. look, feel, too, surrounds moves enhances Warm cozy, tucked shopping plaza projects vibe landscaping. friendly Massage oil, Bamboo Fusion massages deviate traditional. care, facials-- anti-aging, firming peptide, others--and microdermabrasion microneedling. side, seasoned hairstylists, manicurists. haircut, color, highlights, keratin treatment. manis pedis disappointed polish--think hand paraffin too. occasion, groups, parties. pampered hair done updo special. 2075 239-395-2220, KAY CASPERSON SPA, SALON BOUTIQUE Lifestyle Salon Boutique. BeautifuLife brand, collection nourishing, hypoallergenic skin-care products. philosophy simple--when balanced products, example, affirmations inspire caring skin, believe balance--emotionally, spiritually, physically, environmentally socially--is healthy, happy, booking treatment rejuvenating facial Caspersons toe. collections, jewelry, accessories 14830 Drive, 239-579-1470 SHOPPING Place More plaza, shop, eriwinkle reputedly certainly elegant. seven-acre parcel land, upholds sanctuary ethos lavish native-plant Places gardens tranquility perambulator. fountains grace virtual waterfall, streaming tiered rock formation. Hidden slyly vegetation dolphin topiary sculptured seahorse--but visible observant. citrus trees--a grapefruit kumquat--bear ripe picking. Gardenia plants hang centers walkways. Innumerable varieties punctuate landscape, anchoring giant, old-growth ficus trees. Shoppers stroll lushly lined pathways, indie boutiques alfresco. Benches dot playground, slide swings climbing things, shady parents temporary relaxation. newspaper central kiosk, butterfly garden. Twenty-six retailers merchandise center. clever shopper unusual, tropical-themed, mens womens accessories, costume gifts art, childrens clothing toys, beachwear items. Original Chicos ladies boutique, 1983. trademark brilliantly colored styles easy-care fabrics exclusive, coordinating jewelry. clothes style. storied Peach Republic, dates beginnings. founding stores, continuous operation 1970s. Similar sells boutique truest sense. hand-picked gathered designers clothing, Pursuit, Fresh Produce, Butterfly Daisy Glass Lane. items yourself loved ones, Classical Collections, Naples Soap Company Style. Have appetite seat, award-winning Blue Giraffe Restaurant. distinctive entres epicurean pleasure. Enjoy Polynesian pineapple salad Grouper entre, saffron rice veggies. Open week, PERIWINKLE PLACE lunch best. Ready rest Head wellness tissue oil massage, manicures pedicures. flair. possibilities foods, chimes, Florida- island-themed prints hangings, decorations garden, birdfeeders planters, luxuriant soaps fragrances, now-famous Perfume. til drop, knowing stress free--and guarantee. delight. 37 Fashions Coastal Laid-back, yet refined, Pursuit laidback, refined pulledtogether, restaurant. sland 1980s retailer Valentino decided pursue life, brand born. stocked flair appeal. laid-back, pulled-together, performance shirts pants Southern Tide Johnnie-O Breton stripes Saint-James. Look dresses Sailor-Sailor slim-fitting Jag Jeans. Relaxed fashionable Tommy Bahama featured. Most Vineyard Vines sportswear collection, known pink whale logo. Pursuits colors, weather. UPF50 island-inspired patterns striped T-shirts collared choices. Easy dresses, sleeveless full-sleeve fill racks, leather sandals intriguing designs Jack Roger seller. Men classic polos, button-down gingham, shirts. shorts swim trunks weight climate. fact, ball canvas shoes Tom, 239-472-4600, 38 TOMMY BAHAMA 39 Congress Jewelers exquisite creation SYNA piece becoming fading memory. wealth pieces diamonds gems international designers. Browse display you--or someone. YVEL Designers Dharmesh Namrata Kothari collaborate simple, timeless, boring. Drawing cultural influences, spiritual beliefs travel assembled Syna earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings unexpected gemstones embellished diamonds, brand. Rare organic pearls centerpieces Yvel designs. pearl selected emeralds, sapphires gemstones, 18-karat white, yellow rose satin-finished gold. Sahara Collection rings, bracelets earrings textured gold diamonds. meant treasured generations. DE HAGO De Hago Color. palette rubies, emeralds combined mounted platinum. Bands series diamond pieces. excellent craftsmanship meticulously microscope tools. ASHI Diamonds girls friend. Ashi, definitely Lovebright affordable Stones Collection, exquisitely crafted matching bracelets. Ashis newest single emerald-cut dazzles eye. CONGRESS JEWELERS ROBERTO COIN whimsical fashion, Italian Roberto Coin blends tradition modernity bracelet, necklace, ring pendant. Clean lines define pieces, attention strategic placement ruby piece, Visit 41 Ultimate Gift irresistible souvenirs Suncatchers Dream henever urge back. desire souvenir remind Dream, treasure emporium, gift whimsical, artistic kind. Choose dcor ceramic spinners, vases, ornaments hanging lamps. locally states. steel drum artwork smiling sun. Star lanterns, paper fold flat transport, cord kit patio. And, suncatchers. starbursts dragonflies glass attach windows sliding doors. Dream. 630 Road, 239-472-7860, Daniel Moore Thompson, former Pier Imports whose opening quirkiness surprises corner. 42 SUNCATCHERS DREAM Pint-Size brimming toys hoppings adults. Kids outfits swimwear, must-have toy resist. teens plazas. shirt, sweatshirt, cap towel racks OUTFITTERS LOGO SHOP. noodles inflatables, neighboring SHACK. want, games, books SHIPS STORE. last SCOOPS SLICES, stuffed animals complements candy ice cream offerings. outside Square, shoppers LIFE H2O OUTFITTERS. carry fry swimsuits, breathable sandals. thoroughfare Way LITTLE PEACH, upscale Republic. brightly sizes 14. onesies newborn swimwear racks. sundresses perky prints. flip-flops feet. Tahitian Gardens SAILORS TOY SHOPPE buy. array Teddy bears, puzzles, arts crafts kits, hit kids. seashell combing SHE SELLS SHELLS eclectic inventory Handmade shell shapes offerings, supplies 239-472-1746 239-472-8706 PEACH Inside Republic 239-472-8444 1989 239-312-8144 1157 239-472-6991 43 Groceries Online Stock away click obody wants waste precious standing supermarket outdoors sunshine. online delivered Stocking kitchen, eating entertaining effortless. firms basket. complete, delivery stock arrival. hands-off stress-free Save trouble let care grocery elves 2477 239-472-1516 1451 Middle 239-395-6016 BAILEYS STORE, average groceries, Baileys drink, hardware, stuff. convenience purchases 250 otherwise, charge. groceries. page, Ordering bar, list. produce, homemade bakery Mermaid Cake, Dietz Watson deli cheeses--regular gluten-free. freshly meals fried chicken roasted chickens ingredients cook meal. Choosing Vacation Starter Package, essentials, go. Dairy frozen beer shopping-list form customers use, debuting updated item themselves. delivery, Calli Johnson, owneroperator. process ordering order, grocery-staff con- PROVISION COMPANY Preordering wine, liquor, click, Using website, meal beverages comfort cottage, villa home--and doorstep. pre-arrival groceries arrive menu, Dining, Provision allows Ben Jerrys cream. Order fruits vegetables, meats, baked goods Boars cheeses deli. assortment spirits, Titos Vodka Bacardi Jose Cuervo Tequila. Wines champagnes beers list, Located street entrance, delivers easier yet, charge room. 239-472-7555 STORE doesnt services, downtown. 11500 239-427-2374 44 45 Gateway wonders world ituated launching seas authorized anyone ride above secluded shores leisure bay. unique, operate ease bay, Jimi Batchelor speed determine route memories, added. happy--to smiles faces. Adventures, public, one-stop toward encounters water-world staffers safe, carefree. adventure, contact 239-472-2938, BOAT RENTALS Available rent vessels, pontoons speedy, center-console Hurricane Fun-Deck Sun-Deck ultimate cruising enjoyment. Be captain sightsee, swim, show coolest visit--and avoid. riding parasailing WaveRunner. Seating accommodates people. standard Guard equipment, safety Bimini T-tops, chests, charts, PFDs VHF radios. minimum age requirements apply. tales piracy past centuries, recount sounds restored houses, recall calamitous hurricanes decades. WAVERUNNER CART BICYCLE WaveRunners seeker countless excitement. lot territory period navigate, face-to-face life--dolphins, osprey, few. relaxed exploration haunts hidden beauties, grab bike relaxing, kids, locals. STAND-UP PADDLEBOARD PARASAILING canoers kayakers, standup SUP lift, technology--the Eclipse. StairMaster, pedals steering column navigation maximum minimal effort. An workout, Eclipse communion Drift solitude calmer bayou alike intense workout. WAVERUNNER, KAYAK TOURS transport choice, hopping. Paddleboard kayak tours stiller bayou. Key, hour minutes. superb, guides experts serenity skies Red Fish Pass. parasail crew. wading transfers boats, step onto secure dock Chutes aloft natures wonders--dolphins, turtles, pelicans. Supervised staff, safe fun--no required. restrictions Dry departures landings guaranteed, sunscreen towel. 47 lovers atch horizon witness manatee breach surface next kayak. embed lifetime. via kayak, pontoon boat. paddle nation, declared Canoe Kayak Magazine. honored organization permitted stewards earth, explained Wendy Schnapp, owner. concession Refuge. Bays knowledgeable helps refuge informative offer. flourishes seagrasses essential habitat crustaceans, impact tarnish relies paddle, kayaking, canoeing recently fishing. Kayakers Commo- dore Creek, winding forest. Paddleboarders obtain community Tours vast refuges efforts. case peaceful enticing tram Nature Sealife Evening Aquarium Tank presentation hands-on Breakfast risers pastry lovers. Pontoon angling calm Tram waters, grass flats marshes alligators own, bicycles. closest down Dont nature-themed T-shirts, housewares, books, much, Whatever floats bestow resonate come. 239-472-8900 TARPON BAY EXPLORERS Bay. Well rookery manatees. tours. tank exploration. Hands-on whelks, tulips, conchs, crabs, Exploration Paddle forest Rookery ENTHUSIASTIC theJOIN amazingA animals. welcome. Spectacular paddles. NATURE LOVERS KayakCanoe SANIBELS WILDLIFE SANCTUARY Board EcotourLesson Fishing catching snook, trout, Refuge Jewel Rentals - Explore Top10 nation Boats sightseeing. Handicapped KayaksCanoes NEW Bicycles intersections cross. Bait Center bait, tackle, licenses rental. Stand Up Paddleboards 900 Rd., 239.472.8900 TarponBay_GEN_SCBR_2019.indd 1319 1008 TOM SHARBAUGH Bicycle-Friendly levels, Path skaters skateboarders, moms strollers, leashes wheelchair, required yield users. train de France. busy winter season, paths, roads, congested. Visitors uncommon cluster blocking lunch. Cyclists avoid mishaps. Nevertheless, riders patient courteous others resource recreational cycling narrow shoulder safely cautiously pedal. However, ends bridge connects Beyond rules, ride. traffic lights, does officers duty, road traffic, directions. users marked crosswalks possible crossing roads. crosses driveways streets cars enter exit. carefully watch traffic. grows fast obscure visibility maneuvering curve Always oncoming Remember, subtropics, midday hot. lots hydrated. smart tackle longer handle, young children. faster pace provide, mind legal governed laws motorized vehicles. president Bicycle Bicyclists plazas, pathways. beckon. asphalt magnet wheels air, cooped car stuck exhilarating surroundings. meets Saturday area. clubs video, Cycling organization, city received Gold designation League American December 2018. Adult however, Segway Billys Baileys, both. history, culture pedaling enjoyable safe. facility, encountering pedestrians, in-line Splash Try Village... invites SEE IT ONCE WAS. tribute delight alike. glimpse 1880s 1940s. Settled farmers agricultural production, reflected museum historical buildings. buildings structures long-time pioneer Post Office, AL USE RI Schoolhouse, Store, Miss Charlottas Tea Room, Morning Glories Packing House replica, Shore Haven Caretakers Cottage, Bailey Model truck. BE n recent sports. extreme junkies. relatively do, health benefits gained remarkable. solo IS VIL LAGE Si c .o l mu se um soothing helping unwind. 950 Dunlop paddling, Hours May July Tuesday worries shore. glide mid-October April achieve sensation floating, Closed Holidays Admission admitted rhythm stroke melt Email anxiety. Focusing positive effect mental health, attitude. disconnect OUTDOOR FUN Paddleboarding work, media everyday 112817 SanibelHistoricalMuseumVillage_JF18.indd up-close distractions. perspective GET FIT improves balance. Though full-body quiet closer low-impact exercise. motorAlmost muscle used ized dependpaddleboarding. arms, shoulders, ing conditions. propel STRESS RELIEF sa i rg 610 leg muscles stabilize gravity. core, abdominal constantly maintain eco selfguided 239-472-2938. EMILIE ALFINO Invitation Past yesteryear magine plowing mules. prairie see--no bushes, scrub. dirt imagine swarms mosquitoes thick window morning. seems removed present. Today tourists snowbirds sunshine, comfort. wouldnt came before. farming was, tomatoes. southern fertile soil allowed ship high-quality tomatoes north, prized high-class establishments Waldorf York City. hurricane railroads arrival killed Slowly, tourist seashells, relative isolation. Growth continued slowly, Hugo Lindgren 1963, resulting boom rightfully frightened residents. rallied succeeded bid code ability destiny. Alfino Village. Clockwise Period furniture houses Burnap Cottage Sunday 1900s aerial 953 HISTORICAL MUSEUM 1984 Ruth Rutland single-room museum. joined 1927, Office 1926, Schoolhouse White Children 1896. Added 1898, 1924, exact date unknown. 2012, 1926 Sears Catalog Kit Home. House, representing sat wharf there. buttons audio interest. Docent-led given twice 1030 130 p.m., closed holidays. Than Adventure combines hey reason. high-speed boat--the island--adds adrenaline rush Big powerful, supercatamaran appearance cigarette-style plies rough bumpy hull delivering smooth 55-foot powered twin 440 horsepower engines circumnavigate barrier narrated sights, Lighthouse, frolicking waterfowl. departs east pricing reservations 239-472-2328 THRILLER CUISINE GINA BIRCH institution islands--an stellar hospitality, flavorful Serving cuisine, rum deal carries mixing high-end sipping. distiller Wicked Dolphin. tasting flight expertly cocktails. crime-fighting novelist Randy Wayne White. fictional Ford ex-government biologist travels solving mysteries although globetrotter, stories 20-plus novels Owners Harrity Marinello hungry 2003. Within hours collective spirits gave birth structure intersection Way. restaurant, upgrades magnificent. us, signifies occupies third approximately 300 diners. Opening doors 2013, numerous seating indoor separate, night section bands celebrations. Mojitos Cuisine rums Grille. 55 delicious tried-and-true favorites, Shrimp. in-house sauces scratch. Dine raw oysters, flatbreads, spices. portions town. Fans writer country, memorabilia, unscheduled appearances book signings. long-running of. combination successful, starts Harrity. agrees, staff. Hospitality pillars. Grille, Planation Monday-Sunday, a.m.-close varies 239-312-4275, Birch personality lover contributes MUST-HAVES drinks stage bar. Havana Punch order. Ron Corina Light Rum, Mount Gay Black Barrel juices grenadine. shaken, poured rocks glass, garnished orange slice cherry. Shrimp awardwinning dish Fords. savory sauce butter, garlic, juice, Indonesian sambal kick. flavors sweet boiled tossed sauce. piping bread dipping too behind. 56 CHRIS KOVAZ EPICURIOUS RESTAURANTS p. 58 Il Cielo Cow Mad Hatter Matzaluna Grill Thistle Lodge Timbers Market Traders T2 64 Crows Nest Green Flash Harbourside Keylime Bistro Latte Da Coffee Ice Cream Duck RC Otters Slices Seafood Wine Foodies Rejoice BBreakfast, LLunch, DDinner, SBSunday Brunch, BWBeer Wine, CCocktails, EEntertainment, BFBanquet Facilities, RReservations Accepted Headquarters.This hardware covered. seafood, deli, stocks gluten-free 239-395-6016, Novel Cuisine. Local folk Ford, seller GreenFlash_Horz.indd 112618 1135 sandwiches, entrees. skip mojito. 2500 239-472-8311, L, D, C, BF. scotches, cognacs ports. Scott McDonald piano 1244 239-472-5555, SB, BW, E, Not Member Problem twist. lump-crab Eastern, Western Burger, crisp empanadas pulled seared cowboy steak. 239-472-3355, BF, COW Bovine Bounty. massive omelets pasta, joint, despite cow references. dinners unless omelets. Check cocktails drinks, Mango Sangria. 2163 239-472-0606, B, C. IL CIELO Creative sophistication evident tasteful decor Cielo-tini, gin curacao appetizers PEI mussels, calamari charcuterie. Entrees osso buco, Dungeness crab ravioli jumbo lump topping Wrap after-dinner LIGHTHOUSE CAF Worlds Breakfast. Residents decades, why. Frittata shrimp, scallops crabmeat, sauted broccoli 59 mushrooms topped artichoke creamy Alfredo Coconut-Crusted Salmon Plum Drizzle. pictures lighthouse walls. Call-ahead 362 239-472-0303, BW. MAD HATTER Wonderland divine, unforgettable. Inspired evolve Chefs Kurt Michelle Jarvis well-deserved beach. million-dollar unbeatable sunsets table. 6467 239-472-0033, D. MATZALUNA Well-Smoked Italian. Five Cheese Gorgonzola, ricotta, spinach hearts wood-fired pizzas. pastas, chicken, veal 1200 239-472-1998, GRILL typical pub fare--juicy burgers, baskets spicy Buffalo wings--and bartenders often-sought-but-never-found vibe, popularity 703 239-472-4453, RESTAURANT Culinary Luminary. bagel burritos French 60 61 caramelized bananas mango syrup. lunch, salad, burger panini. 239-579-0195. THISTLE LODGE Victorian Rendezvous. cuisine oven-roasted coquelet herb-crusted lamb rack blackened yellowtail adds trappings, glorious Casa Ybel 2255 239-472-9200, TIMBERS FISH MARKET Do Yourself. Favorites calamari, platters crabcakes lump. market. 239-395-2722, TRADERS Experience. emporium Thursday evenings. gumbo, pan-seared macadamia-encrusted grouper. 1551 239-472-7242, Favorite. Traders, dishes, trendy addition coastal-inspired classics. mixology Elderflower Bloom, rotating 62 63 draft selection, envy add lively Floridian seating, between. 2340 239-558-8919, CANTINA Nacho Madres Mexican. inside, serape piatas, terra-cotta-tiled floors adobe-style walls subtly suggest gone border. 14970 239-4720248, CROWS NEST Great Food, Fun Get filled appetizers, wings alwayspopular spinach-and-artichoke dip, entrees Chicken Saltimbocca, sage leaves, lemon prosciutto-wrapped linguine. excitement, Crab Races hopping 15951 239-472-5161, Story Continues. Building success, chain Whites tasty Docs Bread dry-rubbed ribeye GREEN FLASH Treasure. delightfully diverse Paris specialty, Worcestershire, finished buttery herb topping. Or Venetian Platter, salmon, swordfish, tiger prawn polenta. Savory pork landlubbers, dessert positively decadent. 15183 239-472-3337, Go. store, 239-472-2374. KEYLIME BISTRO Changes Fooditude. picket fence cheery canopies Jimmy Buffett beat. walnut-crusted sausage peppers, escargots cheese tomato. 11509 239-395-4000, View, Eat, Relax. laid-back captures picture-perfect vacation. serene ambiance fishingvillage inspired. chef insists using sourced possible, 3357, 66 LATTE COFFEE ICE CREAM SHOP Upon Time. coffees, extra-strong Eye Coffee, cappuccinos lattes, tooth scoops Queenies cream, milkshakes sundaes. 11508 239-472-0234, 67 MUCKY DUCK Quack Up. pint brewed pond. English grub. patio gazing. 11546 239-472-3434, meatloaf satisfy cravings. Diners dinner. 11506 239-395-1142, E. SLICES True. pizza combinations candies presented overwhelmingly colorful display--well reach. Does Slices, 1950s 3399, OLD HOUSE FloridaNew American. Chef Nelsons changing bounty fish. sushi adventurous varietymore allof rolls, sashimi, rolls sakes. complement presentations, breath 239-472-5161 4, SUNSHINE SEAFOOD WINE Bistro. charming, caf touch. wood-grilled perhaps pecan-crusted goat salad. 14900 239-472-6200, Feel Good. umbrella. specialties, 3559, L. OTTERS Otterly multitude daunting. Steamed clams, baskets, quesadillas 68 date. readers ahead andor establishments. 69 EVENTS Days Turtle Sun LIONS ARTS CRAFTS FAIR March attracts Community crafters work. TURTLE counting nest management October--often Volunteers needed. Foundations SAM NIGHT June Miracle baseball Hammond Stadium CenturyLink Complex. Heres enjoy. ARTFEST FORT MYERS February festival River District. SANIBEL-CAPTIVA ANNUAL Presidents weekend February. House. SanCap Rotary amateur shellcrafters collectors scientific divisions. event, 1930s, exhibits, demo tents sale. SHOW FESTIVAL INDEPENDENCE parades, patriotic shows rides. front-row fireworks. mile-long parade, followed treasure-hunt rally Market. Rally detailsparticipation MUSIC classical HOPPER SONGWRITER FEST September performances--piano, string quartet, opera others. Congregational Church. performers songs stars country Performances Calusa Blueway Independence GREAT CALUSA BLUEWAY, paddling trail sequence bays, rivers, backwaters shorelines year-round. Dolphins, spotted 190-mile trail, tunnels mossy oaks flowering plants. BAILEYFEST October DING DARLING DAYS weeklong Expect activities, nature-related crafts, tours, puppet show, biking enthusiasts. 22ND HOBIE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, draws competition. LUMINARY holiday entertainment, Santa. consecutive HOLIDAY festivities tree lightings parades Mullet Jensens caroling Chapel fireworks websites Show Festival 71 Reasons Named Families Parents magazine, earning becomes heck pint-size tide. Older mom Slides hours. pass, harbormaster. CAMP SKULLYWAGS 3-11. pirate-inspired name, inquisitive swashbuckling. under-sea explorations, mad science experiments, whacky Full- half-day offered. SCOUT ABOUT Points Discovery ScoutAbout map discovery wristband once collected 15, Wall Skullys Family Center. post Instagram SouthSeas. FAMILY WALKS Embark ecosystems habitats educators. Depending Bird Walk encounter, avian behaviors. biology. move empty handed. POOLS SLIDES Spend poolside. dry--or bored. leaving lounger. 73 PLACES INTEREST WORSHIP Useful Information ATTRACTIONS BAILEY-MATTHEWS NATIONAL 3075 239-395-2233 shelling. displays geographical, historical, perspectives. HERB STRAUSS THEATER 2200 239-472-6862 160-seat Herb Strauss Theater theater Broadway-caliber atmosphere. HOUSES ANNUNCIATION GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH 8210 Cypress Lake 239-481-2099 BAT YAM TEMPLE 2050 CHAPEL 11580 Chapin 239-472-1646 FIRST CHRIST, SCIENTIST 2950 239-472-8684 REDEEMER 8400 COMMUNITY 1740 239-472-2684 CONGREGATIONAL UNITED CHRIST 239-472-0497 SAINT ISABEL CATHOLIC 3559 239-472-2763 MICHAEL ALL ANGELS EPISCOPAL 2304 239-472-2173 REFUGE BAILEY TRACT 239-472-1100 fws.govdingdarling network trails freshwater wetlands River. sunrise daily. BARRIER well-known birdlife. March, tide feeding exposed mud flats. trails, education year. 239-395-0900 music, dance, visual arts, lectures, film, workshops, everyone. MEMORIAL LIBRARY 11560 239-533-4890 leegov.comlibrary aboutbranchescv library system, Internet resources emphasize sources. 239-472-4648 Dedicated 19th 20th antique truck, schoolhouse, Roebuck catalog CAYO COSTA STATE PARK 941-964-0375 floridastateparks.orgcayocosta park overnight tent sites cabins sleep Directions Turn eastern Built 1884 height 102 feet, landmark opensteel cannot entered. listed Register Historic Places. Today, beams electric promises sea. PUBLIC Originally 1901, schoolhouse church Sundays. Christian ministry April. 770 239-472-2483 movies, magazines computer lab, inviting customer-focused help. Everyone LODGING participant Lodging Program , 2004 Department Environmental Protection DEP intent recognizing conscientious facilities state. Through rapidly program, encourages conserve resources. covers all-inclusive environmental initiatives specific protecting preserving environment. participation efforts OFF WHEN NOT RAISE THERMOSTAT YOU LEAVE ROOM PARTICIPATE TOWEL-AND-LINEN REUSE PROGRAM LET KNOW IF OBSERVE DRIPS OR LEAKS REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE HELP MAINTAIN SMOKE-FREE ENVIRONMENT HOW ARE WE DOING SHARE IDEAS GREENING STAY Dear Guests, WHAT invite commit planet feedback suggestions, electronic survey checkout. recycle aluminum, plastic, newspaper, cardboard books. toner cartridges, batteries, fluorescent compact bulbs. percent post-consumer content copy paper. toilet chlorine-free fiber. recycled, chlorine-free. low-flow shower heads, faucets toilets. carpool. sides printer paper, notepads. 75 plantings. utilize cleaning chemicals. boardwalk plastic. linen-change towel-reuse program. energy-efficient outdoors. CAN Use recycling containers bathroom vanity. Please plastic metal cans housekeeper remove Additional floor recyclable items, newspapers trash. conditioner, closed. unit, adjust thermostat higher temperature. lights unit. pleasant visit. Thank ENVIRONMENTAL WATER PRECAUTIONS JELLYFISH jellyfish harm untouched. Stings animal welts, rash itching. Seek medical symptoms persist. reduce pain, pour vinegar affected soak shut prevent entering space. no-see-ums mosquito bites. pharmacist product recommendations itching persists. Easily recognizable, arching spikes oats stiff stems. Motorized vehicles, prohibited dunes must hand. fires Jet Skis Coexisting ALLIGATORS feed alligators. against law. LOGGERHEAD TURTLES STINGRAYS stingray observed summer months, cownose rays migrate coast Rays creatures, usually painful sting, shuffle. shallows, shuffle vibrations barbed, immerse seek soon RED DRIFT ALGAE red drift algae blooms normal occurrence ecosystem, timing predicted. produces mild odor exacerbate respiratory conditions allergies bronchitis, dangerous humans. Decaying nutrients species, instead removing confused two. LIVE LAW PROHIBITS TAKING SHELLS. PLEASE CONSERVE PRECIOUS RESOURCE. INCLUDES URCHINS, SAND DOLLARS STARS. Violators subject 500 jail offense. RECYCLING following newspapers, office boxes. read Sheet in-room container. Oct. Lights Turtles. Why confuse nesting females disorient hatchlings. curtains blinds night. facing turned dusk. clear castles holes. tracks notify report scientists loggerheads, leatherbacks, green vulnerable threatened Endangered Species Act. assistance keeping appreciated. SUN MAINTENANCE PESKY CREATURES NO-SEE-UMS MOSQUITOES aggravating winged pests active sunrise. defense insect cool, loose-fitting clothing. Insect repellants contain DEET effective, cause irritation. No-see-ums screens, 76 designated Specifically, ordinance prevents raking debris seaweed, grasses, dead shellfish, etc. deposits tides remain enabling creatures source. protected, oats. tall, perennial strong, extensive, underground root erosion. federally law sunburn harmful effects UV rays, covering whenever wide-brimmed hats sunglasses. least SPF limit exposure direct sunlight dehydration. CHAIRS UMBRELLAS chairs first-come, first-served basis. unable them. Chairs unattended reassigned advised reasons prevailing greater hour, issued removed. Treasures famous shallow-water found. WHY plateau extends acts shelf gather. Winds, storms deliver lower better. moons mean lowest, moon charts storm, nastier windier TIMING tide, Junonia Fig Conch Lace Murex shell, measures inches. photo. WHERE LOOK high-tide broken rolling surf. Shells slowly muddy ocean. tidal wet, crouch hands prohibits collecting alive, Never shell. Banded Tulip Aka attached roots eats oysters. Measuring inches long, dark encircling delicate measuring inches, intact. Spiny souvenir, brown, spines pairs joined. THEINNSOFSANIBEL.COM7777 77 NATURAL WONDERS spy Bottlenose Osprey Awesome Otter RIVER OTTER river otter semi- aquatic mammal legs webbed tail one-third length body. features, swimmer thrives wetland habitats, estuaries. prey crayfish, snakes, Size Weight pounds January artificial platforms, telephone poles radio towers. 3.5 Wingspan 5.6 BALD EAGLE bald eagle ROSEATE SPOONBILL spoonbill flamboyant remarkable body, tail, scarlet shoulders featherless, greenish head. spoon-shaped bill sweeps forth invertebrates. 3.3 YELLOW-CROWNED HERON OSPREY hawk raptor entirely Ospreys Roseate Spoonbill AMERICAN FLAMINGO flamingo occurs vagrant Bahamas, Indies Cuba. extremely legs. tricolored orange-pink black. yellow-crowned heron feeds night, crabs crayfish. Groundnesting shorebirds benefited herons ghost predator shorebird nestlings. 1.5 Bald Eagle 78 WILLIAM COX BOTTLENOSE DOLPHIN mph, generally mph. surfaces jump normally diver, 850 6.5 450 majestic waterdependent nests water--usually pine tree--from May. eagles July. 9.5 Heron Magnificent Frigatebird Ibis WHITE IBIS ibis wetlands, fields lawns. invertebrates inland nestlings tolerate intake salt. REDDISH EGRET reddish morph. morph common. bird, flies stabbing pound birds. forages wetlands. searching stand motionless outstretched attempt attract creates--a technique canopy feeding. ounces SNOWY snowy size, perches branches, logs stumps drops feathers stabs dagger-like beak. EASTERN SCREECH OWL smallest owl. owl illustrates morphs, gray preys mammals, insects. rests hunts dusk dawn. 8.5 MAGNIFICENT FRIGATEBIRD magnificent frigatebird flying summer. steals seabirds plucks crustaceans surface. Occasionally 90 TRICOLORED Tricolored Snowy Egret Screech Owl 79 Wulfe rt Mound Trail Tr w ds Dr 94 91 92 83 Observation Tower 11. Bailey-Matthews 12. Barrier Group Arts 13. C.R.O.W. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Public Library 21. 22. 23. 24. Harbour 25. 26. 27. Sanctuary 28. Whitneys Tackle 29. YOLO Watersports 97 82 954 RESORTS HOTELS 1. Gate 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Chamber Commerce 8. Lagoon II Palm 81 96 ll 84 85 95 st Wo r ne bservation Rd ge Rid lll HEALTH 91. 92. Boutique 93. Pharmacy 94. San Cap Medical 95. Medical, Inc 96. 97. RENTAL StokesLamar A. Edison Winter Estates 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. Cafe 52. 53. 54. 55. HouseCrows 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 71. Gallery 72. 73. BaileysThe 74. 75. tters 76. 77. Footloose 78. 79. 80. J.McLaughlin 81. 82. 83. Regatta 84. Sells 85. data as-is survey. publisher explicitly disclaims representations warranties accuracy maps data. navigational, tracking, purpose requiring exacting measurement distance direction. liable losses damages arise ENERATIONS VOL. NO. GEN_Vol8No1_2019_FrontCover.indd 12419

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