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Learn about the health risks of electronic cigarettes how to protect your kids. 22 PUTTING WITH POLLEN By understanding spring summer allergies affect childs health, you can help them better handle--or even avoid--the sneezing, coughing, stuffy nose watery eyes brought on by season. 28 GUIDANCE SUPPORT Medical professionals at Golisano Childrens Hospital use specially tailored therapies multisensory rooms young patients their families navigate complex challenges autism spectrum disorder. 2 3 DEPARTMENTS 10 15 46 4 HELLO 8 From Armando Llechu, Chief Administrative Officer WELLNESS HEALTH TALK INNOVATIONS 40 Staying Safe Vacation 41 Testing Tips 42 Social Media, Be Smart 44 Going Hungry, Not an Option Doc GETTING AROUND CLASSES 14 Choose Urology Tests Wisely Understanding Lazy Eye Naples Walk-In Services 48 Care Close Home SUNSHINE EXPLORERS 16 Adventures With Sunny Sparkle 50 Always Learning 52 Sign Up MINI CHEFS OUT ABOUT 54 School Out 18 Ketogenic Diet Program ACTIVE LIFESTYLE 32 Water Safety 34 Keep Moving 36 Hitting Right Notes 38 Dont Get Burned 60 A Ray Light 62 Fending Off Frustration INSPIRING 64 Juan Carlos Frenes-Lopez 5 Southwest Floridas Guide Keeping Children Healthy Happy PUBLICATION OF GOLISANO CHILDRENS HOSPITAL SOUTHWEST FLORIDA KidsFirstMagazine.org PUBLISHER Daniela J. Jaeger EDITOR Patricia Letakis CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason Jones PROOFREADER CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Klaudia Balogh Gina Birch Susan Holly Beth Luberecki Ann Marie OPhelan Matthew Solan PHOTOGRAPHERSARTISTS Nick Adams Dave Drotleff Myles Mellor ADVERTISING SALES Friedrich N. 239-472-0205, ext. 102 100 Michael Rawers ext.107 DIGITAL APP Philip Lippard, Sanibel Logic PUBLISHERS Times Islands RSW Living Gulf Main Bonita Estero Cape Coral FOR EMAIL INQUIRIES totimedia.comcontactus P.O. Box 1227, Island, FL 33957 T F 239-395-2125 FounderChairman President Guy Tober Vice PresidentC.O.O. Copyright TOTI Inc. All rights reserved. No part this publication may be reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors are not necessarily those 6 7 Lee Health Board Directors Stephen R. Brown, M.D., Chairman CEO, Larry Antonucci, M.D. Operating Officer, Scott Nygaard, Llechu Regional Emad Salman, VP Operations Nurse Executive, Ryckman, R.N. Development Coordinator, Alyssa Bostwick, R.N., C.P.N. Foundation Trustees Pason Gaddis, Chris Simoneau Senior Director Marketing, Tiffany Whitaker, A.P.R., C.P.R.C. Major Gift Melody Desilets 9981 S. HealthPark Drive Fort Myers, 33908 W elcome our third issue Kids First magazine, Hospitals dedicated well-being children Florida. Our passion charge extend well beyond walls hospital or outpatient physician practices into community. That ensure that Florida given opportunity live healthiest lives possible. We mission creating access world-class care welltrained physicians who work in community, providing educational avenues such as so parents caregivers equipped with latest most relevant information available. hospital, clinics would possible support grateful local partners, supporters all have believed us from inception 1994. Please accept thank you. 9 BY MATTHEW SOLAN kids active safe outdoors TIPS FROM THE DOC S pring when outside. Parents cant supervise running around, but there ways keep healthy during outdoor adventures. Here some tips Dr. Jorge Quinonez, pediatrician Family Centers Bicycle Riding should always wear helmet riding. Check it has CPSC Consumer Product Commission sticker. Make sure child rides properly sized bicycle. Have him her stand while straddling top bar both feet ground. There 1- 3-inch space between bar. bike checked out bicycle shop. They inspect brakes, chain tires, nuts bolts tightened fastened correctly. close-toed shoes, avoid sandals, flip-flops, shoes heels, riding barefoot. let headphones music block noise cars traffic. Encourage lanes whenever younger than age street stick sidewalks. Teach basic safety for example, ride right side same direction cars, hands handlebar, walk bikes across busy intersections. hand turning signals o Left turn arm straight up bent elbow extended Stopping down Swimming Boating Do allow swim adult supervision. Enroll kid swimming lessons. begin early year age. 13 U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket inside boat make fits snuggly. Babies boats until they weigh enough own flotation device. rely items like noodles water wings proper safety. Ensure carbon monoxide detector aboard boat, detect potential toxic fumes emanating engine. 11 Mosquito Bites Prevent mosquito breeding grounds removing standing buckets, pots kiddie pools around home. Try being outside dawn dusk hours, which mosquitoes peak feeding times. If time, dress light-colored clothing long sleeves. Dark bright attract mosquitoes. Also, closed-toe tuck pants socks. Use repellent. two main repellent products--DEET newer product called picaridin. approved ages months older. DEET products less 30 concentration. higher level does mean stronger only will last longer. Picaridin best sensitive skin. For babies months, netting exposure much Outside fans citronella candles natural other shun bitten, wash area soap water, cover calamine lotion over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream. You also apply cold compresses bite. see significant redness swelling after few days, seek medical attention indicate infection. M. executive vice-president chief officer SW FloridaFirst Choice Kidcare. Cuts Scrapes Wash before child. Preventing wound getting infected priority. Avoid blowing abrasion cause germs grow. Apply pressure sterile gauze clean cloth several minutes stop any bleeding. covered dirt grit, pair tweezers rubbing alcohol boiling pick debris. Hold gently under cool do scrub wound. bottled saline spray alcohol, iodine, Mercurochrome, hydrogen peroxide, similar agents. pain irritation antiseptic cream over adhesive bandage pad scab formed then leave open air. bandaged each day dry. 12 CHOOSE UROLOGY TESTS WISELY Guidelines whats needed I Abd-El-Rahman Abd-El-Barr, pediatric urologist, follows American Urologic Associations initiative treating patients. A.R. fellowship-trained board-eligible urologist. PHOTOS NICK ADAMS PHOTOGRAPHY t never easy watch undergo tests. But know certain whether these procedures necessary It often hard question doctors recommendation, urology program helps ease mind wallet concerned following strict guidelines minimize needless The programs approach tries routinely ordered, unneeded, tests treatments, says urologist This way, we anxiety over- burden out-of-pocket costs constant struggle managing multiple appointments. Specifically, Association. examples follow continuing offer top-notch care. performing routine ultrasound boys undescended testicles. Boys testes thorough exam rather ultrasound, Abd-El-Barr. using urinalysis screening tool no urinary symptoms. symptoms UTI fever, urine smell, bathroom, useful children. CT scan test suspected kidney stones. Instead, ultrasounds used, cost easier patient. need performed, low radiation dose protocol reduces effects, UNDERSTANDING LAZY EYE C Golisanos ophthalmology clinic detection eye problems hildren lazy look Charities Institute Hospital. eye, known amblyopia, one poor vision. causes common associated strabismus misalignment. imbalance weaker wander either inward outward. Other signs depth perception, squinting shutting head tilting. born develop 4. affects children, according National Institute. Without treatment, permanent vision loss affected eye. good news almost treatable caught early, Shauna Berry, ophthalmologist Golisano. various treatment options doctor recommend. option depends condition vision, Berry. goal optimize visual development improving alignment. Treatment include prescription glasses, patching surgery combination. strengthen connection brain, ophthalmologist, advises correction smart way long-term Sometimes straighten eyes. one-day procedure return school regular activities days rest. Common effects pain, double temporary. suspect get his checked, Early key achieving outcome. D.O., board-certified fellowship trained neuro-ophthalmology. Summer here looking forward fun vacations camp. Their filled lots exercise, eating, first. Sparkle, put sunscreen my back full coverage today. Sure. Ill just place middle back. Then youll something remember me end day. Or least wrinkly prune. want that. think learning favorite Now stay afloat long. 831 Were taking hike woods hope lions tigers bears. Florida, silly. Gators turtles snakes more it. exercise doesnt involve video games. Lets go throw ball around. OK, idea. thumbs great shape. Fun Search 17 words summertime. Beach Bluesky Buckets Float Holiday Icecream Oars Paddle Play Running Sand Sunscreen Surf Waves Wind Im excited field trip, Sunny. hardly sit still What camp chips, soda, candy ... left eat lunch stuff Fresh veggies, fruit, whole grain bread tastes good, makes feel oh-so-healthy. bus driver said must quietly seat she concentrate safely. KETOGENIC DIET PROGRAM benefits epilepsy lthough keto diet weight-loss trend, special helped decades. emphasizes high amounts fats, moderate intake protein, low, carbohydrates. body carbs energy, breaks stored fat produces chemicals ketone bodies released bloodstream. process, ketosis, begins week, diet. weight because forces burn fat. However, highly restricted diet, many people cannot manage carb ketosis. fats large portion overeat poor-quality processed foods, nutrient-rich fruits vegetables. experience temporary transition, nausea, fatigue sleep problems. While debated, shown helpful epilepsy. 729 Since 1920s, diets been effective remedy intractable seizures controlled standard treatment. Keto prescribed older anti-seizure drugs failed, earlier case syndromes. ketogenic used therapeutically frequency severity seizures, reduce dosage medications, Laura Hatfield, clinical nutrition manager More half reduction num- antiseizure medications. -- L aura ber become seizure-free, research Epilepsy Foundation. epilepsy, Hatfield. One theory ketones brain neurotransmitters seizure frequency. registered dietitian, determine exact calorie based activity level. calculated ratios, 41, 31, 21 11. proportion, four times protein carbohydrates combined. Yet, unclear ratios afford greater protection, Staple foods plenty meat, eggs, cheese, fish, nuts, butter, oils, seeds, fibrous range daily varies. typical amount 1,000 19 Kid-Friendly Pancakes simple three-ingredient recipe provides mini-pancakes silver dollar-sized ones. Top pancakes whipped butter. Syrup choices Walden Farms sugar-free pancake syrup drops DaVinci flavoring, mixed grams ratio 21, ratio. meal includes fat, proteinrich food, small fruit vegetable. instance, 7-year-old could heavy maybe sweetened erythritol, type sugar broccoli, 20 salmon, olive oil. immediate effect take usually improvement within first weeks although unique varying patterns, points out. managed close supervision evaluated every three six aware increases urination contain adequate vitamins minerals Proper fluid extra supplementation needed. Ingredients macadamia eggs oil almond, avocado, Finely chop blender. Mix egg together add chopped nuts. desired, vanilla extract dash cinnamon mixture. Spray nonstick skillet spray. Drop batter onto heated pan desired size circles. Flip spatula browned. LOW CARB NO PROBLEM Managing low-carb requirement tough. alternatives try. INSTEAD BREAD CHIPS HASH BROWNS MASHED POTATOES MILK NOODLES PASTA WHITE RICE USE Lettuce leaves sandwich wraps white buns Kale chips Cauliflower sauted onions Turnips cauliflower cooked blended butter Unsweetened coconut, flax, hemp cashew milk Cut cabbage thin strips, boil minutes, drain serve Spiraled raw zucchini spaghetti squash Cauliflower, shredded steamed, seasoned salt pepper M.H.S., R.D., C.S.P., L.D.N., specialist nutrition, How deal BETH LUBERECKI 23 f little ones sneezing lot lately, suffering allergy beautiful vegetation During spring, culprits pollen oak, pine, elm, bayberry birch trees. Grass typically major allergen months. When someone allergy, reacts things harmless people. triggers, might show upper lower respiratory along skin Your complain itchy nose, throat tear frequently, hear coughing. asthma flare-ups vary Avoidance triggers symptoms, Gaston Turnier, immunology Health. Limit morning windows closed shower coming indoors, remove residual hair. Cleaning replacing air filters allergens. comes medication, doctorrecommended second-generation antihistamine, intranasal steroid, antihistamine immunotherapy shots. Educating important. appropriate patients, diseases and, consequently, management, Turnier. able identify responsible specific directives them. discuss treatments engage patient decision making, compliance. plans specialties, infectious disease, hematology oncology Healths Asthma Management Program. food allergies, staff avoidance emergency plan precautions prevent reactions treat if occur. arent sure, Turnier assist diagnosis. After history, physical examination diagnostic testing answer questions hand. talk allergist regarding concern, suggest inhalants done blood or, accurately, confirm allergy. Charles pediatrician, immunologist 25 Electronic teenagers. Heres what teenagers, cool, hip trendy. To experts, life-threatening. use--known vaping--has drastically increased teens, 2019 Monitoring Future Survey Drug Abuse. In fact, rates doubled past years. According survey, 8th graders, 10th seniors vaping month. As popular, too concerns including transitioning smoking. essential teens understand harmful steps quit giving temptation curiosity, Oscar A. Alea, pulmonologist Different Names battery-powered devices heat liquid vapor inhaled. 26 nicotine addictive drug tobacco, flavoring chemicals. substances added too, marijuana hash fact noted sharp rise 12th graders year. break smoking habit, patches gum. e-cigarettes FDA quit-smoking aid, limited evidence actually smokers quit. E-cigarettes come different shapes sizes. Some cigarettes, cigars pipes, others resemble USB flash drives pens. names. E-cigs vapes common, names e-hookahs, mods, vape pens, tank systems delivery systems, ENDS. Effects decade, limited. Still, exists shows clear link risk Nicotine strongly addictive. heroin cocaine, Alea. And concentration cigarettes. First, vaping, coughing related cold, bloodshot eyes, thirst, nosebleeds shortness breath. ways, Because increase voltage device, inhale cigarette, Long-term raise cancers, lung, pancreatic breast, heart disease. coping mechanism mask physiological problems, depression anxiety, Teen e-cigarette users likely smokers, too. About compared nonusers, Inhaling inflammation scarring lungs lead breathing Lungs developing he says. 2019, were approximately 2,400 cases hospitalization lung illness deaths, Disease Control Prevention. particular, popcorn nickname bronchiolitis obliterans, disease damage smallest airways persistent Rules Attraction Why attracted reason. attractions modern technology explains vapings rebellious appeal. discreetly since dont smell smoke afterward, away it, battle teenage peer wanting fit in. Teens heavily targeted advertising. seven exposed ads. Among students, 53 retail advertisements, 35.8 internet ads, TV movie print --Dr. Perhaps problem lack knowledge products. real safe, found ingredients. Abuse 66 say 13.2 nicotine, 5.8 marijuana, 13.7 know. Lack federal oversight issue. Manufacturers sell older, now, Food Administration regulate e-cigarettes, means companies list ingredients warnings labels. recently won appeals court against manufacturers agency traditional tobacco contested, soon require Provide Submit regulatory review Include packages advertisements Refrain advertising light mild explicit consent free samples Parental Guidance Until regulation becomes reality, its educate Changes mood common. speak vaping. Ask teen theyve heard know, open-ended encourage ask direct conversation. wont attacked, feedback nonjudgmental way. emotional mental issues, explore care, Finally, share dangers consequences Show support, Ultimately, choice use, guidance available, situation arises. F.A.A.P., F.C.C.P., F.A.S.M., CEO Specialist Pediatric Pulmonology Sleep Medicine. 27 Multisensory designed calm ASD nervous visit. Helping disorder diagnosis family referred DaGraca. navigators Collier County. appointment, DaGraca completes checklist Each opens door additional communication, resources provided, autism-related services offered Angelfish adaptive Life Babcock Ranch. Many prefer near, extremely important, provide timeline expect years on. She directs Autism Speaks Day Kit, guide diagnosis, Partners Parenting workshops needs. Those focus communication strategies, setting routines importantly, family, alienated, Kim Biolchini, practice director neurologydevelopmental behavioral 29 hen diagnosed ASD, overwhelming parents. new therapies, theres Thats where Jillian enter picture. navigator affiliated sense everything thats happening. unfamiliar disorder, developmental impacts socialization behavior difficulty social interactions, repetitive behaviors. word widely person person. was child, emotions, play, Having to, journey comfort. Once neurology department Physician Group. bad thing, support. Families frustrated, scared nervous. help. passionate Tailored Therapies physical, occupational andor speech therapy, figure options. Getting connected recommended crucial, Research supports intervention, individuals decrease interventions place. works through rehabilitation centers located throughout area. Physicians refer occupational, audiology therapy services, analysis Diagnostic Observation Schedule ADOS assessment purposes. next Lisa Edwards, Center Rehabilitation Center. developing, theyre impacting styles strengths very on, opportunities success grows develops greater. Every unique, tailor meet needs family. individual particular cookie-cutter, Karen Collins, identification, learn accommodate sensory, motor successful. rehab unit advocate system transfer accommodations strategies integrate better, Caroline Bevington, Myers. empower team leader, Taking important lighting, music, toys seating scary. find not, Finding combination positive impact well. Like parent, thriving, making gains, actively participating great. becoming familiar offered, today tap past. Options media groups landscape. journey, Collins newly Just kind yourself. Its time engaged. Room Adjust feature hospital. now stressed Behavior analyst Kurtis Shrewsberry uses play equipment interact ents instances agitation stress, nurses say, kiddo prepare differently vitals spot usual letting lap procedure. kinds adaptations mom dad calm. Developmental stressful situations feed off parents, Brown. fears prior door, already building blocks successful really psycho-social piece patient, extends Brown specialists continue lookout overwhelmed whatever constantly keeping diagnoses needs, Weve super awesome having families. Neurology, DevelopmentalBehavioral Medicine Biolchini Behavioral P.T., M.B.A., YMCA. OTL, Counties, Florida-licensed therapist. M.S., P.C.S., boardcertified Kristin C.C.L.S., received bachelors degree University Missouri certified Procedural Sedation Unit single same, reasons, hospitals sedation center. worked floors. minds fears. seen literally jaws dropped screaming, playing afraid, had cry taken donors funded entire administration supported concept. board wants population, Theyre met spectrum. addition utilize sensory rooms, phone call visit verbal nonverbal, are, reaction par- 31 drowning prevention parent lessons, competent swimmer, Kreuscher. alone. Supervision especially gatherings, accidents happen. Everyone assumes else watching is, watcher accepts responsibility supervising isnt drinking, conversing Think pool beach. Drownings happen home drown inch water. So alone bathtub, minute two. Prepare yourself bringing towel bathroom WATER SAFETY ere surrounded Whether backyard spend shores Mexico, Drowning leading injury-related death 4, third-leading general. completely preventable. Effective results taken, rules enforced, know-how handle emergencies. Sally Kreuscher, coordinator offers Whenever supervising. swimmer. doorbell rings tend another tub. Never away, minute. Build barriers. fences alarms, plus locks doors Inside house, bathrooms laundry toilet lids, closed. CPR. Knowing administer lifesaving technique big difference worst-case scenario. CPR done, chances survival, why everyone how. classes Go leehealth.orgclasses Women tab information. equipment. Guardapproved jackets boating device ocean swimming. Blow-up drowning, official devices. Sea Tow organizes loaner stations country borrow cost. location boatingsafety.com. scene. obvious youd expect. looks like, movies. silent quick. Kreuscher Coalition Coordinator 33 KLAUDIA BALOGH KEEP ON MOVING lifestyle improve childrens overall M ake movement routine. Being wellness mind. Yet growing number youths need--a minimum per vigorous activity. mark childhood, quality life. Jamie Kohl, athletic trainer Health, ways. adolescents build strong bones muscles, cardiovascular fitness, control weight, aid depression, reducing conditions diabetes, Unfortunately, however, sedentary habits, unhealthy dietary led nationwide obesity epidemic Prevention, five United States obese chance adults 70. Hence, starting implement fundamental. Additionally, Kohl switching strength training coordination balance, strength. Physically, variety injury, Varying challenge cognition student requiring skills concepts, burnout. try sports camps run step comfort zone, Kohl. communicate trying beneficial. diabetes. --Jamie temperatures UV rays. forefront ages, youngsters schoolers. Tad Cranfield, advises, hydrated, protection sun, heat-related of. He Athletic Training County implemented initiatives athletes illness. ice baths tubs available sidelines quickly overheated athletes. specialized Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature WBGT thermometers account temperature, humidity, wind speed, sun angle cloud cover. pave recommendations concerning duration, intensity M.S.P.T., licensed therapist Outpatient M.Ed., L.A.T., A.T.C., F.M.S.C., District 35 Tracey Failla, M.M., M.T.-B.C., PHOTO recovery. sometimes harnessing power ease. Music nonthreatening, adapted evidence-based profession, management At Golisano, Failla interns, State University, distraction relaxation techniques, explains. process hospitalization, writing songs here. Musical instruments recovering regain fine gross heal, recover skills. grieving members loss. end-of-life Failla. philanthropy suit patient-preferred enjoy them, motivating doing. Sessions oneon-one, occasionally group similarly aged drum circle musical treated benefit program. bedside participate sessions well, verbalize enjoying themselves. good. wonderful HITTING RIGHT NOTES guitar 37 DONT GET BURNED frequently sunburn cancer later life, instill habits Teaching themselves Aurora Badia, dermatologist Skin Centers. habit brushing teeth washing hands. sun-blocking Badias sunniest days. Look brands zinc oxide titanium dioxide. These absorbed body. FDAs GRASE criteria--Generally Recognized Effective. number. factor SPF higher. often. optimal results, generous portions Reapply toweling off. allows applied thoroughly sprays, Badia. mineral-based sunblock convenient noses, cheeks feet. places car, gym bag, backpack purse convenience spontaneous activities. Wear clothing. Invest ultraviolet UPF label garment radiation. number, protection. 50-plus conceals possible, garments dyes lose effectiveness time. Pick colors materials. wearing clothing, dark colors, absorb light, fabrics, cotton, rayon hemp. Vibrant polyester nylon fabrics diminishing rays, wet stretched excessive wear. Add hats sunglasses. wide-brim, tight-woven hat vulnerable areas protective measure hair-covered parts, Hats fully ears, neck due penetration ears. Sunglasses UVA UVB Badia suggests bit wrap-around sunglasses shatterproof lenses Cover clothes--not sunscreen. suggested FDA. lightweight hat. shaded reflective surfaces sand. checked. overlooked, element protecting annual check. Board-certified dermatologists specialty-trained abnormalities catch pre-cancerous lesions appear pimple dry skin, F.A.O.C.D., dermatologist, 39 s vacation fun, relaxing getaway. hurt sick trip. youre office, duty parent. On vacation, guards down, homes. elses hotel, measures vigilant. ensuring sleep, crib pack-and-play. Infants sleeping surface Co-sleeping endorsed, Alexander Ortega, except clause staying someplace beach, cautious supervision, barriers pool. takes split second losing happen, Ortega. possibility zero unattended. Medication fall wayside traveling. travel medications counter, harm traveling STAYING SAFE VACATION reach visiting grandparents homes, curious. car seats standards idea bring renting plane, package Clorox wipes saver. change plane recirculated, area, tray tables backs big-time reservoirs microbes pathogens. OCD ruining vacation. ongoing condition, copy medication list, contact receive facility paying precautions, unnecessary trips ER urgent vigilant, layers general pediatrics critical medicine fellow Academy Pediatrics. TESTING sexually transmitted infections ts infections. testing, risk. Sexually cured, Stephanie Stovall, excellent significantly spread another. Avoiding complications, lifelong infertility neurological counsels adolescent HIV STI disclosure, sexual privately doctors. fosters independence encourages choices, Stovall. encouraging oneon-one helpful. Stovall recommends test, consider test. trusted member, friend tested STI. help, primary community resource Planned Parenthood. Teenagers requesting evaluation STIs doctor, discussions results. comfortable discussing sex factors approaches subject inquisitive supportive attitude, instead attitude this, behaviors SOCIAL MEDIA, BE SMART K avoiding dealing cyberbullying ids incredibly world media, task handle. mentally, socially, emotionally physically prepared see, Kris Winchell, psychologist Figuring interacting Instagram Snapchat challenging enough. platforms victims cyberbullying--especially monitor happening moment. going noses Winchell. remind privilege--and want. Sit dialogue eventually starts afraid phones Most angry worry theyll loop weekend relieved respond there. Signs victim retreat activities, enjoy. An danger sign gets phone, cyberbullied classmate, involved, schools policies cyberbullying. Contact authorities threats made Winchell eating patterns seem anxious. forms take, notice adults, respect privacy extent, point causing Ph.D., diplomate status neuropsychology ABSNP 43 GINA BIRCH GOING HUNGRY, NOT AN OPTION SWFL organizations fed final bell break, cheers excitement, anticipating Walt Disney World places. others, fuels depend breakfast school. Two-thirds eligible reduced lunch, hungry statistics Harry Chapin Bank HCFB. school, meals. Richard LeBer, president HCFB says, jobs tourism, resorts restaurants seasonal. hours cut incomes reduced. Galloway, Community Cooperative, echoes Even living margin meals day, normally house. LeBer continues, fed. fed, lasting development. fill gap working whose federally locally agencies extensive outreach. Subnaik, gastroenterologist, sees diabetes liver nutrition. lowers performance growing, reverse Cooperatives soup kitchen downtown nutritious meal, empty-handed. give cook, Education component do, Galloway. Subnaik. spends finding affordably fuel minds. Making expensive, packaged worst Subnaik vegetables snack junk food. carve week difference. Pack ziplock bags almonds reduced-calorie cheese sticks snacks. Programs Help BreakSpot particularly resource. sets locations schools, churches, parks centers, depending availability population. near you, zip code page summerbreakspot.org. Although summer, donations drop. doubling efforts, give, stores inventory, farms producing much, cash king donation worth Approximately 96 monetary directly need. sites consult harrychapinfoodbank.org unitedwaylee.org. hundreds charities assistance food-insecure Anyone dial 211 Way. comprehensive connect dots closest Stressing education, emphasizes, grow nutritional dieticians focused education further doubt, effort. intertwined. web families, declines, suffers, everyone. run. C. gastroenterologist Hungry Donations fight hunger welcome. Visit websites distribution locations, volunteer contribution. Cooperative strives leader alleviating addressing root causes. communitycooperative.com largest hungerrelief network organization distributes donated grocery 150 partner programs. summer. summerbreakspot.org Way serves Lee, Hendry, Glades Okeechobee counties. unitedwaylee.org 45 NAPLES WALK-IN SERVICES Find minor injury Urgent B eing occasional scraped knee boo-boo. Often healed Band-Aid moms kiss, acute nearest Naples, Center, drive metro ultimate quickly, Joseph Peter, fast effective, illnesses injuries serious room, cuts average wait maximum minutes. treats old 21. fair cuts, sprains fractures, ailments. infections, fevers, vomiting, attacks, earaches, rashes pink name few. stands experience, Peter. on-site lab X-rays quicker conclusion Doctors prescribe antibiotics pharmacy. reassured experienced entry- mid-level physicians. board-certified, orthopedic on-call week. offering quick relief, refers follow-up. ensures history date, needed, 3361 Pine Ridge Road, 239-254-5920. Hours a.m.-11 p.m., Naples. 47 49 Ongoing ALWAYS LEARNING prove chronic requires continuous endocrinologists, differs adults. opened 2008, Endocrinology Diabetes region. life-changing event Cayce T. Jehaimi, endocrinologist form individualized above healthy, normal lives. helping adjust everyday aspects childhood. multidisciplinary center advice meeting endocrinologist, schedule appointment nutritionist, nephrologist issues. Physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners possess coordinated considered adult, Jehaimi. holistic personalized research. made, rigorous process. maintaining enhancing monthly clinic, geared toward carbohydrate counting skills, pump glucose monitoring CGM interested instruction investment empowerment diabetic huge curve stressful. plays mission, provided class appointment. internal records 90 established diabetics readmitted speaks volumes dedication L.M.C.C., PNS, gluten practitioner CGP 51 730 SIGN Free parenting ready confident partnership Advocacy Counties classes. Certificates awarded completion. 239-939-2808, 239-989-7332 239-263-8383, Exceptional Child course challenges. discipline neonatal abstinence syndrome NAS. curriculum Nurturing Program, authored Bavolek, Ph.D. 239-343-5101, 3. Mental Aid teaches identify, substance-use disorders. eight-hour gives participants hese Special Programs, aim childhood topics. raising away. Helmet Fittings Certified instructors teach helmet. Call Bike fitting, presentation event. 239-3435101, 239-254-5960, Passenger Car Seat age, height, install seat-safety seat-installation presentations, events private appointments passenger technician County, 1, 239-565-8371. Classes classes, taught English Spanish, Project ADAM Automated Defibrillators Memory aims sudden cardiac arrest life-saving Hospital, affiliate ADAM, partners Public Schools Cardiac Emergency Response Plans CERP, Teams CERT AEDs Heart SchoolsDistricts 239-343-5224 Prevention participates fairs presentations aquatic facilities. Workshops tags upon request. Additional request Department coalition. safekidsswfl.org initial problem, Both youth modules, modules specifically students EMS, offered. Courses Collier, Charlotte Hendry Baby Class hands-on two-hour baby basics workshop grandparents. 2, Sitter Essentials grades 6-8 alone, siblings, babysit. instructor-led games role-playing exercises. 4-6 AED Friends infant professional arrives. intended grandparents, childcare providers, anyone regularly Certification valid certification. ANN MARIE OPHELAN Camps match interests CAMP HIGHLIGHTS Say corner youve got 8-year-old loves arts crafts, involves glue glitter. Parks Recreation full-day runs March 16-20, 2020. held Oasis Elementary K-8. art projects, indoor games, listen guest speakers, trips. Register early. Space limited.. City Corals K-12 choose from, Christa McAuliffe Elementary, 6-year-old intrigued science microscopic. Edison Ford Winter Estates Inventors Camp ticket. SCHOOL IS ets face occupied period easy. bored attached controllers, remain stuck mouse hours. Plus, youngest supervised--finding sitters challenge. perfect solution send camp--whether holidaywinter teachers in-service constructive experiences, friends, gain independence. unplug YouTube--score wide camps, youngsters, price, locations. 55 campers, 6-12, theme changes weekly, focuses STEAM science, technology, engineering, math, world. Maybe 10-year-old budding actor actress. Luckily, Arts Springs Theater Intensives 8-18. weeklong acting oneact play. auditions, casting, rehearsals blocking. friends clay, drawing, sewing, painting sculpture, Visual Art camps. love cook bake Cookonomics eat, culinary 56 nearer aspiring theater star, Rep ignite creativity stage. outdoorsman girl Calusa Nature Planetarium, explorers reinforces scientific ecosystems animal cycles. Campers planetarium behind-thescenes animals. Myers Miracle Youth Baseball Camp, CenturyLink Sports Complex, ideal sharpen fundamentals players, coaches staff. July 10-12 9-12 17-19. master paddleboarding kayaking Gulfs ecosystem Yacht Clubs Buddies marine biology teacher campers Hammerhead sharks, sea slugs, osprey, tarpon--and overnight expedition Belize teens--are offerings School. camper-toteacher 6-to-1 creates environment biology, surf more. breaks, providers. BONITA SPRINGS 26100 Old Road Performing 10150 239-495-8989 artcenterbonita.org holidays break. CAPE CORAL 1015 Cultural Park Blvd., 239-573-3128 capecoral.net Offering Club 5819 Driftwood Parkway, 239-574-0806 Saddlewood Horse 16111 Lane, 239-738-9300 capehorses.com FORT MYERS Alliance 10091 McGregor 239-939-2787 artinlee.org 3450 Ortiz Ave., 239-275-3435 calusanature.org 2350 239-334-7419 ecommerce.edisonfordwinterestates.org 2268 Bay St., 239-332-4665 floridarepeducation.org Complex 14100 Six Mile Cypress 239-768-4210 miraclebaseball.com 57 Imaginarium History Science 2000 Cranford Ave, 239-243-0043 theimag.org 3410 Palm 230-533-7275 leegov.comparksprogramssummer out, 15000 Livingston 239-252-4000 colliercountyfl.gov Museum 15080 239-514-0084 cmon.org Zoo Caribbean Gardens 1590 Goodlette-Frank 239-262-5409, 158 napleszoo.org Wild year-round SANIBEL J.N. Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge Drive, 239-472-1100 fws.gov 10-14. 455 Periwinkle Way, 239-472-8585 sanibelseaschool.org winter 58 59 PATRICIA LETAKIS Meet Doris Bell, Sunshine Ambassador RAY LIGHT ve blessed, back, 91, Bell enthusiastic ever volunteering parents--something enjoys much. decided volunteer, choice, me, Dressed pants, shirt pale blue vest, volunteers easily recognizable seeking navigating elevator floor. welcome warm smile, started fifth floor, Barbaras HematologyOncology girl, teenager, Heather, recalls feeling improved shes college. mother hello. Later moved crafts room waiting Bell. me. --Doris duties handing badges passes, buzzing units, escorting desk room. Flavor Harvest Caf facilities library business folks Ronald McDonald complimentary sack lunches, drinks admits likes babies. escort greets walk-ins, sent Besides assists, doctors, professionals. friendly. acknowledge us. Ambassador, leehealth.org click Volunteers. contacted Volunteer Resources orientation, interview placement interest schedule. 61 FENDING OFF FRUSTRATION Period PURPLE Crying tears Especially soothe crying. national, crying newborns shaken abusive trauma. educating crying, Julie Noble, oversaw rollout previously served Shaken Syndrome. infants period, peaks month end. second-month syndrome. acronym Peak Unexpected Resist soothing. Pain-like Long-lasting occur Evening. films, booklet, website purplecrying.info app Anybody Noble. frustration crosses socioeconomic backgrounds. save period. start stop, endure anything formerly Syndrome decade. 63 J uan Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia ALL birthday went chemo endured complications became pause again. struggle, positive. wouldnt Luli Lopez. knew son. chose enroll North Arts, excelled gifted learned violin tuba. old, remission. His port removed 2017, signaling completed free. Marking free, taller mom, offensive lineman football team, band. so, trademark Ever hair, hes Luli. teammates comment coach jokes loses wrong told unless Clips Cancer athlete participated sidekick Cancer, awareness philanthropic battling fund. knows different. wanted better. ponytail hopes hair hero shave sidekicks gave precious proud him. kid, mom. COURTESY JUAN CARLOS FRENES-LOPEZ 658 65 MEMORY CARDS INSIDE VOL. NO. SPRINGSUMMER READY SUMMER HOW TO KIDS OUTDOORS AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER THERAPIES THAT HELP FIGHTING SEASONAL ALLERGIES TEEN ISSUES DANGERS VAPING CYBERBULLYING KF_SS20_FrontCover.indd 837 656

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