FEATURES FallWinter 2020 22 RAISING STRONG, INFORMED KIDS From the standard sex and drugs discussions to new COVID-19 conversations, parents must keep lines of communication open. 20 HEALTHY HABITS Keeping your family healthy has taken on a whole meaning this year. Add face masks, physical distancing handwashing list hygiene rules teach kids. 25 THE NICU TREATMENT The neonatal intensive care unit is not storybook ending all hope for after delivery, but sometimes its unavoidable. at Golisano Childrens Hospital does everything possible make it comfortable. 28 LOOKING INTO EYE PROBLEMS Pediatric neuro-ophthalmologist may be scary mouthful, when childs vision abnormality involves brain, who go some not-so-scary help. 2 DEPARTMENTS 12 30 44 4 HELLO 8 Armando Llechu, Chief Officer, Operations Women Services, Lee Health WELLNESS HEALTH TALK INNOVATIONS 36 Staying Safe While Learning 37 Importance Immunizations 38 Presence Mind 39 Discussing Racism with Your Children 10 Care Cant Wait GETTING AROUND CLASSES Telemedicine Here Stay 14 New Ways Treat Leukemia 41 A Map Services Near You SUNSHINE EXPLORERS 16 Adventures With Sunny Sparkle 42 Opportunities SUPPORT MINI CHEFS Ray Light Young Patients 46 Way Medicine 18 Whats Dinner ACTIVE LIFESTYLE INSPIRING 48 Expecting Unexpected Making Masks Part Routine 32 Taking Steps Clubfoot 34 Unplugging Electronic Habits Southwest Floridas Guide Healthy Happy PUBLICATION OF GOLISANO CHILDRENS HOSPITAL SOUTHWEST FLORIDA KidsFirstMagazine.org PUBLISHER Daniela J. Jaeger EDITOR Susan Holly CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason Jones PROOFREADER Dan Whicker CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Gina Birch Francesca Block Beth Luberecki Matthew Solan PHOTOGRAPHERSARTISTS Nick Adams Dave Drotleff Myles Mellor ADVERTISING SALES Friedrich N. 239-472-0205, ext. 1002 1000 Michael Rawers 1006 DIGITAL APP Philip Lippard, Sanibel Logic PUBLISHERS Times Islands RSW Living Gulf Main Bonita Estero Cape Coral FOR EMAIL INQUIRIES totimedia.comcontactus P.O. Box 1227, Island, FL 33957 T F 239-395-2125 FounderC.E.O. Chairman Guy Tober PresidentC.O.O. Copyright by TOTI Media, Inc. All rights reserved. No part publication reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors are necessarily those 6 Board Directors Stephen R. Brown, M.D., President CEO, Larry Antonucci, M.D. Operating Medical Scott Nygaard, Llechu VP Operations, Physician Executive Regional Emad Salman, Nurse Executive, Alyssa Bostwick, R.N., C.P.N. Foundation Trustees Pason Gaddis, Development Chris Simoneau Senior Director Marketing, Tiffany Whitaker, A.P.R., C.P.R.C. Development, Melody Desilets 9981 S. HealthPark Drive Fort Myers, 33908 W elcome our fourth installment Kids First magazine. Much changed in world since we began publication. More than ever, felt compelled produce series articles advice from pediatric experts help us adjust what quickly become normal pandemic era. We you find value special issue look forward being trusted partner managing childrens health through difficult time. COVID lives and, unfortunately, there no imminent solution returning knew. That said, one most concerning impacts children change accessing parents. have seen sharp decreases urgent emergent visits, as well visits primary subspecialty physicians. cannot stress enough that should receiving appropriate care, especially form routine checkups, vaccinations subspecialist visits. Also, if any symptoms arise necessitating visit emergency department or center, please do delay unnecessarily. Our facilities clean, safe, open available serve healthcare needs. Throughout pandemic, remained steadfast resolve complete child. made significant strides expanding access mental health, ophthalmology host other subspecialties live their best healthiest lives. will require these services, they here child need them. This many efforts revolve around keeping well. only partnership support community businesses sponsors believe enable mission. BY MATTHEW SOLAN CARE CANT WAIT Dont let fear getting sure, anxious times. Society continues institute safety guidelines public places, deter taking room warranted. Parents avoid going COVID, can necessary treatment far greater threat virus, says Dr. Joshua Colvin, medicine specialist Florida. Even seemingly innocent issues like stomach pain cause more problems wait too long. If needs medical dont cloud judgment, Colvin. waiting risk an probably less likely places. What shows signs such fever, nasal congestion, cough, sore throat, shortness breath, fatigue, headache muscle ache Does merit trip Not always. mild, monitor them home would regular cold flu, means over-the-counter medication fever reducers, staying hydrated plenty rest. sure self-isolate sick least days--even improve--and away high-risk people, grandparents older adults, he says. improve worsened, then seek care. Most been viral illnesses kids past, so know sickness different further attention, provider, Of course, immediately show severe illness difficulty breathing, persistent vomiting, lethargy worsening pain. It also unnecessary rush out test was exposed virus. Right now, commonly used about 70 percent accurate, Though false-positive results, up one-third tests false-negative. For reason, even negative continue ten days appear. Keep mind want peace mind, often order doctor. Colvin stresses checkups because COVID. Make get scheduled vaccines, physicals appear time soon, interfere safety. Healths In general, few critically ill Those underlying condition raises above general public. Parents, guardians families Golisano, every facility, including rooms, follows strict protocols. includes strategies people follow day practicing social distancing, wearing masks coverings regularly washing hands seconds using warm water soap. addition measures, staff much more. Alex Daneshmand, chief quality patient officer Health, lists procedures Doctors, nurses clinicians wear gowns gloves examining patients. Before starting shift clinical members screened questions rule COVID-19, temperatures checked before entering building. Any employee over 100F sent resume work until medically cleared. patients entire inside facility. Every upon Waiting rooms realigned chairs six feet apart. admitted hospital separated units. PHOTOS COURTESY 11 TELEMEDICINE IS HERE TO STAY How how work, manage traditional face-toface doctor hold, physicians--and parents--have explored conducting appointments Internet via laptop, tablet phone. approach doctor-patient relationships evolve terms efficiency, opened otherwise could in-person office restraints, geographical distance, exposure Guillermo Philipps, neurologist expected stick grow popularity ends. answers common virtual HOW DOES IT WORK There ways conduct telemedicine visit. phone, computer connected video physician office. When appointment initially doctors office, instructed technical requirements link usually text email connect Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime online meeting platform. uses MyChart--an management tool mychart.com--he she logs date WHAT KINDS EXAMS ARE GIVEN certain types diagnoses neurology low acuity complaints specialties Diagnoses where works quite include seizures, headaches, tics ADHD, Philipps. feels evaluation needed, scheduled. COVERED DURING VISIT reviews history ask him her perform motions, eye movements, facial arm coordination walking. Then counsels parent, orders medications needed plans follow-up visit, either person again telemedicine. DOWNSIDES consultations done person. main barrier cant checks height weight, blood pressure, pupil reaction, lung function heart rate. request satisfied restraints SHOULD PARENTS AND CHILDREN DO PREPARE Families plan able quiet indoor environment good lighting. connection microphones, check devices power source battery life. prepare concerns take handy. select place distractions. attention solely try juggle interaction household chores. Philipps board-certified specializing epilepsy neurodevelopmental disorders Dion Chad Rachel sons Wesley, 7, Wyatt, 4, daughter Willow, 19 months. ADVANTAGES advantage management. two appointments. Wesely, age ADHD autism, 4-year-old Wyatt epilepsy. her, helps cut down traveling times checkups. Another upside allows in-depth private conversations Im talk my say things I normally wouldnt sitting right there, exam, Dion. Then, turn see doctor, just come over, his leave. 13 PHOTO RACHEL DION NEW WAYS TREAT LEUKEMIA cute lymphoblastic leukemia ALL childhood cancer frequently treatable chemotherapy. Now new, evolving immunotherapy treatments chemotherapy increase survival rates among alone cures approximately 85 ALL, tries rate 5 higher, Kelly Sawczyn, oncologist Immunotherapy harness healing bodys immune system. forms immunotherapy, widely monoclonal antibodies. showing promise These designed stimulate system attack cells. hundreds antibodies--basically drug ends mab diseases--but ones blinatumomab Blincyto inotuzumab ozogamicin Besponsa. Monoclonal antibody therapy given between periods treatments. substitute use mechanism against fewer side effects. example, receive month followed therapy, Total length lasts years longer. An individual depends factors age, initial response chemotherapy, disease relapsed, overall health. Inotuzumab hour-long IV once week clinic. Blinatumomab administered continuous intravenous consecutive days. cases, small pump backpack. Possible effects fevers, flu-like nausea, vomiting allergic reactions. Rare neurologic events speaking understanding speech, loss balance occur temporary, closely monitored, beginning treatment, Sawczyn. type gain chimeric antigen receptor CAR T-cell which returns respond upfront therapies. FDA-approved called tisagenlecleucel Kymriah. young adults 25. Outcomes CAR-T cell optimistic, exhausted options, immune-fighting cells removed altered lab specific receptors recognize proteins cells, prompting kill it. essence, reprogrammed view foreign invaders, infused back into blood. process three months complete. monitored recurrence. At time, provided specialized hospitals bone-marrow transplants. effect cytokine release syndrome, joint Symptoms mild lead sepsis. temporary requires supportive Be mindful while great promise, magic-bullet notes But way body naturally capable. Sawczyn hematologistoncologist Florida 15 coronavirus created world. friends Sparkle, embracing changes making them, lots handwashing, learning classrooms. zillionth Ive washed today. Do really Theres nothing left wash. Sunny, nose sticking mask. germs escaping know, mask keeps falling down. tighter straps, guess, maybe bigger ears hold up. Thats think. armies invisible enemy marching clean hands. Soap defense. Oh boy, bake cookies today Are ready start Well, is. sorry share it, sharing too. careful EVERYTHING. dying thirst chocolate milk looks good. Chocola MILK te Almost. put first. accidentally cough chips. Search words listed relating affecting Breathe Contact Cover Disease Distance Epidemic FaceMask Illness Immune Isolate LookAfter Market Mouth PassOn Pharmacy Shelter SixFeet Sneeze Touch Vaccine WorkFromHome miss grandmas hugs. went had stay porch each other. Me touching allowed friends. very hard jump Grandpas arms. My classroom lot kitchen mine dining room, still teacher charge, pay attention. Were together. 17 WHATS DINNER Cooking C hildren always hungry-- struggle meals quick, nutritious pleasing picky palates. Get involved cooking, suggests Nadia Pugh, MS, RD, LDN, CNSC, outpatient dietitian lifelong skill healthy, Just balancing budget cleaning house, critical learn cook. Plus, establish enjoy doing Its never early--or late--to begin cooking early three, Pugh. easy tasks stirring batter pouring ingredients bowl. Teenagers cook meal own supervision. motivate choose meals, shopping ingredients. fun creating themed Lasagna Monday Taco Tuesdays, vegetarian, thrive routines, set meal-planning schedule grocery together same week. plain sight, chalkboard, friendly reminder. comes actual lead. Ask helping instance, cutting veggies, stirring, reading directions you, picking pantry fridge think benefit experience parents, kids, bonding more, willing charge implement home, fresh lose weight cholesterol levels, example. finding kid- kitchen-friendly recipes, media sites Pinterest Instagram ideas. Also recommend ideas, pizza pasta, foods blueberries carrots, recipes favorites, meatballs, soup Italian wedding orzo meatballs spinach. head start, simple recipe tiniest prepare. ONE-PAN SAUSAGE VEGGIES measuring ingredients, old enough, chop vegetables INGREDIENTS 1 red potato pound green beans large broccoli cups chopped bell peppers 7 mini sweet 9 ounces smoked sausage turkey, chicken plant-based tablespoons olive oil teaspoon pepper flakes optional paprika garlic powder tablespoon dried oregano parsley salt INSTRUCTIONS 1. Preheat oven 400 degrees F. 2. Line sheet pan x 21 inches foil parchment paper. 3. Prep veggies Chop potatoes pieces, inch. Trim off 1-inch length. florets. thick squares. Coin slices. 4. Place pan. Pour sprinkle spices top. Toss evenly coat meat. Smaller spread 5. Bake minutes. Remove flipstir veggies. Return another minutes crisp-tender browned. 6. desired, freshly grated Parmesan cheese soon oven. Enjoy rice quinoa parsley. Chelseas Messy Apron chelseasmessyapron.com one-pan-healthy-sausage-and-veggies CSNC, Specialties Group. Kitchen Codes tips Pugh easier safer area fits. lower table step stool chair comfortably counter reach cooktop microwave. Use kid-friendly tools. apron, spoon spatula, plastic mixing bowl mitts fit smaller Teach names equipment. saucepan stovetop, baking sheets Put colored tape dull edge knife reminder bottom food. Hygiene protect BETH LUBERECKI rom babys first bath teen years, important role practices. vital during pandemic. might feel overwhelming Michelle Hoffman, infectious diseases Florida, offers key pieces mom dad healthy. MASKS COVID-19. thats possible, makes must-have prevent containing secretions infected symptomatic pre-symptomatic Hoffman. She advises anyone properly fitting covers mouth within people. youre quick store visiting pediatrician annual checkup, masks. washable maintain shape washing. remove pulling front itself. And wash removal, outside others times, must. walk family, long arent playing playground tables fountains touched, See story page introduce PHYSICAL DISTANCING masking Putting context understand. talking everyone carry mouths youll thoroughly afterward. Wet well, apply soap lather rubbing forget backs hands, fingers under nails. Scrub sing Birthday song end twice rinse dry SCHOOL SAFETY tough choices school fall. send school, safely mask, why understand importance demonstrated practiced steps better prepared Hoffman recommends limit activities home. places increased contracting playgrounds, play dates, parties, group gatherings sports, Limiting interactions ensuring physically distance reduce risk, eliminate completely. noses. By pass easily contact person, explain germ virus others. decreasing close another, number sick. Remind theyre high complications Physical participate, vulnerable community, folks lives, HANDWASHING Proper whether dealing not. Help explaining wind surfaces. goal transferring themselves eyes, mouth, putting germy surfaces touch. passed ourselves others, model properly. habit. throughout day, preparing eating food, changing diapers garbage. MD, FAAP, challenging topics resiliency hether challenges demands juggling childcare, 2020. caused major upheaval everyones life, leading stress, anxiety tension family. having situation in. Theyre deal fears anxieties teaching resilient midst realities. theres global crisis. Family bullying, alcohol racism necessity. encounter scared situations resiliency. Following honest demonstrate overcome troublesome situations, pandemic-related TALKING POINTS subjects, information. TikTok offer decidedly perspective something presidential election well-researched, fact-checked JASON SABO article York Wall Street Journal. sponges information, regardless accurate inaccurate, Sabo, developmental behavioral Health. information inappropriate sources. They whos writing agenda drugs, ensure age-appropriate control exactly address theyll Sabo. Using examples relate clarify matters. Honesty important, reveal everything. Some personal shouldnt share. full scope led divorce. Allowing opinion job isnt pit parent. parent right, Ben, Heidi, Jason, Jack focus of. Depending ages factors, brutal honesty particular topic. give handle brain Having frequent children, dinner table, sense whats child, pretty to, identify about, fast say, drugs. encounters daily earlier sheltered environments later conversation. size fits all. Generally something, ahead discussing uncomfortable avoidance answer. wrong thing, me, saying anything worse thing. kid bus. questions, processing SETTING EXAMPLE Maybe navigating financial struggles. combination two, limitations were days, surprising feeling tense, anxious, angry, sad above. feelings 23 current climate, arise. Anxiety beast, Because almost worse. assess behaviors impacting things. telegraph worries security overboard alarms cameras, trouble asleep night. create behaviors, solving problem, doesnt away, afraid spiders. slow calm demeanor volume 24 voice instead yelling stressful situations. creates calmness, reacting anxiously acting anxiously. watch extremely anxious. mirroring puts responsibility encourage watching, drive-thru wrong, watching that. grace happens kind considerate coping skills reaction. difficulties respond. mean deep breath faced causing fear, anger. opportunity issues, Everyone disappointment cancelled camps, vacations, sports seasons birthday parties. Resilience stage perseverance, determination strength. bubble, whatever next leave college day. life throws develop Letting fail mistakes. much, build resiliency, experiences mistakes ourselves. forgets shin guards soccer practice, practice spent suffering consequences mistake running laps again. Sometimes letting lesson tongue lashing He advise stepping lasting. theyd breaking law, way, impact future, minor failures, fallout forgetting assignment, provide valuable so, falter. resilient, stop swooping fix problem. limited amount eventually move house stewards ability conflict. Sabo licensed psychologist Smoothing rough newborns LEE wants expects, unavoidable necessary. Babies premature weeks Instead interact baby--through nursery window moms room--they unfamiliar noises, machines surroundings. knows both baby goes lengths regular, baby-family interactions, mothers. jarring emotional essential mother-baby beginning, Price Ward, neonatologist Pediatrix Group Myers. expect yet behind, challenge. father accompanies newborn NICU. present admissions along nurses, respiratory therapists providers, Carly Majewski, nurse manager Golisano. pictures answered. team understands seem families, avenues communication, concern reporting, Majewski. After this, recovering mother, update. mother obstetrics gives clearance baby, Mothers 72 hours, depending vaginal birth C-section, complications. babies, external stimulus noise unsettling developmentally appropriate, separation infant rest recover. short-term actually therapeutic heal, Ward. On average, babies born vary infants mothers gestational birth. thumb stays original due date, period trimester. accept while, adds. duration shock Many last reality four eight 26 Visitation Time NICUs visitation policy ever unfolds, currently Visits a.m. midnight. COVID19, entry. required room. seeing NICU, jewelry elbows thorough 30-second handwashing. Both bedside desired hours. yourself emotionally pace marathon 100-yard dash. Feel encouraged can. supports skin-to-skin morning, multidisciplinary rounds invited attend. Here, discuss practitioner, nurse, therapist, pharmacist dietician. participate diapers, holding, swaddling, temperature feeding. suck, swallow reflex. So, breast bottle feeding typically 35 gestation support, according closer term, reflex, Until then, fed formula tube. breastfeeding yet, fine nursing frozen stored on-site needed. Breast pumps bedside. Moms drop digestion provides infection-fighting antibodies infections donor program meet criteria whose unable ideal, similar benefits, receives Milk Bank Orlando, screened. delivered weekly staff. Other Kinds Interactions held, hand-hugs portholes isolette, transparent, plastic-enclosed crib protects germs. promote touch, infant, familys presence helpful. voices, calming Finally, calls heart-to-heart program, where, cloth hearts scent baby. pregnancy delivery supposed go, units setting mimic together, fellow American Academy Pediatrics. Majewski 27 abnormalities central nervous NICK ADAMS ts undergo treatment. specialty neuro-ophthalmologist. neuro-ophthalmology treats related Vision restricted eye, Shauna Berry, vision. all, optic nerve extension brain. treat conditions affect sight. double vision, abnormal movement, visual-field loss, unexplained unequal sizes. swelling, neurodegenerative disease, nystagmus eyes repetitive, uncontrolled movements congenital disc anomalies notches, fissures defects found eye. Neuro-ophthalmology Berry. knowing exam stressed experience. generally referred neurologist, neuro-surgeon, geneticist ophthalmologist. According neuro-ophthalmologists training neuro-ophthalmology. One adult counterparts nature examinations, Unlike developing. younger see. rely ocular findings objective account Berry Management treated Still, crucial diagnosis. chances optimizing visual development, ease have. treating physicians relevant appointment, laboratory tests. Bring takes, name dosage prescription overthe-counter medications. bring bottles. CT MRI scan, arrange pick films facility pupils dilated eyedrops helpful toy enjoys coach drops itself, treasure chest exam. answer effort specialists findings. DO, ophthalmologist fellowship trained 29 MAKING PART YOUR ROUTINE habit earing definitely children. normalizing modeling behavior routine, Meredith Church, certified wearing. calm, way. Always positives, negatives, Church. Simple, concrete explanations saying, Wearing safe little spreading. Encourage questions. active listening validate feelings, verbalizes frustrated responding, OK frustrated. Have short choosing. working introducing maskwearing, creativity fun, creative interests, Let imaginations possible. Decorating enjoyable activity comfortable practice. first, looping nose, chin. favorite stuffed animal To proper effectiveness, snugly comfortably. constantly adjusting layer fabric protection, breathe restrictions ear loops WEAR MASK PROPERLY Wash Press metal Check seal Full protection bother ears, hat headband buttons sewn onto secure loops. Encouragement incentives reluctant wearers. adjust, several Younger cognitively longer ease. Remember normalize hurt. CCLS, 31 TAKING STEPS CLUBFOOT Nonsurgical methods effective K ing Tutankhamun, ruler ancient Egypt, earliest known cases clubfoot, revealed x-rays mummy vast collection canes tomb. clubfoot 1300 BC, defect corrected walk. tendons join leg muscles foot bone tight. causes inward, faces sideways upward. occurs 1,000 births, Orthopaedic Surgeons. chance defect. affected half clubfoot. Boys girls condition. clear hereditary, appears strong genetic disposition condition, Kristin Cola, orthopedic surgeon Orthopedics painful infancy, treated, remain deformed stand difficult. news 95 correctable nonsurgical treatments, Cola. diagnosed prenatal ultrasounds. old. Treatment consists phases casting Ponseti method, bracing. gently stretched repositioned toward correct alignment held cast toes thigh. stretching repeated weeks. casting, 90 tenotomy, in-office procedure Achilles tendon regrow heals. point, repaired. completed crawling, second phase--bracing--keeps grows. braces shoes joined bar. Envision G.I. Joe figure. bars solid flexible allow independently. adjustment, adapt crawling brace hours that, gradually lessen sleeping. finish four. run higher-than-usual injuries, caveat shoe foot. Only percentage relapse, castings possibly surgery tendons, ligaments joints ankle. treatable, Cola warns delay. hinder walking, sooner issue, better. UNPLUGGING ELECTRONIC Managing screen image glued intently screens meme Generation Z. symbol growing problem high-tech society. Child Adolescent Psychiatry, spend screens. teenagers, nine Too good, electronic exposure. Recent research National Institutes screen-time scored language thinking Spending seven associated thinning brains cortex, reasoning. Overdosing sleep--kids late asleep. playing, obesity. bad. balance. ideal Heath, older. hour per weekday weekend schedules tough, involved. aware video-game habits. games electronics location, view, behind closed doors. guide overdoing Establish boundaries. gaming, maximum game permitted Savvy tech tools embedded software easy, Apple Xfinity apps electronics. limits automatically play. Personally, battle removing Identify priorities. Schoolwork, chores responsibilities higher priority Show shows, TV privilege attached action, homework correctly. Provide options. identifying unwanted however, alternatives. Expose basis, Plan walks neighborhood, biking outings hikes woods. athletic, kinds clubs appealing. ones, model. see, curbing latenight answering messages table. STAYING SAFE WHILE LEARNING Protect P arents decisions biggest Deciding choice Safety played big decision, matter opted enrolled remote-learning option. learners talked lunch recess wont before. cues react reality. example positive attitude environment, Lindsay Schwandner, As year progresses, monitoring live. Their tolerance decision versus remote factor on. Schwandner abide teacher, distraction hinders academic progress. Talk administration policies schoolwide, childcare challenge answers, independence. alone, maturity confidence brief old, Julie Noble, advocate happens, lay ground rules. Noble. food emergencies injuries dangerous situations--for someone knocks door, outage thunderstorm smell smoke. classes reinforce ideas SafeHome free 90-minute students grades teaches accidents alone. Sitter class builds babysitters siblings know. offered Once errand attend meeting, prominent place, info backup adult. neighbor, friend, by, unsafe you. MM, CPST, IMPORTANCE IMMUNIZATIONS vaccines V accines lately, various underway vaccine Pierre Loredo, Group, seeing. smart vaccine, promising data coming out, recommendations waits Loredo flu influenza outbreaks overlap, local systems. idea, contagious, spreads country October March. severity potential sinus pneumonia. vaccinated tend ICUs shorter are, Centers Control Prevention CDC. worry misconception. stresses. reactions runny congestion. happen shot, Loredo. lived. People gotten dont. reaction vaccine. laid During spring, previously delays immunizations. measles, serious pneumonia death measles encephalitis. Measles declared eliminated United States 2000, 2019 U.S. saw highest 1992. systems adopted protocols mask-wearing staff, shots immunizations, offices adhering CDC recommendations, psychological Accentuating strategy. Focus basics, movies games, Gonzalez. judge well-being absorb reflect high-strung, display signs. self-harm suicide, professional health-care worker, Reach provider support. handle. PRESENCE MIND navigate. isolated rapidly frequently, variety Rolando Gonzalez, adolescent psychiatrist Behavioral Center. worry, anxiety. illness, unknown Sit chat kiddos kind. risks news. constant flow repetition inducing notice becoming irritable clingy appetite Maintaining structure help, parts functioning Gonzalez GINA BIRCH complexities DISCUSSING RACISM WITH arenting Throw heated elections, racial protests navigate, subject race injustice light shone accounts dimming anytime soon. complicated, Lashunda Watkins, worker America acknowledge exists. unraveling oppression color, unfair decades ago, today, resulting inequality. unrest inequalities protests, peaceful destructive, peoples emotions run- ning high. tired, frustrated, motivated change. witness tensions television Watkins explains, emphasize respectful Accordingly, behave deemed unkind member reprimanded RESOURCES Books books diversity Healthline Parenthood healthline.comhealthparenting anti-racism-resources-for-parentsand-kidsbooks Everymom theeverymom.comblack-historymonth-books-for-kids Videos anti-racism videos Teachers weareteachers.comanti-racismvideos CNN Sesame cnn.com20200606app-newssectioncnn-sesame-street-racetown-hall-app-june-6-2020-app index.html Movies programming Knows sheknows.comentertainment slideshow4747movies-and-tvshows-that-educate-kids-aboutdiversity-and-race3 Local Museums AfricanAmerican Myers County Black History 1936 Henderson Avenue, leecountyblackhistorysociety.org schedule-a-museum-tour Resources PBS Talking Race pbs.orgparentstalking-aboutracism disciplined However, loved one, specifically engages racist derogatory comments based color skin, reconcile discrepancies do. love engage validation listen. commend strength courage choosing healthier viewpoint. remind imperfect, peers, confront discriminatory actions, Watkins. tell bullied comments. surrounding affirm existence dolls heroic 40 characters white adds Read white--positive images history. beauty colors. already education regard racism, talking. importantly, remember you--practice preach. cultural competence, actions message deserving equal opportunities. LCSW, parenting unique perspective, Rodriguez. trying behavior, changing. adapt. expert insight instructors, participants discussion based, Dignified Discipline manner. topic decrease enjoyable. Typically month, workshop explores behaviors. So ask, discipline. stress. Understanding Education Special Needs road educating schools Mental Aid version popular course works. colleagues, teens else cope five-step action plan. on, shed OPPORTUNITIES raising babysitting, family-focused Classes families. Partners Parenting Exceptional eight-week welcome need, Lorena Rodriguez, coordinator Minds Matter advocacy disability, chronic illness. evidence-based n themselves, sign focused topics. free, emergency, options call occur. coordinates program. Her grandsons class, now 10- 11-year-old themselves. confidently three-session eight, tweens babysitters. Topics aid choking rescue, failures weather Students business skills, fees greet hiring babysit. 50 fee book plus certificate completion course. responsible prepared, ready, job. register classes, leehealth.orgclasses Children. BA, CPST 43 FRANCESCA BLOCK RAY LIGHT YOUNG PATIENTS J Meet Janet Bendall, Sunshine Ambassador Beyond duties desk, Bendall knitting visitors turquoise blue volunteer vest needles hand. loves knit Pocket Peace Pals, dolls, length, smile bit joy. ago offering clothing Africa. Since perfected craft, 2,500 donated church, hurricane relief efforts, friends, Hospital. excited toy, says, me happy. Above believes Ambassador, smile. Bendalls knitted joy need. DANIELA JAEGER DOLLS JANET BENDALL anet lived guided principle respectful. values, imparted driven dedicate elementary education, retired moved Jersey Ft. husband, John. drive service persists. volunteering assistant kindergarten classrooms, became 2013. Stationed desk seventh floor, greets passerby range directing locations simply shoulder lean Volunteering easier, Pals. worried listen talk. lifetime dedicated service, firmly gesture. bringing reflected itself sunshine leehealth.org click Become Volunteer. contacted Volunteer orientation, interview placement interest schedule. 45 WAY MEDICINE Technology apart H elping entertained lifes moments personalized entertainment technology. impacted hospital, Shane Swartz, digital specialist, worked educational, recreational technology enhance His ranges exciting technological experiences. Swartz partners Life Team, areas music tutoring, forced impose stricter regulations amidst Teams took purpose. mobilized tackle practical struggles result restrictions, inability hospital. Through generous donations internally department, programmed distributed iPads telehealth resources opportunities video-call addition, augmented reality--where alter transport world--to engaged Inside Hospital, mission innovative solu- tions foster paths healing. far, technologies, appreciative philosophy happier faster heal. 47 EXPECTING UNEXPECTED Stephanie Arbogast Giving hen learned pregnant, stars aligned. met college, married graduation, dream jobs bought StephEmma anies logical step, chose perfect Emma. hit March, timing seemed side. planning think, exception ultrasounds Robin Kyle Rogers remainder sheltering grandchild, Emma, planned drive-by shower, terrible situation. 220 June 30, Stephanies broke. Calling Around 730 a.m., labor arrived Healthdelivery reunited Joshua, Park Center nearly later. burst tears. grateful back, precautions, whisked triage, outside. killed stood window--through denied entry scorching heat rain followed--proudly displaying homemade banner. though knew couldnt remembers, wanted Luckily, parking Steph- by. Rogers, jumped action. Eleven later, welcomed supplies garage banner, read girl, recalls grateful--for Heart packed car provisions daughters picked Joshuas dog, Diesel, nurses. holding kept headed straight dressed matching pink outthank barely jokes, thing didnt tent tears eyes. Despite missing husband facing waves excitement expected, upbeat mattered despite middle finally STEPHANIE JOSHUA ARBOGAST SPECIAL ISSUE VOL. 3 NO. FALLWINTER ONLINE OFFICE VISITS Telemedicines Virtual HOME ER ON TIPS KEEP SAFE, HAPPY PANDEMIC

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