FEATURES SpringSummer 2021 24 ADOLESCENT MEDICINE Southwest Floridas Guide to Keeping Children Healthy and Happy 22 EXPANDING ACCESS FOR BEHAVIORAL HEALTH Lee Health is opening four new satellite pediatric behavioral health outpatient centers in the next two years improve availability for young mental patients Florida. Adolescents face a bewildering array of physical emotional changes. To address those needs, Golisano Childrens Hospital has added specialty area focusing on particular medical issues this age group. 28 GETTING AHEAD ON BRAIN CARE Florida who need brain surgery have always had go elsewhere. A partnership with Johns Hopkins All bringing service Hospital. 2 DEPARTMENTS 14 46 48 4 BUILDING BETTER FUTURE 8 Welcome from Alyssa Bostwick Dr. Emad Salman, Services 36 Step Away Screens 38 Head Games, Therapy helps Athletes WELLNESS TALK INNOVATIONS 10 Recovery Summer 40 Seeing Signs Stress 41 Struggling Sleepless Nights 42 When Things Get Out Line Online 43 Touchy Topics 12 Spinal Surgery Comes Full Circle Measure Success, In NICU AROUND CLASSES 45 Pediatric Offices SUNSHINE EXPLORERS 16 Adventures With Sunny Sparkle Virtual Classes Pandemic SUPPORT MINI CHEFS 18 The Home Meal Advantage Nothing Better Than Hug 50 Minds, Kids ACTIVE LIFESTYLE INSPIRING 30 Heart Matter, Project ADAM 34 Swim Safely 52 New Connection His Sport PUBLICATION OF GOLISANO CHILDRENS HOSPITAL SOUTHWEST FLORIDA KidsFirstMagazine.org PUBLISHER Daniela J. Jaeger EDITOR Susan Holly CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason Jones PROOFREADER Dan Whicker CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Gina Birch Francesca Block Beth Luberecki Ann OPhelan Matthew Solan PHOTOGRAPHERSARTISTS Nick Adams Dave Drotleff Myles Mellor ADVERTISING SALES Friedrich N. 239-472-0205, ext. 1002 1000 DIGITAL APP Philip Lippard, Sanibel Logic GET YOUR COPY THE GO Support local supportlocal SUPPORTlocal SWFLstrong PUBLISHERS Times Islands RSW Living Gulf Main Bonita Estero Cape Coral EMAIL INQUIRIES totimedia.comcontactus P.O. Box 1227, Island, FL 33957 T F 239-395-2125 FounderC.E.O. Chairman Guy Tober PresidentC.O.O. toti.com 6 Copyright by TOTI Media, Inc. rights reserved. No part publication may be reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors are not necessarily Board Directors David Collins, President CEO, Larry Antonucci, M.D. Chief Operating Medical Officer, Scott Nygaard, Operations Women Services, Armando Llechu VP Operations, Physician Executive Regional Nurse Executive, Bostwick, R.N., C.P.N. Foundation Trustees Pason Gaddis, Development Chris Simoneau Senior Director Marketing, Tiffany Whitaker, A.P.R., C.P.R.C. Development, Melody Desilets 9981 S. HealthPark Drive Fort Myers, 33908 W Vice president operations chief nurse executive, ChildrensServices Salman physician elcome fifth edition First magazine. Although Covid continues impact Florida, sense renewed optimism spreading quickly as makes great strides enhance expand services region. For example, recent will bring neurosurgery program As result,Southwest childrenwonthave travel far home receive treatment tumor or traumatic head injury. By adding practice adolescent adult medicine, Group now serves ages they cope challenges that occur during adolescence. Naples, generous matching donations funded infusion clinic, which triple number childrenwho chemotherapy treatments needing drive Myers farther. Philanthropic support was also driving force building SWFL Chil- drens Charities Eye Institute, set open summer. Its expanded help meet regions clear enhanced ophthalmology care. Additionally, private brought vital improvements ChildLife program, kids when hospital limited visitation. Finally, communityspassionate supportof Minds Matter--Golisano Hospitals fund--has been essential addressing childrens epidemic Florida.Soon, Healths Behavioral clinics, bringingcaretokids right where are. recognizes tremendous generosity advocacy propelled its forward momentum growth, community needed it most. only region, depends every donation us continue add lifesaving programs servicesto needs our growing community. Thank you children families counting oneach BY MATTHEW SOLAN s we mark one year Covid, possible end pandemic sight, everywhere anxiously awaiting return normalcy. But at least year, summer about fun, sun fly-away vacations. time recovery, says Nicole Bruno Island Coast Pediatrics Estero. Everyone through theyve never experienced, kids, especially, understanding, healing gone neglected past year. While parents still mindful standard tips, like protection water safety, requires extra attention other areas. Mental risk depression anxiety increased across most demographics pandemic, exempt. Check your make sure mentally doing well, find out ways keep them well maintaining their interests outlets, Bruno. This season, adjust post-Covid world RECOVERY SUMMER One way do giving something look to. Plan some safe family events day trips, Since routine air can resume, she suggests sticking close home. much offer. trips choose destination youve wanted explore. visitflorida.com ideas many family-friendly places. Friendships suffered under strain so organize play dates reconnect friends. Stick small group similar safety rules house, evaluate childs state, visit icpeds.comDepression-1 educational videos, tools lists apps resources. helpful tool patient questionnaire called PHQ-2 11 older hiv.uw.edupagemental-health-screeningphq-2. Have child fill out. results determine further evaluation. Contact doctor if concerns, Academics Did suffer academically school fall behind classwork Does catch up Use an opportunity work any shortfalls You information virtual tutoring available httpswww.leeschools.netcmsOne.aspxportalId676305pageId33849744 Exercise At hour exercise should goal, day. stuck inside sports leagues postponed, physical-education coaches. Telling kid isnt enough, Family engagement crucial helping get active stay active. regular playground days yard games. She organizing outings offer movement adventure spark interest. Visit floridahikes.com list trails destinations hike, bike paddle. Nutrition Proper nutrition year-round, but help. There good chance adopted poor eating habits stress being home, gained weight so-called 15. Childhood obesity problem before pandemic. Now own approach management 5210 method icpeds.com5210. It breaks down goals into easy-to-understand easy-to-follow strategies based numbers five servings fruits vegetables daily, hours less daily screen activity zero sugary drinks replaced six eight cups no more than low-fat milk daily. Remember OK acknowledge all these feel anxious them, devoting learning how rebuild healthy lifestyle priceless endeavor Bruno, DO, pediatrician SPINAL SURGERY COMES FULL CIRCLE giant donut surgeons perform safer spinal surgeries children. brand O-armnavigation technology critical role taking spine level terms ability complete complex cases, Arun Hariharan, orthopedic surgeon Orthopedics O-arm resembles big circle, ring or, yes, even favorite selection Krispy Kreme. device built wheels portability. opened, becomes C-shaped, allows fit over surgical table. Once place, closes O-shape again. CT scan taken, builds three-dimensional 3D model seconds. images give highly defined detailed views readily visible field. Having understanding what were critical, Hariharan. We often working millimeters away cord cases scoliosis sideways curvature anatomy quite convoluted. takes speculative guides procedures PHOTOS BOTTOM RIGHT DR. ARUN HARIHARAN work. know exactly times, using navigation system, put implants want troubleshoot particularly challenging cases. result greater shorter time, faster recovery decreased secondaryunplanned surgeries, compared traditional techniques. used type surgery. Besides scoliosis, repair kyphosis humpback, spondylolisthesis condition causes low back pain fractures. eventually could extend beyond include hip, foot surgery, absolute game changer improving he adds. care provide R. MD, MS, 13 MEASURE SUCCESS S NICU, outcomes seen quality healthier babies uccess measured numbers. Do sales costs areas neonatal intensive unit success viewed differently lives saved. track accountability sickest able William Liu, director standard, consistently performed NICUs nation. Babies born prematurely earlier 37 weeks require average three weeks, there several months. successful metrics, including death infection rates illnesses associated prematurity weigh between 501 grams 1,500 grams. These highest death, infections problems, Liu. tracks Vermont Oxford Network VON database. independent organization 2.8 million infants, 987 United States 1,200 around world. database compares statistics others comparable size. review clinical outcomes, key performance measures. cover such certain range survive develop common respiratory issues, among developing problems. tell whether par NICUs, worse better expected, From perspective, Golisanos near top class. Outcomes overlapping horizontal line indicates expected outcome NICUs. If indicator data above line, expected. below then During period director, Liu sets high Golisano. 2017 2019, exceptional rating categories treating 501- 1500gram range. See Quality Indicators. Of course, reflects On smaller scale, implemented qualityimprovement projects, decreasing rates, delivery drug withdrawal. goal sharpen communication doctors, nurses staff. done ways. monthly meetings explore practices discuss solutions unusual employs documentation process electronic records constantly updated accessible providers. stages fact conditions longer-than-usual stays, progress updates must shared everyone ensure nothing overlooked addressed, adaptive system deals evolving challenges. factors premature healthy, 100 percent everything, standardize hold ourselves accountable outcomes. looking entire picture care--and this, details--we best babies. 15 About students reports bullied school, according National Center Educational Statistics. That increases cyber-bullying included. Students report victims bullying incidences both Bullying addressed early age. see silly class today Hes skinny And talkth lithp. laughing him recess tried climb jungle gym fell off. pretty funny his tiny little arms. Well, youre Hulk yourself, Sunny. nice kid. looked arms lately Thats funny. teacher made stop, anyway. Some posting pictures online. didnt that. hurt. I bleeding. just mean. How would people online off swing laughed did Youre right. cried, harder. felt miserable. So everyone. What does matter lisp doesnt monster. Tomorrow am going friends him. invite tag us. it. Ill join you. Lets welcome instead mean bullies. Then too. Search words kindness caring Kindness Care Charity Compassion Feed Friend Gentle Goodhearted Gracious LookAfter Mild Serve Sympathetic Tend Thoughtful Treat Watch 17 MINI-CHEFS P Diabetic rely home-cooked meals nutritional HOME MEAL ADVANTAGE roper diabetes. They control blood sugar levels manage weight. means watching carbohydrate intake portion sizes, Nadia Pugh, dietician adequate nutrients muscles, bones strong enough calories energy on-the-go lifestyles. Finding-- maintaining--this delicate balance constant challenge diabetic parents. Specific diabeticfriendly dietary fiber, fats protein. be, kids. Teenagers gravitate toward typical junk food chips, candy, soda fast foods, unfortunately carbohydrates sugar. Young known picky eaters. crave diet highcarbohydrate crackers, cookies bread, turn noses options. Also, depend breakfasts lunches main meals, rarely diabetic-friendly. pancakes, sweetened cereals, cinnamon rolls Pop-Tarts juice. Lunches come sides carbs, chocolate milk, juice rolls. emphasis placed Pugh. first step positive models. mimic see, stock house unhealthy foods snacks eat themselves, nearly impossible adequately encourage healths sake. recommends create void filled always-available alternatives. suggestions carrots hummus baby bell peppers cream cheese hard-boiled eggs no-added-sugar Greek yogurt cottage reduced-fat sticks nuts seeds portioned Triscuit Wheat Thins peanut butter reduced-sodium ham turkey slices rolled pickle. diabetic-friendly person fuller longer therefore blood-sugar levels, Continued page 20 WHATS DINNER Here diabetes-friendly recipe Pugh recommends. Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers Quinoa Yield Prep minutes Cook Ingredients 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil pound lean ground yellow onion, diced cloves garlic, minced teaspoons chili powder teaspoon cumin paprika ounces Tuttorosso Diced Tomatoes Italian Style puree cup cooked quinoa Juice lime 3 extra-large peppers, halved seeded shredded Monterey Jack cheddar Cilantro, garnish Instructions 1.Preheat oven 400 degrees F. 2.Add large skillet medium-high heat. hot, onion cook until starts soften. Add garlic meat almost through, breaking crumbles spoon cooks. 3.Add powder, cumin, paprika, salt pepper, additional tomatoes simmer minutes. Stir quinoa. Squeeze mixture. 4.Fill Cover tightly aluminum foil bake Remove carefully sprinkle top. Return immediately. refrigerated leftovers days. Calories 306kcal 21g protein 24g fat 14g saturated 6g cholesterol 58mg sodium 499mg potassium 842mg fiber 5g 9g vitamin 3710IU C 133.9mg calcium 293mg iron 3.9mg Chelseas Messy Apron chelseasmessyapron.com one-pan-healthy-sausage-and-veggies 19 follow MyPlate U.S. Department Agriculture myplate.gov. details visual guidance balancing portions. especially choosing starches, carbohydrates, rice, pasta, tortillas starchy potatoes, sweet potatoes corn. limiting starches half per meal, bread 6-inch tortillas. types diabetes ones higher fiber--greater serving, says. Typically, whole grains beanslegumes, peas lentil chickpea pasta wholegrain bread. enjoy fruit within reason. Fruit snack, possible, paired protein--such stick egg--or meal because Choose fiber. berries, apples, plums grapes. Try avoid limit bananas, mangos melons, typically sugar, served portions cup. juices whenever possible. drink juices, orange equivalent orange, benefit balanced breakfast school. source. example whole-wheat toast avocado almonds flaxseed sprinkled bowl sugar-free oatmeal sausage links waffle pancake use fresh place syrup bagel no-sugar-added yogurt. dont forget vegetables. Throw handful spinach frozen zucchini smoothie saut chopped omelet. consult registered dietitian. He education need, current specific barriers obstacles. RD, LDN, CNSC, dietitian Specialists. easier BETH LUBERECKI O ne youth old experiences mental-health disorder each lifetime illness begins 14. Covid-19 exacerbated issue, struggle isolation uncertainty created Local health-care providers upsurge recently. months 2021, 460 increase emergency room Baker Act same 2020. adults, having hard maturity adapt understand better, Mark D. Horton, director-pediatrics Group. arent well. coming department serve treat services. began offering 2016 operating space Plaza Bass Road Myers. specializes emotional, cognitive affecting up, anxiety, ADHD, mood disorders depression. full gamut mentalhealth King, psychologist Health. say amount lot plus oppositional defiant disorder, obsessive-compulsive traumas. approaches models developmental dealing with. grown significantly. team provided approximately 1,000 visits. grew 16,000 visits totally outgrown Plaza, Horton. weve realized demand grow exponentially. Funding initiative raise awareness funds access five-county philanthropic sources supported expansions area. Weve blessed benefactors, Offering different locations throughout region treatment. Plans call Winkler Avenue Six Mile Cypress Parkway another Springs. Two Lehigh Acres planned 2022. psychologists offices counseling patients. center located closer live reduces spent car trying appointment difficulty receiving weekly biweekly, load take arrangements us, King. think user friendly. evaluated population growth projections identify ideal sites centers. projected thought try locate offices, wants ready happy daunting task here important thing, here, thats why practices. reach Psy.D, Department. Horton Psy.D. department. 23 hen Marcela Nur joined November 2020 specializing saw shape medicine Im one, mold academic recently University Miami Texas Tech settled directly passion her career gynecological teenagers. includes teens navigate menstrual heavy, prolonged, irregular painful periods. oldest sisters found herself advice insight younger thinks helped lead eventual focus Womens my Nur. decided really enjoyed aspect, passionate about. Research topics explored polycystic ovary syndrome, hormonal affects women childbearing age, Human Office kind reinforced most, However, Golisano, male female disorders, depression, coping chronic illnesses. provides testing sexually transmitted infections, prescription contraception adolescents. Adolescence itself change transition, Not bodies changing, minds changing social environment changing. achieve multiple tasks identity society. teenagers struggles feeling fitting difficulties self-image body issues. kinds things normal adolescents, begin affect functionality life. adolescents conditions. Imagine that, teenager cystic fibrosis condition, addition issue self-esteem. gets very complicated them. 25 gut kid, probably not. Assembling Team Nurs missions deliver disciplines. multidisciplinary team, Treating involves provider nutritionist. connections professionals establish plans action needs. ideally providers, psychiatrist worker dietician. one-stop shop. country are, love here. valuable manifest According World Organization, globally experience conditions, suicide third leading cause 15to 19-year-olds. Centers Disease Control Prevention April October 2020, proportion mental-healthrelated 31 2019 living unprecedented up. practice, referred physicians. Normally referrals split equally since last fall, 70-75 receives 26 changed given majority substance use, moment different, advises eye notice concerning frequent bathroom, obsession dramatic exercising. Those red flags sooner prognosis, early. Tackling Tough Problems concerns impacted substances. getting rise, cannabis sporadically routinely. invariably struggling worried self-medicating while shifts public perception marijuana impacts clear. later. thing goes Sometimes isnt, wait too long asking So, conversation daughter parameters normal, period, embarrassing, sometimes sick bleeding long. miss pain. Parents willing accept seek advice. Your job parent physician, know, afraid manage, listen voice tells maybe completely doubt ask pediatrician, concerning, refer adult, 21 susceptible chemicals. stronger 1960s 70s, showing psychological dependency. reasons, signs use. tough avoiding worst-case scenario occur. reminded friends, Nur, herself. ask. knows treats talk teenage confidentially though encourages loop Many share active, My comment Tell might about, me hint Obtaining contraceptives board-certified specialist 27 PHOTO COURTESY years, choices hospitals St. Petersburg, Orlando Miami. Soon, Neurosurgery specialized offered George Jallo, neurosurgeon Institute Brain Protection Sciences vice dean physician-in-chief proximity cost missing Location barrier finding Simulation training led staff Most involve injuries. central nervous tumors, deformities born. recruiting hopes launch collaboration JHACH. agreement privileges admit JHACH train prepare program. August traveled presented customized version lecture series, neuro mate- rial tailored members, nurses, therapists advance attended Innovative Education Childrens. worked department, transport, units. members JHACHs Symposium, three-day conference disease injury spine. laying groundwork Jallo. development neurosurgeon, physician-inchief 29 D schools County nation respond sudden cardiac arrest HEART MATTER errick Purdy 17-year-old athlete. Healthy, strong, long-time basketball. sprinted court, sank rainbow three-pointers drove lane easy layups. stop Until heart did. 24, preseason Mariner High School Coral, Derrick came substitution, sat bench suddenly slumped onto teammate. mother, Kim, noticed wrong, rushed Derricks side. migraines, went seizure. stopped breathing. spectator attendance CPR Kim mouth-to-mouth. pulse gone. teammates grandfather, retired firefighter, grabbed on-site automated external defibrillator AED. portable pads persons chest. attached wires. An electric shocks rhythm. ABCs AEDs. got started, diagnosed SCA caused abnormal later received dual-chamber pacemaker fully recovered, although again equips AEDs saved basketball player Purdy, game. AED CPR, survived, Kim. number-one killer student athletes. occurs unexpectedly stops beating--and strike anyone, history Wisconsin-based save schools, who, Derrick, struck SCA. 1999 after Adam Lemel, Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, collapsed died playing collaborated Herma Wisconsin stands Automated Defibrillators Memory. partner districts elementary, middle, special centers, Julie Noble, coordinator BOTH PAGES PURDY FAMILY partnered responsible saving 140 lives. Forming response CERT responds emergencies comprised people. Conducting drills familiarity, rapid practiced coordination once Increasing recognize emergency. instantly diagnose potentially life-threatening rhythms, arrest. bystander, regardless training, following devices instructions administer shock. Still, familiarity speed shock automatically victim fatal effectively strikes. far, SCA, greatest enemy. die immediate Studies shown life American Association, passing minute survival 7 percent. Immediately administrating double survival. acquire ADAM-affiliated Providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation staff, teachers, coaches students. Initiating plan CERP quick grounds. 32 Every meets requirements ADAM-designated Safe reconfirmed status. Learn criteria projectadam.com Heartsafeschools. teamed 2018, counties. brief counties taken secure certification. June designated Schools, Noble. Nearby Collier certification ADAM, equipped ever Noble Know Often prior warning sign identifies Possible signs, present, Fainting dizziness Excessive fatigue shortness breath Chest chest discomfort Similarly, factor Risk Diseases structure--for congenital various forms cardiomyopathy. Electrical diseases heart, predispose rhythms ventricular fibrillation. Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome QT syndrome. Coronary artery disease, commonly atherosclerosis. atherosclerosis obesity, pressure, sedentary lifestyle, tobacco coronary disease. Exposure drugs cocaine, inhalants, recreational club medications. unexplained relative 50. blow heart. Source 33 protect theyre IN SWIM SAFELY weather gotten warmer, heading beach jumping pool cool fun. Nows water-safety tips. reinforce regularly buckle Sally Kreuscher, teach swimming alone. Whenever water, beach, providing supervision. cell phone eyes focused water. Adults turns watcher, someone assigned task. Swimming lessons eliminate supervision confidence techniques trouble. times drownings happen barbecues birthday parties, theres pool, actually accepted responsibility children, Kreuscher. Drownings quieter picture. drowning movies, flailing screaming splashing. lifeguards consider layer substitute caregiver ultimately responsible, place-- fences, alarms door locks--to prevent accessing time. habit pulling toys, floats, noodles balls putting fence immediately, removes temptation tables chairs determined Kreuscher revisit basis skills refreshed. learn tragedy in-person classes options organizations Red Cross. Child Advocacy resources parents, infant kits, water-watcher tags. reminder whoevers holding responsibility, Call 239-343-5101 obtaining STEP AWAY FROM SCREENS deal overload eve computers, smartphones tablets exception. Whether attending virtually staying connected texts, media video games, spending digital wouldnt surprising experiencing bit temporary encouraging computers phones. balance, making sleep, activities, Errin E. Price, detox screens. concerned behavior extended become irritable, hide room, interacting changes appetite. Maybe fun enjoy, Price. Or asleep asleep, case, Price needed. figure whats excessive contributing longer-term overload. talking Is connection media, bored games nonstop cant Seeking professional answers addicted devices, diagnosis make. addiction, impacting functioning, Theyre sleep leaving hopefully control, expect transition before. ease guide face-to-face interactions. change, steps, else together. slowly weaning curfew option families, phones night. charge overnight outside bedrooms idea. example. Just Even wake morning check email pick coffee book instead. Psy.D., athletes overcome psychiatrists prescribe medications antidepressants, anti-anxiety stimulants ADHD. Either psychology psychiatry Gonzalez. Sports need-based sport specific. Gonzalez sees compete football, basketball, baseball, swimming, track, hockey tennis. Ages vary preteens adulthood. Initial sessions thorough evaluation screens conditions--such concussion, overtraining, inefficient sleep--to rule symptoms. Next, assess situation pinpoint patterns triggers. competition problem, HEAD GAMES decades, turned ongoing obstacles high-level performance. involved competitive athletics college pro Competitive athletes, stress, lack concentration Rolando itself, everyday lives, sport. either therapy helpful. overlap difference began, symptoms has, relate performance, worsen better. separately. background focal point design her, Treatment exercises relaxation, goal-building self-talk. therapies mindfulness used. conservative track. Yet, medication necessary, shows severe ADHD Olympic general population, effective, aware side effects hamper antidepressants slow reaction Stimulants detecting temperature increases, dehydration heat stroke. Ritalin, Adderall Propranolol pressure banned Olympics. Gonzalez, drop sport, worsening mood, irritability, loss problems classroom. gradually difficult notice, proactive seeking elite curious optimize edge maximize advantage, motivated can, Beyond therapy, burnout Help life, monitoring sporting events. idea yet tried. remind sports, foremost, enjoyable measurement success. 39 SEEING SIGNS STRESS f seems stressed lately, understandable considering navigating global indicating regressive behaviors, temper tantrums complaints tummy aches. feeling, name emotions, Sandra Mills, teaching feeling. tantrum, say, angry looks like, Mills. Teens complain stomach- headaches too, show behavior--for acting switching peer groups. few indications grades losing interest listen. judge supposed do, jump fix mechanisms. Ask questions potential whatever having. relief. Sleep brains offline except jobs-- beating breathing, shortchanging eight-ball. overwhelming. moving feels own, help, unique family. Ph.D., STRUGGLING WITH SLEEPLESS NIGHTS Insomnia recently--heres trouble sleeping increased, Jose Colon, sleep. Were study Journal Clinical Medicine estimate effect insomnia Internet search queries 58 previous years. Like related employment else. tossing turning Combine happening disrupt routines, classrooms. allow Colon. anti recommendations hygiene. life-altering event combination antisleep hygiene surges improve. impaired schoolwork activities inappropriate daytime falling speak specialist. intervention, night, tempted let morning, Colon perpetuate cycle. Doing pattern consistent Other aids melatonin magnesium. Meditation breathing helpful, equally. WHEN THINGS OUT LINE ONLINE ccording Preventions Youth Behavior Survey, 9th 12th graders said electronically survey. Cyberbullying texting, Instagram monitor. M. Sabo, Health, cyberbullying prevention rather intervention. handle it, ask, appropriate issue. Any gives interact others, boundaries expectations Sabo. Rules teeth history, front stuff shower, transparent otherwise, cultivating distrust. cyberbullied, lines cultivate conversations respond--or, likely, respond--to law enforcement involved. laws policies stopbullying.gov. Blocking bullys account move. bullied, personal hurtful feels. lies bully, act Point loyal activities. cyberbullying, must. Go wrong apologize whoever offended, misusing abusing privilege account, removed. accountable, GINA BIRCH K coming-of-age subjects TOUCHY TOPICS ids fast. swaddling handing keys car. Chronologic aging entirely animal. Todays intense barrage mainstream expose realities for. question topics. Pediatrician Denise Drago advises, Tackle on. embarrassed answering question. instead, parts topic naturally - seem forced Elementary preteen TV specific, Be questions. enough. Going detail confusing difficult. Take sex, is, already warns. sex talks start explaining touch bad touch, followed puberty hits. body, advises. nitty-gritty unless crossing street. good, relationship. comes race, says, decide look. note news coverage fallout Floyd overwhelming teens. move concept something-- march, volunteering discussions appropriate, develops differently. visiting website healthychildren. org relationship maturity. teenagers, explaining, math, depressed angry. assume true. Learning older. exercising, also. coping, Show so. Last least, respect opinions, yours. Listen acknowledged. Drago, 44 VIRTUAL PANDEMIC educate hroughout Covid19 continuing shifting format. course proving relevant Aid. evidencebased teaches participants five-step loved ones, colleagues, neighbors substance-use requests class, Lorena Rodriguez, Program Coordinator People starting versed skills. lots Rodriguez likens aid basic trained over. intervene needed, things. Aid offers module adults Private businesses arranged, Spanish caregivers enroll Partners Parenting Exceptional Child. free eight-week evidence-based parenting Rodriguez. isolating, language connect cant. Free workshops dignified discipline. courses Spanish. Spanish-speaking so, offerings likely mix. moved online, drew wider geographic lifted barriers, scheduling conflicts definitely pros, join. register classes, leehealth.orgclasses select Children. BA, CPST, NICK ADAMS CLASES POR VIRTUALES DURANTE LA PANDMICA COVID-19 lo largo de la pandmica COVID-19, el nios del Suroeste y han seguido su ayuda en ofrecer clases importantes para los padres familia comunidad, pero forma virtual. Una clase que ha sido muy relevante esta poca actual es Primeros Auxilios Salud Mental. Esta basado evidencia educacin pblica e herramienta evitar, ensea participantes un accin cinco pasos ayudar sus seres queridos, compaeros, vecinos otros, poder con salud o problemas uso drogas. Hemos tenido muchos pedidos por clase, dijo Coordinadora programa defensa niez La gente estn diciendo necesitan las habilidades. Hay tanta sufriendo todos cambios ao pasado. Sra. compara una RCP tradicional primeros auxilios, donde estudiantes aprenden habilidades bsicas hasta llegan profesionales mdicos. Les enseamos como identificar notar signos sntomas intervenir cuando sea necesario, En revisamos unas cosas tiles decir se acerca diferentes situaciones. ofrece dos opciones mdulo adultos otros El encuentran nuevas maneras educar comunidad. mucho ms difcil. Puede ser aislante, asistir entienden hablan mismo idioma usted, permite conecten comunicarse manera pueden. Tambin ofrecen talleres virtuales gratuitos espaol. Tenemos comunidad grande habla hispana suroeste importante conectarse esa poblacin realmente brindarles herramientas. volvern persona seguro hacerlo, cree ofertas continan formando parte currculo. Por ejemplo, grupo apoyo movi lnea, atrajo rea geogrfica amplia incluso fuera Cambiando plataforma levantado barreras, conflictos programar tiempo viaje, Las definitivamente tienen algunas ventajas, cuales personas todas partes pueden unirse. Para obtener informacin inscribirse clases, visite www. leehealth.orgclases seleccione quienes trabajan interaccin adolescentes. ofrecemos privadas corporaciones organizaciones, adems est creando espaol finales ao. Padres cuidadores necesidades especiales versin lnea ChildSocios crianza hijos nio excepcional. Este curso gratis ocho semanas tambin aprender unos otros. difcil, Cuando uno tiene hijoa especiales, 47 FRANCESCA BLOCK NOTHING THAN HUG M Sunshine Ambassador hugger argaret Peg Bentz walked pitch-black 12-year-old boy lay bed, endure never-ending headache. eyes, asked, pray responded, dark together prayer. later, recalls, rang. boys father. Thinking today, chills. Experiences motivate volunteer 2014. mourning husband do. considered soon realized, volunteer. secretary career. Then, battled cancer, sitting bedside hospital. Given fit. After dove routine. arrived discovered job. cart snacks, checked desk door, introducing provide. Throughout day, smile movies laughter reflects. Her distributing donated teddy bears blankets gifts bear reminisces, light shoes, watch suffer. told order fear worry, Above all, 79 person, writes letters thinking seven Hospital, misses back. there, reflects, helping. 49 ANN MARIE OPHELAN HEALTHY MINDS, KIDS Confronting tender aking childhood adulthood some, physical, spiritual seemingly appear nowhere. days, demands restrictions Covid-19. self-care, explains Damini Parkhi. Indeed, strives exercise, meditation mind hobbies painting. Parkhi, advocates break stigma, dealt myself, became interested to, explains. Parkhi works health, Normal Overrated, organized Lees Coalition. workshops, conferences held Painting stressors. SOBERING FACTS ABOUT MENTAL ILLNESS AMONG YOUTH 6-17 Fifty 14, 75 24. Suicide second 10-34. Courtesy Alliance Illness NAMI.org rewards knowing motivates DAMINI PARKHI middle enjoys field finished college. meantime, finishes parttime job, becoming planner advocate youth. adds believes mind, spirit. Providers blogs toolkit Upcoming 51 NEW CONNECTION TO HIS SPORT Purdys Only undergoing maintain record. learned limits. huge was, away. Initially, mother encouragement family, teammates, however, redefined rejoined statistician season. truly recovery. remains straight-A attend South scholarship. invested hobbies, fishing, shares grandfather. changes, determined, continued grade. senior star varsity game-winning three-point shot. prowess, dreamed doctor. Suddenly, October, beating, future seemed risk. him, MOVING FORWARD VOL. NO. SPRING TIME ADJUSTING POST-PANDEMIC LIFE RENEWED FOCUS NEUROSURGERY ADVANCES SPRINGSUMMER

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