FEATURES FallWinter 2021 20 MOBILE NICUS IMPROVE OUTCOMES Southwest Floridas Guide to Keeping Children Healthy and Happy 18 FIGHTING THE FLU The flu took a back seat Covid-19 last year, but this season its expected make strong comeback. Immunization is still the first line of defense. Four state-of-the-art ambulances at Golisano Childrens Hospital can transport high-risk mothers their newborns from outlying areas facility with more specialized care. 24 TAKING SHOT A collaboration between Lee Health School District County has brought vaccine place where students feel comfortable--their neighborhood schools. 4 DEPARTMENTS 12 14 52 6 SUN CONTINUES TO SHINE OVER GOLISANO CHILDRENS HOSPITAL ACTIVE LIFESTYLE 34 36 38 40 42 10 Welcome Alyssa Bostwick,vice president operations chief nurse executive, Dr. Emad Salman,vice operationsand physician executive,Golisano ChildrensServices Take Cover Getting Message Through Creepy Crawlies Stepping Away Sports Dont Overplay Your WELLNESS 44 Watch Out for Myopia 46 Know Signs an Eating Disorder 48 Kids Get Constipated Too HEALTH TALK INNOVATIONS GETTING AROUND CLASSES First Safe Season 49 Pediatric Offices 50 Learning How Help Peek into NICU 15 Neurosurgery Comes 17 Treatment Distraction SUPPORT Sunshine in Tough Times MINI CHEFS INSPIRING 28 Picky Eaters Expand Palates 54 We Are Family SUNSHINE EXPLORERS 32 Adventures With Sunny Sparkle PUBLICATION OF SOUTHWEST FLORIDA KidsFirstMagazine.org PUBLISHER Daniela J. 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Opinions expressed contributors are not necessarily those Board Directors David Collins, President CEO, Larry Antonucci, M.D. Chief Operating Medical Officer, Scott Nygaard, Operations Women Services, Armando Llechu VP Operations, Physician Executive Regional Services Salman, Nurse Executive, Bostwick, R.N., C.P.N. Foundation Trustees Pason Gaddis, Development Chris Simoneau Senior Director Marketing, Tiffany Whitaker, A.P.R., C.P.R.C. Development, Melody Desilets 9981 S. HealthPark Drive Fort Myers, 33908 s we reflected on what stories share you sixth edition magazine, were filled gratitude past five years since opening doors our community-embraced Florida. Our beautiful hospital, caring team members sharing life-saving mission, used gift keep families close home serve youngest patients world-class health services, programs, treatment. This regional center excellence childrens care continued grow meet needs community--and there lot celebrate share. vice recently vaccination 12- 18-year-old population community via Mobile Vaccine Clinic. On July 29 cut ribbon multimillion-dollar, entirely philanthropically funded, SWFL Charities Eye Institute Hospital. center, than two making, expands access brings medical surgical children ophthalmologic conditions region. have also mission increase mental behavioral increasing number providers, navigators, programs that offer. understand diverse, aspire tackle head on. progress ongoing. will adding pediatric neurosurgery coming months hope bring genetics rheumatology Over next expanding services Collier demands area, staying true keeping kids quality they need. many efforts revolve around your healthy, safe, well. As Hospital, goal enhance childs well-being never require services. At same time, want sure available should them. Finally, once again thank generous making hospital possible continuing invest us, trust us. heart do partners, sponsors, volunteers, donors breath very reason exist. Thank magazine. proud been added over years, including ability take large proportion who suffer burns, dialysis, young adults, up age 30, certain types cancer. urology gastrointestinal as well adolescent medicine. year another one challenges triumphs. forge ahead improving region despite pressures Covid pandemic placed us all. had silver linings cloud NicView Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, allowing parents family see babies all times anywhere world established amazing relationships County, partnered administer rapid antigen testing most BY ANN MARIE OPHELAN KIDS FIRST ones healthy safe I ts now important ever precautions strong. step defense get seasonal influenza shot, explains pediatrician Pierre Loredo. peak December through March. severe enough lead complications such ear sinus infections worsening chronic asthma or diabetes hospitalization even death. Flu vaccines cause antibodies develop provide protection. Another virus causes concern respiratory syncytial RSV, common mild, coldlike symptoms. It issues newborns, issues, elderly. RSV typically fall spring. Of course, concern. three Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson work against Delta variant, says Loredo, emphasizes getting vaccinated key To find nearest provider pharmacy, check cdc.gov vaccinescovid-19reportingvaccinefinderabout.html. Even when vaccinated, follow safety measures practicing social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands properly often, sick. Call doctor if temperature 103 degrees Fahrenheit above. Or having difficulty breathing, vomiting diarrhea, Whats protection clean, germs easily spread touch surface object then mouth eyes. Teach wash regularly, Anytime eating preparing food, going toilet, play, petting animals, being others sick, touching face, hands. Handwashing vital, single doorknob infect half people it just four hours, big germ culprit remote control. When comes coughing sneezing, taught use tissue however, readily available, teach them cough sneeze elbow, inner elbow area likely washed afterwards. Safeguarding immune systems prevention illnesses. Encourage child eat balanced diet fruits vegetables, adequate daily exercise, proper amount sleep, adds Start throughout Florida assist pregnant women newborns. WIC program nutrition Women, Infants, floridahealth.gov. Local public schools offer free reduced school lunch programs. Food pantries, Harry Chapin Bank Florida, help children, families, seniors harrychapinfoodbank.org. Exercise assists physical heath. ages need nine hours night, teens 13 eight night. In especially, storms inclement weather always familys plans. Make medicines, aid kits, supplies like batteries flashlights, food water stocked ready. Stay inside lightning. One helpful source lightning alerts weatherbug.com. MD, primary ANN-MARIE Nancy Vossler, RN, MSN, nursing director neonatal Jonathan Witenko system Virtual Telemedicine Health. TOP RIGHT AND BOTTOM LEFT IMAGES COURTESY NATUS MEDICAL INCORPORATED, NATUS.COM any parent knows, easy away little ones, especially hospital. Thanks NicView, secure camera system, remotely observe baby treated cared regions only intensive unit Due Covid, visitation limited gives entire log new member. Loved receive unique code connect smartphone computer quickly peek watch extended Witenko, Parents time day logon information would like--from brothers sisters cousins, aunts, uncles. There no limit time. went live May almost 40,000 loved ones. They come far Europe Middle East. great blessing staff, precious focus healing, allow in. dads was able his while serving military overseas, helped effort install NicView. Health, describes vital tool closer cameras, anywhere. PEEK INTO emotions NICU. trying emotional family. Moms visit delayed due her reasons mean she photos perhaps quick FaceTime dad visited baby, Vossler. changed. mom onto app phone video streaming desires. alleviates some wondering, stress, anxiety feels. Seeing allows bonding begin, purchased philanthropy. kind donations, which continue enable best Golisano, Johns Hopkins partnership PEDIATRIC NEUROSURGERY COMES he advanced area. Staffed faculty cares suffering brain spinal cord pathologies. These include spine tumors, spina bifida, Chiari malformation, craniosynostosis, deformities, hydrocephalus, vascular malformations moyamoya, brachial plexus peripheral nerve injuries, epilepsy. Previously, managed faculty, needed surgery transferred St. Petersburg procedures. Now much easier facilities Golisano. approximately 300 neurosurgeons United States. position requires board certification additional training above requirements state-ofthe-art general neurosurgery. experience qualifications diagnose treat nervous-system problems deformities. Theodore T.J. Spinks, neurosurgeon relocated Tampa. Before that, practice Austin, Texas. Spinkss minimally invasive surgery, cervical occipitocervical problems, endoscopic tumors. Many procedures performs newer technologies widely country. He country perform kyphoplasty, compression fractures, patients. addition, involved concussion research advocacy, helping draft legislation Texas Centers Disease Control Prevention CDC panel created Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Guideline. published papers graft harvest 16 transnasal shunt placement. along other members, hand orthopedics am looking forward working orthopedic toptier treatment Spinks. staff long nurses hard taking classes neurosurgery, conjunction Petersburg, While most, all, connection Spinks either location, depending better suited specific FAANS, D An immersion room entertain during rigors chemo TREATMENT DISTRACTION r. hematologist oncologist wants chemotherapy less stressful adults 30 age. After session full day, passing difficult Salman came idea where, sit infusion chairs treatment, could escape environment choosing. different backgrounds calming beach waves palm trees, sunken ship swimming fish, exploration outer space. Anthony DeBono III, founder d3 Creative Studio responsible vision reality, creative design final implementation. plans implement hospitals spring 2022. Were reality scenes, pass playing games watching movies giant virtual screen, DeBono. forget matters give control choose environment, remote, own decisions about how spend Plus, stress knowing occupied entertained treatments. Tammy Wilbur, hematologyoncology worked cant wait until running. love says. try be, add element fun room, background PHOTOS HOSPTIAL distraction. She scenes engaging putting ease, whether 2 old old. excited launch project know biggest challenge leave. think competition gets often it, Wilbur. supporters, Plans expand locations works. strategies tips BETH LUBERECKI wont mild years. Experts expect season, Rhona Holganza, primary-care works Group Pediatrics Harbor Boulevard location Port Charlotte. several that. lack natural immunity thats normally present previous year. dont low cases isolation, Holganza. higher level mask-wearing factors contributed cases. But isnt prevalent person. So, thinking preparation prevention. Holganzas main advice decreasing chances catching Immunize, immunize, immunize Benjamin Franklin famously said, ounce worth pound cure. Everyone six older vaccine. egg allergy longer why avoid vaccine, breastfeeding women. Holganza advises early possible, Her --Dr. If sick home, youll suction bulb alleviate stuffy nose. Babies obligate nose breathers cannot breathe mouths, Thus, nasal passages cleared help. seek attention fever controlled, exhibits lethargy, shows signs distress fast labored flaring, wheezing, call directly emergency room. Avoiding situations these strongly recommends everyone way minimize go top easy. MIDDLE PHOTO separate sites body. Talk goes approval process under 12. Practicing good handwashing habits preventive measure helps protect flu. soap least seconds sanitizer contains 60 percent alcohol. done frequently before after coughing, blowing eyes, nose, using restroom. Mask-wearing indoor activities, plus maintaining distance others, down transmission. starts showing symptoms, tell testing. Symptoms-wise, differentiate other, determined flu, stay school, contact drink lots hydrated. Other at-home treatments steam cool mist humidifier, giving sponge baths regulating doses Tylenol Motrin. Honey kids, given 1 younger. vigorous 19 surrounding maternal team. DR. JAMES B, BARRINGER NICUs Transporting H Because outcome outborn neonate born somewhere theyve major extreme prematurity remains worse inborn born, emphasis remain prenatal diagnosis subsequent in-utero transfer whenever Faisal. Despite technology, usually incubators. womb provides warmth protects infection, germs, direct light, noise. Sometimes simply so must substitute efficient infant transfer. Regardless delivered not, imperative mobile equipped equipment skilled personnel. igh-risk infants, preterm babies, special needs, dependent another. significant neonates, tertiary because medical, surgical, rapidly evolving postpartum issues. capable destination safely imperative. Studies show shortened interfacility leads improved outcomes smallest critically ill states Mohamed Faisal, FAAP, neonatologist Pediatrix Faisal premature neonates 21 Interior pediatricneonatal transport. ambulance unit. Golisanos state-of-theart transports needed. 22 Ideally, larger composed NICU, perinatal unit, cadres subspecialists, outreach program. teams both neonatalpediatric team, resources start department inpatient units spokesperson Bostwick. extensive personnel consisting critical registered nurse, therapist, EMTparamedic trained delivery mother. together assess ensure mother, utero, deliver appropriate delivery. addition high risk delivering newly Maternal fundamental component regionalizing obstetrics simultaneously babies. Since 2019, transported mothers, already delivered. layout safely, told, community, Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Glades, Hendry counties. carry 1,400 holds stretcher expectant mother isolette neonate. accommodate isolette. Each outfitted fluid pumps, ventilators, medications, lab assessment machines, importantly, educated, prepared invested providing comprehensive Nichole Shimko, CCRN, C-NPT, CP, clinical coordinator member day-to-day functionality assisting further education, support, more. thankful professionalism, compassion, needed, gain knowledge reassurance. Premature steadied presence adept peaceful before, after, transport, particularly events. Younger soothed. fear slowly slip movie playing, iPad games, music voice provides. wonderful thing see, Shimko. units. Recently, provided response necessary situation. ill. Upon arrival, gas called nitric oxide improve infants status within minutes, survival long-term infant, Just few ago, Hospitals deal force nature midst Charlotte patient surgery. During travels, struck ambulance, behind witnessing. paramedic driving maneuver out traffic, truly, damage electrical. second respond him relates appreciative complimentary calmness recognized According received Nursing Excellence Award, nominated Passion Promise Award. won Outstanding Innovative Program Poster Award presentation, High-Risk Maternal-Newborn Transport Team, National Association Womens Obstetrics, Nurses Conference. recent donation pieces toolset. Tecotherm cooling improves neurological experienced decrease oxygen constantly monitor infant. nitric-oxide blood vessels lungs conditions. ultrasound IV placement portable machines them, SanCap Cares, charitable organization raises money each donated funds April stretchers once, meaning siblings, ride replace ongoing, technology advancing consistently used. advances mileage units, look every seven currently raising funding remount, remount means box truck, features updated costly buying small mighty--a professionals moment event, please stop say Hello, adding, You love, passion, dedication community. 23 Members Vaccination Clinic left right Emy Lynch, EMT Jen Fisher, registration, Laura Brennaman, RN Armstrong, registration Sandra Brown, does double duty promoting vaccines. Team clinic. Left Trevor Freed, Kellie Lawson, Jenny Lovato, therapist Kathleen Hannah, administers student Janiyah Safford. HEATHER CORBIN L clinic visits ee leader pandemic. really integral, designed residents specifically, plan mitigation stratschools, staffed pharmacist, paramedic, egies, Lauren Stillwell, engagement officer County. optional Customer-service handle reopening shutdown end March 2020. side effects. That led For anyone else whos fearful needles, offers And Pfizer Pain Ease spray applied authorization injection site. gone EUA adolescents lengths sometimes distractions ease fear, Angie Holmes, existed up, partor singing songs, vaccines, rain shine. nership sprang action. visits, VacGolisano Pediatcination ric began traveling older, parents, June 2. interested receiving didnt guardian accompany minors supervisor critical-care consent press 25 Respiratory Jamie Reed Amanda Simmons, run Three Oaks School. schools, Dunbar High School, Springs Elementary 500 vaccinations administered locations. something keeps wouldnt searching drive outside Stillwell. familiar reduce fears might discomfort visiting unfamiliar Weve heard place, So nice feels comfortable. spot comfortable, huge clinics occasionally evening weekend. combined pantry one-stop event. Around dose Traci Kohler, assistant principal Septemof ber 2021. return October supply 26 receives Hosting opportunity choices act upon choice, Whether scarcity assistance, everything opportunities choice. district examples extremely Its reaching rate. 12, winter. integral group eligible, broader send particular themselves By navigate once-in-a-lifetime global crisis, best. educators professionals, guidance invaluable safe. outstanding, truly grasped clinic, eager partner together, success. goal. among destinations CPN, EMS Advisory Council 27 MINI-CHEFS HELP PICKY EATERS EXPAND THEIR PALATES Want garden kitchen f youve got picky eater struggle green, leafy, looks vegetable. growing, choosing, cooking foods plate, taste. Research vegetables pot, kinds Toni-Ann Triolo, dietitian space yard, growing peppers, lettuce, zucchini. pot tomatoes basil. planting watering, enjoy whole outdoors. Watching fruits, herbs motivates Triolo. Theyre motivated theyre creating rather throwing piece broccoli plate. --Toni-Ann Triolo spinach minerals iron. Fruits sources carbohydrates fiber bodies energy digestive health. sparks interest grocery store farmers market, it. pick say, avocado asking questions, game plan. Thats avotry cado fats. guacamole Then let transGetting form picked inspire broaden horidelicious. Let prepare zons. Try things mash potatoes cucumbers, salad Say child, yourself lets created. made, market explore produce options. colors, color vegetable fruit nutrients growth development. oranges apples vitamin C boost systems. Orange veggies squash carrots eyesight, leafy greens kale Making eaters nudge new. Slather celery peanut butter raisins caterpillar. Use funny face raw steamed broccoli, dip ranch dressing flavor, cook spices like. slight alterations flavors. pasta cheese, alfredo dish mashed potatoes, cauliflower seasonings taste potatoes. change ways overnight. parent, example. guardians motivate influence positive aspect, yummy Be reinforce vegetable, doesnt icky. MS, RD, LDN, dealing disorder, according World Organization, experts effects media lives. ADHD, behavior anxiety, depression commonly diagnosed disorders children. Recognizing treating curbing growth. play afternoon, sand tools, build magnificent castle Oh, Im disappointed. What saying thought beach. Naaa. mood stupid Not really. hot sandy. Is matter sad. you. Have told feeling know. alone. anything No. me true. talk My cousin sad too. sees talks feelings. figure are. again. sounds silly. Why my feelings Maybe try. guess hopeless. Search words Holidays Apple Bells Candies Carols Christmas Elves Gift Lights Mincepie Ornaments Pine cone Presents Pudding Reindeer Rudolph Santa Scrooge Sled Sleigh Snow Stocking Sweetcorn Tinsel Toys Tree Turkey Winter Wrapping 33 KLAUDIA BALOGH respect power thunderstorms dislike, open listen Such questions create awareness, aware storms, empowered doing caught one. do, heroes situation, educated guided process, Anzalone says, peers calm Dark clouds piling thunderstorm approaching. associate rain, strike reaches estimated million cloud-to-ground flashes occur U. S., NWS. service Doppler radar participating activity, suggests. Weather quickly, essential. 3030 rule become recommended stormsafety practice. seeing hearing thunder less, shelter. minutes storm passes outside. TAKE COVER o educate danger, Salvatore wife role tool. scenario playful drumming pots pans, flashing thunderstorms. shelter, desensitize minimizes anxiety. capital States, teenage boys vulnerable, Service Warm waters humidity perfect recipe thunderstorms, summer months. busy camps, sports, outdoor safety. teaching fixated cause, notes. plan, ask storm, Lightning Safety Tips Outdoor Indoor action indoors. venture patio porch, near water. tempting stare window, windows. bath shower dishes electric cables. indoors option, car windows rolled up. educating preschool age, Anzalone. discussions purpose happens thunderstorm, emphasize phenomenon passes--the clearing air, sunlight through. Limit exposure videos traumatic events fuel instead story minds storms. Anzalone, FAAP Healthcare Network 35 MESSAGE THROUGH W Rural communities pose limitations hen rural checkups, think. Jose Salazar, Network, Immokalee decades, rewarding multiple example, Salazar transportation. language barrier prevents securing transportation serves Hispanic, though speaks fluent Spanish, finds challenging direction. speaking language, understanding sufficient fully interpret apply doctors advice. willingness understand, lives, notes Salazar. priorities different. Priority translates working, put table, committed integrated FSU COLLEGE MEDICINE afraid fired missing work. miss appointments losing job, explains. problematic scheduled follow-up appointments. across childhood obesity. issue realize road. extra weight raise flag soon enough, potential dangers, hits wall. diabetes, cultural problem U.S. job highly rewarding. tough frustrating message through, difference. here fulfill CHCQM, FAIHQ, 37 CREEPY CRAWLIES Bed bugs, lice, scabies treatable hey crawl, bite, hide places skin, indeed creepy. parasites crawl life Phillip C. Mote, Group, lice parasites, misconceptions spreads noting usual discovering organism--a mite nits, eggs--in hair. Lice transmissible--most point--but shampoo week weeks. Mote hygiene contributing factor, human hosts. proven product, somebody elses comb wear hat, survive host two. bed bugs scabies, differentiating difficult. bug bites similar, tend itchier. SCABIES Hygiene human, house cream body Although creepy crawlies, theres overly freak pest bringing life, neither enter bloodstream nor serious concerned about. tales burrowing rash feet groin armpit, living layer dermis layer, weeks skin manifests reacts feeding skin. diagnose. travel packs, itchy, treated. bites, topical cream. irritated eliminated, bedding 60-degree warmer 39 STEPPING AWAY FROM SPORTS t obesity becoming emphasizing importance activity ever. balance rest burnout, Rolando Gonzalez, sports psychiatrist sign sport noticing seem anymore, push routine falls encourage communication sport. break professional, Gonzalez seen wide spectrum manifest too pressure. excitement pregame jitters good, lingers practice, pathological problematic. Anxiety sweep aspects life. Mood changes, withdrawing stomachaches game, drop performance school--these clear advisable. quits monotony effective, point athlete continues motivation, move maybe talking coach couple off calling season. whats bothering child. too-competitive individual, skill-based sport, letting opinion comfortable aspect experiences explains, coaching focused opposed merely oriented. part, effort-based introduce activities. Hospitial DONT OVERPLAY WELCOME M Young athletes hard, leading preventable injuries illions injured annually recreational yet prevented. fact, pressure slightest strain result addressed timely manner. Amy Harlow, surgeon Orthopedics SWFL, treats specific. baseball players shoulder strains. Runners, football, soccer knee iliotibial IT band year-round overuse muscle groups complications. Overuse Harlow classic inflammation knee, broken bone. Often, pain hold bit rehabilitation, Once injury begins manifest, pushing hoping back. Depending severity, groups. advise rest, exercises--gentle stretching strengthening. unsure recovery, colleagues formal therapy, range motion, warming appropriately. actions warmup, stretching, load games. baseball, number-one tactic adhering pitch count, based skeletal maturity, pointing muscle-specific warmups muscles ready level. equally down, stretch, ice afterwards, overused, stepping completely extreme, introducing various specializing early. Lots data supports exposing coordination development, overused fatigued recover. SWFL. 43 Excessive squinting complaints headaches indications problems. clues complete eye exam specialist, Doyle. eyes examined correction visual acuity. devices often. disingenuous screens society like, exclusion else. environment. blue-light computers, cell phones, tablets, blockers. screen hour disrupt sleep cycles, Turn electronics bed, OK. Following 20-20-20 day. shift seconds, everyone. James M. Doyle, ophthalmologist WATCH OUT MYOPIA struggling clearly Covid19 pandemic, myopia Also known nearsightedness short-sightedness, faraway objects appear blurry. Doyle increase. weve close-up Close-up tendency nearsighted Some stopped glasses werent inperson. Others activities decreased Staying contribute toward nearsighted, determine nearsightedness. closely reading distance, KNOW SIGNS AN EATING DISORDER for, steps suspect impact Marcela Nur disorder times. disorders, Nur, specializes adult medicine Group. sooner help, better. habits. notice teen less. Any changes behaviors red flag, Nur. Dramatic loss gain, excessive exercising calorie counting, missed menstrual periods, secretive indicators anorexia nervosa disorder. binge eating. clothing sizes, OK here. issue, physician. motion includes dietician track. complications, multidisciplinary females males. bottom adolescence period transition, kid developing properly, organic disease, Crohns celiac present, radar. stresses blame multifactorial combination things, biological hormonal related. influences, genetic dynamics personality. ashamed. intervention prognosis. boardcertified specialist 47 GINA BIRCH CONSTIPATED TOO Develop bathroom suffers constipation, Viraine Weerasooriya, gastroenterology school-aged bowel movements. bowels caused defined functional constipation. bad in, Weerasooriya bigger, harder stool, reinforces wanting go. Problems movements begin diet, toddlers toilet training. Social stressors uses bathroom. noises Video gaming constipation culprit. relieve themselves. Holding becomes detrimental habit. Symptoms fecal incontinence, belly aches, clogging appetite movements, Weerasooriya. symptoms affect well, laxative therapies, counseling dietary prevent recurrence. Preventive grains, paying intake. Consider switching high-fiber cereals offering fiber-rich gummies dessert. Drinking helps. binds fiber, softening stool exit. grams ingesting daily, formula. 10. suggests setting meal relaxed. learn telling About adulthood. address establish healthful gastroenterologist tract liver, nutrition. More Mental Aid course LEARNING HOW Lorena Rodriguez, BA, CPST, advocacy Minds Matter BOTH PAGES NICK ADAMS year-plus challenging, Reports rise uncertainty, restrictions, death, Theres events, family, employment. affected everyones offered Currently conducted format, teaches participants identify, illness substance disorders. feel, hear agencies join teachers, class, Rodriguez. past, said class sounded interesting required to. saying, struggling, Rodriguez believes learning engaged others. online modules geared support adolescents. Participants group, interact someone person tries version month. Being notice, thing, Aid, notice. approach off, conversation. charge, thanks Matter, initiative awareness increased five-county expects options in-person resume gotten benefits virtual, lifting barriers reducing scheduling conflicts, Ive education face-to-face, me. doubts. Was effective Am engage supporting youre this. see. register workshops offered, leehealth.orgclasses select Children. donate initiative, kidsmindsmatter.com. CLASES POR El curso de Primeros Auxilios la Salud explica formas identificar y ayudar las personas que tienen dificultades. pero sabe cmo comienza como tener conversacin. esta ofrecido sin costo al participante, gracias una iniciativa con el objetivo trabajar para crear conciencia fondos apoyar mejor acceso cuidado salud conductual nios, en regin consiste cinco condados. Rodrguez espera seguir ofreciendo incluso despus del pandmico. Hemos visto beneficios por quitar barreras transporte los padres reducir conflictos programar citas, estado educacin publica diez aos fue cara cara, esto un cambio radical m. Tuve mis dudas. Iba ser efectivo Los participantes participaran clase Pero ni siquiera se conocen apoyan entre s, diciendo est solo. Todos estamos pasando esto. Eso ha sido agradable ver. Para registrar aprender sobre otras clases seminarios ofreciendo, visite www.leehealth.org seleccione ms donar iniciativa, www. kidsmindsmatter.com Rodrguez, CPST es coordinadora programas Nios suroeste APRENDIENDO AYUDAR os ltimos meses han muy desafiantes, mucha gente estn luchando su mental. Reportajes ansiedad depresin aumento adultos nios incertidumbre, restricciones, aislamiento miedos pandmico COVID-19. sufrir muchas prdidas ltimo ao, solamente muerte, dijo Hay prdida eventos especiales, tiempo familia, empleo. tantos estresores afectado todos manera u otra. Es eso, Mental, mas importante nunca. Por ahora presentado formato ensena identificar, entender responder signos enfermedades mentales uso drogas. Lo siento escucho tantas agencias quienes unen profesores, hay necesidad grande este curso, dice Rodrguez. e hijos. En pasado, deca asista porque pareca interesante requerimiento. Ahora tanta necesitan saber hacer, cuanto participan desean dems. dos mdulos uno ensean otro dirigido enseanza cuidar adolescentes. aprenden sntomas abuso drogas grupo edad especifico, interactuar alguien crisis conectar persona ayuda necesita. trata ofrecer cada versin lo menos vez mes. La capacidad comprender notar algo sumamente importante, Con realmente aprende darse cuenta. Tambin enseamos acercarse quien muestra sntomas. veces puede parte desafiante, cuando nota raro, 51 Volunteers overcome obstacles PATRICK ROOKEY IN TOUGH TIMES wagons Patrick Rookeys favorite jobs Ambassador aving throw situation tougher. takes simplest forms comfort--a hug compassionate stranger. Rookey forced Ambassadors admitted good-natured ambassadors information, resources, youngsters strange Masking makes reassuring smile, inflections, demeanor. mode stranger anxious parents. Minneapolis, residential psychiatric, behavioral, field foster decided retire remembers construction site knew volunteer, opened ago. retirees superpower grandpa skills, chuckle. His grandchildren grown, fix reap benefits. volunteers stepped aside wake picking shifts. safest touch. mask. definitely shopping. Encouraging volunteer retiree energizing. motivation work, paycheck. fulfilled. 53 WE ARE FAMILY healing battling cancer GOLISAN CARONCHI PHOTOGRAPHY N possibility Burge certainly noticed bruises son, then-2-year-old Owen Hart. Like toddlers, enjoyed outside, toys. moved earlier, adjusting. Owens did hemoglobin test office sent bloodwork. Two days later, news hear. B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, type bone marrow. immediately 55 oncology became --Amy Burge, sporting blond, curly hair track August devastated lost. Thankfully, resource home. centers state Oncology excellence. 56 beings. saving sons. loves calls friends likes flirt girls. way. CIRCLE AMY BURGE FALLWINTER VOL. NO. VACCINES NEONATAL CARE MOVE FIGHT PALATE-PLEASING PRODUCE

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