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Opinions expressed contributors are not necessarily those FEATURES 18 TEAM APPROACH TO TREATING SPINE 12 SPECIALIZED CARE For patients on autism spectrum, hospitals can confusing, intimidating, even threatening. These their families need special attention make sense it all. The staff at Golisano Childrens Hospital is prepared go extra mile. Young with back spine problems find state-ofthe-art treatments in a pediatric program developed Pediatric Orthopedics SWFL Hospital. 24 EXPANDING SERVICES partnership John Hopkins means that neurosurgery no longer have leave Florida. DEPARTMENTS WELCOME LETTER 6 Welcome from Alyssa Bostwick, vice president operations chief nurse executive, Dr. Emad Salman, physician Services TECHNOLOGY 10 Healing Game ACTIVE LIFESTYLE INNOVATIONS MINI CHEFS 11 Practice Makes Perfect 28 Reaching for Healthier Snacks 34 Plastic Surgery Provides Renewal 36 Promoting Good Health 38 Controlling Childhood Obesity 40 Bike Safety Starts Top CLASSES 50 Learning How Help SUPPORT 52 Volunteer GETTING AROUND INSPIRING WELLNESS 53 Lee Offices HEALTH TALK SUNSHINE EXPLORERS 32 Adventures With Sunny Sparkle 8 Sun Swim 42 Importance Spiritual Development 44 Responding Right Way 46 Speaking Out Offer 48 Guiding 54 Care Close Home 5 AND OUR GROWING COMMUNITY Board Directors David Collins, President CEO, Larry Antonucci, M.D. Chief Operating Medical Officer, Scott Nygaard, Operations Women Services, Armando Llechu VP Operations, Physician Executive Regional Nurse Executive, R.N., C.P.N. Foundation Trustees Pason Gaddis, Development, Marketing Communication Officer Chris Simoneau Senior Director Marketing, Tiffany Whitaker, A.P.R., C.P.R.C. 9981 S. HealthPark Drive Fort Myers, 33908 executive,Golisano ChildrensServices operationsand hank you picking up back-to-school issue Hospitals Kids First magazine. If youre new publication, we want know one way our team provides community serve tools resources proactive health care education programs available children for. We hope helpful keeping your healthy, safe, well. As childrens hospital, goal enhance childs well-being never require services. At same time, sure services should them. Wed also like take opportunity share just some whats here hospital as continue enhancements meet diverse needs growing community. Last May celebrated fifth birthday. It was noteworthy milestone members patients, past present, gathered along namesake, Tom Golisano, celebrate impacts advancements made such short how bright future looks region. Year date, has seen 25 percent increase admissions surgical cases, treating more Florida than ever before. emergency department volume, track see 45,000 visits fall, highest volume ever. population continues grow move into area, increase. While Covid still threat, increased partnerships administer vaccines all approved ages Our mobile successfully administered nearly 5,000 vaccinations older will soon months older. Another making great strides Mental Navigator Collier County schools. To these navigators helped 178 students families. In addition, 274 individuals received adult youth Aid training. always, thank who committed mission providing very best day after day, including shared expertise possible. And give thanks generous donors, sponsors, volunteers reality continuing invest us, trust us. BY ANN MARIE OPHELAN SUN N SWIM Enjoy fun while staying safe ow summer Florida, heading pools beaches cool off. sunny skies days, there general rules keep mind help everyone safe. When packing beach, remember bring beach towel, well plenty water, umbrella, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen. Sunscreen protects both short- long-term effects sun. short-term skin burns serious second-degree burns, explains Piedade Oliveira-Silva, MD, medical director LPG Pediatrics. Second-degree blister formations quite painful scars. include freckles, scarring, premature aging skin, cancer. There few essential when using First, sunscreen applied every hour half or two hours, especially if getting out water. Second, check expiration dates. Once expired, effective. Third, leaving hot place, car, deactivate protective ingredients, so cool. Finally, apply uncovered areas, neck inside arms. I recommend any time child outside--whether park, sun intense Also, avoid intensity strongest between am 2 pm, says Oliveira-Silva. sunscreens guard against UVA UVB rays. They an SPF least 30. youngest children, products fewer chemicals. Although lotions sprays work, sometimes they be. Hydration outside, drink lot fluids. Opt water over sugary drinks maximum hydration, adds addition protection, another prescription safety. Not only surrounded but backyard pools, canals, rivers, lakes worry about, children. number-one killer 1 drowning. Drowning takes minutes, near-drowning incidents less. longterm mild significant brain damage. Children, general, love fear, its good combination, Its vital always attentive theyre near Dont rely solely flotation devices, dont unattended time. Those home use pool fences, alarms, other safety measures, having designated watcher during parties gatherings, Pool running, pushing, pulling, diving shallow end. boating, must wear life jackets, swimmers. Boats capsize, passengers fall overboard, suddenly become rough choppy. Boating accidents occur. Be U.S. Coast Guard-approved jacket appropriate size weight activities. Also young ones dock marina, boat. Swimming lessons safety, given old. Infant swimming classes teach babies self-rescue techniques, float get side pool. Resource infantswim. com option offers survival years. Many public provide adults. Oliveira-Silva recommends starting 15 age. important bathe remove chlorine irritate skin. Lastly, phone nearby case call 9-1-1, swim tips makes fun. 9 HEALING GAME Patient technology specialist Ansel Adam Davis sets patient virtual game alleviate pain anxiety. S Virtual distraction Studies shown therapy helps reduce hospitalized patients. VR experiences perfect bed, others designed move. Oculus Quest Beat Saber where player lightsaber each hand, selects upbeat popular song, swings away flying boxes, music notable artists Maroon Lady Gaga accompanies action. This amazing up, burn energy, healing ambulating, Davis. calmer options, space exploration includes meditation breathing exercises. Older adults choose watch concert. Like medicine, changing evolving heal, tarlight Xperience, Sony PlayStation VR, Meta sound high-tech indeed are. however, age playing games possible devices therapeutic assistance. Some experience assist anxiety hospital. games, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iPads, Amazon Fire tablets, normalization stays, boredom waiting results, calm before doing procedures, management ambulation, Davis, Golisano. carefully curated user friendly, less graphically sets, little instruction operate. taken immersed learning about sea life, mini-golf basketball, fishing, riding rollercoaster, exploring galaxies, defeating bad guys, dragons, wizards. this--without bed sits play offer assistance direction. PHOTO MICHAEL CORONCHI COURTESY t simulations used neurosurgical preparations--from pre-op post-op procedures. place learn clinical skills, hands-on equipment, participate face-to-face communication, build relationships among members. Simulation replicates what practiced real Kristin Milot, RN, BSN, CBC, manager intensive unit PICU sedation. Simulations completed initial onboarding, training, neurological enters operating room OR. train teams code blue uses training procedure. neurosurgery. Upon first arrival neurosurin simulates everything gical patient, leadership experts gather complete neuro assessment shunt placement, post-operastaff simulation room--any night, tive external ventricular drain setup, Milot. incoming discussed, then effects, complications, various procedure receive simulated, transfer OR entire Intensive outlined, lastly, procedures observed first-hand Unit, physicians practitioners, team, neurosurgeon, Theodore Spinks. critical pediatricneonatal transport, registered respiratory nurses mile therapy, neonatal NICU, emerassist cases gency department, certified nursing assistant advanced performed beforehand, CNAA Golisanos funding Code prepares participants recognize early signs deterioration, proper coding post cardiac arrest resuscitation skills. pre- post-operative ages. Lumbar drains, intracranial pressure monitoring, placementrevisionsremovals, bone-flap removal certain surgeries simulations, M. key tool PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Going spectrum BETH LUBERECKI 13 W hether helping parents navigate diagnosis stay comfortable disorder ASD, knows support awareness big difference. appropriately educated able specialized trust, well, Jennifer Campbell, supervisor professional development approach things manner allow them dignity highest-quality can. already several initiatives come. Heres look working inpatient outpatient level. Guidance According Centers Disease Control Prevention, been diagnosed boys four times likely girls. many subtypes autism, since disorder, individual different challenges. But ASD generally encompasses range conditions characterized challenges social repetitive behaviors, speech, nonverbal according Autism Speaks, nonprofit organization works advance research causes ASD. receives diagnosis, family connected Healths navigators. information occupational, physical, behavioral therapists might related schools places turn guidance. Unfortunately, this, thankful exist, because hard navigate, Azlund Smutko, commitment resources, which parent do own My oldest didnt anything that, Wilhelm, navigator Health. wish Id had An feel overwhelming parents, strive seem scary. Hearing word itself jarring families, Wilhelm. hearing options tends sadness uncertainty going happen next. Smutko advises challenge opportunity. change world, Smutko. theyll it, were yet. world. flourish society. 14 Karen A. OTL, MBA rehabilitation Health, leading effort earlier. Early identification intervention improving developmental outcomes she says. most being Nationally 4, though diagnose 2. Collins trend shes standards Words Project TOP CARONCHI Directed distinguished professor Amy Wetherby, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, State Universitys Institute, College Medicine, aims identify language disorders, communication delays much younger children-- set physicians, allied professionals understand, learn, red flags Collins. educating signs, involved process. 30-week appointments, obstetricians begun giving expecting QR Baby website, details milestones meeting birth Parents usually question developing typically expected. ok delays, important, sharing concerns pediatrician. Becoming knowledgeable empowered advocate child. Comfortable Environment comes treatment, Child Life ready visit decrease fears anxieties video relieve stress cope whatever facing normalizing environment backgrounds often TLC. single person walks building seen, heard, possible, Danielle Furo, easier mile, it. specialists resident dog Dorian connect PHOTOS BOTH PAGES MS, OTRL, BS, SLPA, MBA, 16 comfort sensory rooms fiber optics, audio visual components, toys, features engage senses needs. control relaxation encourage express themselves comfortable, Furo. unique requires effectively. Mandy Groulx, unit, unique. provide, same, caregivers best, try biggest resource. Im fortunate enough coming, caregiver prior ask questions calms down, triggers, communicate That ready, educate adapt adapted. specialist, taps Switch consoles, headset distract management. He right room, kids gaming interact drone outside appropriate. tech really normalcy, boredom, deescalate type triggers unexpected moments come stay, he Furo creating adaptive plan through kind her do. different, challenging staff, initiative create meets trains confident comfortable. shows deserves of. started process center International Credentialing Continuing Education Standards. group conduct gaps services, protocols, commit 80 patient-facing international designation us thats individualized forward whos certification effectively Everybody quality care, cant knowledge. CCLS, BA, MSN, 17 P E join forces 19 hen pain, injuries, spinal deformities, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon, Arun R. Hariharan, surgeon holds credential. Even 16-year-old boy 30-year-old man, You treated someone understanding growth Thats why together Over year so, Hariharan says, program. Weve modernized techniques pre-operative, inter-op, standpoint, multidisciplinary conference month brings surgeons, anesthesiologists, ICU discuss month. talk histories plans ensure equipment mapped post-surgery. efficient Hariharan. Advancements navigation precise. X-rays free-hand put screws rods positions X-rays. Scoliosis affects three population, scoliosis identifiable cause. 20 Now surgeons CT scan surgery begins, software re-creates dimensionally. tells me my hands putting rods, sort guesswork, Patients continuously monitored function cord nerves. Were millimeters cord, super-important none corrective negative impact nerves, six days surgery. average length basic days. Theyre walking next morning surgery, By restrictions football cheerleading gymnastics. condition scoliosis, s c shape, uneven shoulders hips. Sometimes often-painless goes unnoticed until routine exam physical. 21 cause, American Association Neurological Surgeons. manageable early. types treatment monitoring brace frightened diagnosis. advances afraid worried small is. does dreams aspirations desires way. After determines evidence step would assess curvature severity. Based either observation brace, rare instances candidate Physical option. Catherine McManus, physical therapist program, Schroth Method. method teaches exercises improve posture muscle imbalance prevent further curve progression. traditional McManus. three-dimensional concern on. Method stages scoliosis. evaluated customized de-rotate, elongate, stabilize spine. Mirrors postural under fine in, sleeping carrying backpack, that. candidates benefit therapy. fix spine, thing, above below be, work 22 nice stable base. Your pelvis gets shifted alignment curve, doesnt underneath. McManus thinks could knowledge learned say kid back, So poor complain Ideally, shouldnt around body backpacks, realist fact ARUN HARIHARAN, MS Types --Dr. C-shaped S-SHAPED SCOLIOSIS Z-SHAPED Shed straps prefer one. insists strap, situation. rather backpack on, slouch, slouch curve. performs tandem Cola, SWFL. efficiency somewhere thing here. Other disc herniations spondylolysis, fracture occurs repeated injury constantly expanding looking robotics technologies cutting edge. pathology too difficult busy of, fellowshiptrained DPT, board-certified 23 Partnership U ntil recently, St. Petersburg, Miami, Orlando treatment. created logistical issues situation, traumatic helicoptered harrowing drive tumors ongoing meant spending far home. heard again split apart, live Pete Miami taking here, Spinks, neurosurgeon years experience. People quitting jobs losing jobs. Taking kids, circumstances, extremely difficult. terrible you. Thankfully, case. end 2021, announced expansion existing relationship Johns began 2019. Spinks session team. proud service community, executive huge region neurosurgery, importantly, year. Due moving seeing affiliation Hospital, making, major impact. serving recently Brain Spine Neuroscience Institute Lutz, conducted topics stem cell harvest, minimally invasive concussion, injury. earned his degree Columbia University Physicians Surgeons residency California, Los Angeles, Division Surgery, fellowship Neurosurgery Pittsburgh. appreciates establishing Everyone wanted Peterburg places, checked box yes, 26 neurosurgeon... Everything hired someone, actually job paper. went trainings. ensured ICU, rooms, radiology units equipped officially collaboration ago, expand across west coast George Jallo, dean, physician-in-chief Protection Sciences. done practice providers access experts. now manage treat tumors, spina bifida, Chiari malformation, tethered cord. perform complex Additional added particularly problem handle yet, Petersburg. DANIELA JAEGER highly piece needed particular extra, trained Whenever alongside setting there, number smaller smaller. probably zero, worth buying clinic follow-up theres collaborating efforts studies protocols telehealth counseling consultations. Frequent calls Childrens, Baltimore plans, research, topics. larger system spans country knowledge, expects hopes hire two. phenomenal. philanthropy--Ive stepped purchases, bigger surgeries. events, organizations, Leadership donors currently Bruning Foundation, Cheryl Copham, Amanda Cross Family Charitable Fernandez Bill Julie Vitner, Barbaras Friends, Boston Red Sox Celebrity Golf Classic, Fred B. Snite Forest Country Club, Gateway Trinity Lutheran Church, Jaguar Festival, Jersey Mikes Subs, Porsche Parade, SanCap Cares. million grant Minnesota-based Wasie Foundation. opportunities instruments equipment. planning, Hes excited possibilities lie ahead. gap structural filling. exciting successful long run. MD FAANS, 27 MINI-CHEFS REACHING HEALTHIER SNACKS Mindless snacking childhood lead lifelong alty potato chips, sodas, greasy French fries go-to snacks foods energy form calories, high empty calories low nutritional benefits. add fast offering nothing vitamins minerals. Getting macronutrient--whether carbohydrate, fat, protein--can harmful, Nol Konken, RDN, CSP, LDN, dietitian Too salt blood pressure. About 8-17 elevated pressure, risk factor heart disease stroke. Excess sugar intake worrisome. 20-ounce bottle soda whopping teaspoons bodies burst followed crash fatigue due rapid fluctuation levels, Konken. fluctuations, moods thinking positive negative. result obesity, disease, cholesterol, diabetes, fatty liver disease. Excessive cause tooth decay cavities, which, left untreated, infections adversely eating, speaking, playing, learning. Saturated fats equally problematic. fat hand illnesses. Whats compounding mindless watching television, day. portion snack front screen, healthy choices. Instead, reach salty pretzels candy. screen limits Academy Pediatrics per teens, limited hours heightened impulsivity, sleep deprivation, struggles cognition, gain lack exercise snacking. things, balance. Overall, balance diet, diet variety lean meats, plant-based proteins, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy assures adequate development. 29 Habits people adopt follow adulthood, crucial changes weakened immune systems, cancer, atherosclerosis, Changes easily. eat nutritiously involved. Try farmers market plant garden potted plants patio. measures originate. kitchen, simple tasks rinsing fruits stirring oatmeal, peeling measuring brown rice, assembling salads, collecting ingredients pantry. willing something new, prepare snacks, homemade trail mix, veggie pita pockets, fruit smoothies. role models healthier foods, limiting electronic consuming nutritious snacks. whole-grain air-popped popcorn whole-wheat crackers chips. fresh cut vegetables convenient snacking, dried fruit, 30 zucchini banana bread make. Instead drinks, juices sparkling Indeed, enjoy occasional chocolate chip cookie birthday cake. Any food healthful eaten moderation, Konken licensed dietitian. She nutrition. five What dramatically lessen injuries called bicycle helmet. Each 100 killed 254,000 injured bike accidents, National Center Injury Prevention Control. Researchers Highway Traffic Administration found helmets reduced likelihood head 60 percent. Yet, riders Putting helmet potentially benefit. Lets ride bikes neighborhood, Sounds Ill grab lets go. me. wind blowing luscious curls. crazy. off hit France e d r Tou OK. convinced Better roads neighborhood smooth happen. run fall. Just Besides, law super-cool--like Tour de riders. got too. hydrated ride. Great Ive holder bike. energy. Yep. pretend racing Alps. surely help. Search words kindness caring Cycling Apple Bicycle Brake Carrots Drink Eggs Fitness Fruits Gears Handlebar Helmet Hydrate Kalechips Light Liquid Melon Mountain Nuts Pedal Protect Protein Pump Smoothie Spoke Tandem Thirsty Tires Water Wheel 33 grows, Among specialties advancing plastic C. Lobb, MBChB Hons, reconstructive Pediatrix Group, focusing specialty Through hospitals, previously required extensive travel centers, Procedures offered locally relatively straightforward--such tag lesion removal, hemangiomas laser andor steroids, dermoids cysts face--to orthognathic correct jaw, free tissue transfers grafts, trauma reconstruction, ear reconstructions. mainstay cleft adulthood. obtain results available, comprehensive standard United States. region, Lobb. him planning modeling implant manufacture patient-specific unavailable commonly academic centers mandibular airway problems, cranial vault synostosis, reconstruction microtia, cartilage implant. Most tolerated frequently display resilience astounding delightful see, bounce quickly oftentimes trying overexert immediate period. More area PLASTIC SURGERY PROVIDES RENEWAL two-thirds downtime restrictions. surgeries, risk-benefit ratios discussed deal spent ensuring cared throughout journey. thoughtful placement incisions unfavorable scarring. scar biology maturation scars Since arriving Lobb new-to-the-region repair problems. happy family. DAVID LOBB, massage silicone therapies, injection medications, lasers, scars, caused locally. distractions years, microtia 5-year-old, multi-surgery lip switch 20-year-old following severe bite. craniofacial 35 Nutrition provided childparentguardian. happens encounter, whether practitioner, urgent-care visit. Counseling 3 17--no matter fitness educational pamphlet covers easy-to-remember 5-2-1-0 combat obesity Eat Reduce Increase activity Limit sugar-sweetened 0 concept small, easy-to-incorporate health. PROMOTING GOOD roper nutrition fundamental child, incorporates blocks promote speed aid recovery injury, Elizabeth Loughren, ambulatory division. Exercise mental anxiety, depression, moods. Plus, raise self-esteem cognitive function. philosophy plays overall health, lap professional. record alerts manager, division choices bananas, apples, grapes, green beans, cauliflower, deciding liking, swimming, cycling, walking, ball, dancing, tennis, aerobic exercise. underlying modification needed. provider first, Loughren. Nicole Keperling, RN Urgent Naples, pleasantly surprised handed grateful information, reinforce change, agreed challenge. His grandmother said reluctant gradually friend. better ways weeks. pleased hear news, continued does, plan, modifications Loughren pediatrics 37 CONTROLLING CHILDHOOD OBESITY M Watch ost bacon double cheeseburger, bag cookies contains calories. sugars, considered realize, culprits solid abundance served oversized refillable. Drinks fill easily food, consumed, Tankut Onal, FAAP, congenital cardiologist Group. Consider One 44-ounce 560 Refill 1,000 recommended daily caloric old 1,600 2,200 depending active are, refilled required. CDC. grocery store. labels content, Onal. isnt easy, involving crucial. taught labels, trip store treasure hunt. Rewarding suggests example, vegetable tried, reward. affect bathroom scale themselves, lowers level, hurts self-esteem, ruins ability moods, seriously diabetes rise obesity. multiple organs, kidneys, heart, brain, vascular eyes, rises, lifetime, adds. hormones, teenagers impacted puts risk. Furthermore, linked dental acne. obese clearance notes encourages primary ideas check. imperative regular doctor appointments guidance earlier later,, wealth handy media calculator aware sitting, thus promoting movement. Every Day consider activity, foods. easy-to-follow veggies minimum beverages Physican Group 39 BIKE SAFETY STARTS AT Simply put, save lives aking fun, chance air However, stuff south bicycle-related victims die, scrapes, bumps, bruises, ER concussions, internal fractures shoulder, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, Noble, Advocacy Program coordinator Safe properly fitted wearing Why arent worn report Worldwide, indicated did participating wheeled sports--bicycling, skating, skateboarding, scootering. reasons varied believed uncomfortable saw werent thought Excuses aside, law, know, quickly, worn. recalled. recalls helmets.orgrecalls.htm. Having fitting increases excursions memory ER. sport, sports football, hockey, BMX. helmet, fit properly. well-fitting conform size. sit level tilted back. V ear. two-finger width eyebrows forehead protected, one-finger lower strap rests chin, Noble. snug wearer opens mouth presses top head. shakes head, moves slide around, MMS, CPST, coordinator, Champion 41 IMPORTANCE SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT progress areas tracked height, weight, grades school. arise, tend seek teachers, therapists, remedy issue. Rev. Courtney Ducharme, chaplain believes overlooked spiritual protect development, emotional facets humanity. Ducharme equate religiosity. people, overlapping faith precepts beliefs, Spirituality discerning meaning purpose continues. deeply relationships--the yourself, family, friends, nationality, nature, power transcendent beyond ordinary sacred. believe true world influences lives. process, Ducharme. ignored, becomes stunted, weather storms inevitably human life. mean nurtured ways. meditation, nature. reading painting. others. supporting invites leverage substantial Have meaningful discussions develop identities beliefs. Find felt spend understand why. Turn TV electronics embrace silence other. Nurturing happiness success. identity wrapped judge important... explicitly address handicap way, estimation, skills thrive Reverend MDiv, BCC, 43 RIGHT WAY crisis Cornell University. TCI trauma-sensitive interact, Rios. respond aggressive behavior empower proactively potential situations harm staff. five-day far. trainers rest teenagers. RESPONDING IN help, Yanet Rios, section medicine Lately, U.S., Covid-19 pandemic, exacerbated. turned Therapeutic Crisis Intervention main situation turns Erin OConnell, medicalsurgical prescribed extended benefits approaches distraught, OConnell. class down lay floor him. conversation kinds much-needed care. weve kids. distraught. --Erin OConnell FHM, NEA-BC, 45 Richard Keelan Minds Matter wants foster forum experiencing SPEAKING OUT OFFER Teen Youth Initiative stories ven Americas struggling epidemic youth, pandemic worse, Keelan, advocacy Matter, funds risk, worst. affected weekly voices better, Keelan. fostering voice. Current podcast Escapable Cycle advice inspiration teens dealing now, Damini Parkhi, 18, member struggled depression middle school grade. Community key, stronger. personally dark before, Colton 17, feelings isolation pandemic. let Participants inspiration. BOTTOM DAMINI PARKHI COLTON BOSTWICK alone feeling. Helping component podcast. wasnt story Gabrielle Sholes, educatorchild leads meetings. think loved struggling, do, message Parkhi honored Courtnage Courage Award recognizes overcome odds positively awareness, Matter. Local Providers Educational blogs toolkit Upcoming events Sholes 47 placed districts counties. KIDS MINDS MATTER connects GUIDING o struggle District came spring 2020 launch Program. Administered supervised funded at-risk referred district need. supplying names numbers. appointment, them, coach appointment implement mentioned. familys table, talking issues. eligible for, job, financial outcome eight navigators, personal guide show alone, Laura Ferrari, whose son disability dealt hurdles myself order son. position yes. improvements attendance, behavior, performance. 180-degree simply resource Joseph Craig, navigator. skys limit Whatever grades, Craigs bipolar 10. happened Program, peer MA, MFT, 49 course LEARNING HOW HELP Lorena Rodriguez, NICK ADAMS year-plus challenging, Reports uncertainty, restrictions, isolation, loss last year, death, Theres employment. stressors everyones another. Currently format, identify, illness substance disorders. feel, agencies class, Rodriguez. symptoms past, took sounded interesting to. saying, shift Rodriguez essential. engaged online modules adults, geared toward teaching adolescents. specific group, crisis, tries version once Being notice, Aid, notice. showing symptoms. part, off, start conversation. charge, five-county remain in-person resume gotten control. virtual, lifting transportation barriers reducing scheduling conflicts, face-to-face, doubts. Was effective Am other, saying alone. this. see. register workshops offered, leehealth.orgclasses select Children. donate initiative, CLASES POR L El curso Primeros Auxilios la Salud explica formas identificar y ayudar las personas que tienen dificultades. pero sabe cmo comienza como tener conversacin. esta ofrecido sin costo al participante, gracias una iniciativa con el objetivo trabajar para crear conciencia fondos apoyar mejor acceso cuidado salud conductual nios, en regin consiste cinco condados. Rodrguez espera seguir ofreciendo incluso despus del pandmico. Hemos visto beneficios por quitar barreras transporte los padres reducir conflictos programar citas, estado educacin publica diez aos fue cara cara, esto un cambio radical m. Tuve mis dudas. Iba ser efectivo participantes participaran clase Pero ni siquiera se conocen apoyan entre s, diciendo est solo. Todos estamos pasando esto. Eso ha sido agradable ver. Para registrar aprender sobre otras clases seminarios ofreciendo, visite seleccione ms donar iniciativa, www. Rodrguez, CPST es coordinadora programas Nios suroeste APRENDIENDO AYUDAR os ltimos meses han muy desafiantes, mucha gente estn luchando su mental. Reportajes ansiedad depresin aumento adultos nios incertidumbre, restricciones, aislamiento miedos pandmico COVID-19. sufrir muchas prdidas ltimo ao, solamente muerte, dijo Hay prdida eventos especiales, tiempo familia, empleo. tantos estresores afectado todos manera u otra. Es eso, Mental, mas importante nunca. Por ahora presentado formato ensena identificar, entender responder signos enfermedades mentales uso drogas. Lo siento escucho tantas agencias quienes unen profesores, hay necesidad grande este curso, dice Rodrguez. hijos. En pasado, deca asista porque pareca interesante requerimiento. Ahora tanta necesitan saber hacer, cuanto participan desean dems. dos mdulos uno ensean otro dirigido enseanza cuidar adolescentes. aprenden sntomas abuso drogas grupo edad especifico, interactuar alguien conectar persona ayuda necesita. trata ofrecer cada versin lo menos vez mes. La capacidad comprender notar algo sumamente importante, Con realmente aprende darse cuenta. Tambin enseamos acercarse quien muestra sntomas. veces puede parte desafiante, cuando nota raro, 51 VOLUNTEER CHILDREN Retired pon retirement Judith Farley realized missed setting, daughter became Columbus, Ohio. daughter, Loren Farley, volunteer Memorial becoming planted seed lived Myers Five bloomed shortly opened doors 2017 state-of-the art facility. twice week parts testing Wednesdays. On Thursdays, desk roamer, wherever worked Farley. workload intensified appreciated Cinco Mayo Halloween festivities joy importance me, healthcare industry, familiar son, Jared, marriage Murfreesboro, Tennessee. volunteered court-appointed guardian ad litem voice courts interests. spare enjoys herbs yard, pickleball, husband, Jude, paramedic JUDITH FARLEY Libbi above, mother, sister, father, difference ALL CLOSE HOME n September Libbis Chris, large lump side. ultrasound revealed Wilms tumor, kidney cancer primarily estimated 500-600 States, Cancer Society. blessing, truly close father minutes lives, finding expert daughter. tumor surgically removed, April returned, chemotherapy then, nights receiving world-class home, Stephanie. car excited, 55 Libbi, Below, pretty smile face content happy. lifesaving regardless pay. fund. treasure, nurses, doctors, assistance, Life, amazing. here--everyone form, donating money, resources--it Thank 2022, rang bell illness. absolute 56 ATTENTION HELMETS SAVE LIVES STEP AWAY FROM SCREEN VOL. NO. BACK SCHOOL SPECIAL PATIENTS EXPERT

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