MediaKit_2016-17_DigitalEdition.indd 3 101816 1145 AM 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 SPONSORSHIPS OCCASIONAL EVENT, DIGITAL AND PRINT ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. JANFEB OUTDOORS SPORTS This issue is packed with activity Well help you find ways to enjoy all the natural wonders for which this area famous, whether do that by going on a quiet hike, playing round of golf, hitting tennis ball, paddling kayak, or participating in something little more extreme. SPECIAL ADVERTISING EDITION SWFL ON WHEELS Editorial Deadline OCT 1 Space Closing Date NOV 15 Print Material Due 20 Online On Sale JAN MARAPR THE WATER The ocean, Gulf, rivers, lakes--this where we long be, at least be near. In issue, bring things water related, from boating fishing seafood. So curl up our MarchApril and let thoughts ocean breezes inspire you. WATERWORLD DEC MAR MAYJUNE FAMILY Friends family are about heart, so weve ideas tips better parentinggrand-parenting, senior care, healthy living updates, schools learning, technology shopping, friendly travel, accommodations fun, pets much achieve very best those love. HOME GARDEN WEDDING FEB MAY JULYAUG HEALTH WELLNESS Taking care ourselves what JulyAugust about. No matter your age lifestyle, health most important thing have, will show make healthier happier Information exercising, nutrition, mental health, just feeling good--thats has store APR JUL SEPTOCT ARTS, DESIGN FASHION celebrate unlimited capacity creative expression. They say art eye beholder, aim give an eyeful it--painting, architecture, dance, music, more. Plus, well exploring design trends as fashion. If creativity thing, both satisfy inspire. LEISURE TRAVEL GOLF JUNE JULY SEPT NOVDEC TRAVEL, DINING WINE Eat travel often. think good idea, then definitely lowdown some interesting local restaurants food trends. if youre planning next getaway, great places visit here Southwest Florida abroad. CULINARY AUG 11 12 14 13 2

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