SANIBELCAPTIVABEACHRESORTS.COM 91 SCBR18.indd 11718 924 AM Features CONTENTS 20 13 Tween Waters Inn Island Resort Spa After 41 years, this vacation haven still retains its welcoming Old Florida vibe The West Wind Your Sanibel beachside home away from 26 On the Edge of Experience vintage style and modern comfort these two treasured properties Castaways Beach Bay Cottages Beachview 2 SANIBEL CAPTIVA BEACH RESORTS 2018 12318 919 PM 3 Departments 8 52 Shop Fine jewelry that lasts forever 54 Inns Marina Store, Pelicans Roost T.H. Osprey Gift Welcome 10 Book perfect pampering at 56 With so many choices, easy to spoil yourself in paradise more island stores 28 30 Rental a fabulous on water--Gulf, sound or shore setting 58 Find childrens apparel, toys 38 59 60 42 Kids Lasting memories make souvenir Tennis tennis, pickleball beach volleyball provide plenty action fun Sailing Take class with one Americas top sailing schools Golf A round island-style golf will your stay complete 31 32 34 40 Savor Three great restaurants for good food, entertainment Boaters water-sports enthusiasts have plethora choices Captiva 66 guide dining out style, finding meals go, grabbing quick snack 48 Pets Bring best friend you Explore Get play 73 Guest Information Places Worship 74 Ding Darling 76 Nature 78 Community 79 Shelling Guide 80 Environmental 82 Events 84 Property Maps 88 San-Cap Map Wedding are idyllic destinations turning special day into memorable Cruises water discover Southwest Floridas nature history 51 Album Creating photographs tell beautiful story last lifetime 4 5 ALL THE COMFORTS OF HOME. LUXURIES RESORT. TONY LAPI President CEO DOUG BABCOCK Chief Operating Officer REN J. AFFOURTIT Finance, Admin HR 239-472-5161 General Manager, Brett Gooch 15951 Drive Island, FL 33924 Rick Boyd 3325 Gulf Sanibel, 33957 239-472-1202 6460 Road 239-472-1252 3345 239-472-1541 GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela Jaeger EDITOR PROOFREADER Patricia Letakis CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian Stromlund f family prefers space, privacy flexibility rental condo -- but loves luxuries resort only Vacation Rentals can bring both. Our highest quality rentals each come free, VIP access discounts all legendary dining, recreation, sports, shopping, spa our four Resorts. Cool Thats comforts home, much now I CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Klaudia Balogh, Leah Biery, Gina Birch, Paula Bolado, Jan Holly, Letakis, Beth Oliver PHOTOGRAPHERS Nick Adams, Justin Friede, Jaeger, Kathy Samson, Milissa Sprecher, SALES MARKETING INC. P.O. Box 1227 239-472-0205 Friedrich N. FounderChairman Guy Tober, Vice PresidentC.O.O. Stromlund, CONTACT US totimedia.comcontactus PUBLISHERS Times Islands RSW LIVING Bonita Estero GULF MAIN Cape Coral Living Leisure Travel Copyright by TOTI Media, Inc. All rights reserved. No part publication may be reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those 844.TWI-Vacay 6 7 CHOOSE YOUR BEACH. STYLE. PRIMARY PURPOSE IS TO DELIVER WARM, FRIENDLY AND MEMORABLE ISLAND RESORT EXPERIENCE FOR OUR GUESTS. We do through truly unique beachfront Captiva, where employees work ensure is first rate--Tween Inn, Cottages--all Island. than 300 units, we offer guests range accommodations laid-back cottages full-service resort, which includes guest rooms, studios one-, two- three-bedroom suites. Two their own TripAdvisor top-rated on-site pleasure. Both marina facilities. also boasts cute boutique gift shop, plus facility. Conference meeting rooms available Inn. Shopping nearby properties. As see, capacity sure pleasurable, arrange book reunion, wedding, business group leisure us. islands dates back 1925 when Bowman Grace Price purchased property They started an inn single building 1931 historic House restaurant. Other buildings were added over years. There 19 Inn--some fireplaces. Some date 1939, acquisitions they total 40. 22 quaint directly quiet end Sanibel. newest member team, 104 units Mexico. take pride community involvement cherishing past, believing present investing future. want thank selecting hope enjoy max--and please see us If visit, time tour other as well. managers totally dedicated making wonderful possible. , PRESIDENT Tony GENERAL MANAGER, TWEEN WATERS INN WEST WIND VICE CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Doug Babcock EXECUTIVE Lapi PROPERTY CASTAWAYS BAY COTTAGES BEACHVIEW PHOTO COURTESY 9 REJUVENATING BODY SOUL BOOK PERFECT PAMPERING AT SPA every vacation, cherish role place happen, she says. has subtle natural dcor. Playing off Mother Natures hues warm tones, fossil-imprinted lobby floor, bamboo ceilings fresh flowers create comfortable vibe. Locals, repeat visitors newcomers who treated menu goes beyond ordinary, offering traditional services treatments wont find spas island. offers full revitalizing men, women juniors. something everyone, comments Pailes, service aimed allowing relax rejuvenate mind, body soul. popular offered relaxation massages, variety performed Pailess highly WITH STYLE THAT FOCUSES ON COMPLETE RELAXATION THROUGH HOLISTIC RESTORATIVE TREATMENTS, built strong reputation exceptional service. Nestled quietly second level overlooking new Serenity Pool salon owneroperator Georgie Pailes been spa-goers since 2008. know importance providing client, says Pailes. everyone my staff best, products ready give services. It approach worked well began her career 17 years ago esthetician massage therapist. Relaxation well-being heart trained technicians. Traditional relaxation, deep tissue, stone, specialty Thai house favorites. For extra special, partner together private suite exclusively designed couples. When it comes facials, covered offerings different skin types. You choose deep-cleansing European Facial, Brightening Vitamin C Anti-Aging Delicate Facial sensitive suffering rosacea acne. explains types same essential. include peel relaxing neck foot massage. Something spa. Equally salon. Just look owner In 15 regular clientele, vacationers search some RR locals coming PHOTOS 11 BEAUTY particularly bridal parties weddings. team professional hairstylists makeup artists specialize salons wall display, holds 200 bottles nail polish just about shade color spectrum, including long-lasting shellac. shellac most manicures, notes. CND-certified, ensuring application clients. whole weddings five artists, points out. Keeping up whats current beauty scene important team. Airbrush makeup, silicon-based foundation naturally, longer ideal outdoor weddings, go-to product. hair, equipped everything cut highlights updos. travel, smile. love bringing experience you. events, talents any location brides months leading wedding. excitement contagious, there nothing fulfilling being day. 12 male clientele well, luxury freestanding missed 2009 spa, took off. She knows made success. Were like family. clients name them feel welcome comfortable. BOTTOM BY DANIELA JAEGER Feature PAULA BOLADO WHEN WAS SIX YEARS OLD BECAME CHILD WATERS. Most summer days dad was working known today Spa, would swing ropes lace boardwalk. drink virgin pia coladas pool, chat tourists--learn German if lucky--and hop forth across bridge lily pond alongside pool. knew tree cottage animal employee. Sometimes after long school bus dropped me off, lie dock pet Pinky, pink-hued cat pelican battle-scarred ears, listen lap against fishing boats. And needed help math, Bucky, dads colleague friend, problem-solving tips. Michelle, head housekeeping had brass elephant collection, stories, J.P. pool sneak Shirley Temples cherries. got older, became babysitter children visiting, earning money buy clothes Cindy boutique. environment people jewels necklace. 926 To uncover what specifically happening behind scenes during childhood teen spoke respectively chief executive officer operating Resorts direction heading today. elaborated October 1976 Lloyd Wright founder, type development order sustain So, big addition office tennis court. Then races plans going next. 126 before next 1977, idea construct employee housing, along swimming further explained 1982 Crows Nest lounge built. Older replaced, Coconut constructed, Evolution ago. However, original kept. That plan went did major renovations 30s, explained. This gives blend old new, kind makes special. back, reminds how used be, better Continuing he pointed out, Wakefield Room, similar functions. push eight literally trying get expectations. amenities for, said. Historical feature Lapi, CEO, holding rolled-up blueprint row Keith Monroe, then maintenance supervisor, paddling canoe bottom row, left. 14 THIS OPPOSITE PAGE My father, supervisor aunt, Holly works comptroller. Shes beginning Rochester currently evolution Waters. met guests, Ive witnessed restorations taken place. But never once essence changed. me, son gets generation memories. white named Sailor. there, 1930s, restored. Yet, Waters--from constructed geothermal system--continues want, while keeping family-friendly atmosphere always known. left COO pair manage. Warm boast handsome wood ceilings, paddle fans nautical touches. for. --Doug Babcock, Working expanded property. nine old. three courts, Dougs courts put came Pool, said Lapi. Growing up, remember kiddie pools hot tent above it. ran circles friends visiting could whirlpool Jacuzzi, whirling sun-heated water. Hot cool temperatures thing past installed system keeps 85 degrees year-round, commercial heated-cooled islands. Its gratifying looks faces step refreshing. duo even buried overhead lines front aesthetically pleasing. generations. return year welcomed employees, Spend stress-free hour families resort. Kids, Water Animals 16 Children familiarity because acclimated easily. Basically, hard lost Big enough small enough, way around chase lizards curly tails. What interesting hang Waters--nowhere else become addition. Elaborating said, here draw visitors. Norway Sweden rather east coast Florida. attracts intercontinental, global, local setting, snorkeled stormy beach, thousands sand dollars scattered sandy bottom. Along snorkeling swimming, introduced Jet Skis, parasailing equipment kayaks mix immerse themselves fully environment. He Even though inn, try keep evolving activities. example, Native Guides provides kayak paddleboard tours focus areas ecology. animals quite draw, too. Sailor pet-friendly. One pet-friendly resorts islands, Designed thats constant degrees, Play below lively spot Oasis Bar. Future evening fine chef Greg Nelson presents his seafood specialties. 18 hasnt gone change ownership, 41st Resorts, previously acquired cutting edge, think need disconnect. arent modern. elaborated, Talking year, true roots, continue todays traveler wants needs. oversees both restaurants, Bar Grille. focuses using ingredients. Nothing processed. introducing very creative dishes taking over. Activities riding Skis paddleboarding bay sides recently rental-vacation homes larger groups wanted expansive accommodations. brand book-direct campaign kicked encourages booking third party. Guests advantages, paying fee party charge. Sister having 50th anniversary celebration, management giving 50 vacations, four-day, three-night packages. infrastructure ages, rest remembered boardwalk bouncing receive railing month, sturdy familiar face year. JAN HOLLY YOU HAVE ARRIVED SANIBELS BEAUTIFUL INN. kick shoes beach. While dipping toes surf strolling shore, might run Gooch. Gooch, general manager spends few minutes shoreline. pause, gaze sea sky remind myself why am inn. experience. Many especially experiences celebrates anniversary. Yes serving loyal 1968. Join entering sweepstakes chance win weeklong stays renewal, escape, True Drawings held quarterly. website, form, click send. fiercely secluded hideaway. pass, watch grow. generations return, reasons such patron loyalty abundant. offer. backs shore. sea-and-sky views, Gulf, dolphins frolic birds soar, 100-yard walk due south. surround spacious sunning socializing. Upper Deck Bar, bistro seating food beverage items, boundless view Rooms steps Mexicos intimate romantic aura. 21 Dining venues Normandie Seaside Caf. guests. --Brett seascape. Music nights Wednesday-Saturday. Think Rock, Southern country, Caribbean overtones. Sanibels musical escapism. Butterfly Garden bit paradise. Enter bougainvillea-wrapped arbor wander red-bricked path sculptures, hidden fountain, huge central palm, native plants shapes, sizes hues--hibiscus, coreopsis, oleander, wild lime, coffee plumbago--and, course, butterflies birds. paces away, feels far madding crowd. koi sits, surprisingly, office. topped little footbridge surrounded lush vegetation decorative rockwork. Look Gulf. down several koi, gleaming red orange sunlight, passel turtles call home. Sports games free biking, cornhole shuffleboard. Recently refurbished pathways, lawns sitting soaking sun add propertys appeal. 23 schedule Ski riding. call, Discount coupons advantage inns Cafe serve breakfast, lunch dinner. items delicious, to-die-for favorite dish baked crab-stuffed snapper, risotto side. melts mouth. short bicycle ride premiere National Wildlife Refuge. trip wonders wildlife--roseate spoonbills, pelicans, anhingas, egrets ibises, alligators, added. takes time. untouched unspoiled. recommends refuge ranger Toni Westland. enthusiastic, filled energy expert wildlife, emphasized. beauties. lovely venues, inside conferences. staffers Vicky Jackie experts planning gatherings, phone away. updated property, brick-paved parking lot, room furnishings beds comfy mattresses, HDTV mold-free floors. lush, subtropical ambience changed opened 103-room campus located edge district. remains uncrowded, no matter Wing meet interesting, fun, adding, smiles extensively contributor Media. Theres sunset 24 25 CHRIS HUBBLE, NIGHT AUDITOR COTTAGES, joined staff, August 13, 1999, responsibility running marina. Five later day, 2004, Hurricane Charley devastated unforgettable five-year Hubble. obliterated marina, storm passed, left, docks, ramp, nothing. Rebuilding arduous dug in, feet wet together, Hubble Hubble, sits desk, longest-serving staffers. here. co-workers great, great. really cares Hubbles longevity typical sister Cottages. least Boyd, re- sorts. come, stay. enterprise managerial duties Carol Williams, retired job. aunt expert, blood, resorts. feel, vacations childhood. describes tee. established 1950s, Sandy shell-strewn pathways connect feel. --Rick way, back--to 1940s. twoand brightly colored red, yellow green, sport old-Florida screened porches. options, reserved spaces. exteriors mask thoroughly upgraded modernized interiors. New appliances granite countertops grace kitchens, walk-in showers bathrooms. flooring replaced tile, windows installed. brought technology 21st century, too, Wi-Fi USB chargers, cable, course. between bayside cottages, Santiva Store options takeout leisurely meal. Each heated bicycles. rent canoes kayaks, concession. Beachviews beachside. line drive dead-ends expansive, piggy-backing facilities adjacent Castaways, easily fellow staff. ton actually automatic same-time-next-year rebooking staying seven days. folks, Much Boyds job happy. care everyday problems, often sit enjoy, home--and shelling water, kayakers boaters. 27 VACATION RENTALS FABULOUS HOME WATER-- GULF, SOUND OR SHORE SETTING PATRICIA LETAKIS ITS TIME SOME RR, term, cottage, condominium tucked five-star dream true. launch TWIVR 2017, excellent hospitality hotels. Specializing high-end extension company rated Captivas delivering excellence parent founded. demand vacation-rental condos among certain market group, marketing organization Waters, Cottages, children, extended gathering wedding others independent advantages excellence. browsing inventory, evident participating represent lifestyle. Among offerings, youll painted porches interior design elements hardwood floors, wood-beamed motifs. TWIVR, notch. Youll exclusive Renters Rewards, to--and for--amenities dine Grille discount. Reduced rates excursions vacation-home renters. Rewards bonus companies homeowner. powerful, branding web, digital, social public relations strategies reaches 1 million potential renters annually--meaning greater investment. Plus, homeowner serviced concierge assigned personal attention detail. increasing revenue homeowners helping maxi- mize investment elaborates Babcock. employ term Triple Team owners generate reservations, income,. learn visit Representatives assist 844-TWI-VACAY 844-894-8222. editor Royka OTHER program, sales throughout entire process, seamless Sales director Royka, herself resident relocated Rochester, N.Y., joining Rentals. associate Rachel Walsh Cincinnati, Ohio. bachelors degree environmental science Ohio University, certified wildlife rehabilitator rehab Clinic Rehabilitation CROW transitioning real estate. licensed agent says, excited growing opportunity regularly SCBR looking different. amazing customer Quick response bookings inquiries, lasting relationships priorities. greeted 24-hour service, friendly deserve--something seem lacking, Walsh. believe book. At Service 29 OVER NET TENNIS, PICKLEBALL VOLLEYBALL PROVIDE PLENTY ACTION FUN GUESTS WHO ARE READY WORKOUT--or maybe chaise lounge--can hit sands racquet sports. court challenge members rousing game two. ball net. Swimsuit, sunglasses, sunscreen bare find. prefer pick whack balls lighted courts. basic rules should followed, wearing proper footweartennis stops starts, sprints frequent lateral movement--and sportswear, critical climate, hydrated. health benefits playing impressive aerobic capacities, lowering resting rate blood pressure, bone density, fat, improving muscle tone, strength flexibility. Seasonal clinics lessons eager improve technique. register desk times. Pick RIGHT theres latest rage pickleball. youre sport, heres lowdown. Pickleball combines badminton, table tennis. Two, players use solid paddles perforated wiffle net lower badminton. modifications. lighter weight ages abilities play, competitive test mettle. Staff hand acquaint sport. ROUND ISLAND-STYLE GOLF WILL MAKE STAY SMACK DAB IN HEART SITS GORGEOUS COURSE. semi-private Club perk Since partners Drew A. Donnelly Ed Lockard 18-hole championship course 2012, theyve clubs services, preserving weve inspired nature, Donnelly. paradise, undergone transformation landscaping irrigation, offset efforts fertilizer usage. Course superintendent Chad Kithcart changes tee layout function environmentally tract, adding things acres wildflowers. Whats backseat nature. Golfers told courses, abundance wildlife. almost becomes secondary, CLUB proud partnered allow percent discount clubs. --Drew Donnelly, pro co-owner, Year Opened 1972 Formerly Ray FentonTruman Wilson Holes Par 70 Tee Marker Options Blue 70, 6,321 yards, 70.1133 White 5,818 67.6115 Gold 5,150 64.3115 Red W 4,586 62.1110 Amenities Practice putting clubs, carts, walking subject Are Saying full-scale emphasis service--on golfer non-golfer co-owner COURSE doubt abundant captivating challenging round. membership attractive. various plans, full-family 30-day memberships. annual monthly. able monthly often--and participate club golfers Customer priority club. here, folks weeks refreshing game. proud. Adding, smile, goal succeeded. PETS WELCOME BRING BEST FRIEND PARADISE GONE DAYS HAD LITTLE CHOICE BUT BOARD DOG kennel vacation. Nowadays hotels pets, rooms. Although pets availability apply, city restrictions, option there. movement United States resorts, Four Seasons, Loews international brands canine ambassador treats, bowls. Here petfriendly walks under canopy stars, watching astonishing sunrise sunset, shopping collar toy Paws. Mexico Pine Sound. welcomes quality, comfort, value hospitality. Check availability. 1931, charming collection sliver Island--perfectly nestled side chose locale strict require remain leash Owners must agree pets. following dog breeds allowed Akitas, Canary mastiffs Perro de Presa Canarios, chow chows, Doberman pinschers, huskies, pit bulls, Rottweilers, Staffordshire terriers, wolf hybrids. BEFORE GO wishing advance information. Pet per pet, maximum unit. sign agreement check-in. understands wish Fido travel itinerary. PAWS KATHY SAMSON cozy boutique, Paws, all-natural foods, gourmet cat. shop nutrition choosing stock. pet-centric gifts humans, cards artwork T-shirts mugs. Outside porch, break rocking chair Paws lovers. 33 CRUISES WHAT LIES BEYOND END ROAD GET OUT WATER DISCOVER SOUTHWEST FLORIDAS NATURE HISTORY WHETHER DEPARTING FROM MCCARTHYS MARINA SOUTH SEAS YACHT HARBOUR, voyagers treat--an unhurried journey pristine Sound firsthand ever-changing sky. Brad Junghans passionate seagoing adventures await fortunate passengers. road, lies beyond, passengers touch history. dolphin-watch adventure trips, cruises, jaunts. destination trips accessible boat--Useppa Cayo Costa, Cabbage Key Boca Grande. seascape cheeseburger cold one, remarked Useppas Collier Baron Room Courtyard Room. Isaak Walton Calm Tarpon Watering Hole fare--cocktails aperitifs. bars Sunset Serenade cruise features live panoramic vision guitarist singer Gene Federico. Genes music laidback, soft jazz pop, twist. Leading Dolphin Cruise SanibelCaptiva Conservation Foundation volunteer, commentary waterways, life educational entertaining, eco-tourism finest. Trips hour. Between McCarthys South Seas Yacht Harbour, run, average, pas- vessels operated shown formation founder Paul McCarthy blue jacket, passed Below Exploring waters surrounding Cruises. boat-- Useppa sengers exciting allow. vessel fleet Lady Chadwick. comfortable, slow-speed boat, stocked, light bar snacks. recommend Bloody Mary, secret recipe--definitely worth try. Chadwick intimately bound 1923, Clarence bought 400 island, land tropical fruit plantation. grew mostly limes coconuts, Chadwicks endeavor hotel, late 1920s. hotel evolved Resort, wife, Rosamund, namesake. grown operation. sizable Chadwick, seats 148 people, consists Coast Guard-certified craft handful smaller 35 charters. These additional seat 49 Weather main challenge, cant control weather, go flow. stalls happen rarely. Sunshine State, all. 1997, 1986 McCarthy, died, suddenly tragically, 2017. Losing shock. miss him much, Pauls commitment world, prosperity strong. His carry tradition. confesses customers. up-close-and-personal encounter virtually seeing job, wonder me. stands aboard companys flagship vessel. 36 37 IT SAILING TAKE CLASS ONE AMERICAS TOP SCHOOLS BETH OLIVER CHOICES BICYCLE, WALK, RIDE, SWIM, TOUR, SHELL, SHOP, DINE, RELAX SO ON. HOW ABOUT LEARNING SAIL Offshore School convenient locations two-hour lesson. adventurous enroll seven-day earn U.S. certification, qualifies graduate skipper boat feet. newfound sense accomplishment freedom, develop lifelong skill share friends, revelations experienced courses. Doris Steve Colgate Schools Fast Track Cruising participants couch captains week. JUSTIN FRIEDE founded Today wife helm company, responsible teaching 140,000 adults sail. Colgates lifestyle developed concept hosted hundreds flotilla exotic ports call. couple campaigned 54-foot sloop, Sleuth, global racing circuit. teaches levels instruction British Virgin Florida-- Fort Myers Beach, downtown St. Petersburg. Learn Sail, Performance Sailing, Bareboat Charter courses taught yachts catamarans measuring 40-50 Students Mexico, explore barrier marvel magnificent gazing gorgeous sunsets. Give lifetime. Sailings Jeanneau 479. OFFSHORE SCHOOL 39 EVERYBODY LOVES BOATERS WATER-SPORTS ENTHUSIASTS PLETHORA HUGE ATTRACTION FLORIDA--and, doubt, boaters, safe harbor key. reliable seasoned guides important. boating choice. canoes, double rent, exploring beauty. So whether boater, canoeist, kayaker paddleboarder--or sightseeing cruise--here recommendations inspire Captiva. Tucked within narrow strip Marina, fishermans renting canoe, powerboat charter area. personalized professionally chartered guides. Sightseeing, WaveRunner, sailboat vendors Bum Boat slips reasonable staffed waterfront veterans fish biting. Saltwater Fishing Team, Jim Burnsed, Jimmy Burnsed Rob McKay, 239-472-1779, Rentals, 239-472-6336, Moon 239-395-1782, Adventure Sea Kayak SUP, beauty, 239-822-3337, Types storage Wet leases Local, short-term transient space On-site Access casual continental Bonus Diesel fuel Hours operation 730 a.m. p.m., daily. 239-472-5161, tween-waters.commarina 239-4726336, Few area marinas match historical legacy ferry mainland 1907. 1940s, owned legend Andy Rosse, store called Andys. Visitors cruises Key, Grande lunch. Also dolphin, Costaa state park boatfor beaching shelling. addition, dockage guided charters slips, dry Daily, overnight snacks, merchandise souvenirs Walk shops daily hours arrangement. 239-472-5200, north adventures. out-of-the-way holes sandbars youd alone. say 239-472-1252, SUP ADVENTURE SEA KAYAK PLAY BREATHE FRESH AIR EMBRACE Besides spending activities moving. corners surroundings turn surprising finds. reef colorful Calusa Indians, pirates, Spanish adventurers treasure. Large state, largest J.N. encouraged stroll beaches, mangroves, alfresco browse boutiques art galleries. Drive, foot, navigate watercraft Heres partial list places visit. SUN house, grounds, garden center showcase merchant Frank Bailey. Of preserves acres, open public, remainder corridor. NICK ADAMS BAILEY HOMESTEAD PRESERVE finest world. stoop adventure. fishing, old-fashioned bobbing endlessly waters. Blind Pass Bowmans beaches favored stretches. BEACHES BICYCLING WALKING nearly miles pedal bicycles check road. BIG ARTS, gallery, concert hall, more, theatrical performances, concerts, visual arts, exhibitions lectures. Classes workshops offered. 43 View rare unusual plants. grounds recognized botanic American Public Association. BOTANICAL GARDENS MOORINGS, read, libraries readings, lectures exhibits. Open MEMORIAL PUBLIC LIBRARIES sick, injured orphaned migratory patients. hospital complemented education veterinary care, research, conservation medicine presentations, exhibits live-video footage. CLINIC REHABILITATION WILDLIFE CROW, 44 outfitters. CHARTER FISHING, DIVES, SNORKELING ADVENTURES clearly marked 190-mile-long trail paddlers Lee Countys coastal tributaries lead inland. GREAT CALUSA BLUEWAY climate species animals. dense mangrove serves habitat. 245 birds, spectacular sight migration season. endangered mild-natured manatees mammal species. Visitor Education Center habitats. DING DARLING NATIONAL REFUGE span connects Punta Rossa Causeway 2.8 stunning vistas Picnic areas, restrooms ing available. CAUSEWAY LEFT SOCIETY-FRIENDS THEINNSOFSANIBEL.COM 45 eras 1800s early pioneer settled Historic buildings, moved restored splendor, furnished furniture, clothes, household tools kitchen generation. museum concerts HISTORICAL MUSEUM VILLAGE Town lighthouse site development. activity 1833, settlers petitioned construction Point Ybel, until 1884, lighthouse, oldest standing structure, San Carlos Bay. 46 LIGHTHOUSE Every Sunday May City Hall, farmers, fishmongers, bakers cheese-makers produce, catch goodies buy. FARMERS MARKET Hop board super-catamaran, high-speed narrated dolphin watching. THRILLER manages large swaths resources Bailey Homestead Preserve 500 neighboring foundations trails, observation tower, butterfly tank shop. SANIBEL-CAPTIVA CONSERVATION FOUNDATION, Located Refuge, Explorers tram refuge, TARPON EXPLORERS times accordingly dont natures shows. WATCH AN AWESOME SUNRISE SUNSET abound. Parasailing birds-eye speed. Quieter sports paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing boating. outfitters assist. SPORTS 47 IDYLLIC DESTINATIONS TURNING SPECIAL DAY INTO KLAUDIA BALOGH CELEBRATING OCCASION DESCENDS MEXICO WHILE DOLPHINS DISTANCE waves crash slight breeze forms moment. dance rich colors artificial lighting create. Stand soft, kiss married couple--a together. promise celebration couples, celebrating birthdays anniversaries. exactly dreamed approval, celebrating. Whether couples 100 need. From multiple reception sites accommodations, catering amenities, in-house handle diligently event, noting occasion, preferred vendor recommend. close half satisfaction rehearsal morning brunch. pools, occasion either doesnt day-of decide extend plate wind sipping Indoor Venue banquet restaurant, Lounge, Canoe Outdoor Private white-sand poolside decks, fullservice Banquet Full Pre-wedding post-wedding onsite stylings. Several Lodging 137 colorful, eclectic, seaside Gulf- bay-view suites Address Contact 239-472-516, ext. 404, 800-square-foot 75 air-conditioned, Deck, Lawn, Koi Pond settings views promising opportunities photos Full-service elegant six-course dinners, buffets, brunches barbecues, cocktail-and-hors doeuvre receptions shuffleboard, PHOTOGRAPHY garden-view studio beds, kitchenettes king 239-472-1541, cocktail ever-beautiful distance. leave lifetime, media show appreciation happiness. Kelly Butts-Elston ladies amazing, server Eric incredible, wrote. Special thanks Palmer, event coordinator. miracles extremely Ill Another satisfied bride things, wrote username Andi F. impeccably clean, is, exception, welcoming, bar, Normandies, WONDERFUL buffet clean inviting-- aspect exceeded Balogh editorial assistant MIDDLE CREATING PHOTOGRAPHS TELL STORY LAST LIFETIME MORE THAN BEHIND CAMERA LENS, KNOWS ANGLES, right precise moments capture milestone event. Top photographers Florida, Adams Photography earned professionalism quality. experience, think, difference photographers, photographer circumstances, adverse situations. key success photography thinking, angles portray familys personality. enjoys most. creativity photography, Seeing happy wedding--and photos--is rewarding part. Adamss London. 1993. ships, Lori, vacationing Delaware, England, set Photography. 1998, videography. behind-the-scenes work-- editing, framing production--but photo shoots. Everything happens in-house, Over functioning workshop mother-of-the-bride, Susie Phelps daughter Kellys sent peek jaw Downright shared say, couldnt moment you, chosen correctly. fun. theme fit bill. last, booth ... reached 239-395-7671, relive events images professionals Congress Jewelers Passion Gem Collection rubies. CONGRESS JEWELERS FINE JEWELRY LASTS FOREVER BETTER WAY ensuing wealth pieces Sealife collections. Shell finds whimsical life--dolphins, turtles, more--are inspiration artisans bracelets, necklaces, earrings rings gold silver enhance precious stones. Collection, shell undergo process starts tiny, shells found designs molded maintain Once mold injected wax replica created. machines involved lost-cast waxing method. ruby lovers, piece finer life. esteemed stone considered King Gems ancient royalty remarkable powers associated passion love. Jewelers, begin sketch. Rings, pendants karat gold, created cabochon faceted rubies embellished diamonds brilliant gemstones. done Scot Congress, founders Dee Larry Congress. Further information 53 SHOPS INNS STORE, PELICAN ROOST OSPREY GIFT SHOP CINDY SCRAGG HAS BEEN WORKING YEARS. female 1980s. Jack, husband helped learned boats shrimp bait tank. shrimp-posed hands night. eventually nickname, Scooter scooted docks 16-foot rented skiffs. helm--as manager--early Cindys workplace climate. time, living easygoing work, recalls. workday, turn, attitude Still compliments carried seen fashions again. unchanging bikini. bright fabrics beach-resort setting. advanced four-way stretch technical aspects performance protection, noticeable apparel store, adds, biggest covering stylish sun-protection long-sleeve tops. fashion change, constant. ago, pink tabby cat, loved naps. recalls memory Pinky didnt Myers. picked up. believed died. diet pelicans. tough. slept Jack lived buddy. admits lover fact, animals, Pinkys Sailor, kittenhood. ask greet him, explains. Sailors Frona Flea Farrelly Texas. scene, fell him. Hope signing joy many, Not fashionable clothing, theyll inventory shops. outfitted Roost, motor oil, line, anchors charts. tackle frozen bait, lots sunscreen, after-sun lotions, toys, swim goggles nets. stock medicines, candy, snacks ice cream bars. Finally, least, clothing PELICANS selection Swimsuits, sundresses, hats, section near entrance stocks essentials. restaurant well-stocked brimming items. jewelry, handbags, throw pillows, handcrafted more. books authors. 55 Pursuit Suncatchers Dream Peach Republic MANY CHOICES, EASY SPOIL YOURSELF AHEAD, INDULGE. THERE OPPORTUNITIES DO CAPTIVA. wear, keepsakes gifts. Youre yourself, kids, spouse dog. excursion unexpected, addictive gifts, tchotchkes, gear, art, stuff former Pier Imports whose opening introduce quirkiness surprises corner. Daniel Moore Thompson top-selling French Yoga Clips Medusas Heirlooms. hairclips exquisite collectibles. Mississippi Mud clay coasters, Myra Roberts Capabunga silicone wine caps Thompsons men wardrobe. cheerful Periwinkle Place, carries sportswear beautifully tops bottoms, sweaters, footwear accessories. Women lingerie handbags fashion-centric shopper, Place bursting womenswear Name Tribal Sage wear Naot shoes, perfume, 25-year Dont section. purchase. Place. charms, featuring dolphins, seashells, dollars, seahorses marine motifs 14-karat diamond designs. another option. earrings, accented reflective moonstones. artsy edgy, Allen surprises. store. gallery wearable contemporary art. artwork, antiques, TIL DROP Coastal Outfitters Whitneys Bait Tackle collectibles, clothing. lovers avid fishermen Outfitters. nice assortment premium Pelagic Harvey vented shirts, fills racks. collections Tommy Bahama Robert Graham. gear Croix saltwater spinning casting rods Fin-Noir spin, fly trolling reels Van Staal G Loomis conventional rods. serious fisherman, reels, lure logo T-shirt shirt. leaves depleted, stop Day mind. Choose massages pamper getting hair nails extensive refresh 57 PINT-SIZE SHOPPERS FIND CHILDRENS APPAREL, TOYS THESE STORES SHOPPINGS NOT ALWAYS ADULTS. KIDS NEED OUTFITS SWIMWEAR, TOO, must-have resist. teens plazas. Little Peach, upscale womens Republic. 0 14. onesies newborn swimwear girls sundresses Gretchen Scott perky prints. flip-flops Tahitian Gardens Toy Shoppe youngsters array games, puzzles arts crafts, kids. Shoppers H2O Life, Square, Spa. fry needs swimsuits, breathable sandals. kids swimwear, IF PEACH Inside 2075 Way, 239-472-8444 SAILORS TOY SHOPPE 1989 239-312-8144 OUTFITTERS Square 14830 239-472-8706 LIFE 239-472-1746 OCEAN REMEMBER LASTING MEMORIES SOUVENIR LEAH BIERY SURROUNDING ISLANDS magic ocean. Calm, shallow habitats waiting explored, that. nonprofit organizations educators field-based amazed meander by, Indians did, muck mud prehistoric horseshoe crabs. soon forget. half- full-day programs based creature Led knowledgeable, enthusiastic teachers, students snorkel seagrass, forest, wade sandbar shells. ocean ecosystems world discover, educator Megan Duncan. creatures surprised winter camps, leadership expeditions teens, adults, stand-up paddleboard, outings groups. fall ocean, ways skills confidence own. build connection sea. online, 239-472-8585 . Biery communications School. SEA-INSPIRED OUTING, VISIT WEBSITE LEARN Half- 6-13 Guided birdwatching Paddling Summer camps Courses Land- boat-based equipment, nets, coolers, sunglasses Visit exploration TRIBE PADDLERS retail rash guards, Ocean Tribe Paddlers School, diverse meet-up, relaxed paddle, tips with. DINE Food considerations deciding spot. meal, business, reunion banquet, catered beverages entertainment, lengthy umbrella. LONGTIME CROWD PLEASER TWEAKING TRADITIONS HOUSE GINA BIRCH HOUSE, settlers, landmark Offering upscale, yet casual, atmosphere, upgrades maintaining charm. Gracie Theodore, manager, classic ambiance, not-so-subtle changes. explains, coat paint centerpieces. heaters patio. kitchen, hiring Nelson. successful feeding hungry visitors, traded snowshoes Aspen. returning lap. honeymoon fit. House, implementing well-received notable conversion scratch kitchen. produce source Seafood does indeed spotlight menu. thick cuts steak juicy domestic lamb chops. kept longtime favorites increased them. dinner tweaked breakfast Breakfast big, la carte received energized house. Weve Sammy Martinez, Birch radioTV personality contributes helps bit. Everyone pleasurable Grant included Now captain server, Nelson, customers place, Theodore boutique-style consistently wave, exchange hugs. information, 421, 61 920 PLACE GOOD FOOD, DRINK, ENTERTAINMENT OUTLOOK CROWS NEST 62 BAR GRILLE, drinks, ropes, ceiling light. chalkboard lists specials, dcor upgrade shift tipped scales favor seafood. flair fried green tomatoes, creole cheese poblano grits. smoky homey flavors. cocktails beachy clever names Murky dirty martini, Shark Attack Manhattan served bourbon-soaked Bartenders whip drinks mood knew, Pleasing plates delicious alike Nest. stellar lineup entertain engage must-do list. Number infamous crab Mon- Thursday. Hermit crabs polished shells, small, displayed prior races. crab, it, yours finish prizes. only. Live heard Friday, Saturday Sundays. command microphone, Karaoke Wednesday. highlight view. visible deck. sand, attentive save table, to-go cup dunes nightly show. Thanksgiving hits, fireplace lit season, air conditioning on. Atmosphere, drink, 63 EAT OFF BEATEN PATH NORMANDIE UPPER DECK EATING DRINKING SEASIDE CAF INN, Caf gems less-traveled northern stay, name, flair, nod 1960s, according Laurent Bosc Norm, christened Normandie. Thomas Sissons During understanding Sisson bigger splash. seafood-driven plucked prepared scratch, specially sourced products. leans casual. spruced cozy. seats, fill fast reservation. week, 64 doors unlocked daily, regardless calls Normandie, quiet. tops, second-level seating, ideal. look--marble high-top tables--make venue attractive ever. spots direct seating--a prime perch gazing. 65 CUISINE SCENE GUIDE DINING STYLE, FINDING MEALS GO, GRABBING QUICK SNACK KEY B BREAKFAST, L LUNCH, D DINNER, SB SUNDAY BRUNCH, BW BEER WINE, COCKTAILS, E ENTERTAINMENT, BF BANQUET FACILITIES, R RESERVATIONS ACCEPTED BAILEYS STORE Headquarters. ers consider mussels, crabcakes scallops. Dinner meat York Strip Wagyu Black Grouper Jumbo Lump Crab topping Wrap after-dinner scotches, cognacs ports. Dine 1244 239-472-5555, D, SB, BW, C, E, R. COW Bovine Bounty. massive omelets pasta, beef joint, despite cow references. dinners choice, unless omelets. signature homemade Mango Sangria. 2163 239-472-0606, B, L, C. LAZY FLAMINGO Cold Beer, Raw 6520-C Ave., 239-4725353 1036 239-472-6939 Worlds Best Breakfast. Residents grocery hardware covered. meats seafood, deli, bakery bar. organic gluten-free online delivery, 2477 239-472-1516 1451 Middle 239-395-6016, BLUE GIRAFFE Casual Excellence. DUNES Member Problem Try lump-crab bisque, Eastern, Western Burger, crisp empanadas pulled seared cowboy steak. 949 Sand Castle Road, 239-472-3355, R, BF. IL CIELO Creative Cuisine. sophistication tasteful decor menus. Start Cielo-tini, gin curacao cocktail. appetiz- MAD HATTER Wonderland divine, unforgettable. Inspired eclectic evolve scratch. Chef Kurt Michelle Jarvis cozy, welldeserved numerous shops, treat island-inspired food. Sit hand-painted tables inside, sample Monterey Chicken Panini Shrimp n Chips lunch, Pina-colada Mahitruly tempting pancakes, Eggs Nantua poached eggs crispy crabcake, Hollandaise sauce. Come Giraffe. 239-472-2525, enjoying six decades, why. Frittata shrimp, scallops crabmeat, sauted broccoli mushrooms artichoke creamy Alfredo sauce, Crusted Salmon Plum Drizzle dinner, pictures walls. Call-ahead 362 239-472-0303, BW. 67 world-class million-dollar unbeatable sunsets table. 6467 Sanibel-Captiva 239-472-0033, MATZALUNA Well-Smoked Italian Cheese Gorgonzola, ricotta, spinach hearts wood-fired pizzas. Fresh pastas, chicken, veal 1200 239472-1998, Indulge Yourself. Bananaberry Toast Omelet bowl Veggie Omelet, Colombian choice artisan whole-leaf teas. Relax old-world Bacon-Wrapped Roulade Snapper paired Menu specials salad dessert. westwindinn.comnormandierestaurant-sanibel. breakfast. cup, juice, coconut toast choices. 68 69 GRILL Local Color Grill pub fare--juicy burgers, baskets spicy Buffalo wings--and bartenders often-sought-but-never-found neighborhood vibe, popularity 703 239-472-4453, Floribbean Gourmet. 6536 239-472-2333, THISTLE LODGE Victorian Rendezvous. cuisine, black grouper, oven-roasted coquelet herb-crusted rack blackened yellowtail snapper mojo, adds allure trappings, glorious Casa Ybel 2255 239-472-9200, TIMBERS RESTAURANT FISH Do Favorites calamari, platters lump. Be market. 239-395-2722, TRADERS Experience. Trad- emporium Tuesday Thursday evenings. gumbo, pan-seared macadamia-encrusted grouper. 1551 239-4727242, E. CANTINA Nacho Madres Mexican. Enjoy serape colors, piatas, terra-cotta-tiled floors adobe-style walls subtly suggest south border. 14970 Dr., 239-472-0248, GRILLE Great Food, Fun appetizers, flatbreads, chicken wings always-popular spinach-and-artichoke dip, savory entrees Saltimbocca, sage leaves, lemon prosciutto-wrapped linguine. excitement, Races hopping season 239472-5161, cocktails, martinis umbrella opposite page, 71 GREEN FLASH Rare Treasure. Have delightfully Paris specialty, wine, Worcestershire, finished buttery herb topping. Or Venetian Platter, salmon, swordfish, tiger prawn polenta. Savory pork landlubbers, dessert positively decadent. 15183 Dr. 239-472-3337, KEYLIME BISTRO Changes Fooditude. picket fence cheery canopies enjoyed outdoors Buffett beat. walnut-crusted sausage peppers, escargots tomato. 11509 Rosse Lane, 239395-4000, LATTE DA COFFEE ICE CREAM Upon Time. wide coffees, extra-strong Eye Coffee, cappuccinos lattes Those sweet tooth indulge scoops Queenies locally cream, milkshakes sundaes. 11508 239-472-0234, D. MUCKY DUCK Quack Up. pint beers brewed pond. combination cuisine English grub. patio 11546 239-472-3434, FloridaNew American. Nelsons changing centers bounty fish. sushi menu, varietymore allof rolls, sashimi, rolls select sakes. Wines complement breath 4, Steamed clams, baskets, quesadillas meatloaf satisfy cravings. Diners outside week 11506 239-395-1142, RC OTTERS Otterly multitude daunting. SUNSHINE SEAFOOD WINE Bistro. charming, caf touch. wood-grilled perhaps pecan-crusted goat salad. Homemade desserts four-layer carrot cake candied-pecan cream-cheese icing. 239472-6200, listing date. encourage readers ahead detailed andor reservations establishments. Known locals. 72 PLACES WORSHIP ANNUNCIATION GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH 8210 Cypress Lake 239-481-2099 2050 239-472-0177 11580 Chapin 239-472-1646 BAT YAM TEMPLE CHAPEL CYPRESS LAKE BAPTIST 8400 239-481-5442 FIRST CHRIST, SCIENTIST 2950 239-472-8684 1740 239-472-2684 COMMUNITY CONGREGATIONAL UNITED CHRIST 239-472-0497 SAINT ISABEL CATHOLIC 3559 239-472-2763 MICHAEL ANGELS EPISCOPAL 2304 239-472-2173 5400 Plantation Yoga, Style FRANK BRINKER RENDE ZVOUS EVERY NEW FLOCK PINK ROSEATE SPOONBILLS BACKDROPS blur pelicans Drive. Baby alligators squeak squirm Indigo Trail Boardwalk. Bay, mother manatee calf nudge encounters Refuge tides, seasons. Like hitting button, fauna landscape, Society-Friends DDWS learning interactive enhancements updating exhibits, programming engaging tools. scene. eye-to-eye 3-D prop myriad flit underbelly alligator, duck loom overhead, lifelike sculptures mounted artistic tableau. restrooms, underwater motif WHATS over-the-top Center, admission debuted Learning Lavatories LearningLav restroom exhibit building, immersed Roseate spoonbills wildlife-rich Passengers sandbar. Right hands-on examines refuges well-loved creatures. continues murals photographic tile wall. Close-up bird portraits wrap stall door, factoids messaging LearningLavs value. coolest bathrooms supervisory Westland, closely project fruition. definitely national lands Bright signage Tract interprets freshwater habit. shoreline plot Gulfside Park Tract. unveiled kiosk recreated seashell specimens cutaway turtle nest, shorebird identification aids leads kiosk, seasonal schedule. PROGRAMS TOURS runs seasons, parts birding, hiking, experiences. interpretive, manatees, crocodiles, ducks, Stop related proceeds support refuge. films. More except closes naturalist-narrated Recreation Area, TBE concessions conduct rents paddleboards rookery flocks swoop roost thrills INFO 239-472-1100, fws.govdingdarling Note open. 239-472-1100 239-472-8900, Bicycling BROWN shores inland lakes. dark pelican, plunges Size inches Weight ounces Wingspan 81 Brown Pelican fish-eating specialist consumes account 99 diet. Barbed pads soles grip slippery HERON Wurdemanns herons found. bodies heron, heron. Heron EGRET majestic symbol Audubon Society. America, protect killed feathers. WHITE IBIS wading Deep South, striking ibis frequently lawns, insects, probing prey Egret Cormorant CORMORANT aquatic nest sticks materials, picking rope, fishnet plastic debris incorporate nest. Ibis Horseshoe INDIAN MANATEE gentle, slow-moving rivers, estuaries, canals, bays areas. eating, traveling. listed BOTTLENOSE DOLPHIN Indian Manatee Bottlenose bottlenose travels pods six. tend eat pounds grow weigh 800 1,000 pounds. surface air. appear, though, attempt feed interact LOGGERHEAD TURTLE one-third worlds population loggerhead worldwide. Oct. 31, nesting disturbed, lights-out policy p.m. Loggerhead Turtle Stingray sought-after inshore big-game fish, puts stubborn fight, leaping tarpon grows slowly, reaching maturity old, usually long. HORSESHOE CRAB dangerous, not. distant relatives spider. tail acts rudder, pairs legs. STINGRAY Stingrays graceful swimmers clams. August, rays move mate. shuffle avoid stung. stung, 77 VOLUNTEERING HIGH SIGN UP, SHOW DIFFERENCE BLENDING mingle reduce stress, vacations. volunteering kindles happiness--and volunteer Who knows, chapter hometown civic association. suggestions started. AMERICAN BUSINESS WOMENS ASSOCIATION CHAPTER Meets Tuesday, Sundial LEGION POST 123 Veterans organization. 4249 Road. 239-472-9979, SOCIETY, Society CENTER Seniors programs. Civic 2401 Library Way. COTI, COMMITTEE group. Social agency. 2430 REALTORS Organization realtors. LIONS Wednesdays, 2173 CIVIC CULTURAL CORE PROJECT Cultural Associations residents Dedicated 950 Dunlop 239-472-4648, SHELL CRAFTERS Monday, KIWANIS Dunes Club, OPTIMIST youth. ROTARY Friday morning, Bailey-Matthews Museum, 3075 facebook.comsancapshellclub GARDEN START, SOLUTIONS AVOID RED TIDE, CAPTIVA-SANIBEL Nonprofit 941-966-3400, YOUNG PROFESSIONALS meetings young professionals. facebook.comypasc ZONTA Womens advocacy BAILEY-MATTHEWS MUSEUM, SEASHELLS LETTERED OLIVE TRUE TULIP APPLE MUREX CAYENNE KEYHOLE LIMPET BEAN TRIVIA FLYSPECK CERITH DARK FARGO WORM SNAIL NUTMEG LIGHTNING WHELK FLORIDA FIGHTING CONCH LACE TURKEY WING CROWN ONE-TOOTH SIMNIA CHESTNUT TURBAN PONDEROUS ARK TINTED CANTHARUS SUNRAY VENUS ATLANTIC FIG LADDER HORN TAMPA PITAR PITTED PEAR COLORFUL MOON ALPHABET CONE EGG CASES POINTED HUMPHREY WENTLETRAP JUNONIA CALICO SCALLOP 239-395-2233, PRECAUTIONS JELLYFISH number jellyfish harm Please untouched. Stings result welts, itching. Seek medical symptoms persist. pain, pour vinegar affected area, soak minutes. DRIFT ALGAE drift algae blooms normal occurrence ecosystem, timing cannot predicted. produces mild odor exacerbate respiratory conditions allergies bronchitis, dangerous humans. Decaying nutrients habitat species, leaders let instead removing PESKY CREATURES NO-SEE-UMS MOSQUITOES aggravating winged pests active sunrise. defense insect bites cover cool, loose-fitting Insect repellants contain DEET effective, cause irritation. No-see-ums screens, shut prevent indoor space. no-see-um mosquito bites. pharmacist product itching persists. STINGRAYS stingray observed year-round. months, vast cownose migrate Rays gentle creatures, way. painful sting, shuffle-- shallows vibrations barbed, seek RESPECTING ALLIGATORS alligators. law. LIVE SHELLS LAW PROHIBITS TAKING SHELLS. PLEASE HELP CONSERVE PRECIOUS RESOURCE. INCLUDES URCHINS, SAND DOLLARS STARS. Violators jail offense. MAINTENANCE designated sanctuary laws Specifically, ordinance prevents raking cleaning seaweed, grasses, dead shellfish, etc. allows deposits tides enabling source. protected, oats. tall, perennial grass strong, extensive, underground root erosion. federally law Easily recognizable, arching spikes oats stiff stems. Motorized vehicles, carts prohibited trash removed hand. fires fireworks castles holes. tracks notify report scientists loggerheads, leatherbacks, vulnerable threatened Endangered Species Act. assistance greatly appreciated. TURTLES Lights Out Turtles. Why confuse females disorient hatchlings. curtains blinds closed balcony lights facing turned dusk. clear remove sunburn harmful effects UV rays, whenever possible, wide-brimmed hats sunglasses. Always SPF 15, limit exposure sunlight dehydration. Event Calendar Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony Happy Hour MUCH HAPPENING, SOMETHING EVERYONE CAPTIVAS HISTORIC WHY LEAVE HAPPENING HERE galaxy escapism holiday celebrations, reunions, festivals, anything imaginable sun. beaches. meal instance, House. Executive specializes seafoods, meats, fresh-baked breads, pastries desserts. First one-room reflects charm, picturesque Registry Places. taste, Houses selections. laidback diners. tapas tasty picnic basket in-room surprise cheese, pizza take-back-tothe-room eats. forget fitness center, unwind. aside sunsets, visits, activities, fun-filled. updates. ACTIVITIES GLANCE Feb. Super Bowl Valentines March Patricks April Easter Mothers Halloween November ceremony menus December Christmas Dec. Years Eve Party RACES Monday nights. adults-only August. tradition spans marks, absolutely hilarious, one-of-a-kind shows Commissioner Tim. laugh riot miss--and donated charity. Sushi Entertainment STUFF Wednesday 830-11 Nest, Gatlin Show Regular appearances Daily 4-6 July 83 12418 225 226 86 224 87 223 90 923 89 1205

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