SCBR20.indd 1 21620 1150 PM Contents F E AT U R S 8 FIND PEACE WITHIN THE WEST WIND INN With its prime location on the Gulf shore, this resort is a blissful slice of paradise LIVING ON ISLAND TIME TWEEN WATERS Lounge poolside, explore by boat and dine creative cuisine at Captivas most laid-back 12 AN ESCAPE BEACHVIEW AND CASTAWAYS COTTAGES Experience Old Florida finest with stay special property 16 DEPARTMENTS 6 Welcome 18 Tennis 19 Golf 20 Spa 30 Rental 34 Pets Tennis, pickleball beach volleyball Tween Waters Book fabulous vacation home water--a Gulf, sound or shore setting 50 Take stroll through yesteryear Sanibel Historical Museum Village 68 Theres room inn for your dog A family-owned operated course that scores big golfers 36 Marinas 40 Cruises Find great boating, fishing water-sports options marinas perfect pampering The 24 RR awaits these places 26 Wedding Island hop, dolphin watch enjoy sunset sail in Resort West Wind Inn are idyllic destinations turning day into memorable one 44 Explore 29 Album Creating photographs videos capture milestone moments Gateway to wonders Southwest Floridas Water World 46 A-list things do Captiva 48 Islands natural beauty from water Tarpon Bay Explorers 52 an exquisite creation top jewelry designers 54 Shop piece Cedar Chest 56 helpful staff makes shopping pleasure Pelicans Roost Boutique Marina Store 58 coveted coastal lifestyle 60 Fashion style define welcoming island store 61 An emporium chock-full surprising merchandise every corner 62 childrens clothing, toys fun shops 64 Savor House 66 Crows Nest Bar Grille Normandie Seaside Caf Upper Deck Pool 70 Your guide dining out 79 Guest Information Places worship 80 To Health 84 Nature 86 Community 88 Environmental 89 Shelling Guide 90 Events 92 Property Maps 96 San-Cap Map 63 Kids underwater world Sea School 2 SANIBEL CAPTIVA BEACH RESORTS 2020 W 3 TONY LAPI Chairman Board DOUG BABCOCK Chief Executive Office REN J. AFFOURTIT Finance, Admin HR Officer 239-472-5161 CEO, Doug Babcock 15951 Drive Island, FL 33924 Beachview Cottages Manager, Rick Boyd 3325 Sanibel, 33957 239-472-1202 Castaways Beach 6460 Road 239-472-1252 3345 239-472-1541 Vacation Rentals General Jackie Royka 2400 Palm Ridge Road, 11508 Andy Rosse Lane, Captiva, 239-472-5050, 877-388-5050 GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela Jaeger EDITOR PROOFREADER Patricia Letakis CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Emilie Alfino, Klaudia Balogh, Leah Biery, Gina Birch, Paula Bolado, Jan Holly, PHOTOGRAPHERS Nick Adams, William R. Cox, SALES MARKETING INC. CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason Jones P.O. Box 1227 239-472-0205 Friedrich N. Jaeger, FounderChairman Guy Tober, President Vice PresidentC.O.O. CONTACT US totimedia.comcontactus PUBLISHERS OF Times RSW Bonita Estero GULF MAIN Cape Coral Living Leisure Travel Copyright TOTI Media, Inc. All rights reserved. No part publication may be reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those 4 5 CHOOSE YOUR ISLAND. BEACH. STYLE. WELCOME TO WERE THRILLED YOUVE CHOSEN share vacation, family reunion, wedding business event us, we aim exceed expectation. At Resorts, our mission simply put deliver warm, friendly experience all guests. We four truly unique beachfront properties each among top-rated TripAdvisor--in fact, were proud proclaim Official Resorts Captiva. These wonderful, historic travel brands include plus Inn, fast-growing highly successful Rentals. Earlier year, what you might call seismic change took place within organization. Our founder, mentor leader, Tony Lapi, ascended role Board. says It was planned transition, as my has been blessed hold ownership both many years. So, after nine years job I mean here, including some less glorious, named Officer. Its proudest career, personal bests. more than 400 guest accommodations total today rentals, can offer guests choices casual Olde cottages full-service resorts condos luxurious homes. Both feature dining--including TripAdvisors restaurant, all-new House, recreated reimagined cuisine. also private Mexico beaches, environmentally heated cooled pools, two marinas, spas, abundant sports more. Yes, host fun-filled experiences, here Plus excels destinations, ideal small meetings conferences. history islands dates back 1925 when Bowman Grace Price purchased now Spa--and began serving overnight 1931. That gives us hospitality spans eight decades, still going growing stronger day. take pride history, passionately committed quality, environmental wildlife preservation, community involvement. cherish past, believe present commit better future. characteristics led 2019 Business Year Chamber Commerce. want thank selecting very important event. If first visit, few tour other properties, come soon. passion make wonderful possible. CEO LLC Lapi CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER CHAIRMAN PROPERTY MANAGER, BOARD BAY PHOTO COURTESY 7 Feature BY GINA BIRCH HAS BEEN HOSTING VISITORS FOR NEARLY CENTURY, over last decade seen significant upgrades. Yet there never change, such verdant grounds, tranquil atmosphere impeccable hospitality. residential setting. You see anyone miles, president chairman board Resorts. On narrow strip island, backs up while just steps entrance. professional golfer could tee knock ball bay jokes Lapi. Thats pretty unique. nothing compare. Room range standard suites three-bedroom cottages, dating 1930s. Over recent years, have restored spa added, but cherry renovation newly completed remodel House. miles. --Tony aerial view SANIBELCAPTIVABEACHRESORTS.COM 9 serves life waterfront chairs, coastal-inspired accommodations, tropical cocktails seafood plucked local waters. offers type getaway youll only talking about looking recreate generations. complete redesign includes new state-of-the-art kitchen fresh vibe. seating area features photos wall pre-dinner cocktail. Upscale casual, menu leans toward seafood, dishes made house order. same culinary philosophy, try where find large bar, live music, karaoke, infamous hermit crab races Monday Thursday. pool bar popular spots spend time during any Waters. Here sip fruity festive cocktails, signature grouper sandwiches, salads, burgers temperature pools remains steady 85 degrees regardless weather thanks geothermal technology. Babcock, chief executive officer explains, commercial 10 islands. gratifying looks faces they step it so refreshing. For who arent party noise exuberant children adults, Serenity doctor ordered, calm retreat. While refreshing, highlight shells wash incredible, making shelling activity. like rather full parasailing Jet Skis. Paddleboards kayaks available, eco-guides often duty tours bay. Speaking bay, thats PHOTOS Geothermal technology keeps comfortable year-round. upgraded docks. charters, experienced captains sweet off something always biting. Additional excursions leaving marina trips neighboring barrier sunning, swimming, along cruises. boater, rent vessels shallow waters own pace. stocked clothing sundries case youve left home. Prefer wheels bicycles complimentary available first-come-first-serve basis even burn extra calories ride nature preserves found there. Besides proper, 100 vacationrental homes accommodate larger groups need space. Guests brand services. Another families four-legged member, pet-friendly resort. This waterside visually beautiful beautifully compact, easy navigate. quick walk beach, entertainment unparalleled. coming And employees special. return year welcomed employees, Birch extensively regular contributor Media. 11 choose between lounging poolside spreading blanket sands toasting sunset. MORE THAN LIKELY HEARD PHRASE LOCATION, LOCATION WHEN REFERRING real estate exactly known location. stretch beach. go turn right wont rest residential. almost having In addition, compact seconds room, nearly closest J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, spot bicycles, which basis. inns northern perimeter lies directly Sanibels scenic shared-use path, 25-mile system paved trails frequented cyclists pedestrians alike. Use traverse major roadways intersecting streets visit landmarks. Most visitors beaches clear blue water. activities shelling, boasts lined thousands seashells shape, size color. hotel specially designed bags collecting outdoor station cleaning them. However, if youre little action, free use stand-up paddleboards. relatively skill master, paddleboarding difficult, especially decide remain seated. fall off, allow hop effort. Sports games enthusiasts their hand cornhole shuffleboard. help schedule Ski riding. From rousing game shuffleboard relaxing dinner Caf, theres plenty 13 draw, shelling. lush, subtropical ambience hasnt changed much since opened 1968, 103 rooms updated will brick-paved parking lot, guestroom furnishings beds comfy mattresses, mold-free floors, HDTV. sea-and-sky views, spacious balcony, enjoying cup coffee morning, glass wine night shady read book views sunning socializing. retreat visitors, bistro covered sun. sit cocktail elevated Mexico, Babcock. colorful sunsets, addition music Wednesday Saturday. refreshing libations, shorts flip-flops order food famous 14 Cafe. Dinner upscale chef specials clay pot grouper, rib-eye steaks, delectable curry mussels dish. traditional breakfast lunch healthful splurge items. swimming pool, wander property, exploring foliage. bougainvillea-wrapped arbor meander red-bricked path glimpses sculptures, hidden fountain, butterflies native plants shapes, sizes hues--hibiscus, coreopsis, oleander, wild lime, plumbago. zenful. When comes planning events celebrations, five attractive group venues soirees banquets, weddings, corporate retreats, conferences, parties. One locations grassy Ideal under stars, space tents, movable dance floor, twinkling lights insider tip ways save money direct online agents, pay fees. Parking Wi-Fi well. friendly. Think paradise. Once check leave. Clockwise Breakfast restaurants inviting hour sea-inspired dcor pathway 15 BLENDING VINTAGE STYLE WITH MODERN AMENITIES, COTTAGES, SISTER feel comforts home, according Manager Boyd. He adds, reminds me vacations childhood. Repeat agree. Located quiet, end 22 38 Castaways, yourself. Some Castaway existence 1940s. Children used returning tow. whove spending staying year. charming one-, two- brightly colored Caribbean red, yellow green. They screened porches, reserved parking, dont leave members behind. exteriors havent much, interiors have, furniture, modernized bathrooms granite countertops kitchens. reception office updated, offering modern, personalized check-in experience. line shell-strewn drive dead-ends expansive, secluded shoreline Cottages, beachside bayside cottages. units marina, adventurous escape aboard offered Capt. Joe Joey Burnsed. Between captains, sunsets fishing. Anglers seek tarpon, snook, redfish trout, depending upon season. head offshore ledges reefs well best world, Cayo Costa, uninhabited north accessible boat. away customize fulfrom fill desire, simple island. Charming quaint, canoes appeal Bicycles another option activvacationers ity exploration around Biking vibe modern paths wide plentiful, leading amenities. shops, preserves. amenities added luxury piggybacking facilities adjacent resurfaced Cafe nostalgia comfort way reset reconnect. 17 1151 NET SPORTS TENNIS, PICKLEBALL VOLLEYBALL PATRICIA LETAKIS GUESTS RESORT SPA WHO ARE READY WORKOUT--OR MAYBE JUST SOME FUN THAT GETS chaise lounge--can hit courts racket sports. court friends challenge two. equipment net. Swimsuit, sunglasses, sunscreen bare feet work find. prefer tennis pick whack balls lighted courts. basic rules should followed, wearing proper footweartennis stops starts, short sprints frequent lateral movement--and sportswear. Critical climate hydrated. So remember drink health benefits playing impressive increasing aerobic capacities, lowering resting heart rate blood pressure, bone density, body fat, improving muscle tone, strength flexibility. Seasonal clinics Pick lessons eager improve technique. register front desk times. Then latest rage pickleball. familiar sport, heres lowdown. Pickleball combines elements badminton, table tennis. Two, three players solid paddles wood perforated think wiffle net lower badminton. similar modifications. lighter weight people ages abilities play, competitive test mettle. Staff acquaint sport. BOTTOM RIGHT GOLF CLUB FAMILY-OWNED OPERATED COURSE SCORES BIG GOLFERS SMACK DAB IN HEART SITS GORGEOUS COURSE. PLAYING ROUND SEMI-PRIVATE Club perk extended true style, owner operator Drew Donnelly on-site working his wife, Mary. holidays weekends, good chance catch sons manning bag drop raking bunkers SandPro. And, before, surprised name. Nothing happier seeing look face greet them name, knowing Donnelly. inside paradise, undergone transformation landscaping irrigation, offset efforts fertilizer usage. Course superintendent Chad Kithcart changes layout function sensitive tract, adding areas acres wildflowers. partnered receive percent discount rental clubs. --Drew A. Donnelly, golf pro co-owner, Whats takes backseat nature. Golfers told play courses, because abundance becomes secondary, doubt lush ensure captivating challenging round. But membership attractive. various plans, full-family 30-day memberships. annual monthly. months able advantage monthly often--and participate club events, says, Customer service priority club. full-scale emphasis customer service--on non-golfer explains folks weeks name game. proud. Adding, smile, goal become extension succeeded. editor BOOK PERFECT PAMPERING REJUVENATING BODY SOUL FOCUSES COMPLETE RELAXATION THROUGH HOLISTIC restorative treatments, built strong reputation quality exceptional service. Nestled quietly second level overlooking salon owneroperator Georgie Pailes spa-goers 2008. know importance providing client, Pailes. sure everyone best, products ready give approach worked Pailes, her career ago esthetician massage therapist. Relaxation well-being happen, she says. subtle dcor. Playing Mother Natures hues warm tones, fossil-imprinted lobby bamboo ceilings flowers create Locals, repeat newcomers discover treated goes beyond ordinary, services treatments spas revitalizing men, women juniors. There everyone, comments aimed allowing relax rejuvenate mind, soul. relaxation massages, variety performed Pailess trained technicians. Traditional relaxation, deep tissue, stone, specialty Thai favorites. special, bring friend partner together suite exclusively couples. facials, offerings different skin types. deep-cleansing European Facial, Brightening Vitamin C Anti-Aging Delicate Facial suffering rosacea acne. types essential. peel neck foot massage. Something spa. Equally salon. Just salons clientele, vacationers search locals 21 particularly bridal parties weddings. team hairstylists makeup artists specialize display, holds 200 bottles nail polish shade color spectrum, long-lasting shellac. shellac manicures, notes, CND-certified, ensuring application clients. whole weddings artists, points out. Keeping whats current scene team. Airbrush makeup, silicon-based foundation naturally, lasts longer, go-to product. hair, equipped everything cut highlights updos. travel, smile. love bringing you. talents Sanibel. brides wedding. excitement contagious, fulfilling being day, male clientele well, freestanding missed building 2009 spa, off. She knows dedicated provide success. Were family. clients welcome comfortable. DANIELA JAEGER 23 HEAD AWAITS THESE PLACES IF YOU THINK ITS IMPOSSIBLE SCHEDULE ME TIME, happily point direction unwinding reconnecting yourself, setting, get mindset. look, feel, too, islands, surrounds moves slower, further enhances highlights, permanent keratin treatment. manis pedis disappointed extensive polish--think paraffin too. occasion, Day welcomes groups, Whether pampered before hair done updo wedding, Periwinkle Place, 2075 Way, 239-395-2220, DAY Warm cozy, tucked plaza projects landscaping. Designed appreciate intimate service, menu. Massage hot oil, Bamboo Fusion massages deviate traditional. care, selection facials antiaging, firming peptide, others--and microdermabrasion microneedling. side, seasoned hairstylists, manicurists. Come haircut, color, KAY CASPERSON SPA, SALON BOUTIQUE Lifestyle expert Kay Casperson established headquarters Spa, Salon Island. BeautifuLife brand, collection nourishing, hypoallergenic care products. booking treatment consider rejuvenating facial scrub Caspersons toe. collections, jewelry, accessories Chadwicks Square across South Seas Resort, 14830 Drive, 239579-1470, 25 IDYLLIC DESTINATIONS TURNING SPECIAL INTO MEMORABLE ONE KLAUDIA BALOGH CELEBRATING OCCASION SUN DESCENDS MEXICO WHILE DOLPHINS PLAY DISTANCE WAVES CRASH slight breeze forms moment. spectacular provides rich colors artificial lighting create. Stand soft, white sand say kiss married couple--a beginning together. Two promise celebration lifetime couples, birthdays anniversaries. long list earn how dreamed approval, no matter celebrating. couples plan guests, need. multiple sites catering amenities, taken entire stay. Brett Gooch, general manager resorts, in-house handle Inn. works diligently event, Gooch needed preferred vendor recommend. NICK ADAMS PHOTOGRAPHY 27 Indoor Venue Options Historic Sunset Lounge, Canoe Kayak Outdoor Private whitesand decks, romantic garden Pine Sound Banquet Full On-site Amenities Pre-wedding postwedding Waters, stylings. Several restaurants, kayaks, Types Lodging 137 colorful, eclectic, seaside Gulf-view bay-view studios Address Contact 239-472-5161, ext. 447 destination close half century, keep satisfaction rehearsal morning brunch. occasion either doesnt day-of activities. extend plate adventures land water, then wind down sipping exotic watching ever-beautiful sun distance. memories lifetime, social media show appreciation happiness. Kelly Butts-Elston had ladies amazing, server Eric wrote. satisfied bride TripAdvisor cant enough things, wrote username Andi F. impeccably clean, is, exception, welcoming, Normandies, WONDERFUL buffet delicious, clean inviting--every single aspect exceeded expectations. Balogh 800-square-foot banquet air-conditioned, Deck, Lawn, Butterfly Garden Koi Pond settings promising opportunities Full-service elegant six-course dinners, buffets, brunches barbecues, cocktail-andhors doeuvre receptions Large shuffleboard, corn hole, Gulf- garden-view studio double beds, fully kitchenettes king 447, 28 CREATING PHOTOGRAPHS VIDEOS CAPTURE MILESTONE MOMENTS YEARS EXPERIENCE BEHIND CAMERA LENS, Adams angles, precise essence Top photographers Florida, Photography earned professionalism quality. experience, think, difference photographers, photographer circumstances, adverse situations. key success photography original thinking, finding angles portray couple familys personality. enjoys most. really creativity photography, he Seeing happy wedding--and photos--is rewarding part. Adamss London. 1993. cruise ships, met Lori, vacationing Delaware, Ohio. moved England, set Photography. 1998, Florida. expanded videography. His behindthe-scenes work--editing, framing production--but photo shoots. Everything happens in-house, Adam develop functioning workshop here. What motherof-the-bride, Susie Phelps daughter Kellys sent sneak peek jaw dropped Downright Each shared say, couldnt agree moment you, knew chosen correctly. fun. theme fit bill. last, booth ... reached 239-395-7671, relive images professionals FABULOUS VACATION HOME WATER-- GULF, SOUND OR SHORE SETTING RENTALS RR, SHORT LONG TERM, RENTAL COTTAGE, HOUSE CONDOMINIUM STEPS FROM WATER five-star dream true. launch SCIVR 2018, excellent hotels. demand highest vacation-rental certain market group, marketing organization Cottages. children, gathering others independent advantages rentals access islands--more 125, second-largest company browsing inventory, evident participating represent lifestyle. Among offerings, painted porches interior design hardwood woodbeamed paddle fans nautical motifs--along large, Renters Villas pier. SCIVRs Lands End 31 SCIVR, kicked notch. Youll exclusive Rewards, to--and discounts for--amenities example, discount. Reduced rates sports, sailing Skis, vacation-home renters. all, receives 250-plus-value bonus Rewards coupon valid attractions value homeowner. powerful, branding Web, digital, public relations strategies reaches million potential renters annually--meaning greater condo investment. Plus, homeowner serviced concierge assigned attention detail. revenue homeowners helping maximize investment return, elaborates employ new, Concierge Service owners renters, increases revenues. learn Representatives assist 877-388-5050. 32 annually golf. Sales Associate Rachel Walsh SERVICE program, sales throughout process, seamless Royka, herself resident relocated Rochester, New York, delivering excellence. joining Cincinnati, bachelors degree science Ohio University, certified rehabilitator rehab Clinic Rehabilitation C.R.O.W. transitioning estate. licensed agent am excited team, opportunity regularly SCBR different. amazing Quick response bookings inquiries, lasting relationships priorities. greeted 24-hour deserve--something companies seem lacking, Walsh. book. 33 PETS PARADISE THERES ROOM DOG GONE DAYS BOARDING KENNEL GO VACATION. HOTELS pets, Certain pets availability apply, city restrictions, pet means walks canopy stars sunrise Or shop collar toy Paws boutique, veterinarians needs arise 1931, sliver Island--perfectly nestled Sound. comfort, Pet per pet, night. Check breed restrictions. sitting side why management chose locale wishing advance information. policy allows however, select pets. Owners must sign agreement check-in. BEFORE strict require leash following breeds allowed Akitas, Canary mastiffs Perro de Presa Canarios, chow chows, pit bulls, Rottweilers, Staffordshire terriers, wolf hybrids. understands wish itinerary. pet. maximum unit. PAWS cozy boutique pet-centric. stocks all-natural foods, gourmet treats, newest cat. nutrition choosing stock. pet-inspired gifts humans, cute cards artwork T-shirts, socks mugs. Outside porch break rocking chair side. BEACHSIDE ANIMAL CLINIC medical stay, Beachside Animal Way. veterinary clinic animal hospital run Dr. Mark Mathusa. 239-579-0804, VCA HOSPITAL Tucked resembling cottage Hospital serve illness forgot prescription medication, help. 239-4728387, 35 Marina. GET OUT GREAT BOATING, FISHING WATER-SPORTS OPTIONS MARINAS IS HUGE ATTRACTION SOUTHWEST FLORIDA--AND, NO DOUBT, reasons boaters, safe harbor key. visiting boat, reliable guides important. boating choice. canoes, paddleboards rent, sightseeing relax. Visit watercraft MARINA powerboats. chartered guides. Sightseeing, WaveRunner, sailboat excursions, Dragon Boat rides, vendors Bum wet slips reasonable staffed veterans area. 37 on-the-water fun, experts Santiva Saltwater Fishing Team, Jim Burnsed, Jimmy Burnsed Rob McKay, 239-472-1779, Rentals, 239-472-6336, Moon Sailing, 239-395-1782, Adventure SUP, 239-822-3337, storage Wet Dockage Local, short-term transient dock Access stores grocerydelivery Bonus Diesel fuel Hours operation a.m. p.m., daily. tween-waters.commarina outing Charter adventures. secret holes sandbars youd alone. Stand-up available. 239-472-1252, MCCARTHYS Few match historical legacy McCarthys ferry mainland operating 1907. Today Cruises. Visitors trips, cruises Cabbage Key, Useppa Boca Grande lunch. Also dolphin, wildlife, remote Costaa state park boatfor beaching dockage guided charters. Daily, Gift snacks, souvenirs Walk several daily hours arrangement. 239-472-5200, 39 SEAGOING ADVENTURES CRUISES HOP, DOLPHIN WATCH ENJOY SUNSET SAIL JAN HOLLY FLORIDAS ABUNDANT NATURE SURE IMPRESSES VISITORS, BUT viewed voyagers treat--an unhurried journey pristine firsthand ever-changing sea sky. departing main Yacht Harbour, taking easy. Brad Junghans passionate seagoing await fortunate passengers. lie road, beyond, said. plying surrounding waters, spy fins surface pelicans overhead. passengers touch history. dolphin-watch adventure cruises, jaunts. boat--Useppa Key Grande. seascape cheeseburger cold one, remarked Vessels shown formation 41 vessel fleet Lady Chadwick waving passing boats Costa staff. Useppas Collier options, Baron Dining Courtyard Room. Inns Isaak Walton Cool Calm Watering Hole fare--cocktails aperitifs. bars Serenade panoramic vision Mexico. Leading Dolphin Cruise Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation volunteer, running commentary waterways, wildlife. educational entertaining, eco-tourism finest. Trips hour. run, average, exciting allow. Chadwick. comfortable, slow-speed stocked, light snacks. recommend Bloody Mary, recipe--definitely worth try. intimately bound 1923, Clarence bought fruit plantation. grew mostly limes coconuts, endeavor hotel, late 1920s. evolved Rosamund, namesake. 42 --Brad Junghans, grown operation. Along sizable Chadwick, seats 148 people, consists Coast Guard-certified craft handful smaller additional seat 49 Weather challenge, said, control weather, flow. stalls happen rarely. Sunshine State, all. 1997, enterprise 1986. confesses customers. up-close-and-personal dolphins encounter virtually frolic gets old. After job, wonder me. Holly 43 SUNNY GATEWAY WONDERS WORLD SITUATED NORTHERN TIP CAPTIVA, LAUNCHING seas As authorized water-sport endless possibilities dolphins, soar high above shores leisure unique, operate ease Sunny Adventures Jimi Batchelor speed determine route memories, added. happy--to smiles faces. Adventures, public, one-stop encounters water-world kind. staffers safe, carefree. begin sky adventure, contact 239-472-2938, website, BOAT Available vessels, leisurely pontoons speedy, centerconsole Hurricane Fun-Deck Sun-Deck ultimate cruising enjoyment. Be captain sightsee, fish swim, coolest visit--and avoid. Water-sports WaveRunner paddleboard. scheduled minutes. superb, tales piracy past centuries, recount sounds houses, recall calamitous hurricanes laid waste region decades. Seating accommodates people. Guard equipment, safety Bimini T-tops, ice chests, charts, PFDs VHF radios. minimum age requirements apply. CART BICYCLE WAVERUNNER relaxed haunts beauties, grab cart bike go. carts getting relaxing, kids, locals. WaveRunners thrill seeker countless excitement. cover lot territory period time, navigate, face-to-face marine life--dolphins, manatees, turtles osprey, few. PARASAILING STAND-UP PADDLEBOARD canoers kayakers, SUP alternative, customers technology--the Hobie Eclipse. StairMaster pedals steering column navigation easy, power minimal workout, Eclipse communion Drift solitude calmer bayou kids adults alike intense workout. Enjoy serenity up, skies Red Fish Pass. parasail crew. North wading transfers boats, onto secure adventure. Chutes carry aloft birds-eye natures wonders--dolphins, turtles, osprey pelicans. Supervised staff, trip fun--no training required. restrictions Dry departures landings guaranteed, towel. WAVERUNNER, KAYAK TOURS transport choice, let hopping. Paddleboard kayak lead stiller bayou. 45 EXPLORE A-LIST THINGS DO BREATHE FRESH AIR EMBRACE ISLANDS. BESIDES SPENDING HOURS plethora moving. corners surroundings finds. reef Calusa Indians, pirates, Spanish adventurers buried treasure. state, largest Refuge. encouraged mangroves, tennis, alfresco browse boutiques art galleries. foot, bicycle navigate yourself Heres partial visit. ARTS, gallery, concert hall, school more, ARTS theatrical performances, concerts, visual arts, exhibitions lectures. Classes workshops offered. Home trees exploding gardens attract butterflies, birds camera. grounds recognized botanical American Public Association. BOTANICAL GARDENS MOORINGS CHARTER FISHING, DIVES, SNORKELING outfitters. Surrounding Bailey pioneer merchant Frank Bailey, demonstration featuring plants. stop Native Landscapes Center. Of acres, open remainder corridor. BAILEY HOMESTEAD PRESERVE MEMORIAL PUBLIC LIBRARIES quiet read, libraries readings, lectures exhibits. recently renovated library think-tank teen Open museum mollusks shells, world. Browse exhibits showcase Shells Around World, Architecture, Art Human History, Sailors Valentines brand-new aquarium opens 2020. walk. BAILEY-MATTHEWS SHELL MUSEUM center cares sick, injured orphaned migratory patients. complemented education research, conservation medicine presentations, live-video footage. REHABILITATION WILDLIFE CROW CALUSA BLUEWAY term stoop describes bending gather shell shell. surf fishing, soaking bobbing endlessly Favorite stretches Blind Pass Bowmans Beach. BEACHES clearly marked 190-mile-long canoe trail paddlers Lee Countys tributaries inland. DING DARLING NATIONAL REFUGE miles pathways pedal road. BICYCLING WALKING vegetation hundreds species animals. refuge dense mangrove habitat. 245 sight migration endangered manatees mammal species. Visitor Education Center information habitats. Hop super-catamaran, high-speed narrated watching. span connects Punta Rossa Causeway 2.8 long. causeway, stunning vistas Picnic areas, restrooms THRILLER CAUSEWAY SANIBEL-CAPTIVA CONSERVATION FOUNDATION, manages swaths resources Homestead Preserve 500 foundations trails, observation tower, butterfly house, tank souvenir shop. COMMUNITY Association, served residents 1927 cultural, functions. Yoga, shell-crafting classes, bridge held regularly. tram TARPON EXPLORERS HISTORICAL VILLAGE Learn eras 1800s early settled buildings, splendor, furnished authentic vintage clothes, household items, tools utensils. concerts abound. Parasailing Skis Quieter paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing boating. outfitters assist. Every Sunday October May City Hall, farmers, chefs, bakers cheese-makers produce prepared goodies buy. FARMERS MARKET Town lighthouse eastern site development. activity 1833, settlers petitioned construction Point Ybel, until 1884, oldest standing structure, San Carlos Bay. park, parking. 47 LIGHTHOUSE SANCTUARY ISLANDS NATURAL BEAUTY SET OVER LUSH MANGROVE HORIZON WITNESS MANATEE GENTLY BREACH SURFACE next kayak. embed lifetime. considered whether via kayak, paddleboard pontoon nation, declared Magazine. honored permitted stewards incredible earth, explained Wendy Schnapp, Explorers. concession knowledgeable helps informative sanctuary offer. flourishes seagrasses essential habitat fish, birds, crustaceans, low impact tarnish environment rely it. paddle, paddleboards, Kayakers Commodore Creek, winding forest. Paddleboarders obtain beneath vast refuges efforts. peaceful enticing Drive. Sealife Evening Aquarium Touch Tank presentation, hands-on risers pastry lovers. charters angling skills Tram grass flats marshes likely alligators own, rental-bike Dont miss nature-themed gift shop, array housewares, books, gear, Whatever floats wants bestow resonate come. website 239-472-8900 rents lazy INVITATION PAST TAKE STROLL YESTERYEAR VISIT EMILIE ALFINO IMAGINE PLOWING MULES. PRAIRIE LAND AS FAR EYE CAN SEE--NO TREES, BUSHES, SCRUB. Imagine dirt roads, imagine swarms mosquitoes thick window morning. seems far removed present. tourists snowbirds sunshine, comfort. Those wouldnt possible came before. started farming was, tomatoes. southern season fertile soil ship high-quality tomatoes north, prized high-class establishments Waldorf York City. hurricane salt combined railroads arrival Fort Myers farmers killed Slowly, became tourist destination, seashells, relative isolation. everyday items depict 1900s. More Than Ride Knowledgeable Friendly Luxury Sedans Vans Group Event Transport AIRPORT LOCAL THIS OPPOSITE PAGE Growth continued slowly, Hugo Lindgren causeway 1963, resulting development boom rightfully frightened residents. rallied succeeded bid code ability destiny. founded 1984 Ruth Rutland village single-room museum. buildings joined Baileys 1927, Miss Charlottas Tea Post 1926, Schoolhouse White 1896. Added Burnap Cottage 1898, Morning Glories 1924, Caretakers exact date unknown. 2012, Shore Haven 1926 Sears Catalog Kit Home. replica, Packing representing sat wharf own. buttons audio interest. Docent-led given twice 1030 130 charge. Admission admitted free. Tuesday Saturday closed holidays. Alfino director Village. 239-472-4888 51 EXQUISITE CREATION TOP JEWELRY DESIGNERS PIECE PURCHASED WAY KEEP BECOMING FADING memory. Congress Jewelers wealth outstanding pieces diamonds gems sought-after international designers, collection, representative treasures sea. third-generation jeweler, Scot believes consistent craftsmanship coupled incomparable wife Melissa Jewelers. display you--or someone. Congress, CONGRESS JEWELERS SYNA Designers Dharmesh Namrata Kothari collaborate simple, classic timeless, boring. Drawing cultural influences, spiritual beliefs assembled Syna collections earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings unexpected gemstones vibrant colors, embellished diamonds, distinct designs brand. ROBERTO COIN Roberto Coin Salon, store, shoppers 18-karat gold cultures multiethnic influences. draws creates focus whimsical fashion, Italian designer blends tradition modernity bracelet, necklace, ring pendant. Clean lines 18k pieces, paid strategic placement diamonds. ruby cast piece, SEALIFE Inspired nature, created collection. Jewels, styled starfish, dollars enhanced pave diamond settings. Birthshells, represents month, paired birthstone. adorned birthshells members, spent ALOR California Alor using cable classic, yet contemporary, texture, cues Southern Californias iconic scenery. Timeless cuff bracelets yellow, grey black fine worn. HULCHI BELLUNI Renowned detail finish, Hulchi Bellunis genuine, ahead trends. Uniquely bangles, pendants collections. Under watchful eye Martine Hul, Belgian introduced appealing diversity pieces. Jewelers, Place Shops, 239-472-4177, 53 SHOP CEDAR CHEST SEA-INSPIRED TREASURE TROVE PROVIDE INSPIRATION MUCH Chest. Tahitian Gardens Shops gem sea- celebrates unspoiled landscape. Founded John Pat Zambuto 1975, cedar walls shakers, hence origin Gradually charms chains, Today, fashionable gold, platinum sterling jewelry. ancient treasure-coin inspired creatures, shorebirds unsurpassed, Pat. talented jeweler magnificent custom Stop favorite taste, occasion. Chest, 1993 239-472-2876, 1152 55 HELPFUL STAFF MAKES SHOPPING PLEASURE PELICANS ROOST STORE PAULA BOLADO FRIENDLY STORES CINDY SCRAGG WORKING YEARS. SHE WAS FIRST female 1980s. Jack, husband helped learned shrimp bait tank. shrimp-posed hands eventually got nickname, Scooter scooted docks 16-foot rented skiffs. Since helm--as manager--early Cindys workplace constant climate. laidback living easygoing work, recalls. workday, turn, attitude Still compliments carried stores--Pelicans Store--over Cindy fashions again. unchanging bikini. bright fabrics beach-resort advanced four-way technical aspects performance protection, covering stylish sun-protection long-sleeve tops. cat, Sailor, old kittenhood. ask him, explains. Not animals inventory stores. outfitted resort, motor line, anchors charts. tackle frozen bait, lots sunscreen, after-sun lotions, toys, swim goggles nets. stock medicines, candy Finally, least, boutique. entrance moved. fashion constant. Many ago, Pinky, pink tabby would naps. recalls memory Pinky didnt Myers. called went picked him up. believed died. diet way, tough. admits cat lover loves animals, Pinkys place. My WHERE carries boater fisherman needs, charts tackle. sundries, toys. located apparel Swimsuits, sundresses, hats, shoes souvenirs. 57 FURNISHINGS COVETED COASTAL LIFESTYLE RESOURCE sophisticated todays cottage, contemporary transitional trends, Furnishings carefully selected manufacturers Collection. Color, taste practicality easy-care fabrics, uplifting balanced, timeless design, living. gallery quickly Color By mantra. Their pricing competitive. instant gratification stock, time-saving efficient, prides themselves high-level expertise integrity. questions project rental. environment. warehouse Immediate Interiors solution creating Look rugs, lighting, art, pillows easily pulled days weeks. Custom Design closely reflect philosophy but, importantly, personality in-store purchases, space, paint wallpaper treatments. meet upgrade replacement Diane Knight, Carl Knight Somerville fit. streamline decision-making process meeting individual timelines properties. lamps purchase, offerings. room. pair. does co-owner Ray 2003. adds son previously ran store. Shoppers broad well-priced prints, gicles oils. stopped missing confront feeling island-inspired Even 17th joy hear newcomer Wow Diane. Furnishings, 1618 239-472-5552, 59 gems, Gold Parrot Lane downtown. FASHION DEFINE WELCOMING KEEPS SHOPPERS COMING BACK OPENING GOLD PARROT, JOE ANNE FENOGLIO TRAVELED SHOPPED WORLD. IT THEIR PASSION, appeal. tried at, Fenoglio. indeed. freshly leads accented Victoriana detailing. wooden rafters rattan beachy Racks fashions--easy styles living--for women, men children. American- Italian-made apparel. rows hats shapes hang rafters. Filson, Marella, TAJ Paul Shark, swimwear Vilebrequin, A, Sundek Robin Piccone. PARROT Accessories sunglasses YSL Gucci Ancient Greek Sandals, Hammitt bags, Moore Giles leather luggage others. watches, counter showcasing Oris. intriguing lovely gifts, tableware Juliska Vagabond candles Lafco. shipwreck artifacts. brother, Tom, partners dabble salvage. amassed interesting artifacts pepper interesting, kind times Sanibel--and again trip. Fenoglio, remind magical Parrot, 11512 ULTIMATE SUNCATCHERS DREAM KIND SPEND BROWSING BUYING. Shoppes Way meets brimming irresistible friends, grandkids. Mounted gicle prints fiery shellcovered lighthouse, roseate spoonbills, frolicking bathing beauties. Magnets, mugs coasters Moonscapes Angelika Geerlof poetry tell story. bit funky, hand-painted coconut postcards Laura Ball. paints palm hibiscus husk. actually mail friend. memory, Suncatchers Dream ornaments shaped resemble dragonflies, scuba divers. birds. Dune Jewelry preserve hiking trail. Blue necklaces, earrings larimar stones, Exquisitely incorporated stone mind whenever wear piece. No. seller, Daniel Thompson, whose surprises turn. greeting clever sayings artwork, bath scents banana-pineapple eucalyptus-thyme. EMPORIUM CHOCK-FULL SURPRISING MERCHANDISE EVERY CORNER grandkids, books titles Discovery, Manatee Magic Turtle Tracks. Cute stuffed dolls-- mermaids--are display. doubt, Dream. Dream, 630 239-472-7860, KIDS LOVE TOO CHILDRENS CLOTHING, TOYS SHOPS WHATS WITHOUT EVEN EXPLORING THATS Consider island-style outfits wardrobes. plazas, sportswear section swimwear, T-shirts older teens logo cap mesh style. Life H2O Outfitters, Square, outside fry swimsuits, breathable sandals. thoroughfare Little Peach. womens Peach Republic, 0 14. onesies newborn clothes racks. girls sundresses prints. feet. child seashell combing Sells eclectic life. Handmade crafts supplies adults. 239-472-1746 Outfitters 239-472-8706 Inside Republic 239-472-8444 1157 239-472-6991 PLACE OCEAN DISCOVERY SEA SCHOOL, UNDERWATER FIELD TRIP NONPROFIT OFFERS ocean learning experiences. snorkeling dollars, searching seahorses, venturing birdwatching discovered. Join organizations enthusiastic educators exploration. deeper probably add beachcombers flagship campus year-round programs 13, based creature Squirts younger participants. typical students seine net, observe habitat, collect plankton microscope. 455 239-472-8585 Follow Facebook Instagram. Programs Half- full-day Guided Paddling Summer winter camps Courses Land- boat-based outings SCHOOL unlike anywhere else educator Shannon Stainken. constantly amazed sharing oceans magic weeklong summer camps, leadership expeditions teens, courses paddling paddleboard, birdwatching, groups. student meaningful, connection sea, hope person teach continue about, explore, Schools programs, online, 239-472-8585. Ocean Tribe retail near water--rash guards, shoes, gear nets, coolers, Flagship Campus needs. Paddlers School, diverse Food selections experiences considerations vacation. please meal dinner, catered reunion banquet, entertainment. lengthy DINE OLD EVERYTHING NEW AGAIN sushi chef. scratch, possible, Chef Greg Nelson. Grouper example must-have fish. requires dishes. lobster ravioli appetizer tomato-ginger broth. escargot cooked broth roasted tomatoes, shallots, garlic hint lemon. Tomatoes grilled twist caprese salad. warmth offsets cool mozzarella arugula, drizzled balsamic reduction. cioppino unbelievable, kinds saffron risotto cake middle delicious. broths sauces scratch. Seafood rule manage spotlight beef, calls Steak Moment. Nelson flexibility meaty anything 18-ounce bone-in buffalo juicy porterhouse. Steaks port demi-glace, celery root puree, caramelized mushrooms asparagus. YEARS, RESTAURANT feeding hungry islanders Formerly schoolhouse, landmark multimillion dollar touched building. coastal, classy. White, shades green blue, tables draped linen, highlighted light. redesigned shiny visible reap benefits, chefs efficiently. mix American, Mediterranean, French. During renovations, crew reestablished Supper Club, pairings Although complete, supper venue dinners dates. upgrades, retained old-school charm month month. wine, contributes SAVOR FLAVOR staple lobsterand-crab-crusted scallops. Jumbo diver scallops caramelized, seared perfectly, topped generous mound jumbo lump meat. dish finished drizzle citrus butter sauce. showstopper. 65 FOOD, DRINK ENTERTAINMENT RECIPE GOOD CROWS NEST BAR GRILLE SERVING UP FOOD FUN, HISTORIC longest-running restaurant everyone. airy, light, ropes earth tones. giant chalkboard food, specials. figures prominently menu, expect Local specialties smoked dip, shrimp. flair, fried smoky, spicy creole cheese poblano grits. non-seafoodies chicken sandwich entre, burgers. tweaking twists, Triple B, spin bacon-and-blue-cheese burger. bacon sugar cured, smoked, kick house-made habanero mayo. Tropical beach-inspired, names Murky Water. Dirty martinis Shark Attack Manhattan, spiked bourbon-soaked cherries, libations. Pleasing plates delicious drinks draw Nest, stellar lineup Number Hermit crabs polished small, displayed prior race. crab, yours finish prize. legendary, only. Live heard Friday, Sundays. command microphone, Karaoke schedule. isnt enough, sunset, deck. toes sand, attentive table, disposable beverage dunes op. Thanksgiving hits, fireplace lit season, air conditioning on. Offering atmosphere, entertainment, drink, FLAVORS High Tide Margarita Curaao. Tequila, lemon lime juices, sour splash syrup garnish sweet, Swedish candy. Dessert lovers nuts--walnuts--over Messy Sundae. Scoops vanilla, chocolate, mint chip pecan cream mounded banana, brownie, chocolate-covered pretzels, MMs, fudge caramel, sprinkles cherry. Grab spoon dig in. 67 STOP COCKTAILS, DINNER NORMANDIE SEASIDE CAFE UPPER DECK POOL LOCATED PEACEFUL, END diners for. Found dine. French quite simple. 60s Norm. public. kitchens Patrick Fitz distinguished islanders. seafood-driven favorites shrimp, crabcakes, mussels, pan-seared creamy spinach artichoke tomatofennel turf, filet option. boneless ribeye perfection, duck raspberry demi-glace potato puree. fro68 zen, fare dining, Menu 5-6 p.m. streamlined salad, entre dessert. seats, fast, idea reservation. doors unlocked decadent options. Lunch daily, ordered Bar. dining. Overlooking direct-beach access. week, Venture beaten noisy crowds traffic, full, Normandie. Mediterranean Clay Pot bubbling tomato-fennel Simmered mushrooms, garlic, fingerling potatoes kalamata olives. seared, placed pot, oven savory treat. Pink Spoonbill. blender filled rum, amaretto, Razzmatazz Liqueur, Strawberry Oasis Mix. Ice blended frothy 69 CUISINE SCENE GUIDE DINING STYLE, FINDING MEALS GO, GRABBING QUICK SNACK KEY B BREAKFAST, LLUNCH, D DINNER, SB SUNDAY BRUNCH, BW BEER WINE, ENTERTAINMENT, BF BANQUET FACILITIES, RESERVATIONS ACCEPTED tizers PEI calamari charcuterie. Entres osso buco, Dungeness topping list. Wrap evening after-dinner scotches, cognacs ports. Scott McDonald piano 1244 239-472-5555, D, SB, BW, C, E, DOC FORDS RUM Novel Cuisine. folk novelist Randy Wayne fictional character, seller salads entres. skip mojito. 2500 239-472-8311, L, BF. DUNES Member Problem Dunes landscaping, lake. grill twist. Try steak chipotle bean 949 Sand Castle 239-472-3355, D. BAILEYS GENERAL Shopping Headquarters. grocery hardware covered. produce, meats deli, bakery bar. organic gluten-free delivery, 2477 239-472-1516 1451 Middle 239-395-6016, CIELO Creative sophistication tasteful decor menus. Start Cielo-tini, gin curacao appe70 71 COW Bovine Bounty. massive omelets pasta, beef joint, despite cow references. unless breakfast, Loaded Omelet. drinks, homemade Mango Sangria. 2163 239-472-0606, C. CAF Worlds Best Breakfast. Residents six why. Frittata crabmeat, sauted broccoli Alfredo Lighthouse Platter pictures walls. Call-ahead 362 239-472-0303, BW. MAD HATTER Wonderland divine, unforgettable. evolve Kurt Michelle Jarvis well-deserved world-class million-dollar unbeatable table. 6467 239-4720033, MATZALUNA Well-Smoked Italian. Five Cheese Gorgonzola, ricotta, hearts wood-fired pizzas. Fresh pastas, chicken, veal round 1200 239-472-1998, R, Indulge Yourself. dinner. Bananaberry Toast Omelet Colombian choice artisan whole-leaf teas. Relax cafes old-world Curry Chicken Salad Pressed Cuban Sandwich pair 239-472-1541, 72 73 GRILL Color. Grill pub fare-- burgers, baskets Buffalo wings--and bartenders often-sought-but-never-found neighborhood popularity spot. 703 239-472-4453, THISTLE LODGE Victorian Rendezvous. oven-roasted coquelet herb-crusted lamb rack blackened yellowtail snapper mojo allure trappings, glorious Casa Ybel 2255 239-472-9200, TIMBERS FISH Dine Do Favorites calamari, platters cakes lump. market. 239-395-2722, TRADERS Experience. Traders Thursday evenings singer guitarist Danny Morgan, icon. gumbo, macadamia-encrusted grouper. 1551 239-472-7242, CANTINA Nacho Madres Mexican. inside, serape piatas, terratiled floors adobe-style subtly suggest weve gone south border. 14970 239-472-0248, Great Food, Fun appetizers, flatbreads, wings always-popular baked goat dip. entres Saltimbocca, sage leaves, ricotta prosciutto-wrapped linguine. Crab Races, Thursday, hopping GREEN FLASH Rare Treasure. Have delightfully Paris specialty, Worcestershire, buttery herb topping. Venetian Platter, salmon, swordfish, tiger prawn polenta. Savory pork 74 75 umbrella hard resist. landlubbers, dessert positively decadent. 15183 239-472-3337, Groceries convenience family, downtown 11500 239-472-2374. KEYLIME BISTRO Changes Fooditude. picket fence cheery canopies Buffett beat. walnut-crusted snapper, sausage peppers, escargots tomato. 11509 239-3954000, E. LATTE DA COFFEE ICE CREAM Upon Time. coffees, extra-strong Eye Coffee, cappuccinos lattes tooth indulge scoops cream, milkshakes sundaes. 239-472-0234, captiva MUCKY DUCK Quack Up. pint beers brewed pond. combination English grub. patio gazing. 11546 239-4723434, 76 77 lunch, late-night FloridaNew American. Nelsons always-changing centers bounty rolls, sashimi, rolls sakes. Wines complement breath away. 4, RC OTTERS Otterly multitude daunting. Steamed clams, baskets, quesadillas meatloaf satisfy cravings. Diners seven week 11506 239-395-1142, SUNSHINE SEAFOOD WINE Bistro. charming, caf touch. wood-grilled perhaps pecan-crusted 239-4726200, date. encourage readers detailed andor reservations establishments. 78 Worship WORSHIP ANNUNCIATION GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH 8210 Cypress Lake 239-481-2099, BAT YAM TEMPLE 2050 CHAPEL 11580 Chapin 239-472-1646, CHRIST, SCIENTIST 2950 239-472-8684, REDEEMER 8400 1740 239-472-2684, CONGREGATIONAL UNITED CHRIST 239-472-0497, SAINT ISABEL CATHOLIC 3559 239-472-2763, MICHAEL ALL ANGELS EPISCOPAL 2304 239-472-2173, Pharmacy Reggie Mathai Mark, Kenneth Nicholas HEALTH NEEDS HANDY INFORMATION EVER NEED DOCTOR, PHARMACY DURING CELEBRATED BUSINESS. turned pharmaceutical Mathai, caring treat objects number, biggest thing. Myself, personally, applying Golden Rule. How Well, possibly can. 2007. overall fulfillment followups--seeing doing answering time. Compassion Mathai. breaks ill, thing cold, conditions hurt pain, hard. pharmacist, them-- chain pharmacy. praised posts pharmacist considerate. insurance card, pharmacy that, minutes prescriptions filled. Ive patient referenced busy 81 number. --Reggie was. user said vast. Much big-box Glad concluded. pharmacists, explain times, advantage. patients 100. dietary changes, non-pharmacological approaches vitamins. pleased serves. beginning, around, support difference. go, strong. continues, once, quickly. Well recognize talk Often opening telling questions. trying barriers improve, Pharmacy, 2330 239-472-6188 82 MILLENNIUM PHYSICIAN SAN-CAP MEDICAL CENTER Medical on-island Coastal foliage screened-in building, walk-in seahorses greets patrons. Already, doctors office. P. Denis Kuehner wants. doctor-topatient interaction old-fashioned practices. practicing skills, profession. profession, hobby. Though bold statement, someone owns sees himself lifelong business. wanted cowboy astronaut, doctor, straight obtaining doctorate Philadelphia College Osteopathic Medicine 25, disconnect confidentiality. decided practice Pennsylvania, apply back-to-basic methods. 1999, sold fills seasonal dwellers, adequate patient. Center, 4301 SanibelCaptiva 239-472-0700 comprehensive primary practices Millennium Physician offices, imaging lab care--from specialists, chronic-care management, in-hospital walk-ins--the office, facility, Donald T. Harris, M.D. St. Pierre, APRN. offices specialists listed website. immediately, Wait Walk-In wait 695 Ste. 2, 239-312-4544 Walk-in 13813 Metro Parkway, 239-308-0005 LEE plans emergency happen. provider Health, acute hospitals Memorial Hospital, HealthPark hospitals--Golisano Childrens Hospital. Emergency Services rooms, II adult trauma center, pediatric transport. Medicine, 9981 S. Dr., 239-343-6690 Trauma 2776 Cleveland Ave., 239-343-2000 83 AWESOME HOW MANY CREATURES WILL SPY Bottlenose River Otter Osprey RIVER OTTER river otter semi- aquatic legs webbed tail one-third length body. Because features, swimmer thrives wetland habitats, estuaries. prey crayfish, snakes, crabs, Size Weight pounds ibel January April platforms, telephone poles radio towers. inches 3.5 Wingspan 5.6 BALD EAGLE bald eagle ROSEATE SPOONBILL spoon- BOTTLENOSE mph, generally mph. surfaces jump normally diver, 850 average 6.5 300 450 YELLOW-CROWNED NIGHT HERON AMERICAN FLAMINGO fla- OSPREY hawk raptor feed entirely Ospreys nest San- mingo occurs vagrant Bahamas, Indies Cuba. bird extremely legs. tricolored bill white, orange-pink black. yellow-crowned heron feeds night, observed foraging crayfish. Ground-nesting benefited herons appetite ghost predator shorebird nestlings. 1.5 Roseate Spoonbill Bald Eagle Flamingo WILLIAM COX flamboyant remarkable body, orange tail, scarlet shoulders featherless, greenish head. spoonshaped sweeps forth invertebrates. 3.3 majestic waterdependent nests water--usually pine tree--from May. eagles migrate February July. 9.5 Green Heron Magnificent Frigatebird Ibis WHITE IBIS ibis freshwater saltwater wetlands, fields lawns. invertebrates inland nestlings cannot tolerate intake salt. red morph. morph common. entertaining bird, runs flies stabbing directions. pound stand motionless outstretched attempt creates--a technique feeding. ounces EASTERN SCREECH OWL SNOWY EGRET snowy egret REDDISH reddish size, wetlands. attracts smallest owl. owl illustrates morphs, gray preys mammals, insects. rests hunts dusk dawn. 8.5 TRICOLORED forages active perches branches, logs stumps drops feathers debris stabs dagger-like beak. MAGNIFICENT FRIGATEBIRD frigatebird flying summer. steals seabirds plucks crustaceans jellyfish surface. Occasionally Tricolored Snowy Egret Screech Owl SIGN UP, SHOW HAVE MAKE DIFFERENCE VOLUNTEERING LITTLE LEARN ABOUT visiting, mingle reduce stress, vacations. volunteering kindles happiness--and volunteer Who knows, chapter hometown civic association. suggestions started. BUSINESS WOMENS ASSOCIATION CHAPTER Sundial LEGION POST 123 Veterans 4249 Road. 239-472-9979, SOCIETY, Society preserving LIFE Seniors programs. Civic 2401 Library COTI, COMMITTEE group. Social agency. 2430 REALTORS Organization realtors. LIONS Meets third Wednesdays, 2173 CIVIC CULTURAL CORE PROJECT Cultural Associations visitors. Dedicated 950 Dunlop 239-472-4648, CRAFTERS Monday, KIWANIS OPTIMIST youth. ROTARY Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum, 3075 facebook.comsancapshellclub GARDEN START, SOLUTIONS AVOID RED TIDE, CAPTIVA-SANIBEL Nonprofit 941-951-3400, YOUNG PROFESSIONALS young professionals. facebook.comypasc ZONTA Womens advocacy advancing status women. 87 TIPS COEXISTING PESKY NO-SEE-UMS MOSQUITOES aggravating winged pests sunrise. defense against insect bites cool, loose-fitting clothing. Insect repellants contain DEET effective, cause irritation. No-see-ums screens, windows shut prevent entering indoor no-see-um mosquito bites. product recommendations itching persists. protected, oats. tall, perennial strong, extensive, underground erosion. federally law Easily recognizable, arching spikes oats stiff stems. Motorized vehicles, prohibited trash hand. fires fireworks LOGGERHEAD TURTLES Oct. Lights Out Turtles. Why confuse nesting females disorient hatchlings. Please curtains blinds balcony facing dusk. remove castles holes. turtle tracks notify report scientists soon loggerheads, leatherbacks, vulnerable threatened Endangered Species Act. assistance keeping greatly appreciated. FLORIDA protect sunburn harmful effects UV rays, wide-brimmed sunglasses. Always least SPF 15, limit exposure sunlight avoid dehydration. PRECAUTIONS JELLYFISH number harm untouched. Stings result welts, rash itching. Seek symptoms persist. pour vinegar affected area, soak STINGRAYS stingray months, cownose rays coast Rays gentle usually move way. painful sting, shuffle-- shuffle wade shallows vibrations barbed, immerse DRIFT ALGAE drift algae blooms normal occurrence ecosystem, timing predicted. duces mild odor exacerbate respiratory allergies bronchitis, dangerous humans. Decaying nutrients environ ment species, leaders instead removing sometimes confused tide ALLIGATORS alligators. law. LIVE SHELLS LAW PROHIBITS TAKING SHELLS. PLEASE HELP CONSERVE PRECIOUS RESOURCE. INCLUDES URCHINS, SAND DOLLARS STARS. Violators subject jail offense. MAINTENANCE designated laws Specifically, ordinance prevents seaweed, grasses, dead shellfish, etc. deposits tides enabling creatures source. TREASURES shallow-water varieties found. WHY plateau extends acts shelf gather. Winds, storms waves beaches. TIMING tide, better. moons lowest, moon storm, best. nastier windier LOOK high-tide broken rolling surf. spotted slowly muddy ocean. tidal shells. wet, crouch sand. prohibits alive, Never Junonia Crown Conch shell, measures inches. newspapers photo. Banded Tulip Fig Aka Kings Crown, attached roots eats oysters. Lettered Olive Lace Murex Measuring long, dark encircling overlapping, blurry brown zigzags. delicate measuring inches, intact. Spiny Jewel gorgeous souvenir, brown, Common Auger spines pairs joined. sharp cone smooth ribs siphonal canals. Calendar NON-STOP LEAVE SO HAPPENING HERE YOULL restaurants. karaoke enjoyed nights Grille. holidays, celebrate Trivia Drag queen bingo Friday Feb.-April Gatlin shows, appearances musical duo Sushi Rolls delights CRAB RACES Races nights. adults-only August. legendary marks, absolutely hilarious, oneof-a-kind shows hosted Commissioner Tim. laugh riot miss--and proceeds donated charity. EVENTS HOLIDAYS Super Bowl Special March Patricks Easter Mothers November Holiday tree ceremony menus December Christmas Years Eve 91 1153 93 94 95 97 Vol. SCBR20_Cover.indd

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