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Jaeger ASSISTANT Scarlett Redenius EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Craig Garrett Elizabeth Grimm SENIOR EDITOR Beth Luberecki CONSULTING Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL David Grant CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian Stromlund Andrew Cantor PROOFREADER ONLINE Heather Gray EDITORIAL COORDINATORS Redenius, Klaudia Balogh CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Balogh, Gina Birch, J.J. 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Financial Administrator Jacqueline S. Gallogly TOTI Media publications are published six times a year by Media, Inc., Sanibel, 33957. Subscription price 24.00 for one-year domestic subscription. Copyright 1996 Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission the publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those 4 Modern wedding trends him and her airytale dresses with exquisite detail on floral organza delicate lace design reflect years gown fashion designer Vera Wang, where theres never too much or tulle. Wangs collection men brings modern sleek styles to complement stunning gowns. Whether your dream is traditional elegant rustic chic, these gowns suits at Davids Bridal Mens Warehouse will steal spotlight that very special day. Opposites attract. fitted bodice V-neckline paired satin halter ball makes perfect match. horizontally smocked tulle skirt adds even more volume gown. Cinderella look just became reality. Mtaking ivory twill gazar dress unique its detailed appliqu overlay starting continuing down 6 Spaghetti straps, straight neckline, bow waistall classy bride. Made from crepe fabric, complements silhouette look, while beads add PHOTOS ON THIS OPPOSITE PAGE COURTESY VERA WANG 7 Choosing rather nontraditional route in hot Florida weather, short an easy wear beach ceremony courthouse wedding. dress, metallic corded beaded over lace, was inspired 1960s South France. 8 Its black-tie must. Wang design, slim-fit tuxedo looks right celebration. Available Warehouse. 9 Featuring high chic contemporary soft crepe-fabric sash keep it flowing elegant. 10 This 100-percent wool, charcoal choice Black edged notch lapel, covered buttons flat-front slacks give touch. 11 M Years memories helped inspire Mary Howards day weddings events tended formal. We wanted our friends family casual experience like party. everyone able relax feel they were vacation. didnt want people had go we come Choices made along way ensure their kind relaxed vibe. Guests given brightly colored sunglasses leis. party outfitted flipflops, flower girls used small shells instead flowers. steel drum guitar provided soundtrack ceremony--Over Rainbow processional Under Sea Little Mermaid recessional. Instead sit-down dinner, opted buffet stations. couples favorite foods menu--an Asian noodle bar Tex-Mex cuisine Mary. Other stations offered fare beef, potatoes, green beans dishes local touch, such as spinach grapefruit salad ary Howard seemed almost destined get married Seas Island Resort. been vacationing there since she three months old. During one visit, shared Kyle, whose accompanied hers, vision future I told when fifteen Id always Kings Crown Lawn, recalls two time, but sixteen-year-old immediate reaction statement. When pointed out spot, my head said, And going me you marry, says Kyle. But kept myself. remained close began dating late twenties. proposed, he remembered Marys adolescent wish suggested Seas. As planning process began, already knew stuffy affair. both people, fun event, Weve gone lot left center photos Resort have relaxed, beachy vibe giving guests colorful leis create laid-back atmosphere. MARY KYLE HOWARD Vietnamese-style salt-encrusted grouper. Each spot labeled clever name, Spice Everything Nice, Wok Way, Wheres Beef It wasnt standard meal, Rhonda Decherd, director catering conferences, who worked People got up mingled tried some each thing. Both father work hospitality event-planning industries. So knowledge theyve gained came handy creating occasion hoped would memorable all involved. My dad mastermind behind rooms, laughs Knowing resort quite well, make sure stay places pool beach, wouldnt travel far actual wedding, locations which wed stayed past. That included Lands End Harbourside sections resort. despite insider knowledge, furthest thing stereotypical demanding Instead, Though weather looked if might cooperate, clouds parted sun said do resorts Sunset Cove. followed Decherds lead. Rhondas expert resort, says. guide us tell what shed seen well little bit culture Orlando-based couple intentionally took laid-back, stress-free approach planning. tend so wrapped consumed every detail, caught details. fun. If something right, try freak about it. They wound practicing preached. envisioned having reception under stars Lawn. She hadnt planned getting tent beautiful time visited sessions. April date approached, cooperating. Decherd backup plan case rain. remain calm Ive brides take manager, In 13 slice cake Bubble Room, Even so, worried overboard. At other events, found end, telling order many cakes, coming saying, Red Velvet Orange Crunch cakes. multiple slices. really neat hear enjoyed actually ate cake. done, dessert only enthusiastic thumbs-up. think everything more, know happy Im ready again, dont change anything. great nice also alley. celebration, formal event. went excited because it, Decherd. couple, working them. successful event prove catalyst creation new share everyone, see fall love Captiva theyre vacation own One day, maybe another girl --Beth magic clear ended being beautiful. stroke good luck, gods smiling couple. driving location Cove, few sky, once started, cleared sunset. broke out, moment, Those moments continued approximately 140 during lawn. Everyone danced sounds locally based Danny Morgan Band, nod longtime ties area. perform girl, Throughout process, his wife conversations visit them infuse wonderful into helps 120 150 important them, well. Naples-based Kakes Karen created small, two-tier Additional desserts islands legendary Room restaurant. You cant wore flip-flops attire fitting island location. 14 PHOTO celebrates years, advising others let stuff slide ina rare company. celebrate golden anniversary, than 18,000 mornings waking familiar face opposite pillow, sharing joys sorrows living, life choose same partner. fact, percent American beyond years. obvious reasons health longevity, most Americans cross marital finish line simply to. So, whats secret long marriage Tober, transferred Dutch agri-business soil 1963, big to-do things matter. argue, difficult. story Tobers, sense, similar othersthe mid-20s befriended TINA GUY TOBER Tina together April. Europe larger summer. blending support showed pursuing individual, personal professional interests. afforded us, children, gift international later amazing trips after retired. Truly partnership. -- Peter Travel adventure strong marriage, insist. through family. courtship, however, short. proposed months, 1966 following Christmas engagement. speedy caused concern Tinas last, here later. Tobers lived Jersey moved Wisconsin ultimately landing grandchildren include Teddy left, John, Marcus, Grace Bennett seated tractor. summer home Pennsylvania. raised Angelique Peter, enjoy five grandchildren. celebration anniversary Europe. me, says, recipe caring, adventure, humor love. understand sing song lyrics 16 BOTTOM OTHER DANIELA JAEGER RESPECT FRIENDSHIP inset 1966. is, perhaps, sad choosing relationships workand last. U.S. Census Bureau numbers portray startling fact half divorced. show older married, marry once, twice appear clueless, marrying times. interesting, among older, 51 women widowed, still widowed remarried, according figures collected 2013. Considering disposability has demolished marriages recent decades, no wonder marvel surviving end trail. Ever practical, counters should allow plenty room independent hobbies pursuits within reason. Her husband spent road career, children point passing jet mouth word daddy. Doing math, smile, advises longevity means staying tune partners interests relationship ages. keeping posted items whereabouts schedules avid golfers wide circle friends. different progress, appreciating more. somebody, --Craig TOP bring 17 P town, perhaps destiny intervened erhaps destiny. are, all, dated school shipped kids central tight friends, common values 1940s America divorce, bad reasons, frowned upon. noted parents life, children. yet John Jane Fredericks, living celebrating 60-year December. mostly defied odds, factors did life. any secret, retired businessman native. guess weve done together. blast. Fredericks career taught first grade, raising choir church organistat tickles piano overlooking Gulf beaches. traveled world, hobbies. concurs knowing partner, deeper, There between you, case, grew together, around places. Some belong 1956 above. home. 41516 923 AM CRAIG GARRETT Find setting package match style budget, romantic beaches all-inclusive arrangements W ith reputation unparalleled sophistication, Ritz-Carlton Naples evokes classic elegance please fastidious Offering alluring venues, can dreams. Options range intimate charm whimsical tea garden, complete meticulously manicured hedges privacy, grand glamour 10,000-square-foot ballroom. Brides particularly appreciate hotel provides. dedicated offer specialists, on-site dcor, audio-visual teams aspects seamlessly fulfilled, Lydia Redmond, weddings. provides bridal peace mind partnering team. Choose packages, one-night coastal panoramic views sparkling Mexico. Club Suite consistently requested rooms Redmond points out. stylish suite 612 square feet luxury space prepare gives access exclusive Level lounge, parties personalized refinement until moment summoned walk aisle. Toast complimentary bottle Champagne relish romance. --Renee Novelle Indoor Venue Six ranging Outdoor Four outdoor uncovered including secluded Banquet Reception displays, cold appetizers, plated dinners, meals Onsite Amenities Beach activities, electronic gaming room, golf, tennis, spa, fitness center, lap cabanas Types Lodging One- two-bedroom guestrooms suites, lounge Bonus coordination details, inclusive packages available Address 280 Vanderbilt Road, Contact Information 239-598-3300, ritzcarlton.com Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Spa truly once-in-a-lifetime occasion, become reality amid backdrop natural beauty, world-class service renovated grays royal blues, leather furnishings artistic accents. venues Hyatts Royal Palm Courtyard, accommodate 1,000 grassy courtyard surrounded towering coconut palms, Cypress Courtyard situated edge lake pier. Banyan intimatea circular dappled sunlight sprinkles awning trees, illuminated twinkling lights ultimate setting. options werent magical enough, Bonita Springs boasts private island, accessible boat sunset stunning, ballrooms guests. specialists provide service, top priority joyous also, Kramer, general Spa. Let delight caring staff professionals, ensuring expression --Dana Mirman Two chandelier-lit, luxurious evening affairs Calusa Ballroom, accommodating Estero 700. subdivided suit smaller adjacent foyers terraces indooroutdoor lakeside 500 boat, Customized dining experiences buffets action stations, stir-fry, carving pasta butler-passed hors doeuvre blue crab cakes Peking duck wraps entres grilled Harris Ranch French filet mignon, seared grouper Kurobuta pork chop Stillwater treatment hair makeup services massages pools pool, adult-only corkscrew waterslide transportation top-ranked Raptor Bay Golf holes championship golf restaurants bars, menus seafood dinners Sunday brunch 18-story tower featuring 454 guestrooms, balconies, Floridas Coast spacious measuring 2,000 5001 Catering managers, Michael Dolch Krystle Montanez, 239-390-4240 coconutpoint.hyatt.com 21 5,000-square-foot ballroom segmented four varying sizes Patio, cocktail hours full, 26-page menu multitude Restaurant, Wi-Fi heated waterfall Spacious presidential junior grooms 13051 Bell Tower Drive, Fort Myers 239-210-2471 ihg.com hen comes Crowne Plaza Myers, location, premier Southwest destination weddings, due unrivaled Jennifer Gay, Plazas sales manager. closest full-service International Airport, making breeze flying To airport easier, offers free shuttle service. Shops, brides, stroll browse leading retailers dozen fine options, Japanese cuisine. though shopping, entertainment steps away, hotels exceptional restaurant spend hotel. meet needs size, indoor ballroom, patio elaborate menu, palate. MIRANDA LAWSON L ocated downtown River District, Sidney Berne Davis Art Center historic, elegant, traditional, sophisticated building holds onto architectural features 1930s, transformed state-of-the-art arts. setting, Jim Griffith, executive Center. nothing else town. spectacular two-story Grand Atrium, Conservatory newly Capital Gallery feature art exhibitions performances. floor 450 guests, upper floors host 200 For splendorous view historic downtown, street front closed addition, set Hotel Indigo brick-lined ceremony. works decorations, full LED lighting system colors. ever-changing artwork exhibited background reception. Every different, opportunity decorate personality, Griffith receptions highend settings. continue overnight accommodations, walking distance District. Wrap and, morning, rooftop Caloosahatchee entire Youll youre world. --Klaudia Inside 10,000-squarefoot, building, 650 Outside area, Elegant barbeque-style reception, recently completed kitchen offering in-house chef Mike Gavala G3 Indigo, martini Broadway Bistro Skybar guest seven suites. Center, 2301 First St., 1520 Broadway, Destiny Haggett, coordinator 239-333-1933, sbdac.com 239-337-3446, hotelftmyers.com rom aboard yachts, expansive ballrooms, 3,000 12-foot ceilings, Gazebo Mexico, Tarpon Terrace, Multiple appetizer selections, sushi sliders, entres, Pacific salmon roasted shiitake mushrooms strip steak bleu-cheese mash custom individual requests Esterra Salon rooms--including room--a beauty salon, pedicure manicure areas water taxis neighboring Marina fishing charters rental boats kayaks petfriendly property Westin Kids Club, ages Promenade Shops More 260 three-bedroom suites 5951 Silver King Blvd., Cape Coral specialist, 239-541-5000 westincapecoral.com 805 Village With Grandville Ballroom waterfront Lawn nearly 3,000-square-foot youll find settings style. Westins shortage sunsets taking memories. Our picture-perfect ideal true Stefanie Eakin, marketing manager Village. help vendors, florists, DJs, officiants coordinating team execute array mouth-watering food doeuvres multi-course dinners. partnerships, unique, options. Floridian Star Cruises 90-foot yacht onboard receptions. OBrien Helicopters hand entrance--or bride groom unforgettable departure. PLATINUM IMAGERY pecializing Matanzas Inn intimate, atmosphere water. General Glen Petrarca assists couples, planner, He often Voelkel, owner Platinum Company, planner handles referrals inn tropical boutique Pass Harbor, promising splendid bay. S utilize outside, Lee County, Voelkel Inn. Most inside area resorts. beach-centric theme waterfront, Restaurant fulfill needs. best seafood, vegetables--and delicious cocktails, night goes expected one-day turn paradise-like Casual, classy, colors dcor option open-air bay view, outside combine Famous Old shrimp steaks Swimming tub boating facilities tropical-inspired poolside cottages 414 Crescent Petrarca, 239-848-2444 matanzas.com Y ou better here, Dony Lubig, specialist Pink Shell Beach. Where quiet quaint. exactly seeking supreme Particularly popular wintery northern states idyllic pristine unobstructed horizon. Lubig flair customized sandcastle chair arrangement, remember. Continue private, landscaped deck island-inspired music encourages dancing stars. there, adds. Or hour terrace before ushering adjoining 3,100 feet, display. receive night. reassures, day--and moments--as possible. sports, nature walks, Guestrooms, one- All-inclusive cake, wine toast 275 888-222-7465, pinkshell.com SERBIE IMAGES LEFT LUMINAIRE FOTO RIGHT MAGGIE STOLZBERG C reate radiant white sands DiamondHead venue sits broad expanse immaculate oceanfront lends itself waterside ceremonies--whether large group pull horizon sets chapter touch romance does away several areas. dreamed of. attention needed Courtney Allbee, communications property. ice carvings Diamond Head theme, gifts delivered rooms. DiamondHeads affordable comfortable family-friendly enjoy, Allbee noting dining, spa recreation one-of-a-kind Florida. extra, dressing party, includes assortment cheese, crackers, sodas beachfront night, reassures. breakfast next morning Chlos Fresh Seafood Steaks. SUNSTREAM HOTELS RESORTS packaged services, activities An all-suite hotel, premium accommodations Budget-friendly in-room upon request 2000 239-765-7654, diamondheadfl.com Historic banquet hall, House Crows Nest restaurants, Lounge, Canoe Kayak function Private sugar-sand decks, lush garden marina Pine Sound Full roasts pampering Tween Waters, pools, onsite kayak bike rentals, 137 eclectic seaside cottages, Gulf- bay-view studios one-, two- threebedroom 15951 239-472-516ext. 404, tween-waters.com anibel-Captiva Resorts announces managers serving properties--Tween Waters Spa, West Wind Inn, Beachview Cottages, Castaways Cottages. serve properties property, established 85 ago. Gulfs surf, affair Garden Terrace Lounge. Smaller, held Sanibel-Captiva propertiesSanibels Cottag- es, Danielle Kayla organize daily basis, offsite vendors various departments exceeding expectations. Brett Gooch, dynamic concreteproviding excellent past, present, Weddings regular Over department evolved business meetings, reunions, retreats course, possibilities endless. --Kelly Madden 29 tip From lawn, experienced begin Dechard, conference services. believe deserves celebrated beautiful, Not certain relaxation stay, excursions, epic fishing, watersports, bicycling boating, plus Colgate Offshore Sailing School. mention, course Captiva, challenging nine gorgeous consulting team, company, experts sound photography, Sebrie Images Photography, capture treasured need, place, adventure. 31,000 flexible ever-favorite meeting Expansive grounds, gardenlike lawn Mexico Luau, eclectic, fresh, prime meats prepared tastes Kay Casperson tennis shopping villas, condominiums estate homes, Gulf-front 5400 Plantation 800-524-7601, southseas.com SEBRIE OTHERS 31 aptly named Sundial minute timeless sunny well-known icon undergone extensive renovation Sanibel. Select variety spaces hibiscus-laced lawns, shell-strewn sandy beaches, decorated terraces. Menu choices twists favorites expertly crafted Several offered. Lindsay, memory. closely pride ourselves liking wishes day-of guarantee facet flawless, company arranging paradise. Voted Best Service islands, invites everlasting 12,000 space, Waterview Dining Shima Steakhouse Sushi Bar mile hedged terrace, gardens, Full-service catering, cabanas, courts, kayaks, paddleboards, bicycles, School, marketplace, organized lounges umbrellas Studio, two-, fully equipped low-rise condominium 1451 Middle 239-472-4151 32TOTI.COM 33 Charming Thistle Lodge Secluded sand gazebo, expanses perfectly lawns gardens barbeque select dazzling culinary creations, impeccable Professional staff, flowers, photography Luxurious allsuite 2255 866-748-8958, casaybelresort.com HUNTER RYAN eddings love, Casa Ybel knows saying Gulfshore century. tradition 1888, Rev. George Barnes landed built homestead shore. His beachside cottage 30-room inn, attracting celebrities Thomas Edison Henry Ford. daughter engaged magnificent Victorian house gift. structure now Beachfront Before long, sweethearts discovered venue. year, hundreds flock Ybels acres declare 114 oneand condo ample sleeping ensuite baths, main kitchens. amenities Olympic-size Coconuts Poolside Grill, on-the-beach treatments, Sanibels bicycle paths, bikes concierge golfing. Venues ceremonies, Waterfront Tented popular, historically place Tori Weatherford. beat, unique. tented intimate. reminiscent literature, reason draws suffused sanctuary honors long-standing respect environment creatures inhabit joins commitment maintained grounds preserve. Breathtaking scenery, award-winning contribute authentic experience. newlyweds wont honeymoon. --Bill 35 century, dream-like, picturesque Walking toes sand, backdrop, picture magazine. Following exchange vows, 75 takes Gooch unforgettable. ahead unexpected tents catered save rainy surprise. indoor, air-conditioned 800-square-foot black-tie, Overlooking swimming beyond, Pool Deck less-formal venue, although sacrificing breathtaking view. lastly, incorporate Butterfly Koi Pond plans photo ops. flawless depends highly expected. diligently refer preferred vendors. vary six-course barbecue brunches cocktails doeuvres. list doesnt yet. days shuffleboard corn hole, bikes, rent, pedal why attracts returning visitors. cater leaving worry-free concerns Large open Deck, Gulf, buffets, brunches, barbecues shuffleboard, rentals extend garden-view studio units double beds kitchenettes king 3345 239-472-1541, westwindinn.com WEDDINGS2016 Pop-up weddings-- mini meaningful er seeing release emotions. usually form tear nervous laugh, speak heart, Leah Fuscardo, Flower Path Myers. Fuscardo sees emotions weekly basis presiding shop. arranges called pop-up near After opened shop toward 2014, stop flowers courthouse. commented patio, saw develop site budget. notary public started studying ceremonies writing vows. partnered Lourdes Smoot, whos photographer ceremonies. last wishing trend young wanting expense. Couples reserved whether wants shops chapel, WANDERLUST IMAGINATIONS MIDDLE LOURDES SMOOT DALTON BRADFORD H preference. Packages toast, bouquet boutonnire photography. Add-ons available. matter chances imports world fresh pieces blooming shopso anyone pops quick ceremony, easily ready. text asking Can need weeks Of course. requires license issued maximum 90 prior Besides caters bigger, County. centerpieces minor creates herself. casual-chic trending softer pinks, whites lots greenery, woodland appearances. However, market babys breath, hydrangeas roses. paying closer budgeting. endless available, creative tepping blossoming back pastgood exotic childhood power comforting environment. blooms surrounding scents promise pleasant journey, moment. Thats wish. afternoon bouquets mood Dalia Girdvainiene, Libbys Shop couples. year. romantic, opposite, vintage, describe second wild garden. prefer compact greenery incorporated bouquets. Romance huge now, Verandah Country above lavender, purple blooms, succulents decorative kale. below designed peonies ranunculus. display Renaissance hydrangeas, blush dahlias, OHara roses, cream vendela ranunculus, astilbe phalaenopsis orchids. JAMIE LEE SET FREE Among peonies, calla lilies tulips. Colors peachy blush, Girdvainiene spotlight. vintage wild-looking arrangements. color present lavender purple. Whats looser asymmetric thats becoming decorations heavier side lighter other, rules guidelines how arrangement look. completely continues, florists eager requests. modern-vintage popular. neutral tones coupled gold accent, Bain Although silver seems stage 2015. Peonies common, ranunculus anemones old roses popularity too. particular season not. want, Finding eyes smell flower, loved Flowers blossoms journey occasions lives. why, Sue Bain, Signature Floral Pampering Big Day, deserve break corner. decision decision, Day real. happening. Frazzled freaking hoping sidewaysor deep breath recharging batteries, indulging. Heres help. Periwinkle Place, busiest plazas, hosted make-up, confident, therapies reflexology. broken knots stress. Itll loosen neck, shoulders pressure press, smooth approach, ya Healing Wellness Proprietor Marit Mouchou traveling across Africa. brought focus connecting body healing deep-tissue massage, reflexology reiki, technique originated Japan reducing stress channeling energy activating soothing process. Yoga wildly method self-reflection connection. basic yoga, guided meditation Bikram method-inspired yoga--yoga roomclasses Ambu discovering inner relief. Without advantage fullservice spas Lifestyle Boutique invested families. Hairstyling, pedicure, desire. Springs. arent indulge. La-Te-Da pamper toe, using eco-friendly products. break, thank you. --K.B. 41 professionals hether dinner two, birthday child, hundred finding caterer memorable, special, enjoyable. While word-of-mouth recommendations reliable search, matching personality caterers paramount. Your ability with, respect, admire key assessing caterer, Alexis Michel Angelo, past 20-plus qualities consider. hired countless number Florida, North, Rome, Italy, equally wideranging spectrum events. Being Italian descent, sums imperative quality ingredient mothers teach, quickest someones heart food, president Venice. Food essence soul. pairing appetizers frivolity frosting cupcake decisions turning lasting passion profession, Angelo. Make real joy willingness partner creativity desire reflective desires distinctive outcome. specialty, Angelo considering ask could enhance initial phone call potential personalities Then, Hiring so-so tasting sitdown table, literally figuratively. Consider ideas presentation, theme--all that--will appeal senses, suggests psychology sight, smell, taste, hearing account. consider rings heart. Aside considerations, professionalism evidenced communicates phone, ways tasting, effectively co-create down-to-earth realities. Prior Sandbar Silveira learning hone craft. piece advice, contract information client andor finishing contract, through, step-by-step, timing served. notes minimizes client. level minimum totally whatever planning, yourself favor indulging planner. agrees. Caterers directly considered. adding cost value clients cheese 500-per-plate 43 overseas, Event planners realize vision, identify table chooses ones thinks carry theme. talk event--venue, colors, music, lighting, mood. way, developing primary taste caterer. --Barbara Linstrom islanders throughout type 866-674-8981, cateringbyleslieadams.com Gavala, Executive Chef, Finemark National Bank Trust Great community specializing succulent healthy, heavy festive holiday menus. Located 239-461-5900, finemarkbank.com Reubens Homestyle cooking acclaimed mom. Main corporate breakfasts, lunches, snacks. 239-931-0420, reubenssmokehouse.com Renes Custom specializes birthdays, houses, gatherings, memorial baby showers, bat mitzvahs, large. imagine 239-489-4424, renescustomcatering.com Jack Elias Coral, brothers known mobile availability scenic create-a-menu online. 239-542-4954, swflcatering.com SOUTHWEST FLORIDA CATERERS Here anywhere Estero. depend peak season. Buon Appetito Company Baileys Serving exact delivering hometown charm. 239-472-1516, sanibelcateringcompany.com Leslie Adams formerly Rosies Deli located 44 924 45 ts barn. Buckingham Farms faces Away courses, flows Rural Preserve Area, Rustic Barn amidst wildlife Anna Edmondson, social Farms, use country simple elegance. awesome palate Were excluding from. sky limit, Edmondson 2011 hosting January 50-acre hydroponic farm grows plants mineral nutrient solutions soil. farm-to-table farm, especially fruits vegetables. five-star start finish. family, notes, letters forever stories. ZEE ANNA 47 much, wrote Charlee, blogger review Barn. searched raved looked. honestly say purchase besides Barn, firepit parties, welcome appropriate leave Seasonal guaranteeing 12931 239-641-6425, buckinghamfarmsonline.com 48 49 GRILL Billed Americas Brazilian icking rehearsal task. looking ambiance, affordability quality, Rodizio Grill hits mark categories. Steakhouse, expectations 300 diners, cozy, desirable waterfront. Perfect groups hungry onesyou eating minutes seat, thanks gourmet bar. items, specialties, accouterments, spicy chicken salad, creamy potato ceviche, quail eggs, cheeses, cured stocked soup, collard greens, yucca, black beans, rice, beef stroganoff. selections rotate seasons. certainly enough satisfying meat-lovers crazy tableside visits gauchos brandishing sharp knives skewers meat. seasoned cooked meat, signal gaucho placing wooden block position. skillfully slicing desired red. filled tenderloin, tri tip, sirloin, Miolo da Paleta pork, name few. fish foul marinated pineapple salty ham. Festive homemade complete. Nearly 95 gluten-free, bread. pickiest diners thrilled hungry. Perhaps bank. alone 24.99 unlimited meat Brunch Friday Sunday. Acting ambassadors warmth Brazil, invite here. --Gina Birch Renata Zocante GM Takeo Yamashita anxious Corporate Chef Duda Goulart tops field. caramel flan Pudim de Leite yummy. JAEGER, Island-hopping romance, ordinary f ordinaryromantic, tropical, fun, memorableCaptiva start. receptions, plan, coordinate aspect, logistics, beverage, entertainment, tents, tables, chairs, set-up endless, priceless, Paul McCarthy, Cruises, remember lifetime. OPTIONS INCLUDE Cayo Costa State Park. Imagine clambake, undeveloped boat. dos 9-mile natural, island. Cruise Wedding. What sea Ceremonies well-appointed vessels 142 vessel one-of-a-kind, Hopping. Half there. cordial back. CHOOSE FOLLOWING Cabbage Key. Known Cheeseburgers Paradise, Key Jimmy Buffettstyle Weststyle brunch. Useppa Island. charm, Collier McCarthy below, Lady Chadwick. club Boca Grande. Gasparilla finest celebrations. country. Resort, assist dolphin watches parties. Details 239-472-5300 captivacruises.com. 53 Tips elping Lisa Radlovacki living. Londons Prop House, production shes off seamless forward-thinking designs meticulous aspect imaginable, shares thoughts cool kiss. advice nuptials time. say, hire worrying high-priority checklist book florist. Once play around, experiment decor suggestions out-of-town appreciated tour guide. Show dine. Another idea care treats thank-you note. biggest ever to, flew Morocco whole buses pick airport, arrived standing waiting everyone. gesture extravagant most. Sometimes appreciated. element commonly causes exceed budget tips avoid Unfortunately, decor. Take research this. Things How Until out-oftown Proximity important. example troublesome inconvenient. Pinterest staged perfection. ideas, personal. decor, asked old-fashioned light bulb string coral, boho-chic candlelight. J. OFFENBACH ASTRID RENE expert, beginning of-town room. arrive, bag goodies stores, Armen outlining issue. periodically whenever added. mistake spending decreasing costs else. funds budgeted item increase account, parking accommodated needed. arrange own. rentals. Do yes, mark-up, worth interacting lot. nowadays, fair game. want. box. Otherwise, dominant. clean tones, bright dahlias proteas non-traditional shape texture. ourtney spends CocoLuna Events, Estero, step carefully executed perfection attention. highlight. First, pay voices, happy. Second, establish must-haves early on. Third, honest with. No. 1 suggest researching fees aware Nailing Dont forget either. tends last-minute thing, limit choices, salons booked ahead. starts sending save-thedate cards. website airports, activity suggestions, blocks, out- hinking box McWilliams hands. Socialites embark doubt, priorities factor decisions. comparing apples apples. what, decide count first. These essential. Next, photographers designers, videographers, plannersdesigners, DJs bands pros Always times, locations, everywhere. bet email date. goody bottled water, snacks sweet savory, weekend nice. brochures. Nobody uses Host mingle Create extremely thorough dollars placed regularly missed transportation. high. Plan inclement happen mud, heaters cold, fans heat, rain, etc.. Ask capacities depending meal chairs Is band kinds linens Are restrictions fee issues arise overall tables. statement walls, live interactive painters, sketch artists corsages boutonnieres carts rise. feeling MATT STEEVES aying Making dreams Patricia Slater doing 1980 Captiva. Sea, for. crowds. month, week, casual, suited swayed offer. Decide size formal, informal Know finances. Have on, then easier. Then secure rate organizer designing alternatives. throw basket arrival. Spending money anticipated, list, reading magazines. Just follow Be realistic preparing extra safety net. Does trip advance learn offers. appointments overwhelming frustrating, wisely. trust foot Individualism signature go. reflects FRANK SIMONETTI Saying customdesigned s jewelry designer, pleasure attuned preferences. custom-designed specifically mind, sentimental recipient. engagement rings, helping craft ones. Purchasing ring daunting shapes, hopes selecting express weighing benefits drawbacks spectacular. fondly One-of-a-kind 3-carat pearshaped diamond elaborate, tall-prong art-deco shank decoration channel-set princess-cut diamonds added sides. 14k yellow gold. Designers marquise-cut stone round brilliant halo frame center. Loren nationally gemstones, innovative repair gallery locations. information, contact 239-482-4664 239-596-5820. Dan Fiorella Forgey, January. Dan, chocolatier Norman Love Confections, marriage. liked, discussed design. diamond, final chosen, embarked piece. ring, straightforward. Depending carved fabricated, modeled computer aided software casting. casting cleaned, sanded polished, gemstones finished polished. inspection ring. proposal momentous special. interested one, join consultation. guidance sit discuss answer questions have. 59 806 possible, Mans ize matter, jewelry. band, personalizing significant dimensions stone. Stuart Dunkin, founder Dunkins Diamonds virtually imagine. exciting rewarding parts business--to Man trade age, observing Ohio. parlayed starter loan age build businesses. Dunkin today operates showrooms go-to jewelry, many, proving craftsmanship. passionate first-class customer amount repeat customers Mikey Connolly, Diamonds, Kirk Kara Pirouetta Prized Creations Collection. total carat weight diamonds. handcrafted details wheat engravings, filigree, peek-a-boo diamonds, milgrain edging rose-gold 1-carat shown option. latest combining modern. Lots twotoned metals, mixing rose yellow, mass appeal, Connolly lucky immediately envisioning. immediately. eight approval. guard, loyal expertise. know, thankful Lorelei Right Hand Ring summer, modern, metal intensive feminine forward. rows cut scalloped Collection, worn 61 Gulfcoast Coin Jewelry op question expect no. jeweler fit right. Jewelry, Owners Denise Joyce forces store calling 1975, bought coin Fowler Street By 1978, decided branch since, grown operate Springs, Naples. requests, custom-made discover provenance antique coins. stores master jeweler, James Franklin, puts soul crafts, heirloom theyll wearing proudly after. begins hand-drawn sketches drawing, wax 3-D. Although, mom-and-pop operation, proud accomplished Finely 18k utilizes control standards result beautifully steak, collectible dealers selling sizzle, clientele shiny television ads mean moneythey rewarded that. Getting tough option, kind, matches personality. thinking made, shows wife-to-be mile, someone remarkable GULF COAST 63 Shells cherish helling paradise gets upgrade Congress Jewelers artistry elsewhere. Pairing sealife craftsmanship decades prolonged precious meaningalso newlywed dolphins reminded meant Scot Congress, frequent gifts. Jewelers, 1955 Larry Dee Indiana 14K white-gold dollar pendant 1981, firms Sealife Collection introduced. moving parents, mom, fascination shells, recalling mom did, founding tiny, shell evolves one-of-akind precise work. handmade lost-wax mold ends placement stones. Goldsmiths perfecting Stepping shoppers themselves thousands cockle bracelets seahorse earrings. pieces, pendants palm tree pendants, representation single above, sandals pendant, pav Jewelers. Personalized earns rave reviews shines maxim Amor Jewelersand stands phrase. Coming Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, firm 2011, customer, Skidmore affiliated Independent Organization, worlds largest buying 900 members, direct brokers Antwerp, Belgium, capital. Capturing matters most, lean kiss wife. reflecting Click. forward father-daughter dance. Chris Kovaz captures images camera. Photography. keeps busy seconds. Kovazs interest learned diving 12, capturing saw. refined skills Stephen Frink. underwater fascinated snapping photos. Graduating College, earned degree graphic animation fine-art interning studio, indepth shooting portraits. freedom different. CEO Lani Kai. Clients, clubs counties. photographyceremony reception--to editing. season, shoots least aligns plans. goal month June, estimating scheduled booking advance. cameras, assistant captured camera lens. 67 Picturing lifetime memories, covering angles lens, Nick angles, Top Photography quality. experience, think, difference photographers, circumstances, adverse situations. success original thinking, portraying familys enjoys Seeing weddingand photosis part. Adamss London. 1993. cruise ships, met Lori, Delaware, England, 1998, expanded videography. behind-the-scenes workediting, framing post-wedding productionbut photoshoots. happens in-house, functioning workshop crew weddingwire.com. am taken, continued. ease hope videographer O GREG OLECH FIDELIS FILMS nce videoed Uncle Fred propped chapel corner clunky oversize shoulder holder recording unexciting miraculously missing gooey stuff. Youre guaranteed cringe results. off, Freds fault. clue hes doing. Hes pro. poor guy dance stroking Aunt Thelmas ego trying favor. then. Videography developed full-on profession. Luckily video B-grade documentary nostalgic suspended art. Online polls 98 wished wouldve youve selected preconceived notion product. Jon Noeth Bachelor Arts Design produced videos. Time frames, songs ... things, advises. Communication Remember, practice. concerned redefining term in-your-face, worry not, videographers incognito. Fidelis Films candid shots. described ninja. Dressed black, blends discreet high-tech resemblance bulky major motion-picture equipment. packages. Companies IheART, formed Steven Gilkeson AnnMarie Epple, specialize artistic, videography groom. Florida-based husband-and-wife Christian Nichole Weber, slow-motion booths. turns Dancing, throwing confetti kicking shots scenes. Later footage edited entertaining clip. technology relive prep produce. maid honor entourage Cosmo glimpse glorious heart-melting emotion. probably surprised replay, Cosmo. --J.J. Brito BEHIND CAMERA companies shoot preparation late-night twirling Digital copies go, Blu-ray Discs DVDs. IheART Films, 239-641-3456, iheartfilmstudios.com Videography, 703-967-3904, jonnoethvideography.com 239-877-1373, fidelis-films.com ERIK ENT WISTLE mong myriad straightforward filling slots specially pieces. proves lacking, Internet wealth demonstrate hypothetical wedding-planning scenario. best-known musicWagners Chorus Comes Brideis contemplated quintessential processional, aisle music. OK then, musical selection sure. playground taunt, bride, fat fears ridiculous image spoil mother concerned. heard overplayed cliched. pastor exclude consideration entirely hails Wagners opera Lohengrin pagan subjecthardly sacred loves considers dubious plot opera, Elsa abandoned shortly dies Why jinx man recommends steering citing composers problematic polarizing figure. fuss about, tells desires. scenario, clarity forthcoming promised, havent progressed apt words Felix Mendelssohn, composer ultra-famous march Midsummer Nights Dream recessionals. Mendelssohn 1842 observed letter friend complain ambiguous, unclear, whereas understands words. 1850, Wagner 927 march, equivocal status cultural icon, clash engenders profane, controversial reputation. quote itself, baggage concluding thought startling, observation genuine fills thousand indefinite put words, contrary, definite. precisely fulfills role exchanging vows carrying expressivity, plane utterance, expressing definite applies vocal recitation accompanying attest. Mendelssohns phrase refers cannot articulate less human being, chosen solely expresses groom, anything Pianist, instructor musicologist Entwistle received undergraduate Dartmouth College. post-graduate performance Washington University St. Louis. doctorate musicology California, Santa Barbara. teaches 48H x 99W 18D OUR EYES wood sculpture, offices 472-0205ext. 106. Artist Charles Taube carpenter sculpture 1996. Amsterdam Whitney Fine 2008 honored three-week City. NFL participate VIP Super Bowl Tailgate Show. amazing, suffered loss car mishap. Taubes Music 71 musician anny excitement Based singer, songwriter, leader, visual artist producer voiced engaging entertainer Fun describes Morgans performances, either solo bandmates. classical pop engages audience lighthearted stories arthe performed Boys sang sessions greats Wilson. Terri Macs grateful insight, judgment, Harriet Bohanan website. recall play. D entertained below. weddingparty Thank Dance Entertainment, Sanibel-based wife, Amy, broaden choices. performs soloist ensemble perform, DJ. Much friendly, tenor voice daddy-daughter ballads country, Caribbean, Buffet-style, standards, impressive Complete 239472-4774 dannymorgan.com. SIMMONITI THANK DANCE 73 Evolving yummies, changed three-tiered, square, cupcakes, chocolate red velvet, centerpiece roles style, fillings. Going centuries, symbolical meanings bringing fortune newlyweds, fertility Roman Empire bread crumbled other. Furthermore, traditions England 19th century practiced tier aside, freeze eat first-year anniversary. Enjoying ensures continuous luck locked bite. implications carried changes, Trittler, Naples, cupcakes treats. mix flavors. flavors almond amaretto. Cakes seem gold, accents mint green, coral peach heading accents, Trittler impossible. bakery chooses, treat fits fancy glamorous, wow everybodys buds. 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Upon arrival musicians, trailer van, agent, bookings Zeeuw United States. surprisingly, himself 11-year drummer 1972, when, laughs, nightclubs. 21, playing drums running businesses day--a window-cleaning pest-control 1983, mother, relocated hit tan, stayed. ridden Whos Who Hollywood royalty, Frank Sinatra, Janet Jackson, Connors Patti McGuire, Dick Van Dyke, Jonathan Winters, U2 Bono, rock Yes, Boy George, English performer. limousine youd fortunate, 239-888-5282. 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Taking slight outfits, onesies T-shirts Earth Nymph lifestyle pictures. SANIBEL-CAPTIVA CLOTHING BOUTIQUES Amys Something Special 630 239-472-4421, amysomethingspecial.com Nannys Childrens Shoppe 1700 239-395-1730, nannyschildrensshoppe.com t ADDITIONAL SAVINGS Year SUBSCRIBE FIND HIDDEN GIFT CERTIFICATE PURSUIT STORE SANIBEL, RECEIVE FAVORITE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION YEARS. Hidden Word Reading Pleasure totimedia.com rates apply orders only. 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Fortunately requirements county clerks office. do. Learn knot obtain state. applicants present. Apply Monday office a.m. 430 p.m. County valid days. residents 3-day period unless criteria attended 4-hour pre-marital period. applicant proof completion applying license. provider counseling presented companychurch letterhead. providers registered Clerk Courts. check leeclerks.org residents, counseling. non-residents, read Family Law Handbook. resident waived. leeclerk.org Official Records Recording 239-533-5007, 2115 Second Admin Building, Source Marriage applications self-service kiosks satellite offices. Applicants age. Anyone consent. younger parental judicial consent required situation. application. previously, ended. born Affirmation Common Children Born form. signed submitted Department Health certificate. drivers license, government identification card passport application made. listing Social Security number. payable cash, discounted presenting Certificate Completion Note Course shall register Circuit Court submitting Registration Affidavit Premarital Preparation effective waived, certificate out-of-state residents. public, ordained clergy, Deputy Courts judiciary, return Office, mail, recorded Records. recorded, certified copy returned sent Vital Statistics Jacksonville. 1990, viewed printed collierclerk.com. each. Certified licenses mail Court. requesting self-addressed postage paid envelope copycopies. Clerks sign witnessed Clerk. collierclerk.com, 239-252-7242, Department-Marriage Licenses 3315 Tamiami Trail East, Ste. 102, identification. Completing constitute issuance manner death, annulment Charlotte authorized issue guardian. guardian presence deputy clerk public. forms charge. Punta Gorda Murdock p.m., thru Friday, holidays. security number, one. elect approved premarital 93.50 waived reduced 61. non-Florida 93.50. state Payment check, credit card. co.charlotte.fl.us 941-637-2240, 18500 Circle, Port Charlotte. churchfinder.com. 86 PIETRO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS Anniversary gift-giving recognizes symbols celebrations Check symbolize pending 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th Traditional Paper Cotton Leather FruitFlowers Wood CandyIron WoolCopper PotteryBronze WillowPottery TinAluminum Steel SilkLinen Lace Crystal China Pearl Ruby Sapphire Gold Clocks CrystalGlass Appliances Silverware Desk Sets LinensLace Fashion Pearls Textile Furs Watches Jade 14thAnimals 15th 20th 25th 30th 35th 40th 45th 50th 60th illegal Pikey Sara Conway Photo Ad_Page.indd 812 89 Cover_DigitalEdition_2016SWFLWeddingGuide.indd 808 DONT NEED CROWD STAND OUT. X5. optional third-row seating, somewhere before. Panoramic Moonroof, OnlineTM Real Traffic Internet, Premium Interior, outclass destination. lease finance bmwusa.com. 15421 33908 America, LLC. model names logo trademarks.

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