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Dr. Timothy Halverson Past Noreen DiPlacido Madlyn Dornaus Tom Giles Larry Hart Luis Insignares Jerry Nichols Fred Pezeshkan Ronald Smalley Linda Uhler Hospice Community Services Inc., dba HealthCare Services, is registered with Florida Department Consumer registration number SC-01911. was licensed by state in 1984. not-for-profit, communitybased agency providing services Lee, Glades, Hendry, Collier, Charlotte, DeSoto Sarasota counties. Please be advised that 100 percent donations we receive benefit are not directed other organizations or entities. You may obtain copy our official financial information calling Division toll-free within Florida, at 800 435-7352. This does imply endorsement, approval recommendation state. If you would prefer this magazine electronically, please contact us via website hopehcs.orgforms wingsofhope.We welcome your comments suggestions. 53 THE COMMUNITY Spread Word Flight Lifetime 54 HOPEFUL WISHES 56 BENEFITS 58 TIME TALENTS Boundless Rewards Fun Cause 60 CELEBRATIONS 63 INFO Guide 65 PARTING SHOT From left Jim Sievers president Beckwith, TOTI Media Group Publisher Daniela FounderChairman Friedrich N. Jaeger. produced Media, Inc. P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957 Tel 239-472-0205 Fax 239-395-2125 Website toti.com Jaeger E. Scarlett Redenius Assistant Brian Stromlund Creative Director Elizabeth Grimm Editor Proofreader CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Maxine Baker, Cathy Chestnut, Craig Garrett, Dayna Harpster, Jennifer T. Johnston, Lori Kelli Krebs, Dana Mirman, John Strickling Copyrighted byTOTI Services. All rights reserved. No part publication reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors necessarily those andor made possible through donor support. 2 WINGS 2016 WOH_2016.indd 713 M Dear Friends Hope, uch has changed since I began my role as 25 years ago. Our organization flourished-- expanded thousands people more areas community than ever before.Yet some things remain unchanged. It saddens me know caregivers still wait ask help. People endure pain far too long before finding comfort. And end-of-life journey continues difficult time many. these later, hospice care misunderstood. why entire team whole-heartedly dedicated mission. We believe everyone deserves comfort, dignity help during their final chapter life. life isnt measured months, days weeks. At want find support they need--physically, emotionally, spiritually practically--at every stage illness age. In issue feature stories shared care.Youll read about many programs offers individuals who seriously ill aging well available loved ones. you, one, need assistance managing an live home, dont Try one programs. Let Warm regards, BY DAYNA HARPSTER 4 714 5 Ethan Rodriguez Santiago his mother, Sherley hrough Kids Care, cares communitys children. entering its 25th year, program helped children families face challenges arise when coping serious illness. feel like have someone here, Im alone. --Sherley T TEAM ETHAN The summer last, living New York realized something needed change, she better her son. pace city fast Ethan, says attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD, social phobia. 15, only child also autism-like behaviors because most troubling condition, neurofibromatosis, genetic disorder causes tumors form nerve tissue, including brain spinal cord. wanted give environment, decided place come, says. She had visited Fort Myers few earlier been impressed. busy city, expect get best. But really, youre just very doctors. Her husband stay York, so moved Lehigh Acres, knowing no one. got says,and mentioned Care program, said sure, help, even though didnt really what it all about. soon enough, walk two guardian angels. nurse worker came Sherleys home started right away assessing Ethans needs formulating strategy. comes here shes typing away, recalls. thought, Okay, this. Even so, next weeks were extremely difficult, arrange appointments various doctors differing aspects sons condition. think went appointment day, always bad news. He everything books--scoliosis, heart murmur, nose making hard him breathe. much hadnt known. To hear hard, biggest pill swallow. took charge, now Team 6 Baby Makia cared member team. it, positive attitude can him. receives pediatric palliative care, which centers medical comfort measures operates under larger umbrella Hopes Care. funded provides family otherwise covered insurance, food assistance, transportation, grief counseling healing such art music therapy. difference both lives learned clear Sherley. talker but son not, changed. When he sees therapist particular, hes clearly happy. whole doing him, talking loves her. vocal likely tell needs. brought relief ways, too. having migraines soonest could neurologist year case intervened ended up seeing doctor sooner. accompanied problematic meeting high school where freshman, chaplain comforted them recent surgery. Everybody working communicates each other, too, Were Ethan. SAFETY NET Emilia Rosaly heard 3-monthold baby, Baptiste, Healthcare first skeptical. knew Hospice, commitment frightened hospice, end road, leap faith found holding net. diagnosed trisomy 18, cell disorder. scared do, little chromosomal abnormality, occurs 6,000 births. baby lot problems, says, noting hospital authorities suggested talk Hospice. Thats wide variety offered. thought in-patient, hospital, out there plenty ways family, home. fact, Concurrent traveling whatever road individual family. instituted type service became Patient Protection Affordable Act effective March 2010. curative terminally allows administered along traditional hospice.This 7 PHOTO ROGER HOOTMAN Baptiste While stays daughter, tend responsibilities cant imagine energy do otherwise. way, parents refuse measures, childs expectancy probably short. day-to-day emotional Rosalys includes 8-year-old Pennington. particular looks forward therapists visits east December, Christmas ornaments used paint make hand footprints sister, framing them. Emilias own addressed well. felt overwhelmed after Makias birth, feels competent receives, picking daughters specialty medication outside area, veterinary pets. main caregiver, respite rest recharge. addition, while thankful knowledge strength staff They go me, comfortable situation. Further details hopehcs.org. 8 YOU SHOULD KNOW important Southwest Childrens Grief Counseling School groups, one-on-one sessions Rainbow Trails Bereavement Camp one-of-a-kind weekend experience ages 6-16 Partners Together PIC Medical therapy pet Pediatric Comforting life-limiting Hopeful Wishes Granting special wishes PHOTOS ON THIS AND OPPOSITE PAGE Rosaly. 9 21516 1201 AM mother reflects colorful story 10 MAXINE BAKER ichele oldest George Dottie McNeills five first-born siblings, confident focused desire excel--even child. old, Michele won leading Naples Theater production Hansel Gretel, McNeill never acted before. stunningly beautiful, talented intelligent. knocked park horse Natasha 11 McNeill, 2006 brother Georgie bond. North Myers, adapted immediately. into Future Farmers America, showing goats chickens farm scene-- especially horses, shares. father built barn fence together. determined afraid work. There loving gentle side Michele, age 8, met Junior, affectionately known Georgie. bonds remember theirs clearly. minute laid Micheles arms, instant, incredible moment on, baby. recalls how learn ride bicycle. Shed run behind bike, up. played time, endlessly bouncing ball off house. Upon graduating High School, eager work, accepting job shoe store preparing open. organizational skills required perfectly matched believed theres place, Dottie. opened, less organizing grew bored. visiting Dotties employer Art Knudson, esteemed real estate attorney immediately Knudson room title agency. wasnt until search. county sought join them, accepted Lee County Lands, spend years. married, formed lasting friendships. coworkers instrumental lay ahead--a mammogram 2012 revealed lump breast. breast cancer. True nature, fought disease determination, undergoing double mastectomy, chemotherapy radiation. By January 2013, given clean bill health, Throughout illness, times exhaustion treatment, people. chipped in, husband, Bob, worked remotely another state, Julie, drove appointments. son, Sean, work Lands provided meals, rides vital moral On Day sat Lutz, surrounded friends. quiet, remembers. assumed upset something. Or perhaps, grandchildren suggested, dealing chemo brain, term describe thinking memory issues chemotherapy. occasionally laughed later posed familys last photo returning apparent wrong. way communicate writing notes. confirmed cancer returned spread brain. Just week 12 pictured middle meet rain, rainbows. --Dottie 13 Realizing wrong, joined appointment. down said, lesions spine. take leave seek stunned. stepped private then car leave. driving pulled over, parking space phone. called see you. now. dock downtown broke Ill That afternoon, received call Georges friend Beckwith. Shes pain. her, replied, here. Within 30 minutes, arrived cleaned comfortable. nurses angels earth, What ease back Julia Sean. transition--not dying--is incredible. gradual acceptance emotions prepare. living. quiet Day, underwent surgery remove July 6, 2014, friends, passed tumor. summer, appeared away. 46 old. journey. slowly enough return As spirit late June, complained stormy cancer, pauses recite quote hurting. walking difficult. Soon, standing impossible, paralyzed waist down. siblings 14 died, able insistence, professional golfer PGA Tour. competing round Greenbrier Classic West Virginia, Dottie, say going fast, happen soon. With mind sister placed phone locker. headed tee proceeded game birdied fourth, fifth, sixth seventh holes. eighth hole, carded hole-in-one. ultimately finished second Greenbrier. Following tournament, approached CBS golf analyst Peter Kostis. will press said. sometimes perspective different forms, doesnt tears forming, replied does. Its, yeah, and, know, mean lot. So, hard. good today. finished, nice round. sometimes. Without celebration, locker told minutes time. TOP MICHAEL COHEN LICENSED BOTTOM GARTH FRANCIS Bittersweet One compete 18th shot feat 25,000 gift charity choice, compliments tournament. chose Michele. asked coincidence fate, God play. wants spotlight, George. thoughts weighed heavily. Golfer presents donation Classic--a earned hole-in-one 15 W 16 Mike familiar confidence ability Caregivers Visiting Nurses, healthcare service, over span four change dressings needed, monitor total physical well-being sure himself. frequent aspect heal- hether Kansas agree provide comforting clients-- live. Home, healthcare, duty nursing, services, carries three-fold mission empower control personal well-being, prevent diminished quality life, essential start feeling depleted. transitional needing upon leaving rehabilitation facility. Granchi recently Home. Last fall, benign mass tailbone.When arrangements post-surgery, natural Hope. volunteer ing emotionally well, insists.I enjoyed visits, says.And complete. Not did check surgical site, blood pressure, temperature, checked any swelling feet complications. So being happy frequently hears clients. post-surgical Nurses. often better--both physically--when homes, support, ones enjoy peace mind, throughout Depending clients needs, Home include physician house calls, transportation appointments, light housekeeping, counseling, paperwork matters, practical daily showering bathing, running errands talking--in addition caregiving, day night. assisted skilled nursing facilities. nearly 2,000 day--90 seen homes. Staff members visit medications expert caregivers. breaks rest, relax matters. Special equipment, oxygen bed, provided, urgent client hours day. Palliative These helpful symptom management. effort spiritual provided. wellbeing, HopeHCS.org 239-482-4673. 17 FINDING COMFORT SOONER passionate, fearless H D AY N R P S E ope woman enduring mission, delivering diversity audiences indeed hopeful message hospicethat dying. means understand physically, capable are, life-enhancing Unfortunately, focus dying part, coming us. Its greatest challenge Convincing accept early possible. Rather limiting expanding choice. fully amount have. hope for. cure, days, experiences, conversations ones, adds, recalling write notes choose gifts certain milestones. patients trips Walt Disney World, broken new ground nationally locally bring illnesses. recognizing veteran Joseph Pre-Genzer military service. 715 attending Wing White House. Gov. Rick Scott State Capitol. visit. Sometimes theyve for, similar, Legoland weak. brimming Legos sent local owner. Celebrating leader, occasions pride full heart. gentleman fishing His friends firefighters. firefighters out, firetruck pond area kind chair fish. did. sad, fulfilling person easy, lonely, done. Patients must strong advantage innovative ideas Doctors up, it. theyre easily led should drop lately, starting letting Ironically, studies show actually longer similar health situations hospice. gently firmly panelist, delegate committee dozens government initiatives, National Summit Advanced Illness Washington, D.C., U.S. Senate Committee Aging 2014. Medicare insurance regulations aim limit six months tirelessly toward convincing Centers Medicaid Nobody penalizes provider come expected to, decline, months.Then regulators saying,Well, appropriate yes, were. weve permitted adds. continue regulatory agencies legislators active arenas. Dedicated families, unflinchingly moves advocate behalf. 19 Parkinsons Program helps together L O J ichael Carolyn Harmon happily retired Kentucky Acres 2010, begin enjoying lifestyle. retirement agreed couple spent relaxing reveling balmy weather. Things Michael disease. Determined set neurological affecting movement. Since Harmons unfamiliar partners. getting accustomed changes related aneurysm, stroke Michael, 75, unable walk. lifted others bed rise chair. Enjoying favorite hobbies, photography cooking, impossibility. almost useless meantime, reaching Parkinson Program, quickly source cope PD educational events interacting professionals, disease, improved therapies ef- process better. --Michael forts cure disorder.They impressed speakers groups J. Fox Foundation Research University Disorder Center. invitation participate research trials. discovered involved teaches twice-a-week Better Balance classes HealthPark calming improving fluidity motion fun, class reduce risk falls. Parkinsons, yourself keep moving, fall prevention, maintain flexibility, practices tai chi improve balance. let down, thats --Carolyn motion. opportunity teach presented itself saw boost Michaels workshop potential instructors concerned alone, unstable feet. talked encouraged Go Carolyns cost thanks participants. activity caused practice often--up 21 Key West, feathered friend. PD. week. Often, class, body changing fearful losing balance falling. sort withdraw slink thing understanding gaining confidence, society things. movements chi, reduced shuffling finger development praised movement specialist, Amanda Avila. stamina boosted, previously ran deli, kitchen, enjoys baking cakes dishes chili spaghetti. better, lose problem. do. Carolyn, 63, Programs classes, events, creative activities motivated Should Know unique array pole-walking, voice aerobics, boxing. Participants fun agility, coordination, Visit HopeParkinson. org joining 22 Connections friendship, hen Cor-Nan Coldiron Marlin Yelton Jr. LaBelle, 2012, community. delight, connect. Three ago, Center LaBelle Lets whats there, Cor-Nan. seniors Hendry Glades counties, emergency response systems, homemaking home-delivered meals. Wii games. am busier Center, group. yourself, same history futures, takes pressure off, Marlin. group, gives caregivers, 24-hour job, break Centers, keeping participants comfortable, safe, Connections, situation life,says Cor-Nan.There marvelous. however, several offering warm socialization rural becoming isolated. socialize, great, happiness talking, puzzles, play taking engage places Virginia Washington best ever, privilege ourselves thing. nurturing stimulating environment frail chronically G C AT Y U erald Williamss declined past years, wife, Nancy, become primary caregiver. 47 relieved discover Gerald goes socialize Nancy gets respite. tremendous quite bit pretty debilitated, Gerald, 76, pastor. refreshing. go, break, frankly. Seven rare, malignant bone chordoma, spine--his base. surgeries, suffers severe relies walker. enroll opened. calls himself pioneer glad beginning. issues, affairs order, lawyer specializes eldercare. put plan PACE, Gerald. super introduced PACE. Thank heavens grown. much-needed stands Inclusive Elderly residents independently comprehensive assurance me. --Gerald Williams emotional, 55 older qualify care. management prescriptions supplies nutritious meals cultural in-home respite, guidance For qualify, cost. According surveys, recommend friend, hed mostly housebound. define. words life-- socializing cover Because sleeps morning, appreciates flexibility. lunch date Barry, dropped around 1 p.m. dominoes regulars whove basically chills cleans refer position spiritual, mental aspects, you.Youre participant opened 2012. About Collier counties located Cape Coral, Port Charlotte. 239-482-4673 speak counselor, HopePACE.org. Healing Hearts navigating F hile 1,000 equally serving love Recognizing depressive symptoms depression, counselors carefully guide impeding loss. Mary Oliver Chris Kinnon testaments caregiver NAVIGATING GRIEF Texas native, lived Paul Dolman multiple myeloma, plasma cells marrow immune system resulting painful infections. technologist Pauls specialist. Paul, regular checkups home.They coordinate supporting services. pain, Mary, adding church Dallas, pastoral chaplain. herself drawn daughter Sara, stem-cell transplant. Sara anymore. nearby, turned additional counselor regularly three talk. urges anyone lost spouse feelings grief. Fortunately, death often, works, BELIEVER Kinnon, 70-year-old resident, describes believer Schenectady, Kinnons Youll step step, youve explain youll feel, Theyre lifeline. --Chris Dolmann learning relied loss husband. 27 lifeline Albert. turn Albert Stage IV lung sickness shock. cough. outpatient treatment Chris, wife side. Alberts kept passing hurting himself, ending stiches gash head. assistance. recovering VA wheelchair. volunteers VALOR veterans certificate appreciation quilt honor country. touching moments remember, Chris. Being toll pounds condition progressed. Sleep discuss plan, answer prayers, free--he passed, seeking counseling. Talking harder expected, reached follow Later, group explains Hospices might specialized offer, Moms experienced child, grieving committed suicide, LGBT first-hand caring effect sharing experiences topic Service locations Bonita Springs, Myers. free open public, hopehcs.orgSupportGroupSchedule. 28 recognizes World War II Veteran, POW drafted August 1942, mindset youth mitigate fear. alive, couldnt killed. Somebody didnt. Chief radio man B-24 Liberator Army Air Corps, September 3, 1943, plane disabled German fighter pilot parachuted 20,000 Mediterranean Sea. idea close exploded, Edgar, 93, wrote memoir urging 81. concussion, seemed if pushing ... pieces floating leaves wind. Then lonesome, eerie feeling, absolute single Me-109 flew down--he tipped wings --Fort Beach bomber crew DANA Charlotte condominium formation B-24s disappearing western skies. Oddly, worn jacket, couples Beach. eventually swam miles shore Pescara, Italy, jail infirmary. co-pilot survivors among 10. downward spiral subsequently prisoner war. plunging sea, herded boxcar prisoners shuffled between camps Germany. remembers cruelty kindness hands captors. Theyd hit demonstrating swing fist. Food scarce. black bread date-stamped 1939. 1944. hand, contracted strep throat, camp doctor, scarce necessary penicillin saved Today, challenges, swimming Jonathan Scalone, paid VALOR, wisdom nine decades brings long-buried memories emotions. particularly poignant veterans, reluctant wartime experiences. explanation pragmatic done with, past. interested, talking. interviewed ago Veterans History Project American Folklife video narrative records Library Congress. Un- holds awards confiscated enemy POW. Medal, Purple Heart, Medal. Watson 93 til European Theater. Indiana marrying former Gadbury, tomato canning business brother, veteran. men either, regrets mystery children, Kathy, Jeff, Lori. Edgars, married honored --Hope great-grandchildren. dormant long, Scalone--who 22-year Force--is behalf listen information. Scalone thankyou letters Nine say, grandfather, Americas partners Organization Honor Veterans. recognition package certificate, lapel pin, bear performs ceremonies Guard. broad range designed countrys beloved Services.We served country dignity. return, strive dignity, heart-warming 31 716 supports mends girls leven-year-old Yarisbeth Perezs breaking. dog, Sparky, wandered street struck car.The survived, great tail crooked. mend tail, purchase medication, afford. Yarisbeth, cystic fibrosis--a life-threatening affects noticed Sparky. Yarisbeths offered small allowance Rosemary Rosado. save dog wish. fibrosis undergoes treat Now, pets have--particularly ill.These furry unconditional love, companionship. shows tension anxiety, mood health. Pets energize encouraging refocus pet. Pet owners outdoor activities, interactions benefits power touch. generosity donors grants community, assist Sparky needed--which included partial removal injured tail. healthy happy--wiggling section express delight. sixth-grader Oak Hammock Middle plans veterinarian. Donating LEFT CRAIG GARRETT Perez, cat based supplies, exercise, boarding, necessary, adoption Donations allow cats dogs --regardless challenges. gift, HopeHCS.orgdonate 239 482-4673 Furry Gallery Every sweet-natured joy laughs smile. Volunteer Visitors host Halloween costume parades, weddings Yappy Hours animals curling beds, wagging tails course, cuddled. 33 touch Here 34 Brewer--and legacy draw straight line, Brewer artist. 59, 2015 Lewy dementia entered Coral admits first. Working oil pastels transformed ways. First, physically therapeutic. Marys soothes tremoring hands, allowing texture crayon blend colors paper finger. mentally relaxing. little-kid again. somewhere else. intense, becomes tongue-tied due progressive cause motor slowed movements. Kelly Page piece created contained emotions, anger, hurting, sadness, frustration agitation. artwork hangs visibly central wall, uses point specific images, October anniversary husbands death. mothers sorrow lend conduit communication 9-year-old granddaughter, Hayley, participates creates During creations questions. Hayley bits adult conversations, begun asking prognosis. granddaughter display works art. finds all. wish memories, feelings, scenes, abstractions. Prior creativity quilt-making-- emerging artwork, quilt-like squares. outset, drew lines boxes page. fills unplanned subjects magically emerge fingertips one-hour sessions. box. red barn, done, look barn. started, images box represented Daughter absolutely afterwards. Somehow, amazing therapeutic benefits, quilts rethink talent self-expression legacy. drawing made. artwork. quilts. Youre tangible drawings, Gifts Joy expressive person, art, music, massage visits. generous 36 Couple stores success, mid jewelry, beautiful china plates cups, collectibles framed Etta Smith. extensive antiques customer interested green bracelet 1960s. glass counter, wishes--in Spanish, begins accessing value items donated resale boutique. Crossings Springs large clothing, accessories, furniture home--all Proceeds sale Lionel Smith Chest. Both success--even doors 2015. Lionel, executive basketball player, backroom. donations, sorts prices adds ever-growing inventory. Donated ideal boutique-style forwarded need. waste, retirement, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. taught Spanish. language expertise evaluating assets unfunded families. waits customer. chairs fundraising Their background unquestionable value, Bob Sheehan, director engagement Smiths, expertise. couple, opening boutique, Bob. notices clothing bedding neatly boxed senses cherished previous owners, purchases younger moving watch customers shop, shoppers pay goods use savings fund Smiths commit store, hosted decade. Knowing helping, Doing life... kick giving back, Lionel. 28520 Blvd. Springs. Monday Saturday, a.m. donate pick 239-444-1100. original 13821 Cleveland Ave. 38 GWEN GREENGLASS Grand Opening February 2015, ribbon cutting Crossings, location. upscale features designer-brand high-quality furniture, goods, collectibles. top. Located newest 39 board Patty manager Bill Burnett. Engagement, Sheehan Laura Weaver. Donna Roberts. 40 chance oshua Kirk typical boy, ready 7, Katie died fouryear struggle following loss, Joshua attended connected there. Kirk, Joshs planted tree plaque property St. Francis Xavier kids losses, divorce. worry about, Kirk.When where, parent, concern Joshua. Bokeelia grandfather grandmother, separated April 26, annual highlight bereavement Katie, wearing bracelets Before Camp, struggled understood parent. youngest hearts fragile boy growing Bokeelia, Florida. navigate mother. beach. third-grader. 74 16, Riverside Retreat LaBelle. filled recreation, crafts, singing, staffed childrens counselors, completed education series. weekend, camped craft projects, swam, sang games mom. healing, gave us, grieving, struggling anger feelings. touched personality. Kirks overnight camp, grandmother nervous, going. CEO. strategies serve lives, hopehcs.orgrainbowtrailscamp 42 Hosts 27th Annual program. Thanks 43 act X B K riends organization. Some compelled act, impassioned represent awareness efforts continuation QUILTED Touched inspired Quilters Guild spends 900 stitching quilts, pillowcases stockings adults FAMILY FUN Hoping relaxation, Junior League hosts Family event, painting crafts massages, yoga beauty treatments. 45 1200 ALTRUISTIC ANGLERS Grateful Amy Andrew launched Fillet Release tournament memory. 11th event largest successful tournaments FilletandRelease4Hospice.com GATHERINGS ACTIVITIES kinds raise funds gatherings further Block Party House Indie Studio Salons Breakfast Heritage--Heritage Homeowners Corvettes Gulf Edison Pageant Light Court Evelyn Arthur Clothing Drive Club Oktoberfest Jamaica Bay Show Auction Minnesota Twins Spring Training Concessions Socialites Herons Glen Craft Bake Sale Farmer Mikes Produce Strawberry Festival Zumbathon COMPETITION FOR CAUSE tournaments. tennis bridge, unique. matter size activity, devoted committees players extraordinary. Many supported Alico Golf Fundraiser Ajax Paving Charity Tournament Big Break Challenge Hunters Run British Pub Champions Children FBO Moose Charities Forrest Country Tennis Slam Gulfview Racquet Tournaments Hideaway Jeff Grube Memorial Scramble Greens Lexington Italian Magnolia Landing Majestic Sanctuary Shadow Wood Marathon Bridge Whitey Phillips 1. 2. 3. Star Benefit 4. 48 GROUPED fundraiser manager. 49 eople surprised donations. decades, makes peaceful, dignified deeply personal. tax-deductible Support, Medications Pain-relieving Extended businesses trauma State-of-the-art, serene houses hungry isolated need, Guidance, wellness effects Educated Hour, methods easy rewarding. PLEDGES Pledges distribute predetermined period. Pledge agreements distributed automatically charged credit card deducted bank account, desired. LIFE INSURANCE TRANSFERS Donors transfer ownership policy elect cash receipt later. Life immediate income tax deduction surrender policy. RETIREMENT PLANS SECURITIES Transfers stock fair market securities capital gains donated. name beneficiary IRA, 401k qualified plan. Any residual dies passes tax-free. avoid levied account. PROPERTY DONATION PURCHASE CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY Store. See Retail Therapy, page 37. deductible receipts records. However, IRS requires estimate given. review department. exists Charitable Gift Annuity. minimum 10,000 annuity donor, delegates, fixed payments principal contract ends. portion gift. ESTATE GIFTS TRIBUTES future bequest provision trust.With donation, upper deductions. create tribute markers dedication stones, markers, benches, plaques, arbors, fountain KeepSpace boxes, placed. Each personalized name. 51 CASH simplest payment forms currency, checks, money orders, cards wire transfers. mail, online. HONORIN MEMORY died. inform party gesture send notice memorial surviving vehicles encourage advisor planner. information, Development Office 9470 Circle 33908 800-835-1673, HopeHCS.orgDonate 52 Help share usual audience Speakers Bureau presentation unaware Members present civic churches, offer presentations topics MANY WAYS THAT CAN HELP LOVE, ALZHEIMERS DISEASE Offers communication, behavior PARKINSONS Provides overview symptoms, diagnoses, treatments VETERANS POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER Explains complicate shares identify symptoms. PSYCHOLOGICAL DIMENSIONS END-OF-LIFE CARE FIVE AGING DIGNITY QUALITY Explores behavioral cognitive respond. importance Advance directive topics, 800-835-1673. normal overall CAREGIVER Shares tips preventing gatherings. WWII casual onlooker Callison Tomisich ordinary pilots discussing afternoon flight--but that. flight, realization fairly surreal. lives. Callison, 91-year-old patient fly 1970s, bought single-engine joyrides weekends hometown Campbellsville, Kentucky. flown again 1980s. Tomisich, serves chief Sheriff s Aviation part-time Mosquito Control, Control Wayne Gale conduct flight. plane, 1964 Cherokee 180, fuel 45-minute flight copilot.The Buckingham Airfield north Caloosahatchee River, followed empties Mexico, south Lovers Key. Buckingham. WWII, airfield training base aerial gunners, manned guns bombers. right, Sheriffs Office, singleengine Callisons MIKE TOMISICH Greatest Generation theater. Jim, was, consistent basis. Beckwith.We rather granted employees volun- teers creating World-like experience. encourages helping website. thrilled Jims obviously short, escape sky honor. Reprinted News-Press article published June 29, sits front BENEFITSWings Quick Facts 2,065,181 1,650,000 327,297 167,210 40,000 25,927 16,392 14,603 10,200 7,632 1,017 463 324 296 224 109 80 Miles Dollars Clinical notations Assessments ensure comfortably Pounds partnership Harry Chapin Bank Meals Letters mailed bereaved educated outreach Shoppers Trips average Educational Support held Age Campers homes Days 21116 738 Helped 5,741 342 193 All-Inclusive 291 Nurses 1221 Hearts, 739 1,529 94 10,056 Therapies Massage Therapy 18,000 8,823 Music 7,300 6,444 1,480 DISTRIBUTION FUNDS Projects Adminstrative Captial Expenses Total 44,047 1,114 Volunteers 1,021 2,135 57 741 reasons Volunteers--and stay. Nona Kirkpatrick, 2009, experiencing compassionate Nonas Johns brother-in-law. John, law enforcement officer, fingerprinting checks staff. And, Nona, attend shopping events. adopt adding, Nona. rewarding patient. Kirkpatricks compassion reaches.They Joseph, homeless woods receiving terminal diagnosis, Angel, encampment theyd understood, makeshift pantry coordinator Faith Presbyterian Church, delivered bags beans, meats, eggs, soups, ravioli, vegetables, sweet treats nonperishables. jugs water ice fill coolers. lots extra between, Angel grateful Nona--a butterfly mobile materials collected. heart, appreciative. Another Volunteer, Tino Martinez, pitched Angel. encouragement satisfying spiritually, --Tino liked freedom, wouldnt woods--no way. Tino, 82, Messianic Jew establish synagogue. Emily, volunteering Late Emily requested pained hands--hed beyond words, says.The provide, above percent. Martinez cat. Kirkpatrick Become opportunities companionship, administrative seeks Learn HopeHCS.orgvolunteer 59 gather celebrate, DINNER Womens dinner Club, raising 60,000 Nearly guests cocktail reception, four-course dinner, silent auctions. sponsors Senior Living Communities, Northern Trust Bank, Brown Insurance Wynne Family. Sally Dave Barnes, Patt Suwyn Mimi Gallo Karen Waldrip Diane Hiatt Event Joyce Kozlowski, Kozlowski Joe Joachim Delores Rich 5. Roberts, Smith, Risk 6. Greg Kurth Supervisor Elections Sharon Harrington. TOAST Friends, supporters 5th Toast Frank Chong Dethlefsen. raised 30,000 Tribute Gardens. Dethlefsens, notable leaders Judi Brink, Caruso, Max Dean, Marianne Dodge, JoAnn Elardo, Everhart, Therese Everly, Kathleen Fitzgeorge, Robin Greig, Toni Rae Hurley, Marilyn Kistler, Cheryl Komnick, Leslie Koon, Lisa Maglione-Chenault, Jacque Miloff, Brenda Serbonich, Stephen Slosburg, Judy Sowers, Gloria Raso-Tate Wier. Gunterberg event. Wier, David Soothower Dan Creighton Commissioner Manning, Boots Tolles, Gisela Steve Riggs Rutter, Connell Dethlefsen Tate center Sadler Ladonna Cody Marni Sawicki, Dean Janis Keim 7. Leftwich Ralph Sangiovanni 8. Slosberg, Todd Warner Dean. 61 SPRING LUNCHEON spring luncheon Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort Spa. 350 luncheon, 70,000 Wishes. afternoons boutique shopping, fashion raffle prizes. Risk, Barbara Brown, Suwyn, Eileen Foley Roberts shop boutiques Angela Jerse Waite Allison Rakowski, Katherine Amber Sheryl Sashin Wendy Pinkard, Ellen Sayet, Vickie Zellner Moon Caccese, Signe Tricia Boone Stacy Nillna Patwar Bhan Dove. Join invited 62 Choices, CONNECTIONS Home-based independent Personal Homemaker Transportation equipment Emergency-response systems complex conditions, Health management, conditions illnesses Houses, assisted-living facilities, hospitals Expressive therapy, Integrative aromatherapy MedicareMedicaid coordinated Dental Prescriptions Social Wellness KIDS Emotional, integrative exercise PARKINSON PROGRAM 719 House, Joannes HOME HEALTH CARE, PRIVATE DUTY, PALLIATIVE TRANSITIONAL DeSoto, License HHA21277096 Home-health private-duty home-health aide Medication Wound VAC Cardiac Bathing, dressing hygiene housekeeping meal preparation Occupational, speech Transitional discharge Symptom Emotional Providing Assistance office WORK Professional grief, traumatic workplace incident co-worker CHEST RESALE STORE Individual Trauma Crisis Ave., Blvd., Huge merchandise, household items, clothes CENTERS access resources Specialized Spiritual Recognition PET animal Food, Veterinary boarding Adoption VOLUNTEERS talents 64 BCVR.indd 723 Cardinal Flower Photo taken HARMON VOL. NO. CVR_WOH.indd 21416 1120 Features IS HOPES HELPING HANDS--AT turf MORE THAN ALL RIGHT moms dads 2014

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