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Larry Hart West McCann Bob Simpson Stilwell Trudi Williams Services Inc., dba Healthcare, is registered with Florida Department Consumer Services, registration number SC-01911. was licensed by state in 1984. not-for-profit, communitybased agency providing services Lee, Glades, Hendry, Collier, Charlotte, DeSoto Sarasota counties. Please be advised that 100 percent donations we receive benefit are not directed other organizations or entities. You may obtain copy our official financial information calling Division toll-free within Florida, 800 435-7352. This does imply endorsement, approval recommendation state. If you would prefer this magazine electronically, please contact us via website hopehcs.orgforms wingsofhope.We welcome your comments suggestions. 65 PARTING SHOT Wings produced TOTI Media, Inc. P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957 Tel 239-472-0205 Fax 239-395-2125 toti.com totimedia.com Friedrich N. Jaeger FounderChairman Daniela E. Group Publisher Craig Garrett Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Grimm Proofreader Brian Stromlund Creative Director Andrew Cantor Design Production CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Maxine Baker, Maureen Crawford, Liz Freeman, Dayna Harpster, Jennifer T. Johnston, Mark Patinkin Copyrighted byTOTI Healthcare. rights reserved. No part publication reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors necessarily those andor made possible through donor support. 4 WINGS 2014 F Dear Friends, nearly three decades Ive had privilege championing end-of-life causes. Ensuring everyone lives dignity comfort throughout lifes last chapter pushes me give my absolute all Hopes mission. I often say devotion hospice care doesnt make most popular person cocktail party. Perhaps people fear will depress them sharing sad stories loss. But it quite contrary At Hope, have honor being thousands beautiful, heartfelt, authentic moments. We invited into peoples homes--into their lives--to moments few get experience. In an effort share what of, issue dedicated special youll read about sons farewell his father, brides joy when she walks down aisle, wifes pride her husband sings, woman who reflects on life well lived. Readers find unconditional love, peace as celebrate every moment life. offer programs help kinds people, stage illness. aging isolated seniors, children, bereaved friends families too. Our connected something no one provides better comforting care. believe matter how many left should feel comfortable enough enjoy all. PHOTO COURTESY HEALTHCARE Warm regards, WOH_2017.indd 31517 155 HOSPICE Their Peace final moments, wedding BY M X N E B K R Crawford mother, Eileen Henderson Words Own T he team knows precious. hearts homes end ones journey, says Beckwith, president Of course there great sadness, but also incredible peace, beauty joy, adds. Writing hosted Hospice, Patinkin, author syndicated columnist, fathers goodbye. Here stories, own words. 2017 826 PHOTOS ON THIS AND OPPOSITE PAGE MAUREEN CRAWFORD mom, dad, Jim husband, Paul. Joy U C AW O D y dream youre little girl imagining standing front room full Prince Charming lavish flowers, princess gown dancing night. My wedding, so much more. diagnosed Stage IV NSCLC non-small cell lung cancer late September 2014. What never asked doctors time left. determined fight, herself, father--her Crawford. After diagnosed, write note morning card. Sometimes fun memory, sometimes grateful did taught me, sorry for. knew limited were things wanted say, talk, THE can overwhelming. One day wrote beautiful card back, said, live see married children. fianc, Paul Minch, been planning 2015. However, after mothers diagnosis, likely possible. moved New Jersey mother upon diagnosis. That Valentines 5 Eileen, moment. Day, gone back visit While there, caught flu drove night her. HealthPark Medical almost two weeks. Her body telling fight over. spoke hospital care, which they referred Hospice. remember explaining father skeptical. So took him across street tour He found like home.We discussed next where five When arrived, greeted loving friendly staff. It then explained hoped could do there. humbled received resounding yes Not only OK idea having onsite, excited. taken aback generosity love surrounded with. quickly began know working feverishly help. They arranged photographer, videographer, cake, Champagne, organist flowers. overwhelmed grateful. times up making everything perfect, minutia lose sight real importance day--celebrating you. gave family greatest gift more good day, memory. friends, visited her, joyous day. As walked aisle future dog, Biscuit best doggie-woman, vows wasnt dry eye seats. shed tear though, because able grant wishes--to daughter married. To given well, words describe feeling. passed April 15, held memorial birthday, 27. Three days before out gift--a baby. On Jan. 7, 2016, Paul, welcomed Rose CrawfordMinch world. has very place heart. hope treat not. news IV, enlist clinical trial started chemo radiation, stave off progression hate word hope. seemed cruel torture watch stripped turn. Then met staff, lived residents, some still keep spend together pass dignity. bleakest times, heart broken, light way hold dont think continue head up.That comes, alone love. angel base sitting daughters nursery mean me. 6 baby 7 Hal Dad Held Final, In-Person Goodbye PAT t 1 a.m. cab turned complex Fort Myers. Id just flown age 90, called us, four him. done dying signalin vital signsthat near. barely responsive week now told days. And believe, convinced Pops letting The pulled building, set near small pond. aide room, later, side. Hey, Pops, its Mark. response. brother Matthew brothers halfhour away mom condo. arrive 12 hours them. dad high bed hard lean view, though eyes closed. rough six months broken hip, falls, worsening dementia, skilled nursing and, finally, this. down, saw him, touching cheek, thought, Hes than am. Im kidding around showing emotions. Thats always was, kidder, waitress Isnt nice, tried got boys, shrugged Yeah, nothing. year, 16 grandchildren, Your grandmothers wonderful woman. put pedestal. Whats name again ever loved story How chased Paris, job summer adventure, winning marrying landlady witness. time, seven, modeled important sons, putting ketchup steak. 8 PHOTOOS MARK PATINKIN nurse said happens folks roll, hed toss it, wed learn catch. Sixtysix years used nice came family. man appetites, was. Cubs youth, White Sox ours, movies 1930s, cigars much, until 85 promised wife up. soon afterward if ice cream, too, couldnt smell breath. And, course, even getting names right second third try. hear voice, called, handing phone Mom. Now quit bothering June, Douglas phone. Dad, Whatever is. now, here again. An side, view. opened eyes. Its Mark, happened. smile. over Dads So, hall library, thumbing books, thinking young--be writer, actor teacher. fathers, dreams chase becoming businessman instead. us. Minutes went nurses signs.Your leave. asked. nodded. hands breathed more, then, hour son shy 91, gone. condo, talking dawn lucky long. Reprinted Providence Journal column published June 26, 2016. LEARN MORE Although Myers house short weeks, hell felt experience phase, elderly face various challenges require specialized explains, adding bringing somewhere new usually stressful everyone. stands particularly caring place, terms both staff atmosphere. Being measure difficult said. lot friend living serious illness, provide comfort. details, call 239-482-HOPE 4673 hopehospice.org 9 Benevolent Businesses Amy Pam Haszard tattoo logo hand. Fat Katz Sports Bistro owners Gregg Buell, wife, Krista, 2016 Jeff Grube Memorial Golf Tournament. Generous companies giving hope, fortune begins home. Southwest work, understandably focused bottom lines, fortunate business unique ways weave supporting local nonprofits such fabric operations, whether donating much-appreciated item, organizing major event one. Soul distinctive sense destination since Nicholas Schmidt, Old Souls founder CEO, newspaper Alejandro Gil De Rubio, legally blind 9-year-old boy albinism. benefiting piano lessons Healthcares Hopeful Wishes, program designed create himself deeply Alejandros determination. realized truly boy--a own. delivered practice instrument home between weekly teacher, instead using electronic keyboard. Running start-up means cant donate J H S OLD SOUL BREWING Brewing family-run specializing handcrafted brews ales. up-cycled taproom features repurposed barn windows reclaimed bowling lanes, 10 827 Shore Team includes, left, Sherri Matthews, Fred Stewart, Lance Wissinger, brokerowner Carrie Johnson Cassie Waskin. causes, says. hearing story, opportunity child need. SHORE LIFE TEAM Team, sale contribute Brokerowner specialize luxury waterfront property Cape Coral. Carrie, Coral 28 years, notes city grown residents orientation area. while members impressed believes unless might understand accomplishes. educate support community services. want homebuyers area aware opportunities volunteer nonprofits, familiar resources available community, encourage involved. explains presenting customers closing customary, recognized implement program. With each closing, says, donation nonprofit buyers name. let community. FAT KATZ SPORTS BISTRO resident Jan provided muchneeded during first, passing 2011, year later lost 47. graduate Cypress Lake High School, earned bachelors degree finance University Florida. stockbroker York Texas, returned payroll company, Advantage Personnel. Over amassed group included worked opening Krista. long, long Gregg. Wed hang go fishing 11 Grube, Tournament Diana Willis, Gail Markham Noelle Melanson. play golf. away, 2013, organized inaugural s recognize work American Cancer Society annual August golf tournament Heritage Palms Country Club includes golfing, bags 5050 raffle teams, followed post-tournament reception Krista I-75 Daniels Parkway. enjoying pig roast paella, fondest memories Jeff. players hole sponsors, participation contributions steadily increase year. donated 5,000 kind anything bad anyone, tournaments success directly attributed ANDREW SITEWORK Back 2005, native decided impromptu contest catch biggest fish Sanibel Causeway. simple Labor get-together spawn Fillet Release Fishing Tournament, inception 2007 netted 130,000 mini-tournament 2006, Amys grandmother, Nannette Clare, under moms house. boating, grandmother details. grandma poker guys laughs. planted money early tournament, doing ... advertise, Haszard, Andrew. nonprofits. -- Johnson, commercial fishermen, ahead. winged 2007, public. Twenty-four teams signed participate 1,000 kept growing growing, Amy. thought eventually grew 104 culminated 36,000 humbly shares credit Ralph, helping coordinate logistics keeping details organized. March December. amazing grandparents. noting participants sponsors developed connections experiencing hospice. along lines why Ralph Sitework, underground utilities contracting company coordinate. Reflecting countless volunteering past worth itbut bittersweet. heart, GIVE happy assist businesses wish host event, raise funds sponsor activity ask member development team. 13 hosts positive workplace morale Giving SERVICES ope guests Jazwiecs presentation, Yippee Another Paradise Driving Negativity Out Workplace. Sponsored Norton Mosteller Wright Com- pany, P.A., complimentary presentation Harborside Event boosting creating environment. Attendees Eat Cookie inspirational trilogy. Candy Rodriguez, Lourdes Santillen Sylvia Delgato. row Rachel Schad, Hauck, Fay Keller Linda Fuller. Renee Duncan, Sharon Reardon Jones. Kelli King Madeline Panigua. Marra Robin Healy. Jazwiec. 14 Nearly overcoming health L Z lejandro Rubio bring inches sheet music, sits pops minute later. teacher brought piece. hasnt chance memorize it. juggles music Legally birth albinism, resourceful against disability. Nobody tell piano. takes entire page, Alejandro, Lehigh Acres, music. songs. NAPLES DAILY NEWS easy. close comes point look mad flubs chord, least Miss Sabrina, things, playing video games refrigerator, Albinism genetic condition born usual coloring, pigmentation, skin, hair bodies produce chemical melanin, responsible pigmentation. albinism affects coloring severe. gastrointestinal issues cause pain internal bleeding. winds several blood transfusions. feet object moving, Gisela Rosado. glasses outside hes bright uses monocular school. better, better. ways, any energetic lanky kid bounces room. tight blond curls wants touch. likes take gadgets apart screwdriver talk grown-up plans electronics. stuff, job. free days, Ill probably concerts. need food. Food frequent topic conversation whose nickname Ando. going cafeteria, tells Juan recent lesson. Friday afternoon Seminole Casino Hotel Immokalee, dealer. messes independent. By Rosado ALBINISM PUERTO RICO shaving 2. Norwich, Connecticut. Doctors Connecticut werent Puerto Rico, from. sensed bleeding tied certain. vowed shave promise God 39, shaved common Rico. Different gene mutations afflict 1,800 rate 500,000 million individuals worldwide, according National Institutes Health. gets musical ability played younger. easy, learned school Veterans Park Academy Arts Lehigh, roll. starts grade fall. math best. Math youngest vision impairment meant needs attention, Still, abilities children have. runs something, band. school, building talked steps turns, bathroom obstacles. sunscreen 30 minutes outside. independent, particular class thats often. anywhere, line leader. door holder. schoolwork, zooms computer. home, screen. 17 MUSIC TO PIANO LESSONS therapy non-terminal conditions. Staff enjoyed pays lessons. first picks immediately, Sabrina Gruber, practices well. recently student State Teachers Association region. honors, highest get, Gruber pieces before. hand positioning timing. encouraging Good job, Do challenge yourself leaves learn. twice Naples Daily News article July 5, . ABOUT fully possible, dignity.Their clinical--its spiritual, practical emotional listening. listening carefully, discover joyful. These Wishes ages. Often, expense granting Wish minimal--the cost instrument, art supplies, doll--yet rewards involved immeasurable.This someone unforgettable memory wishes gas grocery cards, utility assistance, custom wheelchairs medical equipment. PREVIOUS INCLUDE goods services, 4673, hopehcs.orgdonate. 18 young sustained damage roof storm, afford repairs. coordination, merchant rescue, needed materials, volunteers completed work. illness water park Finances limited. water-park management enthusiastically threw party group, refreshments souvenirs. kids sun. finish support, reduced cards bus gentleman wished quiet fishing, gear.A sporting store come true. 19 High-tech approach connects usic traditional instruments participating Today, technology plays increasingly larger role use process emotions, cope limitations heal. viewed barrier compassionate opposite, that, Tools iPads apps Garage Band interactive conducive forming bonds therapists utilize iPads. addition Band, simulates hundreds instruments, iTunes voice memo feature helps sing record songs background tools self-expression. Children boost self-confidence, activities reinforce unit recordings legacy therapist Kim Scheetz grief counseling, childs healing recording sister liked CDs members. Too sing, another sibling prefers DJ. Using rhythmic backbeats, created theme song sister, currently patient.This continues accompanies lengthy visits. adapts lyrics fit situation communicate ones. Recently, recorded personalized versions Fight Song Lean Me. Through recording, childrens voices, expression stop adventuring AY P n independent spirit adventure guideposts Gloria Rasmussens Those traits world, including United States England, alone, 1968. Barely 30s, divorced, career woman, charmingly appointed apartment. specialist physical education debate subject taught, recruited teach Jersey. British movement education, based sparking urges move play, opposed teacher-led exercises ball sports. tough cookie, Rasmussen Rasmussen, natural storyteller, poet Lately, writing introspective bent. schools holiday summer, prep Hamptons, York, camp, English history. recalls setting swimming male students, complained cold beach. firm unspools tale appeared regulation swimsuit dashed aplomb them, Are herself cannot waves Turning visitor, 22 Before Hamptons drummer jazz grand, 18-month lasting decades. traveled globe Chapin, singer Harry Chapin. countries elder Chapin master classes musicians. Closer theater owned dance studio Acres. couple 40 Estero few, death 2009 89. 80 receiving nurse, social worker, housekeeper chaplain Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD, chronic disease makes breathe, keeps pretty Today journeys largely inward, reflective interested life-prolonging procedures, herself. Palliative appealed attacked procedures really good. rather die place. easy differently 30, 50. 80, inning. visits housekeeping, bathing, patient affectionate. respectful appreciative. Weve gotten other. relationship warmth, understanding. poems somewhat idea, adds, line. now. dreaming. wake comes. rolls pen flows. hopes others similar relate thoughts Which Half Cup Want write--for myself friends. draw, paint, voraciously. crossword puzzles Until demand rest tiny letters numbers. reorganizing photographic adventures strong throw count anymore. Better photos stay longer Because yet do. Poem recognizes different forms creative tap emotions reach. often, communication nonverbally, painting drawing. Expressive therapies insight counselors these explore unshared emotions.They closely accept, emotionally life-changing gift, hopehcs.orgdonate, speak 23 relaxation fun. Little Bird counselor grieving lison, 17-year-old Myers, difficulty regular setting. Alisonand 102 girls attended Pace Lee County fiscal yearhad concerning grades, life, foster justice system issues. addition, enrolled enrollment PACE. deal women, structure existed, fell apart. Death becomes loss top loss, Alexa Venski, manager. Venski works Edita Hedrick Kulichova, bereavement meets groups singularly Alisons uncle died motorcycle accident February reluctant anyone relied heavily myself, shiny dark hair. classmate unrelated Executive Meg M. Geltner, Kulichova Social Manager DAYNA HARPSTER Apainting Alison, 17, fall colors represented change processed uncles death. lower corner Bird, appears artwork. crashed burned. Alison ran crying. didnt triggered that. interviewed sat office, fact, did. opted attend latest 10-week session crying, emotional, noticed unexpected open vulnerable peers. cry someone, theres completely relationship, to, became same way. Without meet needs, appreciate partnership Hope. specialty PACEs executive director. talent develop rapport girls, range 18, has. embrace trust Geltner Very betrayed trust. soft-spoken, gentle manner. crafts, artistic express themselves. visual project, instance, story. 25 chose color palette suggesting glued paper, changing, reminded cozy warm despite chill outside, safe, paper painted signature mark, calls Bird. Each bigger. Shes beak bigger vocal expressive get. known groups, Moms experienced child, committed suicide, LGBT group. seen first-hand difference effect experiences. Part mission ensure survivors Grief offered cost, thanks regularly locations Bonita Springs, Coral, LaBelle, Acres North alone. group,visit hopehcs.orgsupportgroupschedule. 239482-HOPE 4673. CommunityTragedy Support decades, tragedy. Whether co-worker classmate, large national shooting, on-site counseling cost. horrific Pulse Nightclub shooting Orlando. closer professional assistance affected tragic injured Blu incident shook leaving shock grief, adding, expertise guide despair generous adults, teens suicide crisis businesses. hopehcs.orgcounseling, holds helped aftermath 26 Campers therapeutic projects, sing-a-longs, campfires. There GWEN GREENGLASS reflection planting beneath tree. Whispering Pines Clydesdales horse colt bond Camp, Continuing action-packed, joyful Parkinsons diagnosis Parkinson Program participant Sue Moore. Instead, beginning frontier. Ohio Wesleyan University, junior raising managing office Frank, Binghamton, York. learning, cultivated interests studied performed opera years. pursued birding intrigued pygmy nuthatches photography trip Mono Vining, California. active private pilot 50s. empty nest, start asking yourself, experiences information. SUE MOORE dinner 1990s, happened seated Lois B. DeFleur, then-president Binghamton piloting dog Piper Comanche aircraft. inspired flying Frank pleasure trips vacations. 1996, flew Bahamas stopped reading Times relaxing Island Lighthouse Beach, noted temperature degrees. degrees Sanibel. Moores agreed fine relocation list solid church congregation. discovered Page Field airport, J.N. Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge, St. Hilarys Episcopal Church McGregor Boulevard. 1,000-hour mark preparing flight plan trip. stroke sidelined plans. During stay, additional diagnosis--Parkinsons disease. Suddenly, muscle weakness odd symptoms described internist sense. end, kiss death, wheelchairs. doctor rigidity patients tremors.I over, Finding moving Shell Point Retirement access knowledge Parkinsons, Program. information, courage, attitude helpful upbeat. Program, Avila Molly Lillian Grubbs Byron Keirnes others. Participants anything, learning pump, discussing strategies spacing meals pills. connect weve learned. longtime believer benefits exercise, aerobics, stretching balance. shes passion month Lakes Regional maintain fragrance gardens developing garden. puts perspective. learn, stuff concentrate whats important. encourages diseases themselves meaningful. newly seem all-pervasive, Parkinsons. piece you.There GLANCE resource improving quality calendar events partners, Movement manage Conferences, seminars quarterly newsletter ongoing informational e-blasts opportunities, outings Call 239-985-7727 hopeparkinson.org. Walk Supporting 150 walkers dozens supporters gathered Programs Awareness Month garner attention walkers, participated Aprils HealthCare Services. Throughout improves partners educational events, exercise classes, Neurology Fyzical Balance Centers Rehabilitation Medtronic Voice Aerobics, LLC Speech-Language Therapy, Osterhout McKinney, PA. Chuck Bergman Bramlett Augusta Crane Eldon Bohrofen Mike Drumm, Ann Fowler, Chris Mulvey 31 Cherished pet finds forever offers profound beloved pets. Pets, companionship pets offering animals needs. worker Cathy Weber coping 63-year-old Pearl Riddle, House. absence heavy Twinkie, sweet Chihuahua-Dachshund mix behind. adopted Chiweenie once facing owner. hard, Cathy. nervous digging backyard lying feelers out. hoping avoid shelter tend crowded, wouldnt Twinkie. meeting potential adoptive 8-year-old reached Susan Shaline, volunteered seeing power dear away. cared for, else out, Susan. enjoys brings different, deliver flowers patients, assisting Pets provide. weeks prior passing, wanna thinkI understandThat planWhen try prayAll hurt wordsThy done. introduced Shalines, registration, baking cookies, sewing blankets, pillows bears attending Trails, camp Shalines April, theyd pet. puppy, adopting older difference, July, consider Susans family, heard Hillary Scotts Thy Will begin car radio. sign Jason Shaline Susan, appreciative Pet match. immediately floppy ears legs, beginning, connection. smiled adds Within smile face. Coincidentally, remembered earlier Greenwells Bat-A-Ball interacting Now, Twinkies magical ending season FOR PETS include transportation, boarding, essential veterinary adoption Volunteers visitors furry companionship. supports permits cherished facilities. Edward Gale McBride Foundation donations. HopeHCS.org, 33 95-years-young, Boettger entertains, sweetheart alph counted choirs sung. Almost 20, Symphony Chorus. solo gig, although Gloria, tags along. lifted week. Oh, missed vacations sickness things. far not, turns Tuesdays adults program, scoots central hallway eat lunch nap worn Navy veteran World War II, Honor Guard, tribute veterans. sang Bless America singing era campus. blows pitch pipe kicking performance spreads serenading participants. begun morning, spreading black portfolio lists tray table cup water, wraparound sunglasses pipe. capital letters, RECITAL top. Underneath date, underneath RALPH BOETTGER, BARITONE. Tuesday, files behind nine others, ensuring repeats repertoire Let Me CallYou Sweetheart, Mairzy Doats, Diane Teddy Bears Picnic. Like finest concertizers, addresses Youve teddy bears, kids. Theyre theyre together. tired bed, dont, theyll plop sleep. song, says,is courtship, Romantic Gloria. check leave, smiles. nearby sings client Jones, beams. less years.They senior too works. 95 78. manager sound effects person, laugh. train whistle Chattanooga Choo barker Much Doggie Window. responds laughand bark. FDR asks segues Happy Days Again, act door. HOPES VALOR PROGRAM honors veterans Access Opportunities Resources. Americas dignified peaceful ending. receives recognition package, appreciation certificate, lapel pin, quilt bear. facilitates History Project Library Congress, collects archives personal recollections U.S. wartime service current generations. Volunteers, performing ceremonies veterans, salute. join Guard visiting hopehcs.orgvolunteer. 35 828 awesome efore Crossings resale shop customer, Lil Maccarella Wil Bullock already screwdrivers hammers whatever shelves together, Lil, one-third well-known Springs consists Wil, Bill. Bill Burnett friendship, husbands Joannes House Bonita. coffee breakroom Wednesdays Thursdays. stayed scale month. Were trying on, return patients. appetizers half snowbirds taking half. position. rummage saleits department store. form Korecky goes impacted someones Burnett, pair busy, shop. Besides assistant manager, run volunteers. cash register. decorating, Wil. Furniture arranging proud store, picked nice. sale--its neither age, old realize shouldnt risks. sign, climb ladder pushing furniture, arms wave, saying, Stupid Assistant coming Chest. appreciates women do--what question, shoppers. hospice, retail, else. retired sales. become ambassadors neighborhoods, People houses adult distributing items parents Checking register Chest, shoppers reminder Perched counter proclaiming, proceeds unfunded 28520 Blvd., Springs. Store Monday Saturday, p.m. furniture pickup, 239-444-1100. 13821 Cleveland Ave. stores, hopehcs.orghopechest. 37 TALENT Artists talent, hatched ntering WildChild Art Gallery Matlacha, dazzled variety watercolor acrylic paintings, colorful pottery sparkling stained glass displayed directions. owner Peggy McTeague, artist attracts drawn wooden crafted Kozak. Theres pleasing holding bird perfectly sized hand, smooth soft--just worry stone. perched display showcases textures grains highlighted shades reds rich browns. Nearby, organization unites Bob. mother-in-law Rhode Island, locally volunteers, unbelievably happy. especially carving faces walking sticks bottle-stoppers creates gallery. pattern magazine, hatched. connecting favors woods knots splits, grain pieces. Kozak Gallery. Every Gallery, Matlacha Just Bit board. shared ago, spending heart-heavy seed youth flourish retirement reaped. woodworking 12. serving Fire Christine, Soon woodcarving show carving. Caloosa Carvers Charlotte Woodcarvers Club, 85-member Punta Gorda Boat Club. Beyond Birds, scale. built boats culminating 37-foot cruising catamaran, Masquerade, won first- second-place awards Exposition. 39 hands. display. mahogany walnut wood bottle-brush tree java plum, invasive species technique employs flexible shaft bits, burrs sanding drums. rounds corners defines three-dimensional shape rasp file. 80-grit bit, steel drum rubber define 180-grit applying clear lacquer gloss 350grit paper. produce. birds Peggys connection further. realizing rescue schnauzer mix, Bit, affinity trained dog. WildChilds gallery greeter, intuitive, YOUR talents Singers Musicians Entertainers comedians, puppeteers story-tellers Sewers Jewelers Painters artists Writers Decorators Bakers Crafters Photographers Floral designers Become Volunteer hopehcs.orgvolunteer completing application, coordinator. Neighbors unite brighten holidays V olunteers Years Lynne Birdt organization. couples holidays. supporter, Lynnes focus needing help--the Care. season, coordinates Toy Drive Landings Tennis Yacht, delight selecting gifts 160 seasonal determines developmental blocks games. coordination grows kindness transforms families. rocking centerpiece Lynne. forward celebration special. feeling communities fund-raisers Hope.Without gather neighbors fund-raiser, Sofias Christmas doll Pasuala Juana Brother Eugenio Pascuala Sofia awaits mind, myriad usan Sidney Swink losing spouse. PACE, All-Inclusive Elderly. Sid 2003, retiring 2008 construction business. South School 2012. notice Sids Alzheimers uncomfortable house, lunch, forget changes--both social--began quickly. before, had. animal lovers, Horse Rescue, SWFHR. luck fellow nurse. Upon Swinks situation, suggested worsen, 24-hour-a-day supervision necessity. strain sole caregiver participant, Sidney. changesboth socialbegan knowing safe feed spirit. system. reach comprehensive, coordinated social, adults. safely centers Port Naples. benefits. sessions Center, flexibility strength. looks socializing comforted repetition normalcy predictable schedule. address coordinating multiple appointments eases stress paying expensive medications. help, answer questions, above beyond, scheduled occupational suggest livability safety adaptations admits arrived center, horses. mornings SWFHR, weekend favorite horses.With Acknowledging toll caregivers, advice Find alive. problems enter gates aside. peace. horses through, again, saved me.Theyve Mobile driver, aides, theyve caregivers. hopepace.org, tending 43 Connections bit easier ways--physically, spiritually, practically. seniors Hendry Glades counties risk food home-delivered meals, 2006. 25,000 Dorothy Fenton Clewiston. fixture District Schools. Unwilling slow retirement, Ella Center. 2009. Senior dine activities. Clewiston facilitate outreach frail met. 2015, challenges, reversing roles Connections. activities, homemaking. Fortunately, too.With pastor, maintains busy church, hospital, entertaining simply sweet-potato pie. wont down. earth, eligible food, transportation offices appointments, response system, homemaking, equipment supplies. Haven, Buckhead Ridge, LaBelle.To Connections, hopehcs.orgconnections, 863-675-1576. earth. --Dorothy Delivery LaBelle Trip Helping conditions, remarkable assists expected 21st birthday comfortably ones, physicians Izzac Knowing solving day-to-day challenges. strength optimism. respite caregivers siblings suffered DESPITE ODDS, IZZAC STANDS Surely carrying thinks pregnancy seems insists. Waiting newborn hard. Izzamar Ortizs extraordinary impatience, except hers occurred birth. Matta-Ortiz prematurely--at weeks--in fetal distress. wrong, joints stiff. why, prenatal intensive Hospital. discharge first. sure delaying infants development, sit Miami surgery correct retinopathy prematurity, underwent testing. Aymer Matta, Victoria Cruz-Ortiz, results. meantime orthopedic specialists Philadelphia evaluated candidate titanium rib, bell-shaped rib cage. small, continued tracheotomy feeding tube. causes Izzacs troubles arthrogryposis Larsens syndrome. believed OK, first--and does. lot, nowhere turn help.We here. Many stuck, anything. Once, appointment therapist, benefited therapist. paint. Izzac, lot. feelings explain level. managed stable. progress, steps, dislocated hip shoulder, moves 46 professionals here, surprised accomplished. TREASURED GIFT KEEPS FATHERS MEMORY Sophia Alana Consolos sociology psychology. March, academic Sophia, Sophias source Oaks Elementary grade. huge pressure interest concerns behavior. Second-graders spell island planet. Concepts sorrow meaningful conversations art. mobile ago picture imagined. explains. fix. split puzzle paint stick hearts. healing, major, crafts counselor, describes treasured time. doubt volunteer. Fathers pink-and-white striped shirt. clean dads closet, choose keep, hung imagine amazingly talented treasure Zandra Earle bear pillow blown expect. 47 stuffed awesome, back. socialization respite. sent photo blanket. fast asleep tears photo. snuggle 48 Care, hopehcs.orgchildcare, Isis Walker Helen Garcia-Valdez Logan Sheyli Terraza Hosted Junior League participants, siblings, sixth More refreshments, face-painting, carriage rides Clydesdales. county potentially life-limiting illnesses medical, spiritual Healthcare.We continuing Khali Rea Xander Bickel Practical advantages, matters, bichon oward Shelow bumpy road journey quadruple bypass hernia, frightening reaction injection, cancer, lymphoma, emphysema, pneumonia, bronchitis bacterial infection. pulmonologist, Kenneth Tolep, Howard fine. words, regularly, housemate partner, Ed Wierzbowski, 1991. loves-- Frise, Skippy. refrigerator adorned Skippy previous bichons, Howards niece dogs. clippings mementos spent model planes builds. build dumb thumbs, smile, pick annoyed quits. Fountain pore numbers, processing 300 tax returns clients country, Philadelphia, retire, Wierzbowski plane built. good, worry, wait. E.R. wait nothing wrong. reacting medications, solution, spread dose per prescribed normal symptom have--until smart educated Pennsylvanias Wharton Business, education. result, improved hospitalization, 51 points adorn refrigerator. mind contacts intermediaries. resumed household chores, mainly inside handles yard pool operating condition. evening oclock, healthier ill, cheat, men opt taste home-- Philly cheesesteaks. hopehcs.org, 52 GET HELP Regardless Medicare Health, Private Duty Nursing, Transitional Other Medication Wound VAC Cardiac Bathing, dressing hygiene Light housekeeping meal preparation Occupational, speech Symptom Emotional eople donors peaceful, personal. tax-deductible pay Support, seriously ill Medications covered insurance Pain-relieving massage Extended trauma State-of-the-art, serene 24-hour hungry need, Guidance, wellness Educated 11th Hour, methods rewarding PLEDGES Pledges distribute predetermined period. Pledge agreements amount distributed automatically charged deducted bank account, desired. INSURANCE TRANSFERS Donors transfer ownership paid policy elect receipt immediate income deduction surrender value policy. RETIREMENT PLANS SECURITIES Transfers stock allow fair market securities date gains donated. beneficiary IRA, 401k qualified plan. Any residual dies passes tax-free. estate levied account. PROPERTY DONATION PURCHASE CHARITABLE ANNUITY Gifts Resale Store. See Retail page 36. taxdeductible receipts records. IRS requires estimate given. accepted review department. exists purchase Charitable Gift Annuity. minimum 10,000 annuity donor, delegates, fixed payments principal contract ends. portion gift. ESTATE GIFTS TRIBUTES bequest provision trust.With type donation, upper limit deductions. markers dedication stones, markers, benches, plaques, arbors, fountain KeepSpace boxes, placed. 54 CASH simplest accept payment currency, checks, orders, wire transfers. mail, online. HONORIN died. inform honored gesture send surviving vehicles adviser planner. Development Office 9470 Circle 33908 800-835-1673, HopeHCS.orgDonate 55 Friends celebrate, DINNER Womens Committee led chair Etta Smith, raised 105,000 Champagne Under Stars. Approximately champagne 1920s-themed Bay 2 1. Gillette Geri Peitrosante Smith 3. Harriet Harnar Scott Culbertson 4. Lauren Baum, Charlene Rich Borys 5. Sally Dave Barnes 6. Peter Simmons SPRING LUNCHEON Spring Luncheon Hyatt Regency Coconut Resort Spa, 58,000 programs. chairs Barbara Caccese, Signe Wynne, committee members, guests.The afternoons boutique shopping, prizes fashion Robert Van Winkle NBC-2, featuring spring apparel Worth Loretta Bridal Boutique Mr. Mrs. Thomas House, Northern Trust, Magazine, Committee. MEMBERSHIP TEA Donna Roberts membership Tea, Chocolates. Tavira Bay. promoted fundraising volunteerism 2002. Carol Smoragiewisz, Boots Tolles Judy Spoelhof, Nancy DenBesten Caccese Therese Row, Joyce Moses, Rydstrom, Burke Kay Steffen, Ruth Iverson Rebekah Pray, Palin 7. Near, Jerri Risk, Roberts, Adele Waddell, Sandra Pambechy 8. Lyn Merle, Marlene Yasinsky, Elaine Birrell 9. Slater, Jean Nicholson, 10. Strange, Yvette Wier, Patt Suwyn, Nina Wright, Ellis Gery, Byers. 57 TOAST 135 6th Toast Tribute Gardens. Organized Tate committee, featured silent auctions riverfront residence 239-482-4673 Join 58 Adam Culliton, Richard Metzger Kathleen Passidomo, Gary Connie Hogrefe Susi Duca, Holleran, Jim, Carlos,Tamara Goodman, Kara Michelle Pat Eberle Everly, Michel Doherty Choices, Home-based ages 60 Meals Personal Homemaker Transportation supplies Emergency-response systems Houses, homes, assisted-living facilities, hospitals prescriptions therapy, Integrative aromatherapy MEDICARE HEALTH, PRIVATE DUTY NURSING, PALLIATIVE TRANSITIONAL DeSoto, License HHA21277096 duty Help conditions Concurrent Emotional, integrative conditionss Health medication management, Coping skills Collier Elderly MedicareMedicaid independently Dental Prescriptions Wellness Veterinary boarding Adoption visitor VETERANS ACCESS OPPORTUNITIES RESOURCES Specialized Spiritual Recognition Educational PARKINSON VOLUNTEERS Assistance CHEST RESALE STORE INTEGRATIVE THERAPIES Massage Ave., Huge stores filled merchandise, items, clothes Donations Proceeds CENTER LOCATIONS Offices Houses Inpatient Unit Stores Individual Trauma Crisis one, HopeHCS.org necessary Food, 61 HOPEHOPE Quick Facts 2,260,318 Miles Dollars 1,980,000 507,572 Clinical notations 186,474 Assessments 56,400 Pounds Bank 24,100 18,000 16,440 Cookies baked Letters mailed Helped 6,054 598 197 421 Home, palliative 2,012 Healing Hearts, 761 2,035 12,078 14,890 12,100 Shoppers ride ADC 7,824 1,027 Hospices average 501 Special 460 316 312 Presentations presentations Hours 18,276 9,572 7,400 6,907 1,795 Childrens 1,799 Total Therapies 45,749 818 106 Age oldest 71 Members 913 1,093 2,006 62 63 64 66 159 environment goodbye Image captured John Egana, VOL. NO. CVR_WOH.indd 154 Features THEIR OWN WORDS BENELOVENT BUSINESSES

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