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Larry Hart West McCann Bob Simpson Stilwell Trudi Williams Hospice Community Services Inc., dba Healthcare, is registered with Florida Department Consumer Services, registration number SC-01911. was licensed by state in 1984. a not-for-profit, communitybased agency providing services Lee, Glades, Hendry, Collier, Charlotte, DeSoto Sarasota counties. 46 JUST VISITING Keep Moving LSVT Everyone Fun Cause Best 48 LEGACY 52 CELEBRATIONS 56 CHOICES 57 RAINBOW TRAILS Hosts Annual Rainbow Trails Camp Please be advised that 100 percent donations we receive benefit are not directed other organizations or entities. You may obtain copy our official financial information calling Division toll-free within Florida, at 800-435-7352. This does imply endorsement, approval recommendation state. If you would prefer this magazine electronically, please contact us via website hopehcs.orgforms wingsofhope.We welcome your comments suggestions. 58 COMMUNITY INFO Guide Healthcare produced TOTI Media, Inc. P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957 Tel 239-472-0205 Fax 239-395-2125 toti.com totimedia.com 65 PARTING SHOT Friedrich N. Jaeger FounderChairman Daniela J. Group Publisher Patricia Letakis Editor Chief Brian Stromlund Creative Director Dana Long Design Production CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Maxine Baker, Cathy Chestnut, Dayna Harpster, Jennifer T. Johnston Copyrighted byTOTI Healthcare. All rights reserved. No part publication reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors necessarily those andor made possible through donor support. 2 WINGS 2018 943 O Dear Friends, ften, when people think care seriously ill, very clinical picture comes mind. While its true have team exceptional medical professionals facilities, there so much more experience. Comforting care, palliative both science an art. To truly comfort people, teams must address all aspects persons life. We explore physical, emotional, social spiritual needs. why, addition chaplains, counselors workers, provides pet massage therapy, specialists art music therapies. For many expressing emotion words can challenge. By painting sculpting, beating drum strumming guitar, share their feelings saying word. lifechanging experience many. Studies prove expressive therapies reduce anxiety, frustration anger while also joy. In issue Hope, youll read about woman who found her voice singing choir young boy plays piano heal.You will artist formed group PACE man discovered hidden talent end his lifes journey. Readers find uplifting stories expression love. At vision transform experiences illness, grief, aging dying into opportunities live well. Those participate therapies--writing songs, creating artwork, recording music--are only feelings, they lasting gifts loved ones leaving legacy. hope show how unifies, inspires, heals comforts all. Warm regards, PHOTO COURTESY HOPEHCS.ORG Speaks Music sound BY J E N I F R H S T D C Y U ans Christian Andersen once said Where fail, speaks. proved volunteer, allowed start next chapter life after loss spouse. It family rose above grief organize recitals Fort Myers House. THE SONG BOOK Hanna Zesiger husband retired North Ohio three years ago, had plan second chapter. going play golf, wanted says. learned House Cape Coral, it sounded like good place offer some assistance. She no hospice, but she volunteered visiting patients doing whatever could help. After passed away last January, felt heavy weight grief. Wed been married 60 years, knew each since were 7. met grade, says Hanna. rough six months. But spring, spending time volunteering right thing do. My volunteer coordinator, Nina, remembered liked sing, recalls. Nina told volunteers meet week sing spread cheer throughout rooms Corals help heal heart. Each Thursday, five 10 sing. They led therapist another Jim, accompanies him on mandolin. tell everyone best job, rewarding me, patients. Sometimes cry, sometimes along. Other times notice 4 5 left provide song as therapy program Coral. Once enter room, ask what kind like. take sorts requests, whether popular, country songs. seem become aware hear room us, thank joy bring. Sometimes, theyll follow hall day, week, Mostly, songs olden days, Let Me Call Sweetheart New York, York favorites, along familiar spirituals Amazing Grace. families, way well visits homes long-term relieve caregivers few hours. Its important support them too, adds. never rewarded, Hope. has wonderful third my MUSIC MEMORIES Florence White lived daughters 20 precious figure lives. Her passing 2016 triggered deep Michelle White, Ph.D., behavior analyst Lee County, didnt foresee. gaping chasm, sure, stirred new thoughts emotions father, died just 16 old. really deal 6 fathers death pushed aside, process multi-layered sorrow, began receiving one-on-one bereavement counseling participating weekly group. attended year. Tuesday hour half. comfortable, confidential space sharing stories, challenges, happened mind--where kindness, compassion caring flowed freely. helpful. days bad still, better because strategies learned, facilitator encouraged discussion pass out handouts, readings activities stimulate ideas coping techniques challenging hurdles wake profound loss, such holidays, birthdays milestones. safe talk feeling know werent alone, Michelle. There laughter plenty tears, great opportunity see helping other. Some participants looked forward meeting up late Friday afternoons local restaurant connect again socializing public place. invited, including participants. it. Many individuals living alone--they lost spouses, kids grown states. And fun. warns losing special person sucks--its fun, learning ways Myers, where started PHOTOS ON THIS AND OPPOSITE PAGE 7 evolved others involved, instructor performer, honor cared ... From top Sawyer White-Miller self-designed Grandma doll participant program, Miller Sawyer, performs 8 instructor, Alena Michel, students back row Martina Wienert, Michael Celebrado, Hannah Diller, Shelley Lunsford, front Sebastian Sutton-Lewis, White-Miller, Lauren Enner. Below grandson he baby. begin heal. whole helped ways. Ive equipped teach son death, grandma every day. He misses tremendously, Because experience, able give healthier attitude processing death. am proud him. Michelles 8-year-old son, SawyerWhite Miller, taking lessons 4, practices daily, prepared step onto competition stage. Shortly House, located common area, struck organizing uplift visitors, Hes always house, huge, huge loss. listen practice piano, not, laughs. loving, created invitations programs organized refreshments, alongside coordinator promote events.The recitals, featuring classical, popular stanHOPEHCS.ORG 9 dards jazz, performed varying ages levels. positive takes tremendous amount time, preparation, master notes. initial purpose fill soothing grandmother experienced. some- hes enjoys doing, stage life, recently ones. personal reasons why there. gave healing move love morphed something else honored daughter held WHAT IS Therapy established, evidence-based health profession which used therapeutic relationship cognitive, needs individuals. assessing strengths client, qualified therapists appropriate treatment, creating, singing, moving to, listening music. avenues communication helpful difficult express themselves words. Research supports effectiveness areas overall physical rehabilitation facilitating movement, increasing peoples motivation engaged emotional clients outlet feelings. --American Foundation 11 Artist RESIDENCE Former commercial feels home AY P 12 DAYNA HARPSTER Gerard Heyen called City home. greatest world live, says.If corned beef sandwich oclock morning, get one Recently, Wednesday morning usually nowadays--among older adults together center Naples little bit lot companionship. worked 30 years. Or, laughing, did anything anybody pay me wouldnt put jail. Anybody applied companies Campbells soup, Fleischmanns margarine, Dodge cars trucks, Coca-Cola, MMs, Tide household names. go-to guy needed built, sculpted otherwise constructed TV commercials--quickly. built giant telephone touch-tone pad, painted eggs shells look globes, figured make plant growing margarine box. Now you, bologna sculpture paging portfolio, includes photo artwork Gwaltney lunch meat commercial. Through PACE, interact others. talk, laugh. 13 Members work watercolor. comprehensive, coordinated meets social, practical conditions qualify nursing care. before illustrated computer wizardry, magic man. Often, wife, Rosemary, added sorcery too. Homestyle cross-stitch replica bowl soup colors mirrored photograph real soup--orange carrot, red tomato. That video, fabric image photograph. Every painter approaches same still differently. wife Rosemary. groups resource advice encouraging humble unofficial teacher. 14 TOP RIGHT OTHER JERRY HEYEN enjoyed impressive career Together than four decades, Rosie, Hilton Windows World Trade Center Tower, threw stylish dinner parties, hopping Connecticut city. dancing high wire tippy toes cowboy boots, smile. wear boots days. Life quieter now Naples, Heyens theyre team. companion, Rosemary long friend All-Inclusive Elderly. centers Lehigh Acres, Port Charlotte range primary physicians, nurses, aides, dietitians, recreation specialists. provided monitors safety stay own communities, focus preventing illnesses hospitalizations. others.They Social worker C.K. originally intention craft projects. interested lifes. excited accomplished midst, watercolor fine them. Jerrys approach being residence low-key. mentors encourages group, criticizes anybody, ever, members self-confidence seen had. learn visit HopePACE.org call 239-482-HOPE speak member 15 Political Representative Heather Fitzenhagen Joan Marlar staff Halee Rife. ope Elderly, model other, success garnered attention Southwest Floridas elected officials. Congressman Francis Rooney, Senator Kathleen Pasidomo, Representatives Byron Donalds, Fitzenhagen, Ray Rodrigues Rommel toured multifacet- ed healthy, active socially connected. With unique support, remain safely homes, rather facility. Matt Hudson Mario Diaz-Balart Washington D.C. further educate program. PROVIDED Elected officials exciting option senior 1 1. McKaig, Keith Arnold, Beckwith, Robin Ross Hudson. 2. Hudson, Rodrigues. 3. Passidomo. 4. Rooney greets staff. 5. Janice Buongiorno. 6. Robert Ponce Rommel. 17 nearly compassionate, Florida. Individuals families invite lives most. included most moments life.We believe highest privilege, president Since 1979, organization day 3,000 day.With generosity community, need. As looks horizon, need January 2017, kicked off Blooms cap- HopeBlooms announces campaign build hospice house M X B K ital Myers. continual additional inpatient Samira. grow--the generation corner Metro Parkway Six Mile Cypress Parkway, large piece property owned land, Preserve, include several buildings designed ensure optimal quality frail aging, serious illness grieving. Included among skilled assisted facility Volunteers America. community services. first break ground Preserve campus America VOA. 18 NOW n sole provider Glades Hendry cares families. currently operates 109 capacity. Future generations deserve dedicated community. attendance grows average membership increases year welcomes 35 month, 2,000 participation all-time seniors seek comfortably Children tragic professional counseling. 2020, U.S. population percentage expected map details future site parkways. refers project allow expansion vital spaces childrens counseling, spaces.The movement classes, groups, educational classes activities. leading mission remains heart state-of-the-art home-like private suites porches scenic views. kitchens, playroom, library hydrotherapy spa. quiet respite physicianfamily conferences, caf, chapel, laundry mediation rooms. Elderly adult center, clinic, kitchen dining activity rooms, occupational memory space, outdoor patio. Both facilities hurricane-resistant green-friendly construction. spaces, fountains, ponds walking paths. Benches gazebos placed Tribute Walkway butterfly gardens. encourage engagement programs, opportunities, center. comforting thousands Kevin Ahmadi, regional director operations ensures help, moment come, naming discuss legacy gift, email Samira.Beckwith HopeHCS.org Lizbeth.BenacquistoHopeHCS.org. 19 Anton Tamra Richardt, Mark Loren Monica Dibella Jim Sievers mermaid Lynda Zachar, DePrey, Nancy Geiger, Cheryl Copham Mary DePrey Yachts hosts Lizbeth Benacquisto, Youngquist Sonya Auction winners Karen Weddell Event Kicks Off Capital Campaign achts Hope--a fundraiser Gulf Harbor Yacht Country Club--raised 500,000 marked Hospices capital parkways Hosted Youngquist, committee Pam Cronin, Deanna Hansen, Andie Vogt Jo Walker, event featured tours luxury yachts tastings restaurants caterers Cru, LYNQ, Keylime Bistro, SABORAM Purple Spoon. Guests gourmet dinner, band auction VIP trips Masters, EMMY Awards, Paris, London Italy. sponsors raise Known feature AllInclusive ensuring grieving, Beckwith. children adults, Parkinsons resources presenting sponsor, John E. Aliese Price Foundation, joined Enterprises, Brothers, Cove, Home-Tech Designs. Susan Greg Lanigan Edee DeLuca Gina Nigmatullina Dan Creighton CATHY CHESTNUT Art opens doors senses, memories inner reflections Clockwise Debra Barber Glenns couples vintage portrait Glenn G lenn confined bed lungs shut down during bout pneumonia. relearn breathe, swallow mobility severely impaired complications.These former security guard Debra. choosing Barbers offered organization. decided try. young, quite calligraphy. talents hed given on, husband. beginning, skeptical trying hand making original painting. Yet, turned outcomes illness. therapist, Danielle Brant, asked various materials inquired any apprehensions might worry judged graded, school. explained,You dont background. times, havent done school feel critiqued, expect certain way. experience--what create, story tell. Clients select medium ability interest drawing, painting, collage, mixed media, jewelry-making three-dimensional sculpture. chose hand-draw paint acrylics gravitated toward nature scenes.Visits jogged memories. together, became relaxed reflective. talked childhood outdoors. Despite left-handed, Artwork Baileys Tree, dog. Autumn harvest representative season. forced use resuscitation. During month using again. like, Wow opened doors, completed work, titled Autumn, features standing-tall tree emblazoned fiery golden, orange red-tinged fall sky. Danielles underwent conceptual transformation, beginning oak ending dogwood spring. uncommon depict seasons cycles. becomes powerful metaphor recalls pulled out. open himself. to. want move. gained confidence pieces between visits, brought objects paint, wooden nutcracker birdhouse, stimulating struggled design yellow sunflowers adorn birdhouse with, reminded absolutes creative expression. product often source pride artist. point visit, talking Sadly, September age 59. tangible members. talent, cool, fulfilling thanks therapy. recognizes different forms peace, joy, relaxation Expressive mission. pursuits tap hard reach. often, nonverbally--through music, drawing. insight utilize these unshared emotions. closely accept, understand emotionally HopeHCS.orgDonate development develop skills depression, restlessness insomnia. fact, referred manage symptoms Creating elevates mood productivity purpose. frequently amazed session saw shape. end, impacts wide-ranging. rouse fond evoke emotions, finished 22 embraces child complex issues riana Entwistle born cerebral palsy, weighing pound, ounces, drugaddicted teen. Today, Briana 18, preparing graduation diploma Buckingham Exceptional Center. Jason Johnson, 16-year-old quadriplegic, student blind seizure disorder issues--the life-long effects shaken baby syndrome. A.J. Chamorro, 13, suffered brain hemorrhage prematurely. attends Bonita Springs Middle School, mother works paraprofessional. Briana, mobile wheelchairs unable speak. feeding-tube dependent. Their two things common. condition, finds Care--a me. phenomenal, Teresa 55, Acres. turn coordinate myriad appointments specialists, sick, accompany parent doctors complicated treatments. referrals types locate acquire specialized equipment. And, typical babysitter relative capaMichon Chamarro, caregiver, lovingly Chamorro. close her. combined Shawn decorated filled box small mementos flameless candle representing rays sunshine. broke clay pot, wrote shards, glued putting together. difference. him, mom school, lights up, especially guitar. Hell reach fingers strum absolutely loves it, mother, Teresa. holiday summer break, Johnsons foster needs, participated 2005, nothing praise stays connected service youre comfortable with.You someone talk. doesnt matter whats on. bilities caregiver. much-needed allows run errands, attend simply time. Talk goes far beyond simple expectations. them--honestly, wonderful. errands go appointments, come Michon 38, Springs. feeding tube, taught change first, scary. walked Im pro. done. came aid Paula Entwistle, 62, Hurricane Irma cut power Acres managed couple until battery Brianas pump died. 23-year-old Shawn, Asperger syndrome, stayed overnight. appreciated hospitality in, Paula. having difficulty sleeping, Peaceful Nights essential oils douse quilt squares rest head evening. Team available anything, sit, nice whos cares. Theyve much. Bereavement Care. Paulas 2016. tough page Thanks high-tech wheelchairs, Chamorro lifestyle. Opposite clockwise camping Fourth July celebration Johnson enjoying 24 phenomenal. --Teresa SERVING CHILDREN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA offers communitys children. PALLIATIVE Medical caregiver education, HOPEFUL WISHES Granting wishes CONCURRENT NEONATAL CHILDRENS GRIEF COUNSELING life-limiting School sessions, Camp-- one-of-a-kind weekend 6-16. Care, ChildCare 239-482-HOPE. Help pregnant mothers unborn babies 25 944 helps imagine happier Killeen Kesia, Anthony Maureen wall shares grandchildren--Kesia, 11, Anthony, 8--is proof possible, even episodes incredible August 2015 then Amanda later. grandchildren, grandfather incomprehensible. Before long, immense Maureen, Kesia drive apart differently fears concerns thought should keep themselves. worried shed live. say grandmother, wondered if brother continue would. retreated sadness stopped much, wondering die. Although immediately gradually communicating countries language. Maureens bedroom Coral crest poster fashioned Family Night testifies fact Three Amigos now. Actually, one--the daughter, Andrea, aunt. seeing progress making, Andrea joining schedule allowed. isnt though theyve forgotten Killeen, substance abuse problem suddenly 33 embolism. her, happy sadness. On poster, described Mandy good-looking, humorous, resilient, intellectual, adventurous, warm-hearted. remember movie nights enjoyed. About grandfather, Ken, swimming pool throwing around playing ball yard. noted setting balloons b-days. Night, eat Killeens birdhouse. Inside, paper Ken. Projects said. projects hung Others children, One wrapped yarn colors, hue signifying emotion. used, wrapping red--signifying surrounds white heart, miss Holidays, Going Beach, Day. do classes. Bs, kids. Theyre leaders. karate steadily belt hierarchy. familys Siberian husky puppy, Atina. Particularly biological father picture, counselor Fortunately, already liaison couldnt afraid sadder. reason. counselor, wasnt betrayed trust. say, holds heart-shaped grandfather. Specially educated cope memorialize healthy dose bridge gap. clarify weekend-long experienced losses. overnight, went camp. There, significant Two friends whose died, anyone similar helpful, appears smart confident, easy biggest fear camp food bad. happily reported pizza, brownies fare fine. charge. then, taken reconnect girls camp, cities.That way, connection maintained. continues journey healing. age.Thanks Nights, Support regularly locations Springs, LaBelle, Myers.To HopeHCS.orgSupportGroupSchedule 239-482HOPE 27 role, worse wedding newlyweds Harry Marsha Olson, 2017 celebrated 50th anniversary. f disease PD, youve likely heard Phase. occurs early treatments working effectively side effects. Olson definitely past phase PD treatment marriage--she college sweetheart, Harry, anniversary year--she faced challenge, spirit relationships grow stronger over Back 70s, pharmacist, moved Illinois pharmacy Punta Gorda Slowly, different, noticed changes motor coordination. handwriting getting smaller, herself. Marshas general practitioner wrong. word hypochondriac, changed. 1982, appointment neurologist office nearby. examining Marsha, suspected Parkinsons. relieved tumor Marsha. sweethearts took news stride kept day-to-day Naturally, spe- Olsons appreciate offerings Program, events, forums informative symposia. 29 Program. cial pharmaceutical challenges Sinemet. tolerating pacing lot. aerobics says.But Over adjustments helped. closer 80s returned 2012. Avila, recommended offerings, exercise twice Wellness exercise, knows muscles stave rigidity. adds Harry. partners. patience, sacrificed Most realize sacrifice, people. Martin describe tenets tae kwan courtesy, modesty, perseverance indomitable spirit.To inspiration strength hope. teamwork formula success.Together, life--and productive that--with PARKINSON PROGRAM improving disease. full calendar events partners, Movement Conferences, seminars workshops quarterly newsletter informational e-blasts outings wanting gift HopeHCS.orgDonate. information, HopeParkinson.org 239-985-7727. JENNIFER JOHNSTON Bramlett, Phil Marcosa, Jan Mattas, Ann Tomey McKeever Saman Javedan Khadijah Shamseddine Fall Forum ore 200 Programs specialist Shamseddine, M.D. Health neurosurgeon Javedan, Dot Dwight Rasmussen Marty Caldwell, Haisman Barbara Lea Doris Golmbeski Bill Joyce Marley 31 Pets difference Kyle Walker dog, Arlo arly 20th century, Edgar Guest showed known Peoples Poet verses dog glorious pair friendship anywhere. easily agree. Boxer mix Arlo, rescue cherished companion neurofibromatosis NF copes medically regular education genetic condition characterized benign tumors under skin host complications. Kyle--in eight doctors, mom, Christina.Theyve family. suddenly, doctor months old, big puppy sense playfulness. romping outside yard ran bedroom. crying, Christina Were sure happened, blood everywhere. wrong Arlos foot. missing toenail, trip emergency veterinarian antibiotics, pain medicine wound yet setback family, bills Kyles visit. pets, recalled. later follow-up said, Well pets shown benefits, lowering pressure, easing pain, reducing stress, incorporates due weeks final checkup. Christina, promoted assistant deli manager nearby Publix supermarket, money aside emergency. quickly depleted fund. mean owe vet anything. ended shots, godsend, ready workers meetings Riverdale High review IEPs, individualized system eligible education. extra gives advocate Kyle. enrolled reminds do, limited funds, inspired received. sister Emma, outgrows clothes, donates passes clothes shoes, back, shared. financially logistically challenging, transportation, walking, supplies food, temporary boarding generous grants. keeping proves too tries cases owner cant readily found, Coast Humane Society, no-kill shelter Perhaps parts Pet volunteers, bring carefully screened facilities. lift spirits four-legged grant Edward Gale McBride donations. HopeHCS.orgdonate Emma War veteran peace valor s human beings, adapting evolving. language expressions pop regularly. convey idea perfectly. military precision. phrase describes exacting Honor Guard carries ceremonies traits recipients Colonel H. Thompson, United States Air Force. spent visited comprised volunteers. received appreciation certificate, lapel pin, bear, honoring country. moving. dry eye room. Including mine, afternoon July. presentation surrounding oath office, reiterate half gentlemen, manner accustomed speaking. colonel processed officiated numerous swearing-ins recruits coming duty, recalled Robert. Among present Roberts Jan. emotional. Patriotism strong brats. brat met, however, Colorado airport. Northrup Corporation B-2 bomber. headed Colorado, dream maybe retire plans got derailed again, biography shared us. Thompson served 17th Special Operations Squadron Vietnam War. surrounded beautiful eventually alter course boarded plane changing connections Denver Los Angelesour destination. flight, changed seat sit around. Force 1966 continued 1987, encompassing posts Germany, Arizona Vietnam, assigned Squadron, flying gunship missions against NorthVietnamese night.My regret Phan Rang Base, wrote.That Ranch Hand Agent Orange flown from. here, later, exposed Orange, cancer developed. Adapting reality easy. treatment. team, here wonderful, elaborated. level tolerable. administering medication. personal, caring. touch hand, hug. administer Plus transition demise directions Robert, Nebraska, Virginia witness evidence Thompsons sculptures bronze accompanied elements nature, galleries. pieces, Faces Freedom, eagle faces soldiers, freedom ours today sacrifice. 21, loving VALOR VALOR--Veterans Access Opportunities Resources. Americas veterans dignified peaceful ending. receives recognition package, bear. facilitates Veterans History Project Library Congress--which collects archives recollections wartime effort current generations. Volunteers, Guard, supporters perform veterans, salute. join HopeHCS.orgVolunteer. Chest store resale stores. 30,000 square feet merchandise, 7,000 planned, Chest. giving matching stone Gardens, Houses. Another shopping stores purchases most, indulging retail largest stores, vast array treasures shoppers discover. inventory changing, stop new. Shoppers upscale fashions, handbags, jewelry heavily discounted clothing furnishings, armoires desks dressers. specialty de- An enthusiastic shopper, Jackie Kidwell considers favorite places shop 2005 merchandise lamps furnishings. partments dcor supplies. Of course, electronics abound--all tested order--and variety await, light Shopper Kidwell, 37 shes 2005. 35-year Memorial, appreciates value offers. price. considered keeps basics bargains alike. Theres new, try shares. Usually, mind looking for, Ill store, laughs.It relaxes walk here--its atmosphere, theres purchased dishes, televisions, chairs dressers detail picked earlier king-size wood headboard scroll design. grandchildren great-grandchildren, ideal stock like-new essentials swings, jumper seats, blankets. likes spoil purchase winter gear send north, People funny armful coats sweatshirts 80 degrees Shes snagged books authors, Nora James Patterson. notes gotten friendly full-circle fashion, donate choice items upcoming garage sale. believes benefits cause, Proceeds unfunded 13821 Cleveland Ave. Crossings, 28520 Crossings Blvd. arrange furniture pickup, 239-444-1100. hours, HopeHCS.orgHopeChest. callers reassure them, saying, Youre alone. you. matter. --Helen Bishop, Caller Helen makes check-in phone calls elen Bishop Dale ago back. one, nurse intensive unit cardiology oncology patients, naturally compassion, countless presented workshop fellow Tips Tricks Interacting Patients. bed- bound, non-responsive, lonely, dementia challenges. recently, dozen Tuck-in Callers. serve function Thursday confirm set weekend. inquire share, decreasing appetite. enough prescription medications report manager, noting addressed. emphasizes. listening. calls, speaking major corporation by. totally irrelevant. explains, realized spouses talking, smile, patient let hearing week. detect anxious depressed, suggest worker, attending chaplain appropriate. close-knit jokingly refer Girls. respect Volunteering form friendships. privilege impact members, affect shares, Without touched hundreds Become HopeHCS.orgVolunteer complete application 239482-HOPE coordinator. Becky Tooley, Ruby, Marilyn Hester, Cindy Jannone, Pearl Morse, Calise, Park Marie Butler. Pat Clark, Smith, Eileen McAllister, Cheri Mausteller Marleen Cantabene 39 Wife county-pop legend Glen Campbell Alzheimers 400 caregivers, hosted Kim Campbell, Grammy Hall Fame award-winning Campbell. event, discussed navigate Kims marriage decades testament devotion overcoming adversity. diagnosis 2011, supported tumultuous hardships tireless, influential caregivers. Arden Courts Memory cost, welcoming Presbyterian Church presentation. Stu Austin, Dotty St. Amand embracing Caregiver husband, PRIVIDED 41 Supporting counties Chapin Food Bank Richard LeBer partner nourishment food-insecure eniors maintain independence cooking, cleaning Thats in. at-home transportation pharmacies, grocery housekeeping meals-- delivered centers. transitions offering response, rejuvenation Last year, efforts expanded designated lead Way Moore Haven. Agri- Mace culture Commodity Supplemental ever hosting sign-up monthly deliveries Haven, Okeechobee, Clewiston LaBelle eased burden insecurity neediest seniors. Partnering underprivileged concern 24,000 meals delivery meal Haven house. PROVIDING Shurland Duke 43 David Seeber electrician. non-small cell lung impossible. gets Home. watches sci-fi movies sometimes. Practical David, Tina Tuxedo --David CREDITS HERE avid electrician November supervised crew electrical company handled hefty jobs. younger trade. complication reason shortness breath chest pain. collapsed announce residence. multiple hospitalizations, control stabilized, Seeber, 53, discharged disability job sites, meant happens, declutter organized. arent relationships. companionship important. feline solitary Tuxedo. cats companto ease ions, say. Besides, full-time client alone shock. Adding isolation divorce not-so-distant Idaho undergoing curative ago. watching television pronavigating complexities vide interaction missed. navigating addition, explanations cat, Tuxedo, as-needed basis, understand, sounding necessary oral surgery. sick predict hell board decisions, access expenses handle. good. resources, times. stepped teeth fixed. result Adjusting easy, less stress Seeber. expect. says.Its arriving grateful hadnt everything veterinarian. assisting medication monitoring closet discardcats compromised dental work. ing longer wants. latter Id burner, now, cost Tuxedos prohibitive, organized.You logistics difficult. arranged cat SeeSince returning home, enroll trial Moffitt Cancer Rehabilitation Tampa. ber pets--the far, results symptom knowing corner. FIND Regardless layer Physician Pain management Relief Patient Volunteer Connection Opportunity chemotherapy accepts Medicare, Medicaid payment 45 945 Visiting Nurses ominic Pittro moped Then fight makeup. credits training instilling determination persevere. diagnosis, Pittro, sergeant Marine Corps 1955-1962, almost Ann, resources. water equipment exercises Dominic class, led, others, facing Tai Chi Better Balance dovetailed nicely martial arts tai chi certified instructor. relished others.Sometimes, Parkinsons, Sharing adventure, traveled extensively whitewater rafting exploring Grand Canyon. estimates cruises slow diagnosis. Bahamas cruise himself, odd dizziness ringing ears. ENT, cardiologist, FYZICAL Centers enjoy Rock Steady boxing determine cause dizziness--it medication-related. boxing, friends, Dominic. despite ups downs, stands, squats push-ups, uses resistance bands speed bag clear perfect candidate Healthcares BIG, customized homebound experiencing disorders. nurses great, Dominic.It beloved bichon terrier Trixie Pittros lucky neighborhood, neighbors continuing hopes return opportunities. Go GET HELP duty nursing, aide Medication Wound VAC Cardiac Bathing, dressing hygiene Light preparation Occupational, speech Transitional upon discharge hospital Symptom Emotional improve repetition tasks. BIG focuses balancing rotating, bigger steps, practicing daily living, bed. Nurses, 47 eople surprised donors end-of-life peaceful, deeply personal. These tax-deductible means ill grieving Medications covered insurance Therapeutic Pain-relieving Extended Grief businesses trauma State-of-the-art, serene houses needing 24-hour hungry isolated need, Guidance, wellness Educated 11th Hour donation methods supporting rewarding. PLEDGES Pledges distribute predetermined period. Pledge agreements distributed automatically charged credit card deducted bank account desired. LIFE INSURANCE TRANSFERS Donors transfer ownership paid policy elect cash receipt immediate income tax deduction surrender policy. SECURITIES Transfers fair market securities date transfer, gains donated. 49 PROPERTY DONATION Gifts Resale Store. tax-deductible, receipts records. However, IRS requires estimate given. accepted department. ESTATE GIFTS bequest provision type donation, upper limit estate deductions. RETIREMENT PLANS name beneficiary IRA, 401k plan. Any residual dies tax-free. avoid levied retirement account. PURCHASE CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY exists Charitable Gift Annuity. minimum 10,000 annuity donor, delegates, fixed payments principal contract ends. portion gift. 50 TRIBUTES create tribute markers dedication stones, markers, benches, plaques, arbors, fountain KeepSpace boxes, placed. personalized name. CASH simplest care.The accept currency, checks, orders, cards transfers.These mail, online. HONORIN MEMORY choose inform party gesture memorial surviving explain vehicles advisor planner. TO MAKE Contact Development Office 9470 HealthPark Circle 33908 Donate online 51 Friends gather celebrate, funds DINNER Committee Golden Age Hollywood themed Bay Club, raising 100,000 Joannes Led Cacesse, Kozlowski, Claire McMahon, Evelyn Rascio Carol Wood, guests silent spectacular trips. Sponsors Brown Insurance Blue, Louis Najla Lataif Northern Trust, American Senior Living, Medline, TWC supporters. Sievers, Grose McCormick, Harriet Harnar Scott Culbertson Etta Caccese Gail Jack Foreman Panozzo Nicole Kalis Andrew Culpepper SPRING LUNCHEON Caccese, Smith Signe Wynne chaired annual Spring Luncheon Womens Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort Spa. More 300 60,000 Hospice, Pets. boutique shopping, raffle prizes fashion Van Winkle. Crowther Roofing, Worth Gigis Childrens Boutique, Henderson, Franklin, Starnes Holt. Lynn Kenne Marion Duffield Jean Nicholson, Qua, Lebreck Liz Marnul Alejandro Gil De Rubio Winkle Betty OBrien, Krouse Sharon Moran Boots Tolles, Jeanette Finn, Cynthia Sharpin Reggie Polsenberg Judy Dove, Pambechy 53 TOAST CAPE CORAL 125 gathered 7th Toast Gardens. Organized committee, auctions, cork pull champagne toast Chris Susie Duca. invited manager. JOIN US Gloria Raso Tate Susi Duca Sowers Angela Katz Will Tracy Townsend Rob Greig Lisa Malione Collier Kara Halleran Diane Fowler, Wier Jacque 54 MEMBERSHIP TEA Committees event,Tea, Champagne Chocolates. Chaired Donna Roberts, assistance Risk Foley, Sullivan.The fundraising volunteerism 2002. Billie Jans, Near Stevie Joslin Sullivan Ellen Sayet Jane Riley Manuela Klopper, Sylvia Weiss, Sarah Knestrick Slack Marti Horwitz, Brenda Pfohl Bell Sara Neel, Levesque 55 Taking Pederson Cindie three-car ohn chair visitor neatly garage, area fit attached four-bedroom vehicle near grew miles west Boston. often. Choices pursue chronic condition. Operating 140 hospices nationwide qualified. Choices, expert creates homemaker assistance, services, sending John, prostate bones. finishing talks starting regimen lose hair. Recalling conversation, smiles grabs Red Sox cap brim, up. doctor, Do concerned bald lately, nutrition combat appetite taste. comprehensive all, showering grateful. Johns 2015. sweethearts, usual economic downs middle class drafting Army 1965, truck driver--an occupation over--he signal corps. typing minute. butt jungle. tour Massachusetts, drove runs Boston hauling toilet seats Stanley Cup. car dealership owns did, 1995. reminders point, hard, Photos cars, worked, granddaughter recall urging England, put. listens CDs Oh, --Ritchie Valens December 1958 sweetheart. possible. Abimael, Katherine Myrka Mia Fran Mia, Caprice Caleb entire opes highlight 16, October Riverside Retreat LaBelle. recreation, crafts, staffed counselors, series. Due hurricane damage campground, Alliance Arts Grieving guardians Adults separated age-appropriate process. 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