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Larry Hart Lori Shaffer Trudi Williams Hospice Services Inc., dba Healthcare, is registered with the Florida Department Consumer Services, registration number SC-01911. was licensed by state in 1984. not-for-profit, communitybased agency providing services Lee, Glades, Hendry, Collier, Charlotte, DeSoto Sarasota counties. 39 38 JUST VISITING Time Pam Punkin Surprises Store RETAIL 40 FURRY FRIENDS 42 BENEVOLENT BUSINESSES Comforting Power Pets Please be advised that 100 percent donations we receive benefit are not directed to other organizations or entities. You may obtain copy our official financial information calling Division toll-free within Florida, at 800-435-7352. This does imply endorsement, approval recommendation state. If you would prefer this magazine electronically, please contact us via website hopehcs.orgforms wingsofhope.We welcome your comments suggestions. Leading Example 44 COMMUNITY INFORMATION Guide Healthcare produced TOTI Media, Inc. P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957 Tel 239-472-0205 Fax 239-395-2125 toti.com totimedia.com 49 PARTING SHOT Friedrich N. Jaeger FounderChairman Daniela J. Group Publisher Patricia Letakis Editor Chief Brian Stromlund Creative Director Dana Long Design Production CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Maxine Baker, Cathy Chestnut, Craig Handel, Dayna Harpster, Jennifer Johnston, Beth Luberecki Copyrighted byTOTI Healthcare. All rights reserved. No part publication reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors necessarily those andor made possible through donor support. 2 WINGS 2019 T Dear Friends, his year, celebrates its 40th year service Southwest Florida. Throughout these decades, team has had honor loving care thousands people their families. We have been invited into peoples homes lives precious moments. behalf everyone Hope, I thank incredible privilege. Over years, grown from small hospice serving just few day full continuum caring more than 3,000 every day. expanded serve five counties staff 1,000 dedicated professionals. And while much changed, mission same. remains committed comforting care-- physically, emotionally, spiritually practically--for all who need it. Another fact After nearly 30 years as Hopes president CEO, still hear daily like, wish known about sooner, am reminded there work done. In issue Wings, well share youll discover helpful programs created prevent needless pain suffering. Youll also read inspiring stories unconditional love, peace dignity. It my hope will encourage further mission. Consider connecting someone inform community leaders programs. Invite speak neighborhood event, host fundraiser simply make gift someones memory.Your help ensure here another years. Warm regards, 3 How it began BY J E N F R O H S 40Hope YEARS 4 937 PHOTOS COURTESY very gift--a united group kind-hearted Fort Myers residents ago. volunteer nurses, doctors, clergy, professors professionals were determined give back neighbors loved ones H.O.P.E., Oriented Program Everyone. Little did they know organization started church become one leading health providers recognized nationally model exceptional care. founding members used donated office space establish organization. Small helped growing nurses caregivers travel visit with, provide comfort to, patients throughout Myers. H.O.P.E.s provided emotional support individuals nearing end life, talking them families answering questions what should expect. matter time day, long list accolades awards demonstrates how locally way provides high-quality medical, spiritual support, always focused on quality life. nurse available homes, but meaningful gestures like bringing favorite food became an integral personalized, today. 1981, incorporated notfor-profit agency. once-grassroots effort continued blossom sought individual fulfill lifes journey. Grant funds, combined increasing donations, allowed professional aides, social workers, clergy physician. Daniel Dosoretz, original physician relocated large Boston hospital palliative He realized being admitted hospitals critical There here, he recalls. needed create place go when didnt good options. Dottie Hummel, board member nurse, remembers trying educate public care--a relatively Clockwise left Easy Striders mall walkers, 2000 informational booth, 1997 PACE Care Center opens Naples, 2012. 5 top celebrate volunteers, early 1900s balloon Edison Festival Light Gulf Walk fundraiser, 1994. 6 obscure term time--by appearing TV radio interviews writing articles announcements. 1982, first 29 volunteers completed new training program additional Certificate Need received 1983. acceptance grew hit milestone 1984 becoming certified Medicare Medicaid provider. Now, beneficiaries pay little nothing out-of-pocket hospice, coverage most insurance As grew, says sense goodwill develop medical viewed asset complemented available. think ability system accepted great accomplishment, Dosoretz says. accepting input phy- sicians hospitals. Its consensus, big difference. Oncologist Thomas E. Teufels involvement cancer natural fit him board. When joined, working out church, excitement each many whom final stages cancer. development learned reach com- current Board acknowledge SunTrust, 2002 Campers Rainbow Trails bereavement camp, which Jo Brasher Rose Yates store manager Korecky Chest opening, 2018 poses beside Tree Lights, takes local parade, munity sorts diagnoses, Teufel initial days, saw this. footprint expanded, bring leader run effective business could national impact. amazed agreed take helm joining 1991 CEO. She already established nationwide, project, decided leap faith. primary person responsible growth. cares add broad scope services, including Kids Care, All-Inclusive Elderly PACE, Lee Countys only Parkinsons program, Visiting Nurses Palliative Care. evolution led H.O.P.E. spearheaded fundraising, enabling grow physically multiple environments journey cherished. Today, 12 Centers located Floridas Hendry 7 accomplishment. --Dr. From using typewriter, 1983 groundbreaking Lehigh Acres house center, 2009 fashion show 1980s 8 kept ahead it, Teufel. goes shes brought her. Hummel watched expand today, she filled pride her friends four decades ago continues whose life touched Hope. 1979 Certified Medicaid, State 1989 joins form First Bereavement Camp children House Resale 2001 Second Cape Coral Buckhead Ridge receives County Horizon Award 2004 begins, Circle CHAP accreditation 1995 2003 Milestones Third House, Joannes Bonita Springs 2006 Corporate name becomes HealthCare Parkinson Begins 2005 Fourth Acres, Port Charlotte begins Glades 2008 2012 Opens Receives Uncommon Friends Ethics opens, 2010 2011 2013 Home offers nonhospice palliative, transitional, private duty home 2015 Future Association family, 2014 Coral, second location breaks ground Preserve campus fifth 9 M X B K P ublishers attest heart.Their pages brimming news successful fundraisers happy photos altruistic residents. Not-for-profits rely generosity continue work. best introduce supporters mission, gather fun cause. Each beneficiary hosted businesses, gated communities, groups families.This vital helps relied-upon unfunded Featured generous events supported last year. 1 LEXINGTON COUNTRY CLUB ITALIAN OPEN Lexington Country Club raised 53,000 seventh annual Italian Open golf tournament Hospice--and pushed total over history event past 150,000 mark. committee Curcuru, Greg Salvia, Phil Bommarito John Sackie coordinated 300 club enjoyed foursomes morning afternoon, followed Italian-themed dinner silent auction, prizes awards. LIGHT UP GULF HARBOUR TOUR HOMES Harbour Yacht 20,000 Up Tour Homes, festive Hospice. Eleven residences--each unique holiday dcor theme refreshments--were open 500 guests touring evening. EVELYN ARTHUR CLOTHING DRIVE National Month, Evelyn Arthur Promenade Bay tradition offering shoppers special discount in-store purchase month. Shoppers gently items clothing, accessories, shoes donation percent-off coupon. collected apparel resale store. sold pashminas proceeds benefiting partnered Month since 2008. 1. Gerry Joni Curcuru 2. Jane Dianne Bommarito, Sue Ed Drennen, Hugh Moore Proc Caudill 3. Bill Haywood 4. Nancy Davis, Monica Robb, Carole Shapiro Bonnie Graham 5. Stephanie Snyder 6. Team 11 CHICOS FAS GIFT BAGS Designers Chicos outlet Halloween goodie bags human resources FAT KATZ JEFF GRUBE MEMORIAL GOLF TOURNAMENT Gregg Krista Buell, owners Fat Katz Sports Bistro, Jeff Grube Memorial Golf Tournament dear friend died August tournament, s post-tournament reception Katz. Proceeds American Cancer Society. KELLY GREENS CLASSIC Members Kelly Greens 17th Classic More 80 golfers 150 scavenger hunt banquet during 43,000 5050 raffle live auctions. Since inception country 500,000 Judy Dolan served Tennis chairs. Event sponsors included Bank AmericaMerrill Lynch CarePine Straw Cintron Landscape Smith Brick Pavers Build, Johnson. FISH VINE HAPPY HOUR Nearly 200 attended Happy Hour Fish Vine 5,000 Hosted Amy Abernathy Merv Johnson, featured specially crafted cocktail, complimentary appetizers Executive Chef Johnny McDonald, auction TOAST TO 125 friends, family recently gathered eighth Toast Tribute Gardens. Organized committee, auctions, music, cork pull champagne toast North Gary Connie Hogrefe. 7. Hogrefe 8. Donna Christofano 9. Cheryl Leftwich, Michael Scheider-Christians, Gloria Tate Tarama Goodman 13 10. Mohlman Darlene Grossman 11. Barry Heather Murphy THE LANDINGS TOY Landings toys makes holidays bright hundreds 14 Your Neighbors Can Help Organize designate any Host wine dinner, ladies tea cocktail party golf, bridge tennis Encourage donate mail email campaign Ask To efforts, can flyers, direct mail, logos, ads, photography, press releases, online RSVP, e-mail messages, processing, acknowledgment more. Get Started Today Contact 239-985-7758. 15 Louis Marcia Policastri paratrooper U.S. Armys 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles active, enjoying skiing, game play. arried built together, celebrating times cherishing commitment mutual love sports. So Policastris, seems apropos diagnosis course. 2010, golfing Ramsey, New Jersey, noted subtle change gait. suggested consult neurologist, confirmed suspicion. diagnosed disease PD. Louis, 1960, 45-year career familys York garment industry. Marcia, worked teacher, sometimes accompany trips, visits Hong Kong, China, Singapore Japan. diagnosis, treatment commuting York, Marcias parents 2014, moved met Amanda Avila, discovered Healthcares Program. found activities enjoy. They tai chi classes soon felt Rock Steady Boxing classes, where advantage balancing benefits Railz Fyzical gym. participating Matter Balance workshop partnership Area Agency Aging. Policastris Fall Forums Spring Symposiums stay up date latest developments doing so things, Marcia. inspirational stories--everyone something share. partner, knows important engaged enjoyed, singing, painting writing. Her strength caregiver evident essay entitled, On. advice gives couples facing PD together powerful encouraging. stresses keep mind body busy. Be positive, says.Dont dwell cant do-- focus do. active couple considering trip Italy enjoys too. ball, Im caddy jokes Louis. For information, HopeParkinson.org call 239985-7727. thanks HopeHCS.orgdonate Move Fore Ann DeGrande, Alita Parody Aaron Sustad, scramble format mulligan sales luncheon. sponsored Entech Business IT Solutions. ore 7,500 Magnolia Landing Led Martin Haas, Dino walkers Lakes Regional Park 10,000 1- 3-mile walk kicked off Awareness celebrated vibrant community. Prather, William Bruce, Rick Moulton Haas Sam Spanier, Jack Wolf, Mike Knox Knevens Sheeja, Anna Asha Kanacheril Kay Sanford, Linda Bradley, Vicky Dudley, Amber Jacob Lucia Martie Walter Mycoff starting line Walking Lake Parks nature loop Finn Hourihan Bramlett 17 Helmut Mamsch D AY ose lived anyone consider charmed houses Germany, Spain United States, traveled both pleasure world. Rose, opera singer younger, entered international textile quite successful. German executive business, company trading steel. music education Romania, fruits labors. Then came Friday, 4, 2017. spent nice day--no rain, said, shopping upscale boulevard Knigsallee Dsseldorf, Germany. returned second-floor hotel room get ready meet some old friends. Having Istanbul numerous fallen Turkish pastries, spotted bakery across street venture minutes pick baklava before dinner. habit, took stairs, wasnt done noticed lacked handrail seemed treacherous. fact, said Helmut. Armed box street, went upstairs bottom door--her hands full--and Helmut, door reply. Maybe hes walking around building, thought, because architecture. put down box, opened husband there. lifted. sad. But glad home. no machines. -- Before long, man desk knocked door. high-energy still, fast praise stopped told sit down. sent ambulance after bad accident. half again, dealing weekend protocol Germany associated confusion citizen residing States. hospital, doctors fall treacherous steps completely paralyzed save eye movement mechanical function lips. worst have, said. three weeks coma, awoke, improvement. friend, arranged flight States newer called arrange discussed type eventuality, knew firmly decision, mother sister Naples ahead, check Springs. pleased. see place, peacefully, days later. lifted, living serious illness condition, peace, dignity comfort. Call 239482-HOPE HopeHospice.org find help. 19 Mamsch, wife later industry, traveling moms cope loss child Ollie Curran lost son age drug addiction painkillers suffered tragic joined Bereaved Moms Grief Support holds card Daniels memorial service. C G L mothers, Sunday--Mothers Day--brought laughter, joy, appreciation. Curran, emotions. Blessed sad lose 30. Forever 30, said.I miss comes high emotions, rest family. Two died, help, grand later, runs group. shares mothers. speak, afraid happened, sharing.This serenity knowing grief own. Theres parent am. ... same pain. mothers dads, too, different calls ever in, if theyve daughter. such be, warm, added. bereaved according Beckwith, time, helped. Sons daughters dont group, explained.Theres cost. Some join week, Ollie, continued. ongoing socialization. opportunities spend experience. things happen, hurts. Being able talk hurt really important, others youre going through. Originally Portugal, 69, Daniel, Jr. Beach RIC ROLON 43 owns own salon, Hair Etc. Ollie. III, DC3 together. artist graduated honors Valencia College then production. Bible regularly daughter Nevaeh, spelled backwards Heaven. His heart Myers, At 23, got addicted prescription drugs. While teaching snowboarding Colorado, broke arm taking painkillers. clean attending religious camp Tennessee 29, neck cut man. almost died. post-traumatic stress disorder gave months accidental overdose. tried hide hated Tennessee, One women addiction. let Heaven, grieve. Sometimes, strong identify do breathe, cry, go. Almost gets easier counselor Lorrie explained her, theres chunk missing never replaced. Thats why Whenever internalize feelings, thats thing. express themselves sort feelings move forward. learn 239985-7716. Reprinted NewsPress Handel photographer Ric Rolon. --Ollie 21 Richard Dahlstrom, accomplished illustrator, engages art therapy, bed Coral. Old Salt farm Gothic style among pieces Christmas gifts Paintings happiness gratitude ertainly Dahlstrom 87 December, showed mastered better-to-give concept. churned paintings clip plan. coming. pointing temple.Hence paintings. flat back. Lets away Christmas. Ive hustle want way, done, facilitate gift, Karin Kempa set paint22 ings common area. asked choose image liked best. Among themes, sea captains farmers, Native Americans scenes female chose rendered iconic style, saying wanted farmers close get, happily selected title recent memory whole receiving wife, Judith--his caregiver--needed surgery hospitalization, 354 PM wonderful, daughter, father cared handle recovery easily. Judith discharged hospice. Both Dahlstroms skilled nursing facility remained constantly sketching--even bed--wasnt surprise Kempa. Illustration published books, newspapers political cartoons, readily online. school, couldnt leave homework papers finding illustrations smiled memory. house. merry Christmas, recognizes forms creative expression relaxation fun. Expressive therapies pursuits tap emotions hard reach. often, communication non-verbally drawing. insight counselors utilize explore unshared closely accept, understand emotionally heal changing people. HopeHCS.org 239-482-HOPE ask team. Richards artwork includes Off Woods, Diviner boy dog. 23 355 right U ospice concept Mary familiar herself. Three ago, department organization, opportunity Connecticut. compassion, care, patients, truly die end. week impressed me much. reading writings Elisabeth Kbler-Ross, Swiss-American psychiatrist pioneer neardeath studies author influential book Death Dying. touched, stage kind involved with. effectiveness firsthand dying better, comfortable him. point, want. 2015. suffers conditions, diabetes, severe aortic stenosis throat issues required two surgeries tracheotomy, seven condition stabilized, comfortably home.The comfort-focused require terminal clinical visits, symptom management, custom plans, appreciates ease transition between level encountered. try can, fall, something, have. middle night sat phone talked breathe. Shes grateful option remain instead moving home.And alone trouble outside home, having in-home plus. wake chest gasping air nobody scared, think, myself. feel God angel. Using choice Marys thankful has. People die. Well yes, do--to comfortably, ending beautiful be. Youre lucky lear n Hospice, 239-482-HOPE. 1004 ope remarkable complex conditions ones. These kids often struggle verbally, involving expressive diagnose physical soothe anxiety, reduce joy. Children connect animals rewards. Thanks pet Whispering Pines Clydesdales, pet, hug, kiss cuddle creatures small. HopeKidsCare.org 239-482-4673. Ken introduces Thunder Xander therapy dog Sampson hug Gus Allejandro kisses Isis greets Emma pets Caitlyn hugs horse Thunder. Making difference seniors otivated desire difference, freely expectation recognition. Yet sometimes, selfless acts deservedly acknowledged helping Conference Aging Tampa. at-home senior underprivileged county seniors. meal centers, transportation pharmacies, essential locations. Bartoshuk honored recognizing dedication FPL Senior Public Service named AARP Coast recipient Ethel Percy Andrus Trailblazer Award. significant contributions activities. Additionally, students Connections.The hard-working Seniors Standard, Javier Cardona, Austin Jacey Ridgedill conference accept well-deserved award, along Superintendent School District Scott Bass Haven Middle-High Counselor Shannon Bass. MARY BARTOSHUK Bass, offer W e wonderful is, round chemotherapy. wished options face challenges illness. now can. Choices Model--which allows complementary pursue curative treatment, Choices, excited eligible participants cancer, congestive failure CHF, chronic obstructive pulmonary COPD immunodeficiency virus HIV. similar treat- ments, chemotherapy radiation. step comprehensive assessment, personalized plan coordinate directly management homemaker assistance combination in-person 247 telephone access. Counseling, education, respite parts need. pleased cost covered benefit. eligibility criteria, one, 239-482-4673 discuss determine personal circumstances. treatments, raise funds Will Kevin Nealon, Nealon Family Barbara Chippendale Logan Hawthorne, Kara Palumbo mother, Kathleen Dwayne Bergmann, Luis Insignares, Julie Kwasnik AN EVENING KEVIN NEALON Beloved comedian Saturday Night Live alumni entertained Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre stand-up performance 50,000 Audiology Studio Plus Joint Implant Surgeons Apothecary Specialists, Attorneys Law WINK 96.9 FM WXNX 93X Traders Conric PR Marketing Kearns Restaurant Estero Chevrolet Northwestern Mutual. Pfiefer, Barbra Blaharski, Jean Nicholson Doddridge, Reeves, Patsy Carter-Rattigan Joan Henninger Rosewitha Fey Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto, Ellen Sayet Lyn Blinkhorn, Janet Vittorio, Carol Stark Ruth Boyd, Clark, Maureen Lerner, Eileen Johnston TEA HATS shopping, Tea Hats presented Womens Committee. guest Quail kickoff seasonal Committee promoted fundraising volunteering 2002. 938 YACHTS Guests Yachts Harbor Club, 300,000 not-for-profit Youngquist, Sonya Sawyer, Benacquisto Andie Vogt. Cronin, Deanna Hansen, Beckwith. tours luxury yachts 101 feet long. dockside cocktails tastings LYNQ, Keylime Saboram Wow Timbers Restaurant, gourmet band dancing. evening bidding once-in-a-lifetime experiences, cruises VIP trips Sonoma country, Madrid Tuscany one-of-a-kind jewelry creation Mark Loren Designs. Enterprises Brothers FAS, Designs Marine Max Cheney Creighton Commercial Development Cypress Cove Home-Tech Kitson Partners Cross Foundation, Markham Norton Mosteller Wright Company, P.A. DeAngelis Diamond Private Client Insurance Owen-Ames-Kimball Company Chris-Tel Construction Comcast. Marja Norris Dan Creighton, Denise Abrantes Art Hazel Brisker Nielsen Allen Cory Warther Pzzaz Productions Sea Nymph Sawyer DINNER Denim Diamonds raising Caccese, Joyce Kozlowski, Claire McMahon, Patt Suwyn, Adele Waddell Wood evening, dancing auctions featuring wine, dining, Costa Rica. Brown BrownFlorida Blue, Crowther Roofing Sheet Metal Najla Lafaif Berneda Meeks, McGriff Northern Trust, Medline, Mr. Mrs. Wynne, TWC Services. Jaeger, Jim Sievers Suwyn Peggy Metevia, Dove Spindler, Elisandra Maldonado Cassese Wood, Billie Jans 31 SPRING LUNCHEON Etta Signe Wynne chaired Luncheon Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort Spa. afternoons boutique show. Sponsors Henderson, Franklin, Starnes, Holt, AmFund Spa Kathryns Collection Trust SunCoast Print Promotion. Roberts, Janice Miller, Hjalmquist Sally Bowie, Marian Bouwer, Susan Larimore Dena Lyons, Zacharias, Pat Gunderson, Klocke Honey McGrath, Karen Butler, Near Stevie Joslin, Lynsie Miller 32 eople surprised beloved donations. donors end-of-life peaceful, dignified deeply personal. tax-deductible medications, equipment seriously ill grieving Medications Pain-relieving massage Extended businesses experienced trauma State-of-the-art needing 24-hour meals hungry isolated Guidance, wellness Educated veterans variety methods supporting easy rewarding. PLEDGES Pledges distribute predetermined period. Pledge agreements amount distributed automatically charged credit deducted bank account. FOR MORE OR MAKE DONATION Office LIFE INSURANCE TRANSFERS 9470 HealthPark 33908 Donate HopeHCS.orgDonate. Donors transfer ownership paid policy elect cash upon receipt death immediate income tax deduction surrender value policy. SECURITIES Transfers stock allow fair market securities transfer, capital gains donated. RETIREMENT PLANS NOTE ABOUT CHARITABLE IRA DISTRIBUTIONS IRA, 401k qualified Any residual dies passes tax-free. By leaving avoid estate levied retirement traditional assets charity, savings. ages 70.5 100,000 custodian qualify Talk advisor charitable giving you. 351 PROPERTY Gifts property Stores. taxdeductible, receipts records. However, IRS requires estimate given. Join Annual Giving Society Provide valued fiscal single calendar transformational ESTATE GIFTS future bequest provision trust.With donation, upper limit deductions. PURCHASE ANNUITY exists Charitable Gift Annuity. minimum annuity donor, delegates, fixed payments principal contract ends. portion gift. PRESIDENTS CIRCLE - tour you, Name printed Report Optional recognition website, media e-newsletter Informational emails exclusive informed initiatives Invitation Social Presidents TRIBUTES CHAMPION tribute markers stones, tree markers, benches, plaques, fountain KeepSpace boxes, placed. name. CASH BENEFACTOR simplest payment currency, checks, money orders, cards wire transfers.These HONORIN MEMORY gesture send notice surviving explain vehicles offered review plans planner. welcomes pre-launch Founders campaign. Lauren Collins Jon Beverly Thompson BENEFACTORS Esther Bankuti Brenda Harrity 2020 report recognize 2019. 34 Honoring emorial Day, Independence Day andVeterans nations heroes. program,Veterans Access Opportunities Resources, men deserve collaborates Veterans Administration arrangements replacement medals, military funeral honors, burials VA cemetery, artifacts historical societies museums. Through Library Congress, facilitates History Project collect archive recollections generations. hand Our chaplains disorder, symptoms caused combat wartime experiences. range designed needs countrys veterans, fulfilling heart-warming memorable moments happen Honor Guard, supporters, conduct presentations veterans.With attendance, certificate appreciation, lapel pin, stuffed bear formal salute sacrifices freedom. Guard visiting HopeHCS.orgvolunteer. 1013 Doulas doulas endof-life role recognized, doula significantly size even hours specialized educational creating maintaining sacred sound, touch, color, sensory experiences alleviate anxiety. legacy projects touchstones keepsakes. Much navigate childbirth, enhance holistic, approach facilitating gentle, tranquil passing whether house, persons beliefs afterlife. non-denominational faith traditions, religious. Organization doulas, enrich experience strengthen relationship nonmedical Volunteer Shelly Goldenberg six immediately importance skills teaching. IRS, job training. taught listening, until class, silence, fill gap. listen quiet. want, tell them. journey, bed. whats mind. class tools better. did, proud of, glimpse now, loved, patient different, apologize venting. doesnt ready. Although faiths conversation imagined heaven like. me, feels privilege them, What getting ways Become HopeHCS.orgvolunteer complete application coordinator. remaining independent Marilyn Brodbeck participates Center, interacts socially nutritious bingo. hen apartment Presbyterian hearing program. belonged called, acronym All-inclusive Elderly, Primary provided, medications equipment, lab diagnostic occupational specialists, aides. addition, activities, adult Brodbeck. somebody doctor, theyll say clinic doctor know. Here, that. assigned PACE--or call, hasnt gone center My PACE. OK, near Miami, Gainesville retired 1993, insurance, companies owned breakfast, Kansas property. Now 84, caretaking fills Theyre job, yes. Their special--to amazing, household tasks. diabetic, fitting pair diabetic shoes. fun, 830 a.m. p.m. afternoon client plays Are Sunshine keyboard, leaves lunch table seat playing bingo games likes Despite late, numbers afternoon. Shell doubt does, ask, caregivers. HopePACE.org Staying Y t Earl Ehrharts slowed down, Pam, Yorkie, Punkin, island overlooking tidal lake Bokeelia. referred provider Earls conditions--post-polio muscle weakening, dementia--cant resolved, recalled. super-high priority keeping health, aides wherever medication wound cardiac Ehrhart Coleman COURTEST PHOTO light housekeeping preparation occupational, speech therapies. child, polio limp, stop driving motor road 81. During muscles gradually weakened due post-polio syndrome. Nurses, thoroughly evaluated given gain use walker confidence hone balance. exercises perform weekly super, noting orders confusing. everything clear puts worries rest, prepared changes, ramp driveway, strategically placed pathway. bathroom remodeled accessibility walk-in shower, built-in bench bars. Pams studio pilings lake, converted long-term necessary. Everything much-needed affection enjoy drop-in 76, reads creates naps, fear falling. addition added layer works under control. Together, managing possible. trouble, choices involve safety net expands McCann, Greater Chamber Commerce ribbon cutting newest ome pop browse new. Others several scour aisles search elusive treasure. theyre collectibles, sporting furnishings designer surprises growth, expansion location. 7,000 square retail furniture, lighting, silk flowers, dcor. Later South regular schedule discounts--along friendly shelves register--keep coming Crossings Stores services. Whether donating stores, improve meaning moment. Crossings, 28520 Blvd., Highway 41 south Road, 13821 Cleveland Ave. Monday Friday Saturday. 14540 S.Tamiami Trail Tuesday details Chest, keeps furry pals James Herb Jackie, schipperke ames nine cats. Once month, Hartnett delivers 20-pound containers kitty litter pets. felines residence, Jackie clearly presides eyes gleaming shiny medallion dangling collar St. Francis, patron saint animals. patted Jackies head. James.How former Army veteran commercial fisherman 40-foot boat Snug Beach, lot patience, weathering storm. recalls boat, James, miles shore--and fearing squalls pounded vessel. Faith brings through, storm hip 76 series setbacks deteriorating health. unexpectedly checkup, pleaded return James. 80, spends Knowing him, pets, believe me. people, Theyve taking. partnerships supportive Bayshore Animal Hospital Humane who, nearby, animals, rehome end, Galloway, Societys director. amazing placements adoptions, animal taken clinic. GCHS Many Jennifer, passed.What important. supportive, partnerships, grant Edward Gale McBride Foundation fisherman, Beach. Locally understandably lines, fortunate weave nonprofits fabric operations. serves chief officer Home-Tech, appliance companies. Within family-owned company, paramount. supports nonprofit Sonya, herself, talent esteemed Apex Golisano Childrens Museum Girls, Charities Red Cross. Star Struck, Dancing-with-the-Stars-style meeting, heard shared colleagues encouraged generously 2017, co-host Vogt hosting signature laughed. involved, grace theYachts 800,000 Co-chair businessperson philanthropy decade. Owner Group, chair Girls sits trustees Hodges University. advisory boards Universitys Hospitality Management Gulfshore magazine, Captiva Panel Healthy Steering community, involved. result that, seen areas volunteerism, making positive teaches Dusk areas. Impressed compassion witnessed firsthand, believed blend connections creativity 2008, Celebration Women chair. luncheon high-end longtime sponsor. Directors. secretary co-chairs strengths understanding finances. both--chairing deserving Upon directors, learn. board, costs costly us, thing do, example, how, proper diet, exercise, productive lives. mentally, extensive adults children. thought funded, case. Reduced government reimbursement gap, Therefore, challenge directors banks organizations, stewards others. assists activity --Sonya dignity, GUIDE Programs CONNECTIONS Home-based 60 older Meals Homemaker Transportation Medical supplies Counseling Emergency response systems MEDICARE HEALTH, PRIVATE DUTY NURSING, CHOICES, PALLIATIVE TRANSITIONAL coping emotional, integrative counseling, therapies, Health ones, DeSoto, License HHA21277096 aide Medication Wound VAC Cardiac Bathing, dressing hygiene Occupational, Transitional discharge Symptom Emotional Collier MedicareMedicaid private-pay-coordinated 55 independently Dental Prescriptions Wellness life-limiting illnesses assisted-living facilities, prescriptions Integrative visitors partners Movement exercise Educational navigation PARKINSON PROGRAM 45 1016 details. VETERANS ACCESS OPPORTUNITIES RESOURCES SPECIAL THERAPIES Music Massage Pet Resources Specialized Spiritual Recognition VOLUNTEERS Individual counseling Trauma Crisis talents Providing caregivers, Assistance work, crafts baking CHEST RESALE STORE PETS necessary Food, Veterinary boarding Adoption visitor Ave., Trail, merchandise, items, clothes Donations LOCATIONS 4673 information. 46 350 Quick Facts SERVICES 527,097 Clinical notations 184,362 Assessments 16,025 Letters mailed ride 73,318 942 Hospices average ADC 110 Oldest Youngest 2,110,000 Miles drove 2,435,000 Dollars 211,750 Pounds Chapin Harry Food 27,363 19,000 Cookies baked 14,700 educated outreach 12,639 visited 512 cherished 460 243 310 Helped 6,023 547 PACE--Program 209 2,429 Home--palliative nursing, held 48 28th 52 789 Healing Hearts--counseling 2,415 550 Hungry Hours Therapy 11,059 3,854 8,205 1,255 1,973 9,640 35,986 Total 13,316 1,095 Staff 1,107 2,202 47 1014 GRUBBS 54 1005 Lillian Grubbs, 7, reminds diagnosis. grandparents, parents, siblings, sons daughters. neighbors--each VOL. 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