Departments 3 DEAR FRIENDS 12 OUR HOPE STORY Hope Healthcare Stays True to Mission 13 GIVING 16 More Helps Those in Need A Decade of Parkinsons Support Parkinson Program Symposium 2020 It Takes a Village 14 IN STRIDE 15 GALLERY CARING COMMUNITIES 18 EXPRESSIVE THERAPIES Creating Peace Through Art and Music Leading by Example 19 ON THE MOVE 20 AT HOME Home Is Where the Heart Comfort for Kids 21 KIDS CARE 22 HEALING HEARTS Helping Hearts Heal 24CHOICES Adding Each Day Begin Conversation 25CONVERSATIONS 1 Wings HOSPICE HEALTHCARE Samira K. Beckwith President CEO BOARD OF DIRECTORS Charles Idelson Chair West McCann Vice-Chair Sandy Stilwell Youngquist Secretary Jerry Nichols Treasurer Bo Turbeville Past Noreen DiPlacido Joe Gammons Tom Giles Rev. Dr. Tim Halverson Hon. Larry Hart Lori Shaffer Trudi Williams 30 26 TIME AND TALENTS Talent Giving 38CELEBRATIONS Hospice Community Services Inc., dba Healthcare, is registered with Florida Department Consumer Services, registration number SC-01911. was licensed state 1984. not-for-profit, communitybased agency providing services Lee, Glades, Hendry, Collier Charlotte counties. Please be advised that 100 percent donations we receive benefit are not directed other organizations or entities. You may obtain copy our official financial information calling Division toll-free within Florida, at 800-435-7352. This does imply endorsement, approval recommendation state. Finding Fun Fundraising Living Life Fullest 27 LIVING WELL Keeping Seniors Safe Honoring Who Have Served 43 COMFORTING 28 WITH HONORS 44COMMUNITY INFORMATION FURRY Guide produced TOTI Media, Inc. P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957 Tel 239-472-0205 Fax 239-395-2125 Hopes Pet Projects 49 PARTING SHOT Friedrich N. Jaeger FounderC.E.O. Daniela J. Group PublisherPresident Guy Tober Chairman Jason Jones Creative Director Dan Whicker Proofreader Elizabeth Grimm Editor Chief CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Maxine Baker, Beckwith, Jennifer Johnston Copyrighted Healthcare. All rights reserved. No part this publication reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors necessarily those andor 32 LEGACY Everyone 34BENEVOLENT BUSINESSES Businesses That Give Back Playing With Purpose 36 FORE 2 WINGS Dear Friends, F 40 years, mission has been improve quality life every person experiencing serious illness comforting care choices give hope meaning moment. During these unprecedented times, continue serve as communitys safety net while ensuring health people care, dedicated staff caring volunteers. In issue, you will read about comfort, programs provide.Youll also learn how can help further giving Hope. As must rely on your generosity more than ever prepare many challenges ahead. While fundraising events pause, sincerely consider making donation who touched here Southwest Florida. Thank being partner helping us provide exceptional support most need community. Warm regards, Difference single have big impact furthering BY JENNIFER JOHNSTON 4 One POWER TO MAKE Im honored opportunity its others same kind way they helped my family. --Comedian Kevin Nealon I t takes only one make difference. Every year, community members their own lives-- gain better understanding vital compassionate care--step up organization way. These stories show just persons appreciation have, why contribution matters, no matter small. COMPASSIONATE COMEDIAN Saturday Night Live alumnus competed Celebrity Family Feud, winning 25,000 beloved comedians charity choice Hospice. My first experience when cared grandmother years ago, explains. Since then, theyve shown compassion comfort both parents well. Joined his wife, actress Susan Yeagley, brother Chris Nealon, mother-in-law Sally Cheryl Hines, prevailed against The Price Right host Drew Careys team.The episode originally aired ABC-7 currently available viewing Hulu. longtime friend it so exciting watch him play behalf, says president His ensures mission, public reminds help. 5 friends family, raised funds program close heart. DEDICATED MEMBER Idelson, regional Busey Wealth Management Fort Myers, ran 2019 New York City Marathon 35,000 Care, needs-based provided children living complex medical conditions coping grief. months before marathon, Idelson--a board member years--shared family he running celebrate 70th birthday Care. He asked joining supporting nonprofit serves community, including youngest vulnerable among us. People responded such incredible generosity, notes former Investors Security Trust serving Healthcares chair second time. They know Care provides counseling realize lives love them. crossed marathon finish line 509, finishing 276 530 runners age group ranking 40,150 out 53,508 completed race. 6 Idelsons Linda, three daughters five grandchildren traveled cheer wearing Team Papa shirts. oldest daughter, Ileanna Digiacinto, him. 7 GRATEFUL GRANDSON Jaydens grandmother, Rose, having garage sale if could sell some toys raise money touch surprise, would suggest selfless act. Jayden replied Because Poppy live little bit longer. mind, 10-year-old began earnest. carved special section along driveway display bottles water sale. carefully wrote sign explaining proceeds from sales Hospice, because Poppy. Two large photos grandfather sat nearby. November, volunteer Margot Hill donates half her handcrafted Bing Gems earrings, necklaces bracelets. named after dog, Bing, Jack Russell terriers she visit Joannes House patients homes. 1,500 Program. 8 memory grandfather, Mia donated 23--the lemonade stand--to humbling witness generous spirit someone young Jayden. We enthusiasm now inspire --Samira good day toy After collecting money, promptly made 65 story reminder each gift. Poppys time together grew short, received allowed them enjoy very moments near end. passed away, but shared grandson sparked gift families end-of-life care. Jayden, Beckwith. If heart Hope, call 239-482-HOPE 4673 ask speak development team ideas. Stacey Brill Hitch, stop Center, where week, custom calendars created English Bulldog Rescue group. Their ongoing invaluable 9 decades, benefited volunteers use creative gifts crafty folks used talents create quilts blankets veterans VALOR program, activity aprons dementia. For grieving adults, design personal treasures bears pillows fabric clothing once belonged loved ones away. fulfill during coronavirus pandemic, called upon all types assistance--and outpouring sewing overwhelming. sacrificed stocks materials, collected took innovative approaches elastic found, working around clock face coverings members, patients, participants ones. clinical gowns supplies were scarce. talented call, rose challenge thousands pieces greatest need. Nancy Stokes, volunteers, included note much-needed mask started trying fashion style, Governor issued stay-at-home order, quickly changed speed function. Although arent pretty Id like, think purpose keep safe. couldnt get elastic, went old school ties. To responders wear masks, thank salute true heroes. retired RN, risks take day, am truly grateful service. --Made love, There hundreds ways difference Become visiting Volunteer complete an application, coordinator. Heroes Unsung Sew On Common threads--Hopes step stitching MAXINE BAKER Soldiers sent thanks camouflage masks protection. Holding Maj. Rob Sheehan, request father, employee. Masks 164th Air Defense Artillery Brigade Army National Guard Ansbach, Germany. round applause goes wonderful possible 10 Many Thanks Special partial listing makers Arline Hansen, Gladys Vanderbeck, Christin Sharpe, Jaycine Lester, Bayside Sewing Guild, Vicki Spencer, Joan Warren, Donna Boxhill, Ann Olson, Jill Pellis, Phillys Contino, Emily Brigalli, dEustachio, Karen Springer, North Star Yacht Club, Barbara Camp, Cleaver, Beverly Miles Bob Stream. At left, Ray LaGrange intricate behalf Saint Hilarys Episcopal Church. Pat Barrish crocheted lap veterans. Especially Veterans Some projects Beautiful veteran lovingly sewn become Honor ceremonies acknowledge service men women armed forces. Fran T. presents Craftie Ladies St. John XXIII Catholic Sharon Witul Nixon drop off Quilters Guild. Billman Valor delivers quilts. Veteran residents Pelican Preserve DONATIONS FROM STITCH N STUFF Stitch n Stuff Alva 4,567 items 2019. managed Betty Paul Carlisle. 11 Our Story stays even challenging times SAMIRA BECKWITH, H O P E LT C R S D T issues over weve inspiring entrusted thought appropriate share story--the offer affected element remained steadfast dedication most. When much under orders, privilege remain open elements commitment honoring importance ones, extra steps screen visitors welcoming centers. always high-touch, adapted high-tech which introduced virtual visits comfortable home, teams got peoples homes through windows patios, maintain safe social distancing. Understanding taking restore quick getaway, reality activities, another country swim dolphins using VR goggles enhance experience. Throughout worked tirelessly level measures place ensure everyones safety--such suiting PPE bedsides comfort.At nearly 2,000 talented, highly skilled devoted Recognition local wonderful, thoughtful letters, deliveries treats share. continued amazing ways, gowns, hosting pet parades going mile brighten days tremendously, continues transform experiences illness, aging grief, launched campaign replace essential dollars lost able hold annual events. new supports hospice M ore moments. comfort. need, invited individuals, businesses civic groups join mission. unfunded well cover additional expenses patient pandemic. cares 4,000 throughout counties, 2.3 million year. Last 6,000 fulfilled lifes last chapter. journey past four invite creating brighter future staff, directors, want believing Together, generations come. offers donors option recurring pledging ages end life. Information fundraiser becoming sponsor website. Donors encouraged gave MORE HOPET-shirt recognition support, message MoreHope media spread awareness lead William E. Cross Foundation, great start--but still needs PD less lonely 2020, celebrated decade, built robust offering conferences symposia renowned experts motivational speakers educational partners professionally-led workshops movement classes, tai chi, dancing aerobics friendship-fostering sunset cruise holiday ice cream social.The Young Onset Dinner connect seeking early diagnosis. educates empowers members--many whom partners--and opportunities another, successes experiences. Within goal road lonely. navigate together, find knowing alone. Miriam Dieppa, since 2015, says, improved me meet Parkinsons. works closely likeminded network resources education disease related disorders. launching 2009, enabled Lee County fullness knowledge, fellowship. offered charge partners. donate, 239-985-7727 Participants Rock Steady Boxing class --Miriam 2015 Education, empowerment energy rior professionals, therapists, gathered morning education, Symposium. Julie Schwartzbard presented Recognizing Off Periods Role Unique Treatment Option. Awardwinning speaker humor therapist Leslie Gibson-Weiland, R.N., Positive Power Humor, Healing. featured Nikolaus McFarland, M.D., Ph.D., specialist University Center Movement Disorders, neurorestoration chief Disorder associate professor neurology. McFarland Whats Medical Research Treatments PD. event concluded Partner Communication Tips Tricks Pete Kelly Gaylord. exhibitors FYZICAL Therapy Balance Centers, Health Rehabilitation US WorldMeds. pre-symposium lecture presenting ACORDA Therapeutics. Supporting sponsors Abbott, ACADIA Pharmaceuticals, Boston Scientific, Personal Training Jeri Ann. R.N. Gaylord Friday, Feb. 21, Iona-Hope Church held 5th Annual Mardi Gras Celebration, catered dinner, raffles, prizes, silent auction benefitting Craig Wolf Darlene Grossman, representing pictured Ricca, Mulino, Buchanan. Additional Coastal Cooling, Broadway Palm Theatre, Royal Shell Real Estate, OConnor, McGuinness, et. al., Jim RuthAnn North, Gail Hamlett Junior League Myers activities Track Club expression village particularly apt comes communities like-minded individuals forces Residents gated faith-based work Members fun bags families. Filled games, coloring books, paints goodies, entertained Clubs Lazy Flamingo Half Marathon. portion benefitted Program, helps fifth Celebration prizes auction, benefiting Cooling Theatre Estate al. Hamlett. Magnolia Landing hosted baked Socialites Herons Glen bake sale, delicious designated wrapped holidays. surprises deserving kids siblings, moms dads. magic Landings Tennis Association party tradition. Cape Foundation again grant personalized well-deserved ladies 1,100 From Pam Scheid Sandra Metz Grossman. Thanks, Your Neighbors Can Help Too Organizing designating beneficiary any bring neighborhood, church cause. Host private dinner small cocktail outdoors socially distanced necessary Organize golf, bridge tennis tournament Encourage neighbors donate mail e-mail Ask existing year ready efforts tools pre-event post-event success, fliers direct assistance logo ad creation photography press releases online RSVP messages processing acknowledgment today, contact 4673. Lynn Lebida, Marie Thomas, Terry Jo Gile, Development liaison Roberta Maione Paula Price. Not Elaine Elliott, Linda Baldwin Carol Adams. Volunteers 17 Expressive therapy life-changing benefits xpressive therapies important recognizes different forms creativity discover peace, joy, relaxation fun. pursuits tap into feelings hard reach. Sometimes, best communication done nonverbally--instead letting music, painting drawing express deep emotions words cant adequately convey. music widely reduce stress alleviate anxiety, especially pandemic.The pandemic expressive ways. art Danielle Brant ensured smooth transition format sending project advance meetings. addition one-on-one sessions, workshops--including beautiful stainedglass-style suncatchers. residents--and too--Hopes therapists in-room werent possible.Whether strummed serenaded outside windows, played porches sang strolling outdoor pathways senior facilities, brought wherever roamed. insight counselors, utilize explore unshared teach understand, accept emotionally heal. support. gift, team. HALLWAYS FILLED MUSIC Prior Centers hallways filled music--thanks Sawyer White Miller, 10, numerous musical performances grandmother. recognized hroughout CEO, ardently advocated earning nationally internationally reputation unwavering it. strong leadership programs, state-of-the-art world-class facilities. Beckwiths contributions recently well-respected organizations. FOUNDATION AMERICA America author chapter book, Aging Coping Loss, Dying, Death Later Life. edited Kenneth Doka Amy Tucci, authored several generously lifetime expertise. what Ive learned meaningful me. sincere chapter, soon it, explains HFA-ProductsLiving-with-Grief-2019. FLORIDA COMMISSION STATUS WOMAN Former Gov. Jeb Bush nominated induction Womens Hall Fame. Commission Status Women selected Top finalist prestigious honor. MCKNIGHTS LONG-TERM NEWS She Inductee McKnights Distinction Awards, celebrating distinguished inspirational field long-term PIEDMONT COLLEGE graduate commencement address Piedmont College Demorest, Georgia, granted honorary Doctor Humane Letters hospice. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY top graduates century Ohio State Universitys Social Work, 100th anniversary issue Stillman, Works magazine. Connections seniors stay healthy, happy independent eniors independence home often cooking, cleaning Thats Connections--a at-home support--can transportation pharmacies, grocery stores centers light housekeeping meals delivered served Centers. cope transitions emergency response. Respite caregivers appointments rest rejuvenation result food insecurity increased rural Hendry Glades grown percent. joined GA Foods, United Way faith secure distribute 90,000 pounds meal sites closed homebound counties delivering bottled water, Emergency Management, nutritious participants. practice distancing, developed plan putting placed front door. knocking door, talked 6-foot distance mask. Above, Velma Brown, Anna Gomez Jeannie Johnson sure hydrated. SPECIAL CELEBRATION distancing forced LaBelle resident Gerri Norton isolated, became lift spirits, Mary Bartoshuk send cards celebration Nortons 83rd birthday. result, two cakes, lots gifts, balloons wishing day. arranged caroling group, Jingle Belles, serenade Happy Birthday. pleased everyone, smiling ear ear. kept saying, believe Look Originally reported Caloosa Belle. ope conditions, program--most expected attain 21st birthday--to comfortably physicians, families, home.The palliative services, caregiver therapy, visits, concurrent life-limiting illness. Neonatal pregnant mothers unborn babies conditions. Hopeful Wishes, wishes come true--from park, instrument, doll love. Along practical help, emotional lifeline respite children, siblings. comprehensive suffered loss. individual sessions. highlight weekend-long Rainbow Trails led experienced camp loss traditional crafts, swimming singing. skills participate memorialize say goodbye one. understands CEO. Camp ago wanted interact understand 239-482HOPE LEARNING AN INNOVATIVE PIANO Erica spending bed, senses increasingly her. worried wouldnt piano--a long-held ambition hers. designed perfect solution piano bed. keys marked colors vision problems. excitement learn, mastered multiple songs, delight one, difficult. resulting limits human contact, isolation.While distanced, in-person struggling most, supportive guidance, realm. BEREAVED MOMS GRIEF SUPPORT GOES VIRTUAL relied-upon Bereaved Moms meeting Zoom technology, mother confides.We hear see body language.This trust intimacy. process seems Its connected COVID-19 isolation. bereaved moms, please Lorrie 239-985-7716. NEW MENS WORKSHOP WELCOMES PARTICIPANTS welcomed Mens Grief Toolkit, no-cost, sixweek series Toolkit discuss others. professional counselor biweekly topics 101, Defining Normal Strategies Dealing Loss. specialized programs. Visit HopeHCS.orgcounseling teens adults perinatal loss, parent child, suicide pet. LGBTQ crisis schools businesses, Spanish language TEEN JOURNALING GROUP PROCESSES FEELINGS TOGETHER summer months. journal eight weeks.With guidance expert creatively themselves. watched caterpillars turned butterflies journaling journey. released workshop, freedom symbolized transition, release renewal--and bonds RAINBOW TRAILS BEREAVEMENT CAMP GATHERS VIRTUALLY weekend bereavement postponed COVID-19. However, campers did camper bag packed full stuffed animals, blankets, kites, conversation starter cards, seeds plant attract butterflies, greeting signed T-shirts. month July, participated virtually healing therapy. shares response child daughter animals diorama coped differently. deals way, sometimes change exercise more. everyone involved planning presentations. 23 CHOICES Choices options W ed like try chemotherapy. had difficult choice. But sooner--with access additional, counseling, 2018, select hospices chosen Medicare Medicaid model. recent Model extension, allowing beneficiaries undergoing curative treatment chronic cancer, congestive failure, obstructive pulmonary immunodeficiency virus, develops physician coordinates combination 247 telephone access. forward Medicare, already insurance. 24 Choices, earlier, pursuing treatments, adding assessment, nursing symptom management, homemaker inperson Counseling, process, directly current physicians. prevent room hospitalizations intensive unit, homes--a Americans prefer By getting sooner, peace mind cost covered beneficiaries. 239482-HOPE CONVERSATIONS Planning ahead decisions whole prepared s rises likely communicating whether theyre sheltering regularly check in. focus connections start conversations--including discussion plans should unable decisions. resource facilitating advance-planning April, Decisions Day, nationwide initiative encourages want, document writing choose surrogate. Sadly, consequences delaying thoughts, concerns desires affect unintended Heartbroken fall apart, wracked confusion guilt. intensity situation overtake memories. gives map follow, confident intentions. recommend reviewing Five Wishes--an easy-to-use guide direction personal, spiritual preferences. form legally documents youre What acceptable desired details. Do surrounded friends, do closest nearby Which favorite hymns flowers honor passing contributing name service, complimentary copies considered legal 41 states. mail, fivewishes. orgredeem enter promo code WINGS2020. fivewishes.orgredeem, either print Wishes hand, sign. return edit reprint Let youve kept, sharing clergy, doctor, attorney trusted advisers providers. pediatric educator Jared Rubenstein tweeted, Love means never say, wish knew wanted. completing directive 25 Invaluable V olunteers companionship relied spirits mattered deeply LIFTING SPIRITS Crafty spent hours tiny American flags Fourth July Lehigh Acres. Valentines Geri Don Ostrowsky sweetened accordion music. Visitors parades, bringing four-legged Read furry page 30. CELEBRATING MILESTONES fullest, coordinated joyous cake, Ruths 103rd Virginias 104th balloons. PROVIDING Doulas doulas certification practicum bedside vigils. fortunate Bill Bosco, Betsy Bernstein, Bobbee Gabelman, English, Anderson, Gina Richardson Lyane Cobourn NUMBERS 1,516,543 savings 122,171 help--a increase 74,891 19,104 fresh-baked cookies 3,352 phone calls surveys, check-ins 1,723 flower arrangements 120 assignments outreach word PACE older Transportations inkind buses transformed Mobiles transport innovative, concept PACE, stands All-inclusive Elderly, provider meets home. Older Collier, enroll located Coral, Acres, Naples Port Charlotte. needs, fully equipped exam rooms. includes laboratory diagnostic specialists cardiology, nephrology, ophthalmology, dermatology, orthopedics, podiatry Occupational, physical speech needs. Prescription drugs equipment program. Due hoping independently rather Instead various physicians offices area, optimal ability receiving Transportation where, socialize friends. permits, planned body, spirit--from gentle bodies motion trivia games minds active arts integrated crafts musicians. really here, Dorothy Bills, ago. myself doing entertainment. Another client, Dunred, agrees excellent place, allows people.There area. heartwarming letter gratitude Jarvis let 80 old, drive anymore, feel alone angels shopping.Through mess felt VERY comforted belong tell problems doctor answers meds. Someone week checking KEEPING DURING PANDEMIC found Staff coordinate appointments. immediate needed, transported cases, visits. Meals typically instead homes, check-in lines open. Socialization kits, home-based searches, puzzles craft hand-delivered videos levels functionality. dial-in book club dementia sensory soothing reminiscing caregivers. fine asking anything. stranded, members. Bless dont forgotten. makes unique approach deserve. Engagement interaction extremely extra-special connection. seniors. eligible free dual coverage, least 55 county qualify more, 239-985-6400. assistance, emorial Independence recognize nations Access Opportunities Resources honors deserve long. collaborates U.S. Affairs replacement medals, military funeral honors, burials VA national cemetery, artifacts historical societies museums. Library Congress, facilitates History Project collect archive recollections generations. hand chaplains counselors posttraumatic disorder, anxiety symptoms caused combat wartime respectfully retire flag. Cleaver Doris 96th cake blanket. broad range countrys veterans, fulfilling moving memorable occur Guard, supporters, conducts presentations attendance, certificate appreciation, lapel pin, bear formal sacrifices freedom. Donate.HopeHCS .orgVeterans HopeHCS .orgVolunteer. Robert Achorn, 103, lieutenant commander Navy. attend presentation much-deserved Force David M. given Riccio, Fernando Licopoli Patch Wihnyk involved. 29 joy relationship between pets special. therapeutic proven--from lowering blood pressure easing pain, improving reducing stress. bond Bruce PEACE MIND financially logistically challenging, provisions owners transportation, walking, food, temporary boarding veterinarian grants. keeping proves too difficult, becomes impossible tries locate Johns condition Marlin, came rescue, matching energetic, fun-loving dog Dennis Marlin stopped met dogs exploring backyard playing fetch said cases owner readily Gulf Coast Society, no-kill shelter fur-ever pets. FOUR-LEGGED THERAPY Several screened Together pets, do. limited, staged Centers--and smiles faces dressed shapes sizes bandanas bows, colorful posters uplifting messages. walked paths enjoyed parade lanais. guitars How Much Doggie Window all. Lehighs real pony show. canines, parents, cheerleaders, clown sweet miniature horse Hoagie Bassets Brenda Burton Behesha Elvis Hugo Misty Angie Mikat Alfie dozen road, area facilities--to ZOOM MEETINGS GONE DOGS CATS creeping meetups, Programs decided center stage Party. HOAGIE RETIRES AFTER NEARLY DECADE SERVICE Suzanne Grace Hoagie, Visitor June 2011. brightened rehabilitation HealthPark. pure providers Suzanne. retirement Alva, relaxing porch shade oak trees. pleasure accompany chauffeur THIS PROGRAM partnerships, Edward Gale McBride donations. Donate.HopeHCS.orgPet BEGINS PET LOSS CAPE CORAL companionship, unconditional normal grieve loyal, affectionate expertise journey.To HopeHCS.orgcounseling. 31 taxdeductible following pay Specialty medications seriously ill Therapeutic Pain-relieving massage Extended State-of-the-art isolated disease, variety methods easy rewarding RECURRING GIFTS Recurring amount automatically withdrawn according preferences easily selecting SECURITIES TRANSFERS Transfers stock allow income tax deduction fair market value securities date transfer capital gains donated. PLEDGES Pledges pre-determined period. Pledge agreements distributed charged credit card deducted bank account desired. PROPERTY DONATION Gifts property welcome Chest Resale Store. tax-deductible receipts records. IRS requires estimate given. accepted review department. LIFE INSURANCE ownership paid insurance policy elect cash receipt death later. surrender policy. BEQUESTS bequest provision trust. type donation, there upper limit estate deductions. RETIREMENT PLANS IRA, 401k qualified plan. Any residual left donor dies passes tax-free. leaving avoid levied account. Additionally, 70.5 100,000 IRA custodian not-for-profit significant savings. CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITIES exists purchase Charitable Gift Annuity. minimum 10,000 annuity donor, delegates, fixed payments principal contract ends. TRIBUTES tribute markers stones, tree markers, benches, plaques, arbors, fountain KeepSpace boxes, placed. message. CASH easiest payment currency, checks, wire transfers. online. FOR OR explain vehicles encourage adviser planner. information, phone, checks co Office, 9470 HealthPark Circle, 33908. online, HONORIN MEMORY died. inform gesture notice memorial surviving 33 BENEVOLENT Local companies Discover Interiors Upholstery Neptune Society Pink Petunia InXpress Global Suellens Florist Publix Super Markets Walmart Whether volunteered supplies, thing common--their SUELLENS FLORIST PUBLIX SUPER MARKETS SuEllens Coral blooms care.Volunteers fragrant decorate rooms INXPRESS GLOBAL Gives Share initiative, Americas Franchise Unit No. 277235 treat Bonita Springs.These cheerfully decorated contained sugary confections, pens, mini-notebooks modeling clay. uplift happiness DISCOVER INTERIORS UPHOLSTERY Sherri Franzoi, assorted bolts sample fiberfill. Rosemary Sowa PINK PETUNIA Tara Golub unsold consignment clothes accessories Chest, resale store summer, inventory Proceeds comforting, NEPTUNE SOCIETY Costin, manager, lunch heroes WALMART Neighborhood Market Pine Island Road Coral. manager Tanya Parrish pharmacists Jignesh Patel Mittal Store 6941 award Grants Team. 34 Chicos Edison Bank Evelyn Arthur Progressive EVELYN ARTHUR Arthur, womens boutique Promenade Bay, 2008 Month. Shoppers gently discount November. Crossings, upscale PROGRESSIVE visited Tribute Garden clean commemorative stones assisted cutting patriotic CHICOS FAS goodie Halloween snack supporter top-level sponsorship Yachts success raising HENDRY COUNTY GLADES locations--Clewiston, Moore Haven--hosted luncheons parties Bank, Sheriff Labelle High School Sciences magical. YOU YOUR CO-WORKERS CAN HELP co-workers something now, EDISON NATIONAL BANK tradition season adopting true. 35 golfers tee o relies golf enthusiasts game services. Lexington Country 44,000 eighth Italian Open Hospice--and pushed total history 200,000. Curcuru, Greg Salvia, Phil Bommarito Sackie committee 300 Golf Fore scramble-format tournament, sponsored Entech Business IT Solutions, 5050 mulligan awards luncheon players. Forest 7,000 Chairs Jean Toney JayAnn Lovoie oversaw details successful Rotary Tournament chairs Anthony Idaspe Brandon Muscato event, Informed Choice Insurance Agency Building Industry Bricks Sticks tournament. Event Grizzly Coolers cooler auctioned event--specifically Greens Jeff Grube Memorial events, remains HOST FUNDRAISER ACTIVITY interested activity, 37 CELEBRATIONS Friends gather fundraisers role.Thankfully, committees prior tremendous sponsors, guests compassion. MEMBERSHIP TEA promoted volunteering 2002. 2019, Roberts 150 Membership Tea Bay Club. 1. Arden McCurdy, Jacke McCurdy 2. Dee McClay, 3. Humbert, Mavia Burke, Shirley Alberto Quiceno, Ashley Thompson 4. Near, Sylvia Weiss, Laura Weaver 5. Tiffany Fortunato, Heather Judy Clegg, Thompson, Ross 38 Patricia Lynch, Spiro TOAST 125 attended ninth Toast Organized Gloria Tate committee, auctions, cork pull Gary Connie Hogrefe Gunterberg Foundation. Rae Culliton-Metzger, Snyderman, Jacque Wier Hogrefe, Tate, Ted Fitzgeorge Scott Lindsay Butler Steve Slosburg, Todd Warner 6. Kathleen 39 SHINE passion 250 Floridians 440,000 Shine elegant evening historic Ford Winter Estates Babcock Ranch, cocktails, entertainment Fund-A-Need Generous supported Millennium Physician Group, Priority Marketing, DeAngelis Diamond, GrayRobinson, Sherriff Brown BrownFlorida Blue, Seed Bean Market, Strayhorn Persons, LSI Companies, Studio, Iberia OFDC Commercial Interiors, Creighton Construction Development, Bank. Committee Lizbeth Benacquisto, Jenna Persons Richard Metzger Mulieka, Markham, Doug Meurer Mark Shannon, Alicia Miller 7. Ken Walker 8. Rachel Busch, Pierce 9. Creighton, YACHTS Guests notfor-profit organization. Hot Havana Nightsthemed Youngquist, Sonya Sawyer, Benacquisto Andie Vogt. Cronin, Deanna Hansen sipped cocktails touring luxury yachts, mega yachts super yachts. Cubaninspired meal, auction. Enterprises Restaurant Cypress Cove, FAS, Norton, Mosteller, Wright, Suncoast Credit Union, MarineMax, Loren Designs, Northern Trust, Home-Tech. Sen. Aaron Bean, Clegg Michael Settonni, Denise McClellan, Rourke, Sievers, Bernstein SPRING LUNCHEON Etta Smith, Signe Wynne Spring Luncheon Committee. Unfortunately, canceled scheduled date. Most 200 ticket fee--with mission--raising 20,000 go Etta, Signe, Heather, as, Patt Suwyns work. ABC7s Jen Stacy, Kathryns Collection, owners, Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort Spa Baylee Asbill, Caseese, Sygne 42 Palliative layer reason suffer needlessly physical, treatment. ages--at illness--can fullest. require terminal Working teams, added avoiding hospital admissions frequent relief side effects chemotherapy pain management. nurse practitioner education. Connection spiritual, life--and utmost us, youll holistic, integrative possible. accepts County. COMMUNITY GUIDE 44 CONNECTIONS Home-based 60 Homemaker Counseling systems illnesses around-the-clock Complementary Pets Specialized emotional, complementary therapies, medication PALLIATIVE continuing coordination Pain management Disease Caregiver Emotional 45 Charlotte, All-Inclusive Elderly MedicareMedicaid medications, dental Essential adult wellness PARKINSON classes Educational navigation Individual Trauma Crisis LOCATIONS right information. 46 Quick Facts SERVICES global cannot Here facts 2,316,000 Dollars 1,813,000 drove 1,135,000 minutes utilized 393,630 Clinical notations 174,642 Assessments lived 91,000 Pounds 30,682 18,000 Cookies 17,020 mailed 6,973 Hours 1,973 childrens 1,859 1,032 Hospices 954 515 cherished 520 106 Oldest Youngest Helped 5,749 3,212 612 2,015 789 438 189 13,004 PACE--Program Home--palliative Healing Hearts--counseling 937 915 1852 Total 47 48 Class participant Beth Mumford butterfly suncatcher symbol workshop. p. VOL. NO. 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